Watercolor alcohol techniques, Easy watercolor techniques for beginners, DIY bookmarks

Watercolor alcohol techniques, Easy watercolor techniques for beginners, DIY bookmarks

hello friends I’m Smitha Katti and
welcome to another smiling colors video today’s video is all about watercolor
and alcohol techniques this is something I’ve not done before so I’m gonna learn
and play along with you in this video today I start by just doodling some
hearts in my sketchbook first and then I explore the technique further and I
create these three watercolor backgrounds and the alcohol just adds
such a dreamy effect to it I also created this hand little piece with the
same technique and I’ll share a quick glimpse of it at the end of this video
to begin with let me talk a little bit about the supplies I have I have a
bottle of rubbing alcohol this is the kind that I usually have in our medicine
cabinet and it’s easily available in medicine and grocery stores I also have
two paintbrushes I have a number 8 round brush that’s a good quality brush and I
also have an old scruffy paintbrush that I’m gonna use to dip in the alcohol I
don’t want to use my nice pretty brushes for that I’m gonna be the water coloring
today with the tombo galaxy dual brush pens I like the color combination that
they have to have a mixed-media sketchbook this is a sketchbook that
I’ve used a lot on my youtube channel already so to begin with I’ve pulled out
all of my markers the tombow dual brush pens are water-based which is why you
can watercolor with them if you put the pigment on paper and then add water to
it the pigment runs and it acts like a watercolor this watercolor effect is so
much fun to create and I do this all the time and I seem to want it we’ll even
more so I’m going to start here by drawing hearts I chose three colors of
markers and I’m drawing hearts and adding three of the colors in there then
I’m gonna dip my paintbrush in water and then I’m just going over the heart with
my wet paintbrush the water on my paintbrush it just reacts with the
tombow dual brush pen colors and it creates this soft version of the color
since I’ve added three marker colors you can see the three colors kind of blend
and react with each other really this is the simplest technique of all time I’m
just painting with water on top of my markers and painting with water
something we learn as kids so I’m using the tombow galaxy pack
today because I know the colors will all go together really nicely and you can
see here the minute I add water they all mix nicely and create these beautiful
hues of color so I went ahead and added a few more hearts to my page and now
it’s time to add the alcohol I poured my Huckle into a little
container and I just picked up the alcohol and started adding little tiny
dots onto my heart the alcohol just reacts with the water and kind of pushes
the water color away and creates a whiter space in the area where it falls
it’s kind of hard to explain but it’s pretty easy to see and I really loved
the effect that it creates some of the hearts have already kind of dried but I
still went ahead and added the alcohol and you can see it kind of softens the
color and it’s still you can see the circle dots of the alcohol in there so
depending on the amount of water you have the alcohol moves differently which
makes total sense so now let’s just go ahead and repeat this so I’m drawing
more hearts painting them with water and then adding drops of alcohol I just
repeat this process to actually fill up the whole page here’s how it looks after
everything has been colored I really think it needs a background to pull
everything together but I thought that might be just too distracting so I
quickly doodle some details onto it and I called it done but that was not the
end of my alcohol and water color journey I went ahead and cut some
watercolor paper this is thicker than the mixed-media sketchbook I used
previously I felt the paper warped a bit in my
sketchbook so I used a nice 140-pound watercolor paper now and I’ve trimmed
them to be 2 by 6 inches to make bookmarks this is one of the best ways
to explore color to make something that’s useful my kids always need
bookmarks and I just get to play color and kind of distress for the day so onto
the bookmark let’s try something more fun this time I’m laying a triangle
stencil down on top of the bookmark it’s gonna be messy so I’m not taping
anything I’m not I’m not looking for something precise and then using a
couple of colors are from the galaxy pack I’m just scribble
in the marker color and then holding the stencil in place I’m just dipping my
paintbrush in water and painting over it I carefully lifted the stencil here and
you can see that some of the color is round and I’m ok with that because I
wasn’t looking for a precise pattern I’m gonna be dropping alcohol in this and
making it even more Messier so now I picked up some alcohol but this time I’m
using a cotton swab I’m dipping the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol and
I’m just tapping it onto the bookmark making some circles of color and just
moving the color around I love that the minute I add the alcohol the watercolor
which is already so pretty it just reacts and it kind of moves everything
around and creates a soft color okay now while that dries let’s start our next
bookmark you can see here the first my first marker that I laid down the red
color I hadn’t closed the cap properly the
previous time and it’s kind of dried out a bit but for the watercolor technique
it will work perfectly fine and you’ll see that now so for this bookmark I
decided to use the entire pack of colors I mean why stop at one color when you
can use them all right now I’m gonna pick up some water on my paintbrush and
just paint across each color I’m painting along the colors I’m not
painting vertically and mixing all the colors I want the colors to kind of form
stripes here another thing that I’ve learned a lot while water coloring with
the dual brush pens is you don’t want to keep painting over and over again I just
go over the pigment once or twice until everything is activated by the water or
until you have the watercolor look and feel and then I try to stop myself so
basically all the art is created by the water itself
anyhow so once I have all the stripes painted I already like this I mean I
want to keep it just like this but I want to also try try and make some
designs with the alcohol so I’m placing my stencil on top and the paper is kind
of curved not because of all the water I’ve added and the stencil sits just in
the center of the top center of the bookmark but I just went ahead and added
a few drops of alcohol into the Triangle area of the stencil I just want to
create some kind of light and dark shade going on on the bookmark I’m not really
sure at this point what I want how I want to go forward with this bookmark so
just gonna let it dry for a few minutes in the meanwhile I’m gonna go ahead and
do the same thing and create another bookmark so I just went ahead again and
colored each and every color onto the watercolor paper and painted over it
with water same thing as before but this time while the water was all wet I just
picked up some alcohol onto my cotton swab and I started adding dots onto the
bookmark you can see so clearly those big dots of alcohol but the alcohol does
is it sits on the paper and kind of pushes the water color around it while
using the paintbrush I was able to get little circles but with a cotton swab it
was so much easier to get the circle shape but I want to go ahead and make
this a little more detailed so I dipped my paintbrush into the
alcohol and I’m spraying with it you know how you did this like kids you dip
an old toothbrush into either paint and then you spray it I’m kind of doing that
at the alcohol here I also want to mention rubbing alcohol has a strong
smell so you want to make sure you do this in a nice well-ventilated area so I
sprayed a lot of dots here tiny tiny dots and you can see it creates a nice
disturbed pattern in the back I’m going to let this dry because really I love
how it looks and I’m so scared to move it at this point I can see now that the
second bookmark that I created it’s kind of dried a bit so I went ahead and did
the same thing on it I picked up the alcohol with my cotton swab and started
adding little dots and since the water color had kind of dried a bit the
alcohol softens it very slightly again creates a nice effect is actually pretty
dramatic at the end and this just goes to show that you can add the alcohol on
top of nice watery watercolor or on top of something that’s dry a little bit the
paper here was still damp it wasn’t completely dried mine since the papers
so thick I think that’s why the alcohol is able to still move the pigment around
this one turned out to be even cuter than the other one because the colors
are so soft and there were so many different hues and shades created
because of this so after everything dried here is a look at the bookmarks I
love the way this turned out and I really think this is a technique that
you should just try play and have fun with
okay before I leave here is a quick glimpse at the lettering I created I
created all three of these the same day I had drawn a pencil outline so I knew
where I wanted my words to be I spray put some color on to the blending
palette and I pick it up to do an indirect watercolor method for the
bookmarks I did a direct coloring method I colored with the marker directly on
the paper this time I colored onto my blending palette and I picked that up
and I colored in all the words then I added some alcohol let things bleed and
then I just fiddled with this a little bit more until I reached a color
saturation that I liked I love this quote a lot and I love the way this
turned out alcohol inks are really popular right now and I’m trying really
hard to not go and buy a few for myself so instead I’m using what I have on hand
and trying to create the effect that you’re seeing everywhere let me know in
the comments below if you think I should explore this technique more if you just
want to see another fun video like this so make sure you stop by my blog smiling
colors calm I have a blog post about this entire process all the supplies
that I’ve used and also you find so much more information there about all the
techniques I share on my channel here thanks so much for spending your time
with me today friends so till I see you again happy crafting


  • Akvi DIY says:

    Wow!!! Amazing. Well done!!! 🤗🌸🌸I also make videos on youtube. You can check it If you want. 😊😊😊

  • Deborah Anne says:

    Love your beautiful bookmarks. I would enjoy seeing more videos on using alcohol with the markers.

  • Sylvia Hildman says:

    Adorable projects. Really love your fun video too. Fun colors and techniques. Thank You

  • kittyXrebellion says:

    Really cool and beautiful results! I never thought to mix watercolor and alcohol before. What a great idea <3 This would be a fantasy technique to use for art journaling and pattern designs. Thanks so much for sharing ^^

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