Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens Intro

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens Intro

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire.
For the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with a product and I found that I really enjoy
using it, so I thought I’d do a video to show you about it also. The product I’m talking
about is the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens. I have done many videos showing many different
ways to add color to your projects. But I have to say there hasn’t really been a product
quite like these. These are very unique and so I thought I would do a video or two on
them. So in this video I’m going to talk to you a little bit more about these Real Brush
Pens. Give you just an intro to them and then after this I’ll have a second video where
I’m going to show six different ways you can use the pens to get a variety of looks. Please
keep in mind that these videos are just meant to introduce these markers so you can decide
if it’s something that you’d be interested in looking into. There are so many different
coloring mediums out there. You just have to decide what you think would work best for
you. So let’s go ahead and take a look at these pens. Now there are 80 different colors
in the collection. There are packs ranging from a 4 pack all the way up to a 60 pack.
Now I started with the 12 pack. Zig sent me those to try. I liked them so much that that
same day I went out and I bought that 48 set. So, there is a 60 set. I couldn’t get my hands
on it at the time. There isn’t a set that buys all 80. So some of them you’ll have to
buy individually. But all the colors are available individually. If you’re looking for a smaller
set that is good to start with this 12 set is pretty good. It’s got a good variety of
colors, but if you want to pick individual colors I’ll have a closer look at most of
them over on my blog. I have been very happy with the 48 set. Now I will say it is a bit
of an investment. But this is something that I have been using quite a bit and I’m getting
my money’s worth. I take this box with me when I travel or when I go to a baseball game
so that I can do coloring on the go. I like that you can use these with or without water.
Which we will talk about soon. On the side of each marker there is a color number and
name, so if you want to do a chart you can have that to keep track of. Now what is really
unique about these pens is it has a brush tip. It actually has bristles. You can see
the bristles here. I haven’t really used many things that are like this. So it is actually
a brush pen. So it is filled with a water based ink and it comes out nicely. Not too
runny, not too dry. It just seems to be perfect. I really like the bristles are to a fine point
so you could do a fine stroke or you could do a broad stroke. Which you see here. These
are really fun if you’re good at hand lettering. I just happen to not be so great at it. However
I do like it has the detail so you can get into small areas. Now before we start using
these pens I wanted to give you one little tip about the colors. Now you could create
your own little ink swatch of all the different colors. As you can see that I’ve done here.
I’ll share photos of this on my blog. But another thing that I found very helpful is
that I created a tiny little ink swatch to glue onto the actual pen cap. So that when
I open up my box I can quickly grab the color that I want. So what I did is I colored the
marker on to some white water color paper with a little bit of water and then once it
was dry I use a little hole punch to bunch tiny little circles of each color and then
I used a strong liquid adhesive to glue those tiny little swatches on to my pen caps. This
is really helped me to grab the colors that I want and that way I don’t have to carry
an ink swatch around with me. I have found this to be very helpful. Okay, so let’s go
ahead and talk about how these pens work. Remember in the second video I’m going to
show you six different ways to use these pens to color these birds so be sure to check that
out. But I wanted to give you a quick intro here. One thing is very important. I find
that these pens work best on water color paper, no matter what method you use. So I always
use water color paper. Okay, let’s go ahead and start. Here I’m just putting down a red
color then I’m going to blend it with an orange color just by overlapping and spreading it
out. So you do not need water to blend with these. Some colors, of course, blend better
than others. But there are ways to get a good blending. Now you want to kind of blend while
the ink is still kind of wet on the paper. The water color paper helps in the blending,
but it really looks beautiful when you do it. Now these two colors, as you can see,
didn’t blend quite as well. But here’s the trick that you can do. Because this is a brush
tip you can touch tip to tip without damaging the tip and you can pick up a little bit of
the darker color on your lighter color marker to get it to blend nicely. Now you just kind
of go back over it and check out the nice blending that you get. In those last two examples
I did not use water to blend and they blended great, but I wanted to show you how wonderfully
they blend with water. I’m using a water brush. I put two colors right next to each other
and you just overlap the two and you can see the beautiful easy blend that you get. You
can use more water with it if you want more of a water color look. But I like how easy
it is to control and blend by using very little water. I also wanted to show you that with
water you can create your own colors. So here I put Lime Green with some blue right on top
of it. You just take some water to it and you can see the nice teal color that I get
as a result. So you can have just a few of these markers, but by blending them together
or overlapping them you can create new colors. Here I’m using a red with a blue on top and
I can create a beautiful plum color. You can also mix colors on a palette. So I have an
acrylic block here and I’m just going to scribble some of the red and the blue, the same colors
I just overlapped, onto the block and then I’m going to use my water brush to mix them
together to create a purple color. I really like how the ink comes out a little more wet
than a typical marker so that you have the time to blend, but it’s really something that
you can control. So if you struggle with water color these brushed are really easy to control.
Now in addition to the vibrant colors these pens are available in very pale colors, which
I think it huge. I really like the look of soft water color backgrounds, but I find that
with most water colors you have to add a ton of water to get a soft color. Well, these
colors are so light that you really don’t need to add the water at all or just add a
little bit to get the soft look. This is really been a big plus for me, because I have a hard
time when I have to water color with a lot of water, so I really like that. Over on my
blog I have ink swatches for the 48 colors that come in that 48 pack. When I get the
other colors I’ll be sure to add those. As I mentioned you can get these pens individually.
So if you just wanted to try them out, you could pick a few colors that you think you
might like and work with those and do some blending with those. I promise you don’t need
a large pack. You do not need the 48 pens in order to really have fun with these. A
few really go a long way. If you’re one of those who likes to be busy on the go, this
is great for you because you can grab the pack, a water pen and some pre-stamped images
on water color paper and you can take those with you where ever. Remember to also check
out my second video where I show six different ways to use these pens. I think you’ll be
amazed that from this one product you can get the look of a bold Copic colored image
or the look of a soft water colored image. All from that one product. If you want to
check out anything I talked about in this video, I have links below in my YouTube description.
Or you can head over to my blog at jennifermcguireink.com where I’ll have photos of those ink swatches
and much more information. Thanks for stopping by.


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