Wall Quote Stenciling With a Brush

Okay for this demo we’re gonna use our
Imagine stencil. We’ve already got the clip on level on here we’ve checked it
it’s level it’s ready to go. We’re gonna have a little fun with this one. We’re
gonna do something a little bit different. We’re gonna do the colors of
the rainbow. We’re gonna start at the top work our way down. We’re gonna use our
brush and we’re gonna shade just horizontally and the color is the
rainbow and have it fade as we get towards the bottom. So let’s go! Okay,
first we’re gonna start with the red tip the tip of the brush in the paint. Then
we’re going to come over and we’re gonna offload it onto the paper towel. Get the
proper load on your brush. We’re going to start at the top we’re gonna work our
way across nice its fading this in and we’ve introduced the red to the top
edge. Let’s move on to the next color. Go with my next brush and we’re going to go
into the orange. So again just dip the tip into the orange and I’m gonna
offload it on the paper towels and I’m gonna start to move into my red just
right next to it fading into the red. Very light I’m not pushing very hard. My
next color is yellow. Blends right in very nicely.
I’m gonna move on to our fourth color which is green. And move on to the next color use the
blue. I’m gonna come into my coming with my
purple now and then after I do this I’m just gonna look at everything and just
soften everything up and give it one final tweak. When you first load your
brush ,it’s a good idea to not press so hard when you first come into your
stencil until you start to get a little that paint to come off the brush then
you can start to increase your pressure. Okay our Imagine stencil’s done. Let’s
see how it turned out! We did this in the colors of the rainbow and it turned out
great! Wow that project turned out great and it
was so easy to do come on down to CuttingEdgeStencils.com and check out
our stencils and our free how to stencil videos. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you
next time. Happy stenciling!

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