Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round (Brush shown during assembly)

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round (Brush shown during assembly)

[LIGHT MUSIC] Every Series 7 brush is
handmade with unique attention to detail. We start by measuring every
strand of the finest Kolinsky hair. Hair is placed into the
cannon and tapped down to ensure the hair is
smooth with a level tip. The hair is rolled into
a precise dome shape to give the perfect point. It is then collected and
placed through the guide fit so we have the right quantity of
hair for the right brush size. Pulleys are used to tighten the
knot into a tuft, which is then inserted into the metal barrel. A tuft is pulled to the right
length for the brush size and then glued into place. Brush heads are
checked for blunt hairs under a magnifying glass
and then securely fastened to the handle. Every brush is
then tested by hand to ensure an excellent
point and shape. It takes time and skill. But it’s what we’ve always
done to make the world’s finest brushes. [LIGHT MUSIC]


  • Cinnamon Girl says:

    Holy-molly if this goes into making every single brush I hate to think about working conditions. How many brushes are expected to be made by each person in one hour or one day? Looks like I need to do some research before purchasing.

  • CaesarTheCzar says:

    Not really into sable brushes, but I heard they are good for watercolor and ink. Is it the amount of medium they can hold or just a fine tip?

  • Rainy Sand says:

    Wolf hair brushes are good.

  • Nina Askew says:

    OMG, some ppl think weasels are being slaughtered. No, they aren't, they aren't even raised in captivity. The hair/fur is from the tail of the weasel. This happens to sheep, when we have to shear them every spring. Wool turns to yarn. READ "CITES AGREEMENT" I know ppl violate this, but as far as my comment goes it's directed to companies like this one here who comply.

  • Night Nine says:

    So you saying me that human is more precise and better than machine? Oh please

  • Machine Fack says:

    Received my first Series 7 today, a pointed round size 6…it's a wonderful brush to use. I can't comment on it's longevity but if comparable to Raphael sable brushes it'll be around for a while.

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