YOU Can Paint Like A Pro! – Pro-Line R/C Body Paint Review And Airbrush How To | RC Driver

YOU Can Paint Like A Pro! – Pro-Line R/C Body Paint Review And Airbrush How To | RC Driver

Do you want to start airbrushing your RC
bodies I’m about to show you how using Pro lines new paint starting in just 10
seconds hey thanks for checking back into RC driver now if you are a regular
viewer of the channel and I know that you are you have probably seen this new
paint rack lurking in the background of some of our recent videos I am pretty
excited to show this to you guys this is Pro lines new paints you know we’ve
known them for so many years creating some amazing bodies for racing and
bashing now they have paints to go along with it this is some airbrush paint and
you obviously need an airbrush system to spray it we’ll get to that in a little
bit but first I want to go over the paints themselves they are a water-based
paint there is a primary color said there is a secondary color set
fluorescent color set and a pearl metallic color set and you could of
course get the bottles individually but these are mixed so they’re ready to
spray out of an airbrush and therefore polycarbonate body is lexan bodies and
some other materials as well but you know again it’s it’s ready to spray
you’re just gonna shake it up really well pour it into your airbrush and
spray it and I’m pretty excited the colors look fantastic I can already
think of a bunch of different paint schemes that I want to paint on bodies
and I haven’t painted a lot of bodies recently so I think this is really gonna
get me motivated to do it again and overall I’m just really excited to see
that proline is expanding their options even more to help you customize your
vehicle alright now we need to talk about the airbrushing system so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna head over to Harbor Freight pick up a new airbrush
and I’m going to show you how easy it is to you know simply spray a body alright
let’s go alright I’m back from my trip from
Harbor Freight and I’m a little bummed out because I forgot my coupon for a
free flashlight when I bought something but I did get the airbrush they had a
number of different air brushes there they had some really cheap stuff it was
like $8 and there was a whole big set of five different air brushes for like over
a hundred dollars you don’t need that that you don’t need a crazy airbrush set
and and I wouldn’t really suggest getting the cheap set they had this one
here this one was about twenty dollars and it is a dual action siphon feed
airbrush kit and basically gives you you know the basics of what you need it
doesn’t have the hose in there so you have to pick up the hose separately I
actually have a bunch of air pressure equipment already so I’m just going to
reuse those that I have but they did have a hose there at Harbor Freight and
of course you’re gonna need an air compressor as well I have a couple
different air compressors actually I have the small hobby grade air
compressor from grex and I have a craftsman tank air compressor so when
you’re at Harbor Freight if you don’t have anything definitely check out the
air compressor options what you’re gonna want to look for is is something that
could really hold air that’s not gonna drop in pressure as you’re airbrushing
because it causes a bit of problem when you’re spraying so you know definitely
check out your options you’re also gonna want a air compressor with a regulator
on there because you’re gonna want to regulate the air you know through the
the airbrush so you get a spray that you want to but back to the airbrush itself
I mean this one actually looks pretty decent I mean it’s blue anodized it’s
got to be good if it’s blue Hanna dies right and again it is a siphon feed so
they give you two cups I typically use the metal cup I don’t use the jar that
and then we have the airbrush itself so let me pull this out let me show you
really quick how this works so when you get your airbrush you’re gonna put your
siphon cup in the front let me do that to you put this up in the front it’s
just kind of a pressure fit in there and then you’re going to take and attach
your hose and you’re gonna pour your paint in here now when you go to
actually airbrush when you push down on the dual action airbrush on the trigger
that actually controls the air and when you pull back it controls the paint flow
it’s a bit of a learning process pushing down and pulling back to get the right
amount of air and right amount of paint to come out and that’s why I like to
tell people to just practice on a piece of cardboard or a piece of paper or
something like that before you practice on the body itself as I wouldn’t be
scared of it what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna take our proline paint shake
it up really really well proline recommends 30 seconds I’m gonna
say shake it you know longer than that like at least a minute or two really
make sure you get those pigments mixed up with the other additives in the
bottle and that way you ensure that you know that you have maximum adhesion and
it’s gonna work really well and not possibly flake off or anything like that
so the other things that you have to know about is you know masking the body
so I have actually have a proline body here we’re gonna paint this Silverado
for a project I have coming up and they actually give you window masks in here
so you’re gonna want to go wash down the body with a mild dish detergent and
really dry it out and apply your window mask on the inside and then any graphics
you want to put on there you’re gonna need masking tape or liquid mask to do
that so I’ve got masking tape here you also got to need a hobby knife to cut
out your designs and a marketer comes in handy to draw your designs on the
outside and then cut out your mask on the inside of the body we’re not gonna
get too deep into that detail in this particular video because this video is
about the paints itself so I’m gonna go get this body all set up let me show you
how easy it is to start airbrushing your own body alright so I have my body all
masked up and ready for painting and one thing about painting bodies is you have
to kind of think of how the paint needs to be applied in terms of the colors so
you know usually you want the darker colors to go down first followed by the
lighter colors that way the darker colors don’t leave through the lighter
colors sometimes that doesn’t exactly work out like in my case I’m gonna have
darker colors below and I already have that masked off so the key is to really
just put down a good layer of pain to make sure that the pain doesn’t bleed
through any darker colors you can also back lighter colors like with white and
that will prevent darker colors from coming through so with that said what
I’m gonna start with now is basically just doing like a fade coat on this a
kind of jagged scheme that I did here and the lower coat is going to be this
green so it’s a little bit darker and the top is going to be this lighter
green here so that’s what I’m gonna do right now is put that fake lower fade on
on the edge basically and all you need to do like I said before is shake this
up really well and then you’re going to you know put some in the paint Cup and
as I mentioned earlier practice ahead of time see how much paint flow you need by
pulling back on the trigger see how much air flow you need by pushing down on the
trigger and just you know play around with it until you’re comfortable and
then of course go and apply the paint the other key is is to wear a mask I’m
not going to do that right now so I could talk a little bit through it but
you definitely want to wear a mask when you’re painting okay so I have a little
bit of paint in here and I’m just gonna start practicing with it I have my air
compressor set at 30 psi and that’s really all I should need in order to
start painting right I’m just gonna start off in the masking area see how it
sprays and then I’ll just move up to the edge there and start spraying on the
line you see that it’s just a light phase to just go back and forth nice
smooth strokes and just fill in the edge so there’s the darker green faded
outline on the edges there and I probably put about two coats and went
over the entire line then waited for it to dry and then put on another thin coat
and I am really impressed with how nice and smooth this paint flows and it’s got
some really good coverage to it as well really my only limitations were actually
the airbrush that the cycling cup isn’t really the best maybe the jar would work
a little bit better and it will definitely do the job I need to do in
order to paint the body but you know if you really want to get into airbrushing
that’s when I would go and recommend getting a better airbrush maybe a Tamiya
airbrush or an eclipse airbrush but you know just to get started to get the feel
of it it’s worth the twenty bucks alright so now I’m gonna wait for this
to dry and then I’m gonna put on the main coat which is going to be this
lighter green here and I’m gonna apply that and several different coats just so
there’s nice and even coverage to do that I’m basically just gonna pull all
the way back on the trigger push all the way down so its maximum paint flow
maximum air flow you know give myself about 10 inches away from the body maybe
a little bit less and just do coverage like I would with a spray can basically
and again just do light coats let it dry in between and then I’ll be ready to
move on to the next step all right so I’ve got a couple coats of
the pearl lime green on there and everything’s looking really good what
I’d like to do is hold the body up to the light to see if there’s any light
areas and that’s when I know to go back and maybe spray a little bit more to
make it a little bit more opaque but it’s looking pretty good right now I
allowed ample drying time between coats and you could use a hair dryer to speed
things up one other thing I forgot to mention always spray your paints in a
well-ventilated area it kind of goes without saying but I just want to throw
it out there all right next up what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to cut a
pinstripe right along the inside of the line here that will give me a nice
separation give me a little extra detail and I’m actually gonna paint that white
the reason why I want to paint away is one I think it’s gonna look good when
you know it’s all said and done but it’s also going to go in fact this green so
be nice and bright and the darker colors that I’m gonna put down here won’t bleed
through my pinstripe is all cut out the masking tape is removed and now it’s
time to spray the white I’ve cleaned out my airbrush basically just went over to
my slop sink and wash it out as best I could and then ran some water through it
and there’s no more green left so now I could go ahead and spray a couple coats
of white and that’s gonna kill two birds with one stone by filling in the white
and then backing this green after a couple coats of white this green is
really starting to pop now you could really see the dark green along the
edges and that white pin shape looks very cool it’s got nice even coverage to
it that’s one thing I notice about this proline paint it’s got really good
coverage too when you’re spraying it one thing I did find out about that airbrush
and you can do this with other air brushes as well but if you want to get
more paint flow out of it loosen up the needles slide it back a little bit
tighten it back down and that will allow even more paint to flow out and that’s
how I basically painted these larger areas with that larger paint flow
application but so far it’s looking good next up I got to peel off this lower
panel of masking tape we’re gonna spray these colors next I’m gonna do a black
fade in to silver I removed all the masking tape from the bottom of the body
and I decided to change up the colors a little bit after looking at the paint
rack I’m gonna go with this metallic charcoal as the fade and then the rest
of the body will be this metallic pewter which looks really cool all right
basically the same process as I did with the green just upside down and with
different colors so after spraying the charcoal I thought
the pewter will might be a bit too dark so I went with the proline aluminum and
I think that will give it a better contrast between the two colors and I
also went and cut out the window trim so it’s got a little bit more definition
there I think it’s looking really good now the last thing I’m gonna do is go
and back the entire inside of the body with black that will darken up the
silver I won’t have to worry about the green changing color because its back
with white and it’s going to look really good when it’s done what I also did here
is I cut out the overspray film in the bed and I’m just gonna use the same
black to spray the bed black from the top and it’ll give it the look of a
pickup in the next time you see the body it’ll be all done this is my first paint
job with prolines new paints and I have to say I really like these paints they
spray really well I like to find detail that you could get with them and the
coverage is excellent I think proline really did their homework when coming
out with these ready to spray paints and it’s just gonna make your job a lot
easier when you’re getting into airbrushing or for those of you that are
already into airbrushing you know I think you’re really going to like these
the colors are just excellent I love this lime-green I think the next paint
job I paint is gonna be another lime-green paint job I love it so much
and all these other colors here as well just really cool stuff going on I hope I
really answered any questions you had about getting into airbrushing I think
it’s pretty easy you know a little bit of practice and I think you’re gonna get
a down pat you know and these paints are definitely gonna help out being ready to
spray now if you think you’re ready to get into airbrushing and want to try out
these paints what you could do is you can head it over to proline racing comm
and grab whatever paint you want they have great sets or you could get them
individually grab a body or whatever and then when you’re in the checkout you
could use the discount code RC driver tend to save yourself ten percent on
your order which is very cool from proline full disclosure we do get it a
little cut off of that but you’re saving yourself some money in the process and
again this is a great new line of products from proline really excited to
see all the stuff they’re coming out with lately and you want to see more
stuff from proline just keep following the RC driver channel we got a lot of
cool stuff coming up


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