XField Paintball sur le JT de France3 du 06/09/2016

Paintball invites itself to virtual
reality and it is a Toulouse game studio which is behind this feat, soon tournaments will be organized
via the Internet, this is called the e.sport, an electronic
version of what started here on the real paintball field. Run, seek protection behind an obstacle,
try to shoot the opponent, paintball is a physical and
strategic game, and to transpose these sensations in a
computer screen is a real challenge. One evening we just decided, why not make a video game where
you could play the same kind of field you play
over the weekend. These players in the middle of a game switch to virtual reality, the illusion
is complete. Developers, designers, and testers, worked for years to achieve this result, a game truly close to reality. It shows clearly that the ball follows
a parabolic trajectory where the parable ends. When you send 10 balls per second,
with 10 players, it makes 200 balls trajectories in 2 seconds
to calculate and restitute to each player which means over a year of work. The studio managers, first conceived video games for mobile phones that generated over 6 million downloads and today Xfield paintball play on these virtual
reality platforms and and will make its entry into the e.sport. What is known as e.sport, is the ability
to transpose the sport of reality into the virtual, sweating is not virtual though. So it’s true that at some point, there’s
a real immersion in the game. We organize teams, tournaments with games, matches , competitions, series, using the same
classic system of the conventional sport in the e.sport. The start up from Toulouse has also
a powerful ally, the US giant Microsoft, and its powerfull
calculation and multiplayer capacities that works even when players are very far apart from each other. To be the closest possible to our players, we need servers well distributed around the world, and this requires very specific infrastructure. And Microsoft offered to sponsor us,
to make us an Ambassador to show that a young start up can use a network of
servers around the world to be closer to his players. XField Paintball 3 video game is scheduled
to launch towards the end of this year on Steam, the leading platform in the world for PC games and this is a major journey into virtual reality
as you have seen.

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