Watercolour painting techniques and tutorial with Deena Millecam I Colour In Your Life

Watercolour painting techniques and tutorial with Deena Millecam I Colour In Your Life


  • Nancy Lemon says:

    Thank You Graham & Deena… LOVE this series!

  • Scott H says:

    damn, she's hard! i dig her. good find! thank you for the share!

  • Tania Ohman says:


  • Kay Smith says:

    What a lovely lady and talent too! 🌹

  • Debra Moss says:

    What a beautiful woman, a vibrant gentle soul, the world needs more good hearts and arts like Ms Millecam. Thank you for sharing.

  • inspiredflower says:

    Great show

  • Paula W says:

    Thank you, Deena, for stating at the beginning of the film that we all hit low points in our lives and being creative is a way to get outside of our minds. SO true. Doing that right now. This is a great series, Graeme Stevenson. Thank you.

  • meow says:

    Lovely lady

  • Corbin Betts says:

    She was my Principal in Middle School. Awesome person

  • Deena Millecam says:

    For those who have viewed this YouTube video, I hope it was inspirational. The whole purpose in spending the time and money was to provide an opportunity for you to realize that art can open doors for you no matter what your circumstances may be. Rehabilitation from addictions, finding self again, or just enjoying getting up in the morning to do something creative is well worth your time. Come along on my journey and share with me activities each week as I blog ideas and demonstrations of painting techniques. Hope to see you and please comment about your thoughts and feelings.

  • Disruptarian Radio says:

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  • Candy Summer says:

    An amazing series with truly inspirational artists thankyou

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