You Need This Tool – Episode 11 | Milwaukee Inkzall Fine Point Marker

You Need This Tool – Episode 11 | Milwaukee Inkzall Fine Point Marker

It Friday Fool and you need this tool welcome to another episode of its friday fool you need this tool this week I am pretty excited this weeks tool is something everyone needs its the basic of all tools from the beginning fabricator to the expert fabricator you are going to need this tool a lot of time fabricating here in the shop and here on the channel you see me using the ole trusty sharpie todays tool steps the shatpie up a notch and that is the Milwaukee Inkzall Fine Point Marker


  • lukedl14s says:

    I do believe I paid $0.97 @ Home Depot about an hour ago…….just an fyi. great tool to have, we use them on the racecar all the time.

  • Ricky Gonzalez.O says:

    I didn't have much luck with those or maybe I shouldn't be marking on metal with fresh oil from the mill lol. Review Markal silver streak it's fucking awesome.

  • Andrew says:

    man keep telling me what i need im gonna be fucking broke! ha

  • jjs4x says:

    Man I hate to say this because I'm a big Milwaukee fan, have tons of their tools, BUT I really don't like those markers at all. Why you ask, because I keep my marker in my right front pocket with the clip outside of my pocket and I ALWAYS break the clip off after a day or two. I've never had that issue with a sharpie so I went back to them, blue sharpie is my choice. When the milwaukee first came out with it I was stoked but was let down shortly after..

  • Benjamin Ellsworth says:

    your channel keeps getting better and better.. idk how u dont have 1m followers yet

  • Craig Voisin says:

    Just ordered a 4pk , thanks !

  • MrFireman164 says:

    Bought , thanks

  • Ex-Law Enforcement says:

    Another T00L I've never seen or heard of, Thanks. I just put some in my "Wish List" @ Amazon. = )

  • Tim datoolman says:

    Got to get me some of those

  • Blake's Garage says:

    I have some of these they work great and last a long time.

  • Matthew Foy says:

    where yall located at?

  • celso guajardo villarreal says:

    yo utilizo el marcador sharpie. hay que cambiar Milwaukee. mejor calidad. saludos.

  • ShenanigansAndrew says:

    I actually work for Milwaukee and when I am showing them to people I put them through the ringer! They even write on nasty dusty concrete block. These things are all over my house as garage. The wide body markers are great too

  • Kyle says:

    RIP sharpie

  • storm collins says:

    The reason you don't have 1m is due to quantity. You should test the product more than just once. You said it could withstand concrete and wet materials. Then you should have tested it on concrete and wet surfaces and not just oily metals

  • Seth Tyrssen says:

    Wow, thanks for a great … tip! (Ouch, I know, bad pun.) LOVE that '28 sedan (?) in-the-works, shown in the opening scene, by the way.

  • Pro Potato says:

    Sharpie also make a more industrial marker/s that work well on dirty, oily, greasey material etc. I use them in my job and they are great but will look into getting hold of some of these =D

  • In The Kitchen With Matt says:

    Nice man!! Another great video in the series!!

  • Mad Max says:

    I use action marker 44's  an 33's an they are way more expensive , if they work half as good , I gotta check them out

  • Britt Fussel says:

    Based on your comments I picked up the Milwaukee Inkwell markers at The Home Depot. So far I like them. I wish they had a very fine point like Sharpie.

  • fatboyfester says:

    It's Friday Fool show me a tool !LOL

  • Christian Martinez says:

    This is good stuff man. Ive been looking for tools to add to my collection i about purchased half of all the ones you names. Cant wait for next episode.

  • AGearHead4Life says:

    I'm loving this series man. Keep it up!

  • Wesley Barrilleaux says:

    been through 2 packs of these from home depot, the worst ever.

  • Ari P says:

    I do not doubt they have invented a good ink for writing on challenging conditions. I have been buying and have been impressed with lots of good milwaukee products. For writing or marking more precise edges or through very small pilot holes, you should check out the long nose marker from fast cap. There is nothing else I have seen like it. A very long nose and very fine tip which can go through a 1/8 pilot hole through 1 inch plus material.

    With the video, we can do without the ghetto like behavior and the rock music. Just give us useful information as you have and in an efficient manner.

  • mike_HVAC says:

    These things are great, the tips hold up much better than a standard Sharpie.

    The design of the clip is a lot better and keep it from popping out of your pocket…also the angle/offset lets it sit inbewteen the buttons of your workshirt without popping out – it'll ride like that all day. Love these things, always have one on me doing HVAC work.

  • Ivan Nazar says:


  • Steven Torres says:

    You look like your not feeling too well in this one.

  • dave korn says:

    I love them but the new metallic ones suck

  • Ethan King says:

    go lit before this video

  • Al Cyr says:

    Another good video, even though it's a simple tool, I got some useful info., out of it. Thanks again for posting links up, on where to get the tools. One of the links showed that they came in black, silver and gold ink packages also. I've always used a Sharpie, The Pumper from Markline, or welding chalk. If they are available at Home Depot in Canada as well, I'll try them out.

  • Alec Ver Bunker says:

    I'm a butcher and these write through chicken juice.

  • DIY GUY says:

    Paid by yeti huh 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Cajun Sebastian says:

    Great markers I use them at work all the time for marking fire sprinkler pipe to make my cuts. Only markers I use. Last a Long time. by the way great video bro'

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