What did Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” really look like? | DW Documentary

What did Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” really look like? | DW Documentary


  • Harehona Paki says:

    What do all those numbers on the wall behind jesus mean? Just curious. Oh and that diagram on the wall between the middle and right window just above the finger pointing up?

  • Contrafactum says:

    Is this video available in German?

  • James anonymous says:

    great story, beautiful presentation. Bravo Leonardo ! P.S. "fresco painting", if it ain't broke, don't fix it !

  • flymasterA says:

    I studied this perspective aspect in my technical illustrating course. Thanks very much for bringing this out. I teach a Rubik's cube approach for a visual model of changing vanishing points and spacing.

  • First Last says:

    A minor, major point. In the painting there is bread on the table. However the last supper was the Passover dinner, they must’ve had matza bread.

  • Priv Pers says:


  • silcas says:

    What a strange pronunciation of “Milan”

  • c3cubed says:

    The host/narrator is excellent, which makes this all the more enjoyable.

  • Will Steiner says:


  • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea says:

    31:40 such a BEAutiful painting!! Even though it was painted 90% of his apprentices, it's still wonderful. Love love love! thank you such a great video!💙🐝💙

  • Black57 says:

    Im glad we didnt bomb it when we retook Antwerp.

  • Fran VanSiclen says:

    All conjecture; nobody knows shit !!!!

  • Markyyy says:


  • Tomi Haili says:

    Few know there´s a hidden message in the Last Supper. Da Vinci knew the truth about the Bible, it´s written in allegories, it´s not literal as most Christians think. Jesus is simply the Sun, 12 Discibles are the 12 Zodiac signs…they´ve even been arranged in groups of 3 in this painting like the 4 seasons. Da Vinci had to hide this truth otherwise the Vatican would´ve killed him.

  • Mina Krupinski says:

    Watched 24 minutes to hear them say oh there was a copy of it that's how lol

  • Mina Krupinski says:

    Why do you look at these and think " oh so this is what jesus looked like?!?!!" How dumb do you have to be? They weren't there! They don't know!! And image of Jesus was white washed! You all know jesus was a middle eastern right!!!

  • Vera Galliani says:

    The Last Supper is not a fresco as it's told in this video. It's a painting on a wall, but the fresco technique is very different: when you make a fresco, you paint on a wet layer (in italian wet is fresco), so you have to be fast and choose everyday the part of the wall you want to cover. It took 4 years to Leonardo to paint his masterpiece and he didn't make it using the fresco technique. He painted like on wood or canvas, but on a wall. Not wet layer in this case. He wanted to try something different, but he failed and that's why The Last Supper is so delicate.

  • Sade Rose says:


  • Mip1999 says:

    1 Christ?

  • Rovert Robert says:

    when they fixed it up you could see Mary under the table taking it in all three holes and jesus actually had a vagina with a partially developed dink. When they displayed the painting they decided to put on a table cloth to cover up the truth.

  • hello there says:

    the painting appears at 31:40

  • georgcorfu says:

    2.05 Luthovikos, haha that's a greek pronunciation

  • The Elf says:

    I don't like the sixteen chapel it s all wrong

  • Nathan Nielsen says:

    Uh the Reuben was Invented in Omaha nebraska

  • lkrnpk says:

    The term ''tyrant'' meant something different in the 15th century.
    Today the meaning is basically ''Hitler'', at that time just some authoritarian leader without overly negative connotations, like in original Greek version


    The Virgin of the Rocks is the name of two paintings by Leonardo da Vinci of the same subject, and of a composition which is identical except for several significant details. Now if you scale a picture of one of the two paintings such that it matches the scale of a picture of the other, and then you alternate back and forth from one painting to the other after they have been properly aligned and stacked up upon each other, you are in for a shock, and so much so that previous animation GIF files that show the result of this procedure, have vanished from the internet due to being banned.

  • Jose Archuleta says:

    D w documentary when i was in germany i seen 2 artists in person do 2 seperate pictures on concrete with with colored chalk i have pictures it was in a mall outside in summer people all over they had a bowl for donations they were very good

  • Xan Primo says:

    Oooohhhy assassin's Creed architecture 😆😋

  • SDX says:

    Why do they keep showing paintings where you can clearly see the expressions and gesture but saying the paintings are too deteriorated to make out the expressions and gestures?  Are these repainted? I don't get it.

  • John Zacharias says:

    This picture glorifies. Christ as a white man ,he was a fisherman from the Middle East and was most likely dark skinned

  • Douglas Sirk says:

    its in my basement. sorry

  • old fan says:

    More controversy… if you look at the figure seated at Jesus' right hand, (41:00)  I think it is a woman. I have heard this theory before. Even in the faded but indisputable original, (00:33) the figure appears to be a woman.

  • James C. says:

    That was worth watching.

  • GOG Music says:

    Still can't understand why anyone still believes Jesus was white

  • Donna Hessong says:

    Geez, this is really a great video, but if they don't understand the theology, I wish they'd just leave it out rather than making false statements that then mislead people.

    People who don't know Christianity or don't know it well may think this correction is ticky-tacky, but the Eucharist (or Communion for Protestants) is a huge part of the faith and the most important of all the Sacraments.

    The whole point of the Eucharist is to commemorate the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross at the crucifixion. Thus, the Last Supper and the crucifixion are NOT counterpoints, they are the opposite in reality and go hand-n-hand. Jesus explains this at the Last Supper, telling His disciples many things, including that one of them will betray Him & He will give Himself up when they come for him…and later that, the wine is His blood/the bread His body and to drink/break & eat it together, as often as you can in remembrance of Him.

    When we participate in the Eucharist (Communion) we are reaffirming the sacrifice Jesus made dying through crucifixion, that our God, the Lord Jesus Christ shead His blood (the wine) and sacrificed His body (the bread) for the forgiveness of humanity so that we would no longer be separated from our creator, but could one day be with God thru His Grace.

    Anyway, so that is the reason they are almost always put together…they are as alike as two peas in a pod. They just go together.

  • brenda lafever says:

    This was a really wonderful video. Had I not watched this video I would’ve never known there was a duplicate of the last supper in Belgium. 🥰💕👍 I love learning amazing things like this!

  • Roy Maldonado says:

    Whitewash and inaccurate. Want to know about the real Leonardo? Read Cenacolo, by Joseph Orbi. There's a promo on Youtube. It's the closest you'll get to know what da Vinci was like.

  • Jireh John Bocayes says:

    wonderful documentary! really well made.

  • benee56 says:

    Amazing story!!!

  • Digga says:

    Pizza and vino rosso. I guess that's what it pretty much looked like.

  • vrun s says:

    Oh WOW ! This documentary was so cool and like something else .. the production is marvelous .. thank u for uploading this documentary ♥️

  • Truth, God, Order says:

    Soon you will know the truth beyond your beliefs. Everything from past till today and beyond. I’m here to share information and to make changes world can only dream of. Don’t be misled by false information passed to you by many.

  • Johnny Gibson says:

    Hats off!!! Very well made.

  • Ray C says:

    The real painting had Mel Brooks with a serving tray standing in back of Jesus.

  • xyver ballesteros says:

    wow… i want to see it personally.. I'm not good at painting or any arts.. but i really love arts and painting and Leonardo is my favorite artist..

  • Morgan Hull says:


  • John94709 says:

    In the bible, Jesus said that it is a disgrace for a man to have long hair. (1 Corinthians 11:14)
    Yet in every portrayal of him, he has hair like Ted Nugent. Something doesn't add up there.

  • Neil Lorenz says:

    Leonardo painted the last supper was in about 15th century,but it was art and his imagine about the last supper,did not proof anything.he could painted according what he thought that time.

  • Linda McLean says:


  • baranex says:

    Leonardo was a gay.

  • Valencia Fouther says:

    And laide open the booke of the Law, wherein þe heathen had sought to paint the likenesse of their images.”

  • Jay Del Rosario says:


  • WildWestNeko says:

    In the documentary is no mention of a copy of this affresco, in the St Ambrogio church in Ponte Capriasca, Switzerland. The artist made some modifications, especially to the room's ceiling, walls and background, but it is still a good representation and in good conditions.

  • used condom says:


  • Andre Martins says:

    That's not Milan in the beginning of the video, that's the city of Porto in Portugal. Who's fact checking these videos?

  • Andrea Washnak says:

    What a insight of the last supper, never knew that their is a copy. Now on my bucket list

  • Documentary Point says:

    Enjoyed the opening motif √.

  • jqdizon Ofman says:

    Leonardo man it don't sound son of man?

  • jqdizon Ofman says:

    What is the start of last name is Dizon of man how's that ? I'm like tornado like how fast earth move?

  • Trisha Sagacious says:


  • Commendatore says:

    lovely documentary! i hope you guys from DW Documentary will make similar documentaries in the future or make docu's about historical figures as Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Beethoven and so on

  • Tokuto Sumi says:

    2 minute ad is not fair youtube

  • Keyu Chen says:

    Background music is too loud

  • wtbofnc says:

    Why not just tell the world how the painting was performed in Hohenschwangau Castle?

  • erik mati says:

    wow 8.6.19

  • Gappy's World says:

    My reaction when painting was found was same- OH MY GAWD

  • Daniel Johnson says:

    Really looked like? You would not know today it has been restored so many times you cannot see the original. It’s annoying and you have way too many commercials.. thanks for being greedy.

  • Starr Penguin says:

    Mom:buys random expensive Jesus picture

    Me: sees last supper that looks really familar…..
    Looks closely at painting

  • Alexandria CM says:

    More deception by the Masonic, Luciferian Catholic church. To start with that is no John, that is Mary Magdalan, and hidden in the painting is the baby of Mary and Jesus/Yeshua, since they were married at the time this painting was done. Mary and the baby are the Holy Grail. And Di Vinci belonged to a secret society to protect the secret of Christ, and that was the marriage of Jesus and Mary, and the baby. The right full Monarch. Something the Vatican did not want made public and did everything to tarnish the name of Mary, but now the truth is being revealed, and the original hanging on the wall in France holds many secrets.

  • Friedo Hubert says:

    What secret? There are no secret at all. Last supper is just only Leonardo's vision about the event, and however he interpreted the history of Jesus and 12 disciples. Leonardo lived 1.5 thousand years after Jesus and somehow we would say that he know "the real" story? Such irrelevant perspective.

  • Mary Alex says:

    Wow! Beautiful documentary!

  • Carol Habib says:

    I never see a documentary like yours, this way that you produce a documentary It's amazing. Thanks a lot BRAZIL

  • Francesco Gianin says:

    I would just like to say that he is wrong when he says that the Duchy of Milan was the most powerful city-state in Italy, in the 15th century. The Republic of Venice was more powerful than Milan, for sure. Their monopoly of trade with the east and their powerful oversea possessions meant that this Republic was an important state, not just within Italy, but also within Europe.

  • mandy lory says:

    Has any ever thought, maybe it was Leonardo lack of a proper formal education that made him think outside the box?

  • Nunya .Bidness says:

    Love this documentary! It was so splendidly done! Thumbs up!

  • NessaJ Arcilla says:

    i think keeanu reeves will be leonardo de vinci in movie


    There ought to BE A LAW you have to prove what you KNOW AND SAY AND NOT TAKEN lightly by some people whom truly BELIEVE or know but then the Holy Bible becomes a real thing nobody can copy and just not a BOOK AND insanity is not a bad THING AS YOU OVERCAME AND KEPT GOD IN ALL THINGS IS POSSIBLE WITH TRUTH OF JESUS WORDS NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND AND OH WELL.

  • donal heffernan says:

    I think Prof. Jean-Pierre Isbouts Freudian slip is spot-on when he himself describes his 'band-wagon' documentary as an "incredible" story, i.e., not credible, unbelievable. Released coincidentally just in time to cash in on the anniversary commemorations world-wide of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death, he tries to develop half-truths and conjecture into a fabricated tale of 'supposin', supposin'.. When he eventually shows the object of his affection (affectation) it turns out to be nothing new. Yes, it is a replica, a copy, another artists impression of the famous mural/fresco, but it is not a Leonardo original. Put the two side-by-side and do a 'spot-the-difference' comparison. You will find that essential details have been altered, or left out altogether, a cardinal sin when it comes to art-work analysis. There have been many of these imitations, made by those who wish to associate themselves with it and thereby gain from it. This one is well-known, has been a subject of interest over the centuries because of its use as a reference when carrying out restorations. But it is NOT by Leonardo. Isbouts does not even bother to provide irrefutable proof of his speculative assertion. Isbouts did not find or discover these copies. They have been known, and written about during those centuries. There are many 'experts' who try to profit by such idealised convictions, to gain fame by association. However it does pay not to be misled by them.

  • donal heffernan says:

    The 'Cenacolo" or "Ultima Cena" was Leonardo's Italian interpretation, not a factual Biblical version of events. He used his personal copy of the vulgate Bible by St. Gerome as a reference. The items he depicted, well, that's called artistic license, complete with bread 'boules'. Did they have wine glasses back then, as shown? Probably not. (Note how all the glasses have the same amount of wine in each? If they were not made of glass we would not know that. So Leonardo did that on purpose. It is up to us to work out what he meant by that well thought out detail). Of course, then there would have been no cups, which would make it very awkward and inconvenient for Grail hunters. Besides who was it, among these holy men, who had the fiscal foresight, the brainwave,- "well, if I take the glass that Jesus used and store it away for posterity it'll be worth an absolute priceless fortune someday? But, no, I'd better not, he's going to be doing transubstantiation in a minute and I'd better concentrate on that crucial historical event".

  • Gaulbert Dsouza says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and mother Mary for giving us artist Leonard da Vinci and giving him vision of last supper of Jesus

  • Andre Wilson says:

    Its devastating because no one in that painting was truly Caucasian!!!!

  • ass says:

    Tx DW for such compelling and mindblowing documentaries. Thanks from India

  • jewel and friends says:

    DW DOCUMENTARY is the BEST! Very interesting. Thanks for this precious knowledge about Da Vinci

  • LTrain 45 says:

    7:09 those "horizontal lines" don't match up with the actual physical lines and definitely don't all connect at s single point.

  • Sarah Xx says:

    So was the artist at the last supper?? Obviously not so he draw something he saw from his imagination. So someone tell me what the fuss is about?? Common sense people!!

  • Jessica Moores says:

    Sweetness!! I never knew! Thank You Very Kindly 👏💕😘

  • Pradeesha R. Chandran says:

    Loved it ❤️

  • no one says:

    is it just or does this guy sound like ryan renolds

  • Shermanita Pegross says:

    It was obvious that he couldn’t read because the Bible gives a description of the lord and that’s a lie. Rev 1:14 KJV. Lies, lies, more lies!!! You always say it doesn’t matter so if it doesn’t tell the truth!

  • Salv Herr says:

    I have 1 question. So did the last supper really occur? Or was just an idea for a portrait?

  • Hehe Hehe says:

    typical italians….do a good thing in a shitty way in a shitty place and give no fucks, let it rot. who gives a fuck…sea, food, wine. va bene

  • Nazanin Beikpoorian says:


  • Raelspark says:

    One thing I find a little strange — we usually think of Holy Grail as a wine cup or chalice. Those are Not on the table.
    This is wine, but it is in GLASSES. I don't think Jesus and company had wine in clear glasses 2,000 years ago.
    In the 1500s wine glasses must have been common. So Da Vinci painted glasses instead of opaque cups.
    What do you people think?

  • Macc Viloria says:

    No.theres more that you dont know about the painting was that da Vinci first painted the images in a complete details sitting without the long table.Adding the table after the final touch.Also da Vinci made to hang his hand tied to a line nailed on the wall to get a relax steady hand to draw.

  • fit_ girl_52 says:

    i think it was funny everyone at that table was black not one was white.

  • Lucho Rodrigo says:

    italy dont exist at that time! so dont say all italy!

  • Abraham Philip says:

    The Gnostic Di Vinci painting is today preserved in a Catholic Convent, for the reason that the truth of the painting looked at through the simplicity of the mind of Christ reveals it not to be the last supper as envisioned by Gnostic Di Vinci, but reveals the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" , with the lamb sitting in the center beside whom sits the Glorious Woman of Revelations 12, surrounded by the beloved Stars of her Crown., the first fruits of the Lamb, on whose names are the foundations of New Jerusalem, prophesied to come down from God , uncut by hand .

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