Will ARTIST LOFT Markers blend with COPIC Markers – First Impressions

Will ARTIST LOFT Markers blend with COPIC Markers – First Impressions

Just pulled out a few of my copic markers here, and this is normally what I would use in my sketching. But today, we were at Michael’s, and I found these. There are the Artist Loft Sketch Markers. Don’t think I’ve seen these before. And so, I was just kind of curious how these would compare, to the more expensive version. These six markers are normally $19.99, but if you’re familiar with Michaels they often have coupons, for 40 to 50 percent off sometimes more, and so, this little package only costs $10 plus tax. So… Less than two dollars a marker. It’s a pretty small investment, so I thought, “Hey, it might be worth a try to take a look.” And I’m just curious. What goes on here? How they look? How they compare? It’s got a nice thick [brush] nib there, and [it] does have the other nib [Chisel Nib]. So it’s what I’m used to with the Copics, so it’s very similar to our then part of the goes. So, let’s just take… I don’t know red. Let’s take a look at red here. [Let’s] see how it comes on the page, and just compare it to a similar red, from the Copic brand. Copic, Copic, Copic, I hear people say it both. Very similar actually, a little darker. These are little stiffer. They remind me more this style of… of brush, where it’s not quite, as flexible, as the normal from Copics, that I’m used to. Take our color, colorless Blender here, to see if that helps a little. [It] seems kind of interesting. We have some other reds that they kind of… darker red here. We could try to blend in. See… what we think? Not looking very promising, to me. I still feel like I can see exactly where that first little mark was right here. I don’t know. I’m just not really seeing, to much on the blending side of things. It could be a useful cheap alternative I guess. Possibly? I don’t know. I’m not impressed, by what I see here, thus far. Little Brighter… Try this one. This is probably a little darker. More yellows… Play around With The Edges. I don’t know. I’m not, I’m not super impressed, thus far. Dark right there… Let’s go with another tone, in the middle. This one’s probably a little darker than that one. It’s actually a very similar color there, that actually seems to look pretty good. We’ve got tons of green colors here. Okay, let’s take a look, with the blue I’m just having the old blue there. It might be pretty similar, to this one. It’s very similar. A lighter blue to go over the top of this… I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to be blending, to me. I’m using different shades, different colors, different markers… I can still see a clear line… where that original mark was. I don’t know. I mean, they’re… cheap, so there’s that. Ha Ha Ha! All right, well I guess that’s the end of this. Again yeah, they’re real cheap right at 10 bucks, for six of them, but not, not impressive. I don’t think The end. Thank you for watching! Please consider liking the video and subscribing to my channel.


  • Antonio Baugh says:

    I brought someOhuhu 80 colors dual tip art sketch markers for only $40.00 and they work very well http://amzn.to/2u1y1ad I'll be sure to try out the skin tone pack.. and with Michaels I travel by two different stores on the way to work in my morning job and my own cleaning business gig at night.. and when Michaels has coupons usually around 40% every week with the phone app.. ppl could just go every day and pick up a ONE item paying about half the price… patience grasshoppers!!!

  • Antonio Baugh says:

    after taking another view …that's the first thing you bring up is the COUPONS .. smart man!!

  • Zakidao says:

    The artist loft colorless blender sucks just saying. It just fades the color x10, doesn't spread the color around, basically ruins your drawing. Also the markers just don't blend as well as copics but it's a better alternative to them if that's all you can afford.

  • iiBlazen says:

    Did you buy the copic markers instore or online

  • moscha perle says:

    It hurts to see the pressure on the Copics..

  • Bob Sharen says:

    Artist's loft brush tips don't last.

  • z/a/c says:

    The artists loft markers work fine for about a day or two, and then the brush tips completely fall apart. Definitely not worth it in the long run, I had to return all of my artists loft markers and exchange them for copics.

  • pan_dora Sy says:

    At some points your blending copic with copic and you said it's not blending so maybe or most likely your not doing it right

  • hii says:

    I hate the artist lofts markers. I got them and using them normally and the ink almost ran out

  • 董青天 says:

    How are the brush nibs of the artists loft?

  • Oo Fawndom oO says:

    I got artist loft markers today.The 6pc skin colors.

  • Nicole Wolfe says:

    I wish I'd watched this video before I bought the Artist Loft brand markers. The blending doesn't work, the tips fall apart, and the ink isn't very good quality unless you use the chisel tip. But even the chisel tip doesn't work well overall. Your video definitely cemented me trying to get my money back soon.

  • wetsockks says:

    Hearing the paper with the markers are making me cringe like NEVER BEFORE 😂😂

  • Juliana B says:

    You shouldn’t be so rough with the copics, the brush tip is fragile so have a lighter hand 🙂

  • Violet Ho says:

    Why everyone said the ARTIST LOFT SKETCH MARKERS is not good 😱is that true ?? 🤤 i just got a artist loft sketch markers 3 day ago with 24 coulor 🤤 is that really bad?? 😟

  • LoloPoloXO stangier says:

    There is also 14 grams of ink in the artist loft markers where as the copic scetch markers usually have 13 grams. So you're getting one whole gram more of ink in artist loft. (and yes, i measured XD) Still would go for copics and if your invested in using them a lot then i would get refills. You can fill it 8-10 times and i found some refills for about 6 dollars so copics still are cheaper in the long run.

  • BubleebuzzYT says:

    what are you doin' to dem copics!!

  • lei corriea says:

    I got some artists loft markers for the 24 pack at Michaels the other day. They don’t blend that well also after one use one of my markers frayed a bit, they aren’t bad they good okay on the paper and I’d recommend if you have never used markers before or are just getting into them. 👍

  • scrumpipp says:

    I just got the artist loft skintone set for christmas. I like the way they work on paper but they are pretty stiff. The pigments are also a little too different on paper than they are on the markers. The fairer skintones don’t really work together at all but I like the way the darker ones look together. Overall though, for the price, they’re not a bad marker. I’d still recommend copics if you can afford them.

  • Butter Toast says:

    I didn't have an issue with the artist loft brush nibs.

  • Liv's Art! says:

    I went to the store yesterday and got 40+ dollars worth of these, unable to afford copics. I have used them so much already, and nothing has happened. EXCEPT! My fav skin tone marker tip got a little um, weird. xD but besides that, I think these markers are perfect for people starting out, like me. I don't get why you people think they don't blend well. They blend beautifully for me. Now, this video was posted awhile ago and I dunno if they improved at all. But that's my imput.

  • SirHavin says:

    I have never tried Copics, so I cannot give my input on how well those perform. But I have seen their price, and as a struggling artist they are set at a ridiculous amount. I will likely never purchase these markers.
    However, I can speak on behalf of Artist Loft. Only earlier today I received a set of skin tones. I had no trouble with blending, I even managed to mix a gray in with two browns of completely different temperatures and create a pleasant gradient. The nibs are a bit frail, but if you don't smash them into the paper like a neanderthal you should be fine. The only two things are; the smell took me by surprise at first, but it wasn't overpowering (I am very sensitive to strong scents, to the point they can make me ill) and it faded quickly; and they bleed rather badly. Other than that, as my first alcohol-based markers, I am pleased.

  • C A N A D A :P says:

    I have the artist loft and they are pretty nice(but the grey dries out fast)

  • naked billie joe says:

    Copic markers are a little too expensive for me to afford right now so I am using the Artists Loft markers and they work pretty good for me

  • BP 2 says:

    I tried some and i didn’t like them that much 😕

  • cute dogs says:

    They are really good for just 10$ no kidding

  • Koshi Moshi says:

    Ive seen a lot of comments saying that
    The tip breaks
    Or that the ink doesn’t go through one side

    But I haven’t had any of those mine works perfectly
    I guess people just got a a unlucky pack

  • TheNewRobin19 says:

    I have Artist Loft their ok I like using them with copics and other brands that I have

  • TheNewRobin19 says:

    Their great cheap alternatives here in Canada their at least $4.51 the same price when I buy comic books

  • Raspberry Bleach says:

    this dude i swear the way he uses markers and abuses the tips makes me cringe

  • 永遠眠い says:

    I'm confused as to why your test is trying to cover it with copic markers. For a full review of them, test what they can do, don't test what the copics do.

  • Skape Zilla says:

    I got some Artist Loft markers recently. So far so good. I like the tips more than I like my Prisma color markers and the colors are mad decent. It is true tho about the blending – they suck for that, but the stuff I do doesn't require a lot of fades. Use the Michaels 50% coupon and em for the cheap. Great value in my opinion.

  • Roi The Cryin says:

    I got 6 for 11 dollars and they aren't too bad. Definitely will supplement my small Copic collection until I can afford more.

  • CallMeJune says:

    What I liked about this video was you really seemed to give it a fair shot, I feel it's unbiased. I mean you and we all probably knew they wouldn't be that great but I still appreciate you giving it a fair shot. Youtube is flooded with too many people who bash on other markers without even using them or owning them. Like I get it, Copic is epic, but there are other brands out there which are also pretty good. We're all pretty skeptical of Artist Loft but hey never know it might have turned out good, never know until you try so thank you for that.

  • oldisalwaysbetter ! says:

    I bought the artist loft sketch markers and they worked perfectly they haven’t slip or broken they haven’t even run out of ink yet, I’m not sure if where I live they’re different or what but that’s I’ll I have to say.

  • N'yello Vivian says:

    The pressure on the markers though

  • Kempo Cornelius says:

    i love artist loft markers , i use them to touch up Watercolor to give more dimension . i also mix them with my copics and prismas cuz i'm punk rock like that and don't care about societies rules ! I DO WHAT I WANT MIKE YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD!!

  • Deanna Reti says:

    Can you Blend Sharpies with #Colouring Markers please?

  • Leo Oel says:

    I’ve had nothing but a great experience using this markers. You have to layer them and not press so hard on the paper.

  • Janos Pergely says:

    if you are interested in artist loft, dont buy at michaels. buy "studio 71" its the same marker for 1/3 of the price 🙂
    i cant believe michaels sells them for 3.99 each. one of mine had a crack so it was dry when i got my set, so i went to michaels to get the marker there, they had it.. but no way was i spending that much for a marker i got for 80 cents..

  • G. Rodriguez says:

    The Nibbs are terrible…but the markers work… I've gotten good with the chisel (& I got 24 for $20) — However, the best alternatives to Copics are online… Caliart Markers aren't bad… Ohuhu has a decent reputation as well– I own Caliart*

  • ay1x says:

    Spoiler: They do

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