Vector Brush Stroke Typography In Illustrator – Illustrator Typography Tutorial

what is that people welcome back to
Satori graphics so the home of graph design content right here on YouTube
today I’m gonna show you guys how to make this really cool brushstroke
typography in Adobe Illustrator I’m gonna walk you through the steps and
techniques and how to make this brush back to typography in Adobe Illustrator
using existing typefaces so follow along and learn how to make this typography
today you for today’s tutorial on vector
brushstroke typography in Illustrator I rushed my design here as I do not have
much time I self I’m simply making this video today on showing you guys how to
make a very inventive brushed out typography using a daily list right
there so as you can see on the left is a work in progress and on the right is the
original typography that is in fact my custom-made typeface that is nearly
finished and ready for download so stay tuned for that guys they should be next
week you will need some brushstroke vectors which you can find with the link
in description below on my digital download section of my website or you
can find similar ones online if you use Google search I’m going to show you two
key techniques to making vector press typography using existing fonts so with
the first technique grab a brush vector like so and then press a for the direct
selection tool and select and delete parts of the brush stroke they do not
want to have for your design we’re going to apply a vector mask to cut away part
of the typography creating the illusion of brush strokes you can make sure that
all components of your brushstroke are linked together as one vector shape by
uniting everything together in the Pathfinder window once ready drag the brushstroke over to
typography design and then resize I’m positioning in place we’re going to make
a better brush now to wrap around the design as we please
so open up the brushes window with the brushstroke selected go into the brushes
window and in the top right click new brush we’re going to use an artistic
brush for today’s tutorial in illustrator the default setting should
be fine for your design you then notice that the brush has been created you can
then delete the brush stroke seeing as we have an artistic brush created press
P for the pen tool and then draw a line that follows the contour of your
typography like so use a stroke and not a fill and then press V to select off of
the pen tool path then click and apply the artistic brush
in the brush window and you see the effect is applied to the line you can
adjust the stroke weights to whatever you feel looks best for your brushstroke
typography designer this is where the magic is going to take place in today’s
tutorial so with the letter that you want to edit selected you need to open
up the transparency window now you can do this from the toolbar on the side or
you can find in the drop-down window above you will need to make a mask
uncheck the clipping option and then select the right-hand side window oops I
forgot you need to also first copy the brush stroke width command or ctrl C then make sure you select the right-hand
side of the window and press command or ctrl V to paste it in place the brush
stroke will now appear as cutting into the typography
however because we’re using a mask you do not actually delete the original
typography itself and this is important for non-destructive workflow and you can
put up your typography design using this method that is how you cut into the
typography itself I’m going to show you how to add to it next but first you can
take your time to change the stroke weight and use a direct selection tool
to move the anchor points around of the line and also the curvature it’s
important to use this method instead of cutting the typography itself because if
you want to come back at a later stage you can change or even delete the areas
that you don’t want to use in a transparency mask you’re not going to be able to work on
the parts of your design until you come back to transparency window and then
click the left hand side window like so so we’ve looked how to cut brushstroke
effects into a typography design and then wrap that around the contour the
typography itself now we’re going to work towards adding a brushstrokes to
the end of the lettering but if you’re enjoying today’s tutorial let me know
with a comment and I like so we need to go back to the brush vectors and select
one that has some weight behind it then drag it onto your typography design
resize it as we did before early in the tutorial and then you can always press I
for the eyedropper tool to sample the same color as your typography as we did before we’re going to add the
pen tool path so draw a line that follows a table or curvy down to the end
of the letter like so if your line is a fill not a stroke you can press Shift +
X to change open up the brush window again and make a new artistic brush
using the second brush vector that you brought onto your design I did forget to
mention that a brush stroke will work best if you align it with this line here
in the brush window so when you’ve created the second
artistic brush apply it to the line like so you can delete the vector and then
resize and arrange align with the effect attached to it again using a direct
selection tool you can move the anchor points and change the curvature of this
effect but you also will need to change the typography itself so that it fits
with the brush stroke you want to make sure that it blends in together with
harmony that looks like a realistic brush stroke you can add multiple
strokes on the same letter and take your time to use both techniques I’ve showed
you today in today’s video of adding vectors and also you’re gonna
transparency mask to cut in the lettering itself
in this way you can build up your vector brushstroke double career design in
today’s video take your time unlike I’ve done because I simply don’t have the
time today but I wanted to show you all the process of making vector brush
stroke style typography so there was my tutorial on how to make this brush
stroke typography in a day Beauty straighter let me know your thoughts in
the comment section below and if you did enjoy the video drop a like tear also if
you do recreate this typography yourself go ahead and tag me Instagram or Twitter
and I’d glad I’d like to view your content on your work I’m here on YouTube
making videos four days a week for you guys so if you do appreciate my content
let me know and also share on social media make sure you have a great weekend
and I’m gonna be back next week with more graphic design content for you all
so until next time design your future today peace

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