Watercolor Painting for Beginners : Watercolor Painting Brush Technique

Watercolor Painting for Beginners : Watercolor Painting Brush Technique

JOHN R. JUNGER: The magic of the brush with
color and water is something that really excites people. For instance, if I took this brush
and wet it, and if I took some color and I just use the brush, look what happens? If
I took a darker color and just use the brush, doesn’t that look beautiful? If I took another
color and just use–I’m using a chisel edge brush. And the beauty of a chisel edge brush
is that you can really get patterns. One of the things I can do with a chisel edge brush
is this, take it flat, push it flat, and then as you work right at that smaller, you get
very beautiful effects that way. Thank you for watching. Bye.


  • ayaneayane says:

    very lovely old man~ I like him and his skillful techniques!!

  • Mariana Pereira says:

    Great teaching. Thank you!

  • Eliana Lucia Vivas Rivas says:

    Mr. Jounger, I just watched all of your videos and I feel the need to congratulate you! You seem like a great professor and I wish I could learn from you a little more. It´s a shame that this videos are so cut out. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this videos for all of the people like myself who don´t have a watercolor professor nearby.

  • R Burrows says:

    This guy is great.

  • luisa carver says:

    As others before me, I'm puzzled at the poor editing. Why don't the videos show up sequentially. The professor gives the perfect introduction to beginners.

  • Andrea Miroslava Rosas says:

    all of the time i was smiling he´s so great, calm, adorable and a total master of the watercolor!

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