YOU CAN PAINT WITH THESE MARKERS?! // Paletteful Packs Unboxing & Sketching

YOU CAN PAINT WITH THESE MARKERS?! // Paletteful Packs Unboxing & Sketching

Well guys, I got something sweet in the mail! My Paletteful Packs box came. All right. I’m excited for this. We’re gonna open this up today. See what’s inside, Make some art. It’s gonna be a good time. [slam] AAAAAAAAHH! That scared me! Ha ha! [slam] [slower] AAAAAAAAHH! That scared me! Oooh. This looks fancy! I like the color. Okay, this is cool. I like the color of this stuff. I love when people put these things in boxes. Oh, oh, oh! I’m uncovering things. A Koi watercolor brush and some Bee paper, [gasp], what? Oh my goodness! Bee paper! Oh, this is so cool Well yeah! I’m down for that What else? Ooh, lots of goodies in here Koi water brush pen. I like have compact this is. Cute tiny supplies, really.. Uh, what’s the word for it… appeal to me! What else is in here? Graphix, okay, this brand has been making an appearance in my life lately. Marabu Graphix watercolor felt-tip pens? Get out! Girl, what? Wait, are these same things? I’m confused. Oh, yes. They are the same things. Okay, there’s two sets of these Graphix watercolor pens. One is the mega mashed 12 set. And the other one is the Metropolitan 6 set. Wow. These are a lot of different colors. So this is what we get! [squeal] Oh, I see another surprise! Oh, yeah. This is the Sakura Microperm 0.35 millaa millaa. Millaa. Millaa, Milm What is my life today? Okay Millimeter pen! Let’s play with these! Did you know that like every single Paletteful Packs box that I get I save all this stuff? When I give people like birthday presents and stuff I just reuse it. It’s good for the environment. I save the boxes too! People get presents from me that say things, and that’s not what they are! I need to fill this with water… Be right back. Okay, I got a pencil because I’m gonna need that and I filled my pen. What’s this? Oh, there’s prompts. I always forget there’s prompts! Hee hee hee Okay Prompts for this month: Make a drawing based on your interpretation of the prompt Wait, where’s the prompt? Oh! Week one: Metropolitan. Week two: office. Week three: future, and Week three (four): Shy Metropolitan, hmm We shall roll with it, though. Because it is week one By the time you see this it’ll be week two though. I’m gonna be honest and stick with week one. Yes. It is July 1st. You can look at that! It is Monday. Oh, these are way cute! Way cute! Whatever! Why are these so cute? Oh my goodness. Okay. This is the Metropolitan pack. Oh my goodness. I need to see like, what is happening? [gasp] Woo! Okay Guys! Do you see this? This is like a legit brush marker. Okay, I’m down. I want to make some art. What’s in this one? Should we test the Metropolitan pack first? Okay, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Ooh, this is a sturdy brush tip. I’m digging this color scheme. Where’s this brush marker? Does this stuff spread? Water! Ooh! [gasp] Wicked! Dud, this spreads! They don’t mess around. Oh my word. I’m gonna need a paper towel to rinse this. I’ve never had so much fun swatching before. Like this just came to life. This is interesting. Yeah, man, I didn’t expect to get this. This is cool. The black goes like really good. It blends, you know what I mean? Well, when I think of metropolitan, I think of a city. I think I’m gonna do my own twist on it and do my little bean guys here. Like they’re flying through the city and having some fun Yeah, bopping about! My bean guys are called Blubbleflies, by the way. I do like, Blubblebees and stuff too. But yeah, I’m just on a kick with these lately. Let’s do the background first Okay, I hope everything like blends together the way I’m envisioning because I did this in a very, uh, color block-y way. Oh no, I might be using these wrong Okay, I don’t know how I feel about this paper. It buckles like really easily. It’s a little confusing. This paper peels like really easily. I think it’s supposed to be water color paper… What is going on? It’s mixed media paper. The struggle here… We will try our best to make this work, but this paper is peeling. And I haven’t really used that much water Eeee, it’s peeling! I think I’m going to start over. I like this box a lot. I feel like this month has like really good stuff for the value of the box But I think they should have maybe done different paper. ‘Cause this this peels like crazy. Like if I use water, it buckles and starts balling up. I’m a little confused. I can’t do this one. I have to…. I’m gonna switch to a different project. Okay, we started over so, I actually, I tested this marker and ran some like watercolor-y water over it and it didn’t smear. So, I’m gonna do line art first. In my version of metropolitan this time, is these little bean guys waiting at a bus stop with the city in the background. Thought it was a little more planned out So we’re gonna roll with it. I also just, I played with the watercolor markers a little more off-camera. So, hopefully… This time…. We know a little bit more about what we’re doing. That’s the fun of these boxes though, like you can just try stuff out. First couple times, you know, you might have to just get used to the supplies. [music] I think it helps to do line art before the watercolor marker Just so I feel like it’s a little more put together This paper is really discouraging. I’m not trying to start a riot or anything, but dude, It says it’s mixed media paper, but I really don’t know what it’s trying to be. The mixed media paper I’ve used before this does not act this way. I mean…. This paper buckles so easily at the faintest drop of water. And it balls up with these watercolor markers, whether I hardly use any or Whether I’m trying to like blend. I cannot blend with these. Very well. I don’t know ,maybe I’m using it wrong but I’ve used a lot of mixed media paper. This is a first for me, haha. I think I’m actually going to try something a little different. I’m gonna use the glossy side of this to put the paint on first. Because it’s not going to soak into that card. And then dilute it over here. Okay, it is gonna soak into that card. Thank you. But still dilute Have these light pink little guys. That worked a little better. I can color in the little water puddle too in it. It helps. The paper is still balling up though. I don’t think I’m a fan of this paper. I’m just gonna say that. No offense. The box is great. I just don’t like this paper. Should’ve just done that from the start. So it holds up with watercolor nicely As long as you’re not like using a marker against this paper, so I’m sure it wouldn’t respond well to like water-based markers. [music] All right, this is the finished piece. I’m gonna stop right here because the Bubbleflies are peeling. This bush is a peeling mess. Just a lot of parts of this – It’s just not holding up and it’s buckling like crazy. But, as far as everything else in this box goes… I absolutely loved loved loved this fine liner. This was actually the only thing in the box that I had tested before that. Like I have one of these and I love them. But all this other stuff I’ve never used before. I was really impressed with this Koi aqua brush. I’d never used the Koi products before so it was neat to try one of their things and this was a really good brush pen. It was, it’s really well made and sturdy These markers are amazing! I love them. They’re really similar to the Tombow markers, but the brush nib is a little stiffer. So yeah! I wonder how calligraphy would work with this. Hold it! Hold it. Hold it. [music] Well these markers are amazing for calligraphy. The brush nibs are like sturdy but flexible. I really like it. Anyway, we tried everything. So! Question of the day: Do you live near any big cities? And if so, and if you feel like saying what city, if you’re comfortable with that, let us know! I live in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s pretty big city. So yeah, that’s all. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!


  • Shell L says:

    Even though the paper sucked, I really like your illustrations! I'd love to see those markers tested on some watercolor paper. Ohuhu has really good watercolor markers. And I've used the Koi watercolors and I like them. Vibrant colors, good wash. I'm just not sure what their light-fast ratings are.
    I live near Phoenix, AZ. But I don't go into downtown much because I don't love driving down there.

  • Dylan Davies says:

    its not the papers fault. you just dont know how to use the products.

  • PandoraNYC1 says:

    I love watching your videos, but this time you're using these markers wrong. These are WATERCOLOR not alcohol markers. You do not need to fill in the whole scene with them, you use them like watercolors, apply a little color then blend with the water brush. Bee paper is excellent, I've used it for nearly twenty years with acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels, soft pastels, markers and even Sharpie markers. I've even gessoed pages and Bee paper holds up very well.

  • Little Olde ME Artistry- Marie E Hines says:

    Question of the day: cute suburban town halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. If we want to go the “city”, our preferred one is Milwaukee because it’s easier to get around.

  • Katie's Art Place says:

    I love doing speedpaints. I live in Pennsylvania 🙂

  • terrelli_ 9 says:

    Watching you be all hyper & excited is priceless!

  • Daniela Parra says:

    I love that you tried lettering with the brush nib! 🤩 Thank you thank you thaaaaank you! God bless you! 😍

  • Maureen-Celeste says:

    Cleveland, Ohio here. I didn't know you lived in Ohio.

  • N O says:

    Aww, Blubbles at the bus stop… in Blubble Town, I assume!

  • Pranamita Basu says:

    Questin of the day:I live in Kolkata in India. So write in the middle of a big(I think🤔) city.

  • Kaylee _007 says:

    What I found these markers laying around then I've had them for like 2 years not knowing their watercolor!!

  • John Malloy says:

    Your bean bees put a smile on my face. Thank you!

  • Sofia I says:

    0:24 she made a blob fish face lol ❤️ I love your channel Mira

  • Sofia I says:

    I saw those watercolor markers at hobby lobby yesterday

  • Lama Jamjoom says:

    0:25 love that face!!💗💗😂😂

  • ALLJ Art says:

    Shame about the paper but that illustration is really cute! I live near both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Equal distance away from both. So blessed that I get to enjoy that but also stay in a really quiet valley in the middle of Scotland haha

  • The Wannabe Artist says:

    Not too far from ya. Im in Dayton 🙂

  • Vanessa Guerrero says:

    the paints are really cool, love the bubbleflies! but the paper really do not look really good. I live in Berlin, Germany, nice place

  • Suzanna Miller says:

    I live in only the best city in the world, NYC!!! But I’m currently at JFK airport going to Minneapolis for a week.

  • Gummy Doll says:

    We love you all the way from Phoenix Arizona!

  • April Crook says:

    Denver Colorado

  • Amy Sue West says:

    Hi. I live near Minneapolis/St. Paul. Love both cities and the Mall of America. 🙂

  • Alayna Lee says:

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gwen Lynn says:

    It's the markers not the paper! I tried normal watercolors in the sketchbook and it doesn't tear at all ( it still buckles though). I also tried the markers with different papers and it teared the same way..

  • Random Art says:

    I love bee marker paper it gives a finished illutration and is so smooth

  • mjpete27 says:

    I always enjoy watching your videos you are always so much fun and you create such interesting pieces! Bee paper is pulp based and does not like water, it will always pill up! those little balls, pilling it is called, if you want a better watercolor paper get a rag or cotton based paper. Try Arches I usually use the 140 pound but their 300 pound is simply amazing, the price is amazing too very pricey! But the 140lb is good enough for everything I have painted in the past, I even have coated it with gesso to use it for Pastels! Gesso gives it more tooth I am still working on it who knows I might have something to post one day! Hope your enjoying VidCon! Have some FUN!

  • Susan Gruhlke says:

    I was raised in Houston.

  • Love2DrawManga says:

    We are art twins! I also made a video on this today. XD When you were talking about how you don't like the paper I was just sitting over here nodding my head like, "Yes girl, I totally agree." XD I am not a fan of that paper for these markers. Also, the art is really cute. OuO

  • Karine V says:

    Canadian girl here! I live very near Montreal.

  • Cotton Candy Nation says:

    I live near Cincinnati!

  • Lloyd Lee says:

    I used to live in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. Now I live in a country town. It's boring here. lol

  • Amy Coleman says:

    So I subscribe to this box as well and I agree about the paper, it just didn’t hold up to any wet media I tried. The markers shredded the few other cold press papers I tested it with but seemed to do much better with smoother textures, like hot press arches and some Bristol vellum I had on hand.

  • Emelie Andersson says:

    I live about 40 min drive from Stockholm! 😍

  • Margaret _sjb says:

    Thank you so much for giving an honest review. I was pretty frustrated with the paper, so I was looking forward to reviews to see what I was doing wrong. Another YouTube artist gave rave reviews, so then I really thought it was just me! I feel vindicated 😂

  • fuzzydragons says:

    I see a lot of people use these for calligraphy so glad you tried that. they seem to work pretty good for it : )

    I live about 40 minutes away from the city but don't go there unless we really have too lol I'm fine living in a small Scottish town, we get a good view of the hills from the backdoor 🙂

  • ElizabethGronlund& GachaGurl says:

    I'm no where near a big city, but I'm just a few miles from a big country and I live in the biggest county in our state does that count for anything? The nearest thing I would call a " big city" is about 4 hours away.

  • Turtle Chelle says:

    About 45 min outside of Cincinnati, OH…not a huge city, but decent size

  • Renée Dixon says:

    No … I live in the middle of the desert. The nearest city is Las Vegas 1 and a half hours away. 🌵🐫🏜🏝

  • Aurora's Art World says:

    You started writing IN Modern Caligraphy and I yelled "THAT'S MY GIRL!!!" 💖 loved it!

  • Artzy Katze says:

    Pretty much middle-of-nowhere (Phoenix is 3 hours away), AZ. And I love it!

  • 52Arts says:

    I think the nearest Metropolitan City from my city is Jakarta, Indonesia. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. And Jakarta is like 150km+- away lol

  • jude ultra says:

    Love your art, videos and commentary. Keep up the creative work 😄. I'm 30mins from Vancouver Canada. .

  • Alexandra Machado says:

    How are your lines so straight?! Mine lines look like spaghetti

  • Carie Clark says:

    1. The Bee Paper watercolor journal is excellent, I haven't really enjoyed any of their other paper. Its super affordable for 100% cotton paper in journal form. Would recommend if you're ever looking!

    2. Whoa! I am also from central Ohio! I've been following for awhile and had NO idea you were from here. Its always so strange to me when I find these awesome artists who are from the same area as me. Hello from nearby 😊👋

  • Creatively Revived says:

    I've used Bee Paper marker paper and it doesn't work so great, it's not terrible but not the best. Their watercolor paper is amazing though! The closest big city to me is about 4 hours away.

  • Alexis Witt says:

    I live in Cincinnati (Ohio), but honestly I think Columbus is waayyy cooler. I've been to Columbus twice, I think? I went about 2 weeks ago for the twenty one pilots pop up shop and I also visited the Book Loft in German Village and Blicks! If you haven't been to the Book Loft, you should go!! It's really cool 🙂

  • eren eren says:

    You’re so cute

  • digital262 says:

    I'm from a little town, Moses Lake Washington – but now moved to a big city, El Paso Texas.

  • Cheryl Richardson says:

    Houston, Texas

  • Alejandra Mayorga says:

    I’m pretty sure watercolor paper should be better for watercolor marker.

  • Janice K says:

    Thanks for the review, I have heard mainly good things about bee paper and I have been on the fence about it. I think I will save my money. Now the markers are awesome, I might have to get a set of those, TFS!

  • Eri Bulusan says:

    It would help if you try to limit the strokes you use and go only one way softly and lightly. Or get some plastic and scribble the marker there and pick up the colors using the waterbrush. The paper peeling off happens a lot if you use water or water based marker and too much strokes on non watercolor paper. They're not really made to handle it so use too much and it ends up a mess.

  • Hari Om says:

    Dont mean to be rude but please improve your expression

  • Aubra Ross says:

    gasp Has bee paper bee-trayed us?

  • Ashley Baldwin! says:

    I live in Munich, Germany. I moved here from Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Jeanette Moser says:

    I'm currently in Dallas for school.

  • Marissa Jackson says:

    i live in NY, specifically brooklyn. huge city, really crowded but i love it here

  • Anonymous and a Fartsfan says:

    Did anyone else see that on the 6 pack of markers' box, it was just a pic of Billie Eilish from her music video 'when the party's over' but with green skin. Lmao.

  • Khadija Tahir says:


  • April Brown says:


  • Dolyttle says:

    Love the blubbleflies =D they are so super cute! Love from NY =D We need a blubblefly invasion!

  • Jennifer says:

    I got this box also and was struggling so hard with the paper so I’m glad I’m not the only one 😂 and close to San Fransisco 🌉

  • Poppy Marleau says:

    I love your videos sooo much! I recently had a really bad case of art block, and you really inspired me with your piece from this vid!

  • Αρτεμις Κουμπου says:

    I live in Athens

  • Draw Tangles with Dawn says:

    about an hour drive to Los Angeles for me

  • AndraMarie says:

    That sketchbook is so small and cute!! I live near Denver. If you count an hour drive as near by. Which I do because living far in the mountains shifts your perspective of "close".

  • Yuna675 says:

    My City is a big one even if it's not the biggest in my country, I live in Frankfurt (Main) in germany

  • Katy Meletti says:

    I live in Cardiff, it's the capital of Wales which is a country in the United Kingdom 🙂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Jenna Gets Creative says:

    It's not the paper's fault, it's the markers. I want SO BADLY to love Marabu's markers. I love Marabu's other products. The markers, though? I have 8 of them from 2 subscription boxes, and every time I try them I experience the same thing: not nearly as soluable as I hoped, eats the paper. They even eat 100% cotton heavy watercolor paper.

  • Jenna Gets Creative says:

    Answering your question at the end: I'm from the metropolitan area of Canada's 3rd largest city, Vancouver (I grew up in Langley), but I currently live about 20 minutes northwest of St. John's, Newfoundland. No where near one of Canada's big cities, but it's the provincial capital, and the biggest city on the island. It sure doesn't feel like it to me, though, having grown up in the Vancouver area. The Vancouver metropolitan area has a permanent population of just under 2.5 million, yet the entire province of Newfoundland, including the mainland portion (Labrador), is only half a million 😅 So yeah, the "big, huge city" out here is 100k people.

  • Olivia W says:

    There is a kinda Medium-ish city

  • Harley Lynn says:

    Interesting.. 🤔 You're the first person I've seen to not enjoy Being Paper. I've yet to try it myself, though. Is there a such thing as like a massive paper sampler? I'd hate to buy a whole sketchbook, hate it and never use it.

    And I'm like 30min out of Pittsburgh, PA! Soooo we're basically neighbors! 😂

  • Silke Schümann says:

    Watercolor marker with the exception of those with brush nibs are notorious for eating paper. it is not easy to find a paper that works well with watercolor paper. Though my latest addition from Faber Castell did surprisingly well and didn't chew up my paper as their competitors do.

    I still love water color marker you just have to embrace their quirkiness.

    Cute image so far at 6:07 … continue watching!

  • Michelle Petrovich says:

    I’m right outside of Philly… Love your videos Mira keep up the good work.

  • TaraBoo Art ARMY says:

    I live in a fairly big suburban area, and I hate it. I’m dying to be out in the country. I’m about 1 hour north of a very big city. I never go there. I’m a country girl. Sadly, my city USED to be a quiet, country area. Then SO MANY PEOPLE decided to come here for some unknown reason. I’ve lived here my whole life and considering moving away to get away from the people. I WILL miss being able to get delivery from 40+ restaurants and several grocery stores, though. That’s super convenient.

  • Molly Kate Illustrates says:

    so glad to see other people save all their art subscription boxes and the packing stuff I feel a lot less hoarder-y

  • Stephanie Ackerman says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Stephapokus says:

    Right downtown Toronto 🙂

  • Nicole Montgomery says:

    The bee paper is absolutely gorgeous for alcohol marker illustrations, pencil illustrations and watercolour pans/tubes. I think the problem you might have run into is the fact that you used watercolour pen, and then water over the top, and being mixed media it’s not made to hold up quite that amount of wet. I haven’t run into any of these problems since switching to bee paper yet thankfully 😊
    The second drawing you did was so cute! I really want a bubblefly plush lol

  • fruitastic1991 says:

    From Canton, Ohio. It's not that big of a city. Pretty close to Cleveland though.

  • Timberlie Star says:

    WIATTTT U LIVE IN OHIO?!!!! I live in Mansfield:)

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    I’m two hours north of SYDNEY, oi oi oi!

  • Tori J Hillyard says:

    You should make calligraphy videosssss I have these expensive markers and the fountain pen and I still can’t do it well 😂

  • WanderingMogwai says:

    I didn't like the paper, either. And I just couldn't get a hang of the markers…

  • Pelar Youssef says:

    I live in Cairo- HUGE city🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Kitty With Sprinkles says:

    Hey nice vid! Also nice meeting you at Vidcon (at the creator's thing)

  • Adam Goss says:

    That Easter rapping stuff in the box Chloe rose art hates that… 😹

  • TAMSin M says:

    Austin TX is nearby.

  • Jen's Kreative Kreations says:

    Great video. I am also a subscriber of Paletteful Packs. I wasn't a fan of the markers however. You did an amazing job with them.

  • Jen's Kreative Kreations says:

    Great video. I am also a subscriber of Paletteful Packs. I wasn't a fan of the markers however. You did an amazing job with them.

  • Its Just me says:

    I live in Germany, in North Rhine Westpahalia (In German: Nord Rhein Westfalen/Nrw) in the middle of the Area the Germans call Ruhrpott or just Pott. Well, near my City (Mülheim an der Ruhr) are Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf etc. All (more or less) big Citys. 😊 also, to the markers: waffles tried to apply water on the Paper first, and dipped in the Marker afterwards, maybe its easier to do this? But idk 😊

  • Its Just me says:

    I live in Germany, in North Rhine Westpahalia (In German: Nord Rhein Westfalen/Nrw) in the middle of the Area the Germans call Ruhrpott or just Pott. Well, near my City (Mülheim an der Ruhr) are Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf etc. All (more or less) big Citys. 😊 also, to the markers: waffles tried to apply water on the Paper first, and dipped in the Marker afterwards, maybe its easier to do this? But idk 😊

  • Boxcat 912 says:

    I live in Taipei(it is in Taiwan)

  • The SnarkyArtist says:

    Your calligraphy is on point, girl! 👌

  • Carrie Martin - Mixed Media Artist says:

    I have Tombows which these reminded me of and I always use a palette and pull the colour from there to apply. Only really good watercolour paper will allow me to directly colour and then move the ink around. I’ve been unimpressed with Bee paper as well. I’ve heard such great things but I prefer other brands. Great video, love your energy, small town girl from Canada wishing subscription boxes didn’t cost a fortune 🙂

  • Renee Altman says:

    I just now found your channel! And I to live in Columbus Ohio!

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    I live in Columbus Ohio!! 🙂

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