Watercolor with Markers, Painting Watercolour flowers, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Adult Coloring

Watercolor with Markers, Painting Watercolour flowers, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Adult Coloring

Hello Friends! I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling
Colors and today I am trying something new – watercoloring with markers. On a snowy day, playing with bright colors
always makes me happy. Today I have an adult coloring page, that I have printed at home
on a matte photo paper. This paper is a really bright white and I enjoy printing all kinds
of printables on this paper. I have a Canon printer and so this pairs well with that.
I will have a video soon talking more about this. I love these Tombow Markers- They are called
Dual brush pens, and I have colored with them many times already. I am doing something I
haven’t tried before with these markers- watercoloring. I love that the Tombow Dual brush pens are
so versatile- you can use them for brush lettering, you can use them for coloring and you can
also water color with them easily as they are water based markers. To blend the colors, I am using a wax paper from my kitchen, but I also know that Tombow has a Blending Palette available for such purposes. My paintbrush today is a basic Crayola brush
that actually belongs to my 4 year old daughter. It was on the kitchen counter and the brush
is really soft so I just grabbed this one for today’s coloring. I’m starting by scribbling some pink onto
my wax paper and then I’m also adding a dash of yellow next to it. I’m wetting my brush
well and adding water to the wax paper and mixing my colors. Then, I am picking up my
colors onto my wet brush and painting in my petals. While painting with watercolors, you can always
go back and add another layer of color if you feel it looks too light, but if you go
in with a dark color to begin with, you cannot remove the color unfortunately. Which is what happens next. I forget to dilute
the palette with water, and the color I pick up is a real bright pink here. I am going
to be honest- at this point I just wanted to quit this painting. That bright pink was
not what I had in mind when I started this. But really, that pink wasn’t all that bad
and so I decided to make it work. And I will show you how. I started by adding another layer of pink
onto the other petals. And on top of that layer, I added more pink, but this time, I
added the pink by tapping my brush up and down instead of painting it on. This way you
can still see a little of the lighter tones underneath. And once that flower was completed, I actually
loved how it looked! I am going to speed up the rest of the painting
here as I repeat the same process over and over again. Just with different colors. Scribble a little color from the
Dual brush pen onto the wax paper, mix one or two colors, add a little water and pick
up the color onto my brush and paint in the petals and leaves. To get an artistic feel, I try to leave a
little bit of white showing through- like in the petals, I try and keep the tips whiter. I actually use a very few colors to finish
this whole painting because you can create so many shades with just these few colors
and I will leave a list of the exact colors below in the description box or you can find
them on my blog www.smilingcolors.com One of my favorite ways to color in leaves
is to use a green with a blue. The blue just adds depth to the green and creates a beautiful
shade. so if you haven’t tried using blue, try it. Just add a touch of blue and the leaves look vivid and brighter. And here I have the page all finished! I enjoyed
the painting process and I will be doing more watercoloring for sure. Let me know in the
comments below if you have tried watercoloring with markers before or if this is a technique
that you will trying next! If you are a colorist, I am going to leave
a link here to my current playlist with more coloring videos. Click here to watch them. Thank you so much for spending some coloring
time with me today friends. If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment for
me below. As always you can find more information on my blog www.smilingcolors.com Happy Coloring!


  • Becca Hillburn says:

    What a neat idea!  I never would have considered painting on photo paper.  I noticed that your ink doesn't bleed when you paint on top of the lineart, are you using a deskjet or laser jet to print your lineart?  I personally love using this technique to paint on watercolor paper, but now I'm interested in using matte photo paper as a possible marker paper.  Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Haylee Long says:

    Beautiful! I have Tombow markers and will be trying this soon😍.

  • Maureen M says:

    Great video. Very helpful, thank you.

  • Deborah Anne says:

    Beautiful! This is just the instruction that I am looking for with using the Tombow markers as watercolor with a paintbrush. I have tried to use them as straight markers on a picture and do not find that they look nice, they are splotch in color and have lines in the colors that I put down? Do you have a tutorial on using the markers straight from the marker pen itself? Thankyou. P.s. Did you pick up water with your paintbrush before you put the brush in the marker puddle? Also did you wet your paper? Thank you.

  • Deborah Anne says:

    Hi Smitha, Did you use the Canon Matte Photo paper to copy this design on and then use the tombow markers to watercolor on it? I see below that you mentioned that it is good to color with the markers on this papers however not good to blend with the tombow blender pen. What paper do you recommend to do that on? Thank you.


    New subbie here please check out my channel too and can't wait to see more of your videos xoxo

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