YOU CAN PAINT WITH THESE MARKERS?! // Paletteful Packs Unboxing & Sketching

Well guys, I got something sweet in the mail! My Paletteful Packs box came. All right. I’m excited for this. We’re gonna open this up today. See what’s inside, Make some art. It’s gonna be a good time. [slam] AAAAAAAAHH! That scared me! Ha ha! [slam] [slower] AAAAAAAAHH! That scared me! Oooh. This looks fancy! I like the color. Okay, this is cool. I like the color of this stuff. I love when people put these things in boxes. Oh, oh, oh! I’m uncovering things. A Koi watercolor brush and some Bee paper, [gasp], what? Oh my goodness! Bee paper! Oh, this is so cool Well yeah! I’m down for that What else? Ooh, lots of goodies in here Koi water brush pen. I like have compact this is. Cute tiny supplies, really.. Uh, what’s the word for it… appeal to me! What else is in here? Graphix, okay, this brand has been making an appearance in my life lately. Marabu Graphix watercolor felt-tip pens? Get out! Girl, what? Wait, are these same things? I’m confused. Oh, yes. They are the same things. Okay, there’s two sets of these Graphix watercolor pens. One is the mega mashed 12 set. And the other one is the Metropolitan 6 set. Wow. These are a lot of different colors. So this is what we get! [squeal] Oh, I see another surprise! Oh, yeah. This is the Sakura Microperm 0.35 millaa millaa. Millaa. Millaa, Milm What is my life today? Okay Millimeter pen! Let’s play with these! Did you know that like every single Paletteful Packs box that I get I save all this stuff? When I give people like birthday presents and stuff I just reuse it. It’s good for the environment. I save the boxes too! People get presents from me that say things, and that’s not what they are! I need to fill this with water… Be right back. Okay, I got a pencil because I’m gonna need that and I filled my pen. What’s this? Oh, there’s prompts. I always forget there’s prompts! Hee hee hee Okay Prompts for this month: Make a drawing based on your interpretation of the prompt Wait, where’s the prompt? Oh! Week one: Metropolitan. Week two: office. Week three: future, and Week three (four): Shy Metropolitan, hmm We shall roll with it, though. Because it is week one By the time you see this it’ll be week two though. I’m gonna be honest and stick with week one. Yes. It is July 1st. You can look at that! It is Monday. Oh, these are way cute! Way cute! Whatever! Why are these so cute? Oh my goodness. Okay. This is the Metropolitan pack. Oh my goodness. I need to see like, what is happening? [gasp] Woo! Okay Guys! Do you see this? This is like a legit brush marker. Okay, I’m down. I want to make some art. What’s in this one? Should we test the Metropolitan pack first? Okay, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Ooh, this is a sturdy brush tip. I’m digging this color scheme. Where’s this brush marker? Does this stuff spread? Water! Ooh! [gasp] Wicked! Dud, this spreads! They don’t mess around. Oh my word. I’m gonna need a paper towel to rinse this. I’ve never had so much fun swatching before. Like this just came to life. This is interesting. Yeah, man, I didn’t expect to get this. This is cool. The black goes like really good. It blends, you know what I mean? Well, when I think of metropolitan, I think of a city. I think I’m gonna do my own twist on it and do my little bean guys here. Like they’re flying through the city and having some fun Yeah, bopping about! My bean guys are called Blubbleflies, by the way. I do like, Blubblebees and stuff too. But yeah, I’m just on a kick with these lately. Let’s do the background first Okay, I hope everything like blends together the way I’m envisioning because I did this in a very, uh, color block-y way. Oh no, I might be using these wrong Okay, I don’t know how I feel about this paper. It buckles like really easily. It’s a little confusing. This paper peels like really easily. I think it’s supposed to be water color paper… What is going on? It’s mixed media paper. The struggle here… We will try our best to make this work, but this paper is peeling. And I haven’t really used that much water Eeee, it’s peeling! I think I’m going to start over. I like this box a lot. I feel like this month has like really good stuff for the value of the box But I think they should have maybe done different paper. ‘Cause this this peels like crazy. Like if I use water, it buckles and starts balling up. I’m a little confused. I can’t do this one. I have to…. I’m gonna switch to a different project. Okay, we started over so, I actually, I tested this marker and ran some like watercolor-y water over it and it didn’t smear. So, I’m gonna do line art first. In my version of metropolitan this time, is these little bean guys waiting at a bus stop with the city in the background. Thought it was a little more planned out So we’re gonna roll with it. I also just, I played with the watercolor markers a little more off-camera. So, hopefully… This time…. We know a little bit more about what we’re doing. That’s the fun of these boxes though, like you can just try stuff out. First couple times, you know, you might have to just get used to the supplies. [music] I think it helps to do line art before the watercolor marker Just so I feel like it’s a little more put together This paper is really discouraging. I’m not trying to start a riot or anything, but dude, It says it’s mixed media paper, but I really don’t know what it’s trying to be. The mixed media paper I’ve used before this does not act this way. I mean…. This paper buckles so easily at the faintest drop of water. And it balls up with these watercolor markers, whether I hardly use any or Whether I’m trying to like blend. I cannot blend with these. Very well. I don’t know ,maybe I’m using it wrong but I’ve used a lot of mixed media paper. This is a first for me, haha. I think I’m actually going to try something a little different. I’m gonna use the glossy side of this to put the paint on first. Because it’s not going to soak into that card. And then dilute it over here. Okay, it is gonna soak into that card. Thank you. But still dilute Have these light pink little guys. That worked a little better. I can color in the little water puddle too in it. It helps. The paper is still balling up though. I don’t think I’m a fan of this paper. I’m just gonna say that. No offense. The box is great. I just don’t like this paper. Should’ve just done that from the start. So it holds up with watercolor nicely As long as you’re not like using a marker against this paper, so I’m sure it wouldn’t respond well to like water-based markers. [music] All right, this is the finished piece. I’m gonna stop right here because the Bubbleflies are peeling. This bush is a peeling mess. Just a lot of parts of this – It’s just not holding up and it’s buckling like crazy. But, as far as everything else in this box goes… I absolutely loved loved loved this fine liner. This was actually the only thing in the box that I had tested before that. Like I have one of these and I love them. But all this other stuff I’ve never used before. I was really impressed with this Koi aqua brush. I’d never used the Koi products before so it was neat to try one of their things and this was a really good brush pen. It was, it’s really well made and sturdy These markers are amazing! I love them. They’re really similar to the Tombow markers, but the brush nib is a little stiffer. So yeah! I wonder how calligraphy would work with this. Hold it! Hold it. Hold it. [music] Well these markers are amazing for calligraphy. The brush nibs are like sturdy but flexible. I really like it. Anyway, we tried everything. So! Question of the day: Do you live near any big cities? And if so, and if you feel like saying what city, if you’re comfortable with that, let us know! I live in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s pretty big city. So yeah, that’s all. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!

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