Without Drips!! Edge  paint ceiling without scaffolding OR extension ladder. CAUTION ON LADDER!!

Without Drips!! Edge paint ceiling without scaffolding OR extension ladder. CAUTION ON LADDER!!

Okay, the important thing is and the
trick that I found to successfully paint a 20 foot without using an extension
pole is using an edger such as this Sherline paint pad as I have shown you
but when you apply the paint just apply it to the middle portion of the pad. A
little to the front edge but not too much because it will drip over if you
get too close. This is your edge guide, they say have it down and you add paint
and put it up when you’re ready to paint. Always keep a sponge handy, damp sponge,
wiping off any paint, your fingers. Anywhere. Good thing to have. Okay
this is to show you, when can you apply paint sometimes the pad will stick and feel a
little difficult to move. Just kind of walk it. Walk it back, maybe walk it if it sticks. Like that. What we’re going to do with 18 or 20 foot extension, it does work. I know there is no paint on the pad now, this is after I’m done but I thought I’d show you As you can see I’m able to trim around a round surface such as
the base of this chandelier, as well as corners inside and outside. See my
ceiling is the same color as the wall which is just too dark. you can see I’m not
quite finished here. We’ll put the roller gently into the
tray, don’t want to be aggressive, you don’t want to get paint on that shield so just
go slow this whole job is about going slow step by step. Okay,
take a quick look, no paint on the shield, that’s dried paint so I don’t worry about that.
the edges are good. I’m going to go up my ladder, with my 16 foot extension
pole. As I mentioned the ladder is a little shorter than the ideal situation
but we make it work. Let’s extend the pole out to the maximum
which in this case is 16 feet. Looking up you can see it is a long distance. put it forward and just roll. You won’t get very much done. You don’t want to do it twice that’s it. Oh I
see an edge. That’s it. And let it down and get more paint. It’s slow but step by step it
does get it done. A couple of afternoons and my 20 foot ceiling will be done. Yay!! you


  • Stephen Crockett says:

    thx really appreciate this

  • Nancy Krail says:

    Kevin, as nice as it would be to have expensive gear–one Pinterest pin showed a rental lift–for those of us on a budget, your thoughtful and patient painting technique video were just the inspiration I needed to paint our 18-20' ceilings for a big party we are hosting in a couple of months.

  • Sara Smart says:

    Thank you for some great ideas!

  • Love Classics says:

    I made a mistake and put paint on whole pad and it dripped.. I should have views this before I started

  • thaddeus buttmunch says:

    there won't be Drips from going back to it again and again?

  • Nancy Moore says:

    Please name the painting pole that is best to use for this project.

  • rosewind52 says:

    How does this method work with textured or popcorn ceilings?

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    Dear Rosewind52,
    No, the edge tool I used would work on a popcorn ceiling but it can work on a lightly textured ceiling. For a popcorn ceiling you may want to investigate an edger that incorporates a roller, such as the Fastrim Roller or the Accubrush trim roller. I have not used either product so I cannot vouch for their effectiveness. Thank you for watching the video and happy painting. Plan ahead, take your time and you will succeed. Most people are not very fond of painting but I usually find it relaxing and semi-enjoyable. All the best, Kevin McGivern

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    Dear Rosewind52,
    Sorry, I meant to say "The edge tool I used would NOT work on a popcorn ceiling.

  • Joshua says:

    should've done that standing at the top of the staircase !

  • James De Castro says:

    How long did it take you to finish the room from start to finish? Thanks!

  • Vitaly Romanchik says:

    Great video! What paint did you use?

  • Karin Minkin says:

    So helpful. Thank you very much.

  • Brian Mowers says:

    Kevin, your video is a great inspiration. I too use the Sureline edger for all my ceiling cut ins. I am able to cut in with a brush but I find the Sureline to be 2X or more faster and I can put on a thicker cut in compared to a brush. I use a 4" mini roller to ink the Sureline pad. Try it. Much faster than using a brush to ink the pad.

  • Cordelia Blakeslee says:

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

  • VintageBreakfast says:


  • Matt DeLancey says:

    Great video my friend

  • Xuemin Yin says:

    Kevin, thanks for the video. I'm planning to paint my ceiling and bought the same shur line edger as yours, but somehow I can't turn the connector to a straight angle to make a T with my pole. Any hint? Thanks a lot.

  • Teresa Brophy Goode says:

    OMG what an amazing video, Bravo, educational to me, as I have to paint a high ceiling over a stairs with a step ladder, thanks great job

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    Thank you for the positive comment Teresa.
    Be sure to practice with the edger at a comfortable height before reaching for the high spots. Practice makes perfect which in this case means no drips.

  • I'm with Stupid says:

    that ok if you don't mind taking a week to paint the ceiling

  • Pamela Alexander says:

    You are so brave. I want to do the same thing. You've given me encouragement. Thanks for showing it can be done.

  • Scott Greenwood says:

    You have saved me 100$s of dollars ty

  • Wipsplash says:

    Nice house.

  • Wipsplash says:

    You did a good inexpensive method to paint your ceiling. I ended up buying 2 Harbor Freight scaffolding with wheels and put one on top of the other. I moved all the furniture out of the room and sat on the scaffolding with a paint brush while my wife pushed me around the room. The only time she complained was when she had to climb up to hand me beers and beef jerky.

  • CJam says:

    Thank you for the great tips! This method is so safer than standing on scaffolding for the high ceilings on our stairs.

  • B Tomas says:

    I painted an 18 ft. stairwell using a pole and paint pad. I tried the Sureline but found it flimsy and halting in it's movement. I had an old pad (Mr. Long Arm 0470, over 10 years old) and used that. Much betterrrr. So much so that I went and ordered two more on ebay for future backup.

    I used a quality pole I bought from HD. The pole has 'click' to adjust mechanism in lieu of a rotating shaft lock but I like it for that reason.

    I was able to get nearly perfect paint lines (I hesitate to say perfect because frankly I can't see that high in the air). I used a roller to paint the areas below the cut in. I didn't have any splatter that I could see so I was good with using a standard 3/8" nap roller. I highly recommend the 'Mr. Long Arm over the Shureline, especially over Sureline's newest version which has an articulating knuckle that's supposed to allow more dexterity in movement. I found that one to be utterly uncontrollable! Many (earned) bad reviews on HD site about that version.

  • Michael Baker says:

    Good grief. Good video, but requires some serious patience

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    Fair enough. I believe it was just about my first video and perhaps a bit long.
    Nevertheless, hope you found it a bit useful.
    All the best,
    Kevin McGivern

  • MomRoxx says:

    Any ideas for how to fix cracks (small long) in the high ceiling? That paint color on your walls is nice what was it?

  • Rose B. says:

    I just want to sponge paint- silver grey on black existing paint- on my high attic ceiling. I need to do this!

  • Jennifer Krahulik says:

    Thanks for the video. I need to paint a stairwell ceiling and walls that 20+ feet from the bottom of the stairs. I was not wanting to let the college (engineering) students try their methods, they have no fear yet.

  • Jennifer Krahulik says:

    Thanks for the video. I need to paint a stairwell ceiling and walls that 20+ feet from the bottom of the stairs. I was not wanting to let the college (engineering) students try their methods, they have no fear yet.

  • Valorie Philip says:

    I just saw the Accubrush paint edger it's amazing sells for $124 it's amazing it also has a jumbo kit so separately

  • Santosh kumar says:

    superb sir

  • geno geno says:

    Are you happy with the corners or do you think they could use some improvement.

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    I was happy with the corners, I felt they came out OK.
    Thanks for the question ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • geno geno says:

    That's a hard spot with your method at 3:33 they look shy but hard to tell.ย  Your house and your happy is all that counts.

  • Starxgamer12 says:

    My wife and I bought our first house. We want to paint our 17' tall stairway but weren't sure how to do it without buying/renting expensive equipment. This method is perfect for us and we already own all of this! Thank you!

  • Johnny Oldskool says:

    Very good sir,you must have a lot of patience to tackle that on your own,very good video thank you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Ed M says:

    Yeah well thatโ€™s great if the walls and ceiling are the same color. Iโ€™d like to see you use your edger to cut a straight line when your wall is a different color!!! LOL

  • kevinmcgivern teacher says:

    Thanks for watching.
    The walls and ceiling were originally the same color but in the video I am painting the ceiling white, therefore I edged to cut a straight line with the wall being a different color.
    Came out great for me.

  • Raymond Han says:

    Amazing patience to do this for that entire ceiling!

  • Don Goddard says:

    Using a pole on a ladder is a really good way to fall off of a ladder and get paint all over everything. As the owner of a painting company and hearing stories of people falling, I would recommend hiring a professional who has the tools and experience to do anything like this. Especially above stairs.

  • dublinbluetune says:

    nice sandals…..

  • Damage, Inc. says:

    You must have a lot of free time. This would take a month.

  • Brian Pacheco says:

    Was looking up building my own ladder box or scaffold for my 20ft stairwell and came across another video about that paint pad. Your tips on using it made me feel much better about just going that route. Getting up on a ladder to tape, cut, remove tape is just way too risky. My wife is a nurse in neurosurgery…you will not believe the freak accidents and how easy it is to lose your life from a slip or fall. I'll do it your way with caution and patience! Also…about using that pole.on a ladder….I think every DIY person does things like that…we don't want to go spend more money we don't need to….a fall from a 6 foot ladder sure as heck ain't as bad from one from 20ft. Thanks for the video, nice house!

  • Sarah Brennan says:

    I was going to paint my landing. I donโ€™t have to get on a ladder but can one use this to do walls.

  • Rocky Guevara says:

    The ceiling being that high, do you prep it? Like scrubbing off dust and debris or just paint over? I have exactly the same 20 feet ceiling I want to paint. Thank You.

  • KC Coake says:

    Thanks for the great tips and advice. The one thing I don't see addressed is how you did the cutting in at the corners. How did you do that? I didn't think the Shur Line Edger would get to the corners. I'd be using this to paint a 2 story stairwell, not a ceiling. Not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  • J W says:

    Nope. Look at all those brand new tools. Homeowners need to put more thought into these things. This guy is cheap is all he is. i like how you folks decide how much a job should cost by deciding how much you can afford. if it's more than you can afford you take this guys poor advice. This man will get you injured or stuck with a horrible job you hate or don't finish. Or you take the cheapest bid then complain about contractors when the work is bad. I'm a 2nd generation painter and I stand on top of step ladders all the time. One thing I won't do is use a pole while on a ladder. It's easy to lose your sense of balance. Stay safe folks

  • Dev Everything says:

    now all you need is a 16 foot paint pan

  • Tina Wilkerson says:

    Kevin, how did you keep the little paint pad from swiveling when painting the edge? I have been trying to paint, but the pad holder swivels. Thanks

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