WW: A Paint Brush You NEED to See!

WW: A Paint Brush You NEED to See!

(rock music) – Welcome to Workshop Wednesday. – Where we take you into
our workshop once a week. – I’m Steph. – And I’m Vicki. And we’re here in Tallahassee,
Florida, and we would love it if you’d put you’re from
down in the comments. – We wanna let you know
what we are working on, we are continuing what we
talked about last week. We’re doing some garage
organization at my house. And we’re working on a little
project for my new puppy dog. – It is so cool! It wasn’t cool when she texted
me at seven in the mornin’ to tell me her great idea. – Sometimes I’ve got an idea
and I’ve gotta share it! – But it was really a
cool idea, I love it! – You ready to get into today’s show? – I am, let’s go! – Alright, so on Monday
we asked you on Facebook, we gave you three choices of
tools and we asked you what you wanted to see and we had a tie. Well we are gonna talk about
the gooseneck paintbrush today. Whoop! And next week we’re gonna talk
about the sander which was the other winner so if that was your vote, we will still talk about it. So I’m actually going to head
over there and talk a little bit about this tool. I wanna talk a little bit
more about this paintbrush. So as I was saying it’s a gooseneck, which means it can go in many directions. So it can go side to side, it can go back and forth. It really can be bent to
all different positions which is really cool. And you can see it’s a
little struggle to move it. And that’s a good thing
because when you move it in position it’s staying
there until you grip it back into another position. So when I’m painting, it won’t
move out of position which is really really great. So the first time I got to use this, I actually took some footage. I’ve never shared it before
so I thought this was a great opportunity to share it. Couple years ago we painted
my house and there was one little tiny spot that we couldn’t get to. I got on my roof trying to paint it. I got on a ladder and I
just couldn’t get to it. I saw this paintbrush a
couple months ago on a YouTube channel called “See Jane drill”
and she was talking about how great this paintbrush was. So I ordered it and I tried
it in that spot in my house and here in the footage you’ll
see the paintbrush is ready to go up on an extension pole. And I was able to paint the spot. So I was able to move this
right into position so that I could get just that spot. And here you can see it
is done, it is finished. No more yellow. This is definitely for those
weird spots that you just can’t get to so if you
need something like this, I highly recommend it. Now we are going to head
over to mom because she has a little fast DIY to share with
us so mom what do you got? – Thanks Steph. And I do have a fast DIY. This is a home maintenance DIY. And it came about because
of this bowl right here. This bowl really needs
to be reconditioned. So to do that I’m going
to sand it very lightly. The sand net that’s 320 grit
which is very very fine. ‘Cuz basically I just want
to get all the crud and the dirt off. So I’m gonna take a little
of that off so you can see. You can put it on a
sander but you can also just hand sand it. Let me show you on the side. I love working with old wooden
cutting boards and bowls ‘cuz they’re very, very
easy to recondition. It’s one of the things you
can just take some sandpaper to it and clean it up
and it’s ready to go. Okay. I’m just going to do a
small part of that so you can see that. See that right there? Now I’m using a tack cloth and
it’s just simply a piece of I think it’s cheesecloth,
I don’t know what’s in it, but it makes it very,
very sticky and it’s great for wiping up the dust. Okay, you see, I really
haven’t taken off much finish but I’m going to put a
little bit of oil on this and I’m using oil that’s used
for cutting boards, bowls, anyplace where you’re going
to come in contact with food. And this is actually Ikea
brand but I’ve seen it at the Home Depot. There are many places
where you can buy this. Put a little bit on. Just like that. And wipe it on. I’m using an old t-shirt. Wipe it on. You can already see how
much better it looks. So just let that dry and
come back and just wipe off any excess that hasn’t been absorbed. There ya go. – Good job mom! – Thanks! – Very good. I have some projects, some wood products. – I’ll do it! I really really enjoy working on them. – You do?
– I do. You like cleaning and
maintenance, not for me. – Hmmm. – Not for me. So for our last segment
we’re going to do a project follow-up for something at
my house that we did about two years ago, so let’s
head on over there for that. – Alright. – Welcome to project follow-up. We are in front of my garage
and we’re following up on something I think we
did about two years ago. – About two years ago, yes.
– We think so. We’re remembering the hot sun
and having to wear sunglasses. – Oh yeah that’s right it really was hot. – Yeah. – Well it’s January and it’s hot now. – Yeah, uh, sorry, yeah.
– Who knows. So we actually cleaned my
garage and we did these windows and we painted it. But one thing that people
have really talked about is they said that’s never going
to hold up is this right here. So we installed this magnetic hardware. – [Vicki] This hardware. – Handle and hardware. So people said oh people
are going to take those off, kids will mess with them. Well you know what, they’ve
been up here two years and no one’s really taken them off. – Nothing. – But you could take them off
because they’re just magnetic. – Wow, it’s dirty. – They’ve gotten a little dirty. But you could easily clean
them ‘cuz they are dirty. – Uh-huh. – Clean them here, and yeah,
so they’ve held up really well. – They don’t move, we’ve not had any issue with
them moving when the garage door opens or closes. It’s a good alternative.
– Yes. To permanently attaching hardware. – Yeah and we’ll show you
the side ones over here too. – This hardware just comes
off like that and just easily back into place. At the same time that we did
the magnetic hardware we also did a little refresh on these windows. They had these old plastic
inserts that had gotten very brittle and they had changed
color so we took those out. We did a little frosting on
the glass and besides it being dirty, it’s held up great. – Thank you for joining us today. We wanna see what projects
you’re working on so we have a link below called #trialandshare
where you can submit your pictures and we will share
them on Workshop Wednesday. – We also send out a
newsletter once a week and you can sign up, there’s a link below. Sign up and you will get
notices of what we’re doing, what’s coming up and direct
links to our actual post. – Please comment, like, share this video. Let us know in the
comments what you think, what you like, what you don’t like. And you can give us some
suggestions for future shows. – Don’t forget to head to
our Facebook page on Monday where we ask a question and
you can respond and that’s a way to help choose
a segment for our next Workshop Wednesday. – Thanks for joining us. – We’ll see you next time. (rock music)


  • Watch Me DIY It says:

    That's a pretty cool brush. From the thumbnail, I thought it was permanently bent, but that's awesome that the angle can be adjusted. 👍🏼

  • Penster says:

    What do I like about your show? Well, it's easier to say what I DON'T like: Nothing! I love your show and how you handle projects. I'm also a fan of Leah on See Jane Drill. Neither of your channels do what many channels do. You don't assume people already know how to do x, y, or z, and so skip that part. You educate without talking down to people or giving whole loads of useless information, that would actually confuse many people. So cheers from a loyal fan in Scotland!

  • Angela Ponce says:

    Very interesting paintbrush, I never knew that existed. I can see how that could be useful especially for vertically challenged people like me. You restoring the wood bowl reminded me that I needed to do the same to my cutting board. I appreciate you sharing all of your great ideas. Looking forward to the doggie project. Have a great day!

  • PJ Lacey says:

    Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

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