What Is The Best Watercolor Paper? Improve Your Watercolor Painting

What Is The Best Watercolor Paper? Improve Your Watercolor Painting

– Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. One of the top struggles
that you guys kept saying that you have is with paper when it comes to painting
with watercolors. You don’t know why the paper
buckles, tears, stains, or why the colors look so
pale when the paint has dried, and that’s why I want to
solve some of the issues you might have by walking you through all the different types of papers, what certain things
mean, what is important, and what to look for when
you buy watercolor paper. As the name watercolor suggests, you work with water, and
that’s why you need paper that is made especially for that. One of the differences
between printer, drawing, and watercolor paper is their weight. It’s not a indicator of quality because light and heavy paper
come in different qualities, but it’s still very important because heavy paper can absorb and hold a lot more water than regular paper. The heavier the paper,
the more it weights, and the more water it will take without buckling or warping. You can find watercolor paper between 90 to even 400 pounds or even higher. Another important aspect to look into is what the paper is actually made of. Now, paper can be made out of
a lot of different materials that are, for example,
derived from wood, cotton, or other materials, and that’s important for how the paper actually behaves and how long it will last you. Paper that is made out of wood, it’s usually a lot cheaper
compared to cotton paper, but it also has a lot of downsides. For example, paper that
is made out of wood fibers is naturally more fragile
and prone to tearing due to the structure of the fibers. It also won’t allow the
water to flow properly, it can create streaking
and blotchy washes, and it can discolor with
age and become brittle. Now, on the other hand, watercolor paper, it is made out of 100% percent cotton, it’s generally considered
as the best-quality paper, and it can make a huge
difference in your artwork. It’s high quality because
cotton is stronger and more durable due to the
structure of the fibers. You can create beautiful flat washes without any blotches
and the paper can handle different amounts of water in the drying stages at the same time. As you can see, on the left side, I used wood-made paper,
and on the right side, 100% cotton paper. I used the same watercolors but the result is completely different. Another side note I wanted to add is you want to look for paper that is generally acid free, because this will prevent
your paper to age over time. Now we know it’s important to look into the weight of the paper and also, the ingredients, but there’s also a very important aspect that plays a huge role in
the way the paper performs, and that’s sizing. Not the size of the paper, but something completely different. The sizing that I’m talking about is rather a glue or a glaze
that is on top of the paper or inside the paper. When watercolor paper is produced, it’s usually sized with
a coating of gelatin, starch, or other synthetic materials, which improves the surface strength and the water resistance. So, the goal here is to keep the paint on top of the paper and let it dry there without being just absorbed into the paper and becoming dull. Instead, the sizing allows the paint to slowly seep into the fibers, staying vibrant and very
even on the surface. If there were no sizing on the paper, the watercolors would just
soak right into the paper just like a paper towel. Sizing also allows you
to lift off the paint without staining the paper, but keep in mind that some pigments are naturally more staining than others. You can get paper as surface sized, internally sized, or both. If the paper is internally sized, it is even more durable and
will survive lots of scrubbing, erasing, and other watercolor techniques without tearing or breaking. Now, some watercolor paper
brands don’t really say how they size the paper, so, what you can do is you
can either research in that or just go straight to watercolor paper that already says on
the front or on the back of the paper how it is sized. Okay, now we know we need heavy, acid free watercolor paper that is
preferably made out of cotton, and it also has either a
surface or internal sizing or both for better painting results. But, since there is so
many different textures to choose from, which type should you get and what is actually different? Now, watercolor paper comes
in three different textures. You can get watercolor paper
that is either cold pressed, hot pressed, or that is rough. Cold pressed paper is one
of the most popular papers because it’s so versatile. It is made by pressing
through cold metal rollers that create a little bit of texture that then only gives you the option to give your painting some nice texture, but it’s also great for
wet-on-wet techniques, because the little dimples
will hold the water and give you more time to paint. Hot pressed paper, on the other hand, is pressed between two hot metal rollers, making the surface super flat and smooth, and it’s with an iron. It is great for detailed
and delicate artworks, for example, for illustrations, and because there’s almost fewer texture, your paint can glide
smoothly over the paper and the paint can be
distribute very evenly. But, it isn’t so great
for wet-on-wet techniques and it dries a lot quicker. Lastly, we have the rough
paper, it has a rough surface. The heavy texture is great
for drybrush techniques and other bold and expressive
painting techniques because the texture will
give you a hard time painting super detailed or intricate. You can get most of the
paper we talked about in different packages and sizes. You can get pad, blocks, loose sheets, or rolls, sketch books. Most common is usually to get
watercolor pads or blocks. If you want to save money, you can just get a loose
sheet and cut it to size. It’s a lot more economical. I personally like pads because they are good on all four sizes, it helps to prevent warping and buckling. But if you want to store
your art books together and if you’re on the go, then you can go for a
watercolor sketchbook. Now, I know the struggle is real when it comes to art supplies, because you want to know what’s the best, what should I get, and where can I get it, that’s why I didn’t want to focus on any specific brand,
because it’s really depends on the technique, where you’re from, what your price range is, so, it isn’t easy to tell
you what you should get. But I will link some of my
favorite watercolor papers in the description box down below, so, you can check it out
if you’re interested. In general, I would go
for cold pressed paper and maybe get a small pad, so you can really test it out and see if you like the texture, if you like how the paper behaves, so you don’t have to
commit to a huge, thick pad that you don’t like in the end, or you can get a big sheet of paper, and then cut it to size
and decide if you like it, so you can test out different types, different qualities, different textures, different weights, and then,
you can decide what you prefer, and then, buy more of this type of paper. I personally wouldn’t
go for mixed media paper because I personally didn’t
like any of the paper I tried so far. It’s really difficult to make paper that actually works for everything, so, I would rather go straight to paper that is made only for watercolors. You can have the best watercolor set, but if the paper is bad,
it can’t really shine and show the full potential it has. It’s true you can work with what you have, and yeah, you can work
around all the shortcomings the bad paper has, but then
you need to be aware of that. I just don’t want you
to be super frustrated and unhappy and just give up on painting just because the paper
didn’t want to behave, or the watercolors just
dried pale or chalky or they just fall off. But it’s my personal
opinion, you can, of course, go for anything you like, and if you’re happy with
really cheap art supplies, it’s totally fine. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me
to go into more details in anything we talked about earlier, or if you have any other troubles, let me know in the comments below, and I will try to solve
it in my future videos. Here, you can watch more videos that can help you improve your art. I really hope you found
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so much for watching, guys! Have a wonderful day,
and we’ll see you soon! Bye!


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