What Is The Difference Between Watercolor Pencils, Markers & Sticks

What Is The Difference Between Watercolor Pencils, Markers & Sticks

– Have you noticed you can
find water color pencils, markers, sticks and even crayons nowadays? In this video you’re going to learn about all the differences and similarities and most importantly, if you actually need any of them? (keyboard typing) Watercolor pencils look and feel just like regular color pencils. You hold them the same way. You sharpen them the same way and you can even erase them. But they have a hidden power inside them that you can unleash with
just a little bit of water. The material that holds
the pigments together is water soluble which means
that when you add the water the pencil releases even more pigments and creates effect similar
to regular watercolor paints, which is not possible with
regular color pencils. So are watercolor pencils
just regular watercolors in the shape of a pencil? (pop pop pop pop) Well, not really. They’re not the same but related and can be used together. Watercolor pencils are
usually a lot less expensive compared to regular watercolors and they’re also more
portable and convenient. You can simply take a brush
with a water tank on the go and get creative without
creating the usual mess. You can also create small
details and fine lines because you can simply sharpen the tip. But you can also use watercolor pencils as an addition to your regular watercolors to add more details to
a touch up your things or simply make the painting
look more interesting with additional design elements. How you should use watercolor
pencils is really up to you. To not overwhelm you
with too much information I will focus on just a
few simple techniques. Watercolor pencils are super versatile. Apart from just drawing on the paper and then simply activating the pigments with a wet brush, what you can also do, you can just dip the tip of your pencil in some water and then you can add an interesting texture to your painting. You can even wet the brush and load it up with pigments directly
from the watercolor pencil. One of the ways to mix colors
is by layering two colors and then activating them with water. But there are so many
other cool techniques that you can try out. I actually made a video a while ago where I show more things you can do with watercolor pencils so check it out. After watching this video
I will have the link in the description box down below. Now, keep in mind that
if you want to use a lot of water in your painting
I would rather go for watercolor paper
because it’s made especially for a water-based medium
and you don’t really have to worry about paper being ripped or being too waffy and also the colors will look a lot more vibrant. Also, I have a whole separate video about watercolor paper, what you should look out for? I walk you through the whole
process so you should check it out after watching this video. I will also have the link
in the description box down below so don’t
forget to check it out. If you’re worried about how lightfast the water color pencils are I would always check
the brand individually and see what pigments they use, what they’re saying, if they even say anything
about lightfastness, if it’s something that
is important to you. But even though they’re
called watercolor pencils you still might not be able to
use the exact same techniques as you would do with regular watercolors. (keyboard typing) Watercolor markers are
just regular markers but can also be used like
watercolors if you add water. Compared to watercolor
pencils they contain a lot more pigments and
are a lot more vibrant. They can have different
nibs from soft to flexible to anything else that allow you to create different shaped lines. Watercolor markers can also
be used for loose paintings, for on-the-go, for example, for urban sketching if you combine them with a brush that has a water tank because they are like
portable watercolors in a pen, similar to watercolor pencils. And because they’re so versatile
you cannot only use them as regular markers to draw
lines and fill bigger areas, which can take you less time
compared to watercolor pencils, but you can also create cool effects when you activate the pigments with water. You can go from very dark
to a very light color depending on how much water you are using. Since watercolor markers
are so vibrant immediately you may have to play
around with them first to get a feel for how
much you should apply and how much water you’ll actually need? If it’s easier for you you
can also use a mixing pallette and just scribble the paint
onto the mixing pallette and then all you need to do is add water and then you can use the marker
the same way as watercolors. But keep in mind that when
you use the mixing pallette the colors will be a
little bit less intense as straight from the marker. Watercolor markers by the
brand called Faber-Castell, for example, they’re
designed to behave exactly like watercolors so you can
use different techniques that you would use for regular watercolors such as glazing white and red or even create sprinkles if you want, anything that you can think of. But keep in mind that
there are a lot of markers that can be used as
watercolors when you add water but they can still behave
completely different compared to each other. Usually they are designed
for hand lettering and for just simple watercolory effects, so they don’t really have to behave completely like watercolors. As I said earlier, if you use a water-based
medium and you use a lot of water it’s best to
go for watercolor paper so it can handle all that water. But how the markers perform also depends on what watercolor paper you’re using. On some paper, for example, it was completely streaky. I couldn’t dissolve any of the pigments but on some other paper
it was a lot better. I think it really depends
on how the paper was made, what ingredients are inside this paper? There are so many factors to keep in mind. Another issue you could
have with the markers is smudging, for example, when you outline your
artwork with a pencil or with a fine liner and
go directly on top of it. So I would rather go for an
H pencil that is very hard or either use watercolor pencils because they just melt into your painting and won’t be visible later. As I said earlier, there are a ton of different markers that can behave like watercolors, but the quality really
depends on the brand and how they made it because
sometimes they use dyes which means that the paint or the color will fade over time. But it might not be an
issue for you if you, for example, want to scan your work. So make sure you read all information the brand tells you really carefully. (keyboard typing) Watercolor sticks might
look like regular oil or chalk pastels but they’re
actually water soluble. With their soft and
sometimes creamy consistency you can apply the color
to your watercolor paper and then dissolve it with a wet brush. You can either apply
them to wet or dry paper and achieve different results. Some watercolor sticks
are a lot less precise with their flat edge and
it’s not always possible to sharpen them so it might
be a little bit difficult to create fine details. You might wander what is
actually the difference between watercolor sticks
and watercolor crayons? In this case, for example, I’m using the Daniel
Smith Watercolor Sticks. They are basically exactly the same high quality watercolors, just in the shape of a stick. With regular watercolor
crayons you might not have all this information. You don’t really know
what ingredients they use, what pigments, how lightfast they are and how their overall quality will be but if it’s something you
don’t really care about and you just want to
have fun and be colorful and experiment then they still
can be totally fine for you. In my test it was a little bit difficult to dissolve both on the paper. I even used very smooth paper to do that. So personally, I wouldn’t
directly draw on the paper and then dissolve it. If I would use the Daniel
Smith Watercolor Sticks I would actually use them
like regular watercolors, because you can either
pick up the pigments with your watercolor
brush or you can cut it in smaller pieces and place
them into an empty pen, which makes it really
versatile and convenient, in my opinion. I also tried that with one
of my watercolor crayons but it didn’t really work. Now, the price really depends
on the brand and the quality. For example, if you would go for the Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks you would actually get three full pens with just one stick, according to their website. And every stick has the same price which means you can even get their expensive watercolor
tubes for a lot cheaper which is amazing and makes
it worth the money, I think. All right, so do I
really need any of that? I think it’s important to keep in mind that even though they can
behave similar to watercolors they still have their own personality. So instead of forcing out
the exact same behavior and the exact same results
as you would expect from regular watercolors
I would rather think about what unique elements
they can add to your art and your personal painting style. If you’re a complete watercolor beginner and you’re just too afraid to
use the regular watercolors you can go, for example, for the watercolor pencils
to just get familiar with the concept of pigments and water. And if you’re already familiar with watercolors all
those three can be great for mixed media, for on-the-go or if you want to save money on the Daniel Smith Watercolors. But don’t feel like you
absolutely have to use them, you can always just test them
out and see how you like it because at the end of the
day it really comes down to your personal style and
how you like to paint or draw. If you want to learn more
about watercolor supplies you can check out the videos right here. I really hope it was helpful. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day and I will see you in my next video, bye. (relaxing music)


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