Vatican, Spray Paint Art & Birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo

(guitar playing) (“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin) – Good morning everyone today we are in Italy, in
Rome to be more specific we are gonna go on a
special tour of The Vatican with Live Italy, which means technically we’re going to another country today, because The Vatican is the
smallest country in the world which is a monarchy with
the Pope at its head, the center of the Roman Catholic church, and it’s also a museum
that’s just full of art. You gonna see some art today? Do you like statues? Do you like paintings? Do you
like paintings of doggies? Duncan’s favorite art includes animals, he likes it whne there’s an animal in the painting or the statue. You like doggies and animals? Yeah what is your favorite kind
of art? Do you like… – Somebody who’s fanning
themselves with the dry bread. – [Dad] Okay so Parker’s
making some art here, this is boy fans himself with dry bread. What’s your favorite kind os art Jake? – Like the old art that they used to do, like the old inventions and stuff. – [Dad] Old inventions
like Leonardo da Vinci? – Yeah – [Dad] What’s your favorite kind of art? – I like statues, pictures that were from the Renaissance. – Oh you’ll see a lot Renaissance today. I’ve been to the Vatican
once before and I loved it I can’t wait to go back. And this time we get to
have an actual real tour and check it out and we’re going to bring you guys along with us. One thing that Live
Italy does very well is gives tours that are geared
towards the whole family and I think this tour has
a treasure hunt element. I can’t wait to see what they do, I was super impressed with
what we did yesterday. If you haven’t checked out
that blog go check it out. (upbeat music) – So we have connected
with our tour guide, and you can see this wall behind me. This wall separates Rome and Vatican city, and Vatican city is fully
encircled by that wall. You will notice today that we are finally all busting out our long pants,
our shoulders are covered, because that is the dress
code if you want to go to St. Peter’s Basilica
or if you want to go to Sistine Chapel, because
those are holy places, and in Italy all churches you need to have your shoulders covered
and your knees covered. So make sure if you want to
visit any of those places that you follow the dress code, or you won’t be able to get in. I am so bad, but all I’m doing right now, is like playing catch the uncovered knees, and like who’s not gonna get in (laughs). It’s like all I can think about is awful, but it’s a lot of fun. – [Tour Guide] And now we
are going to find the places which are on your treasure hunt. – Which one is this one? – [Dad] You’re gonna find that? (pop music) – [Jessica] So that is actually smaller than that. (pop music) – [Dad] See the face of a small lion? Gotta look for it, it’s
a tiny little lion. – Oh yeah! – The animals, you see animals? Can you show me an
animal? Yeah There’s one. Is that a dog?
– Dog. – Dog, very good, good talking. Behind me here is a giant
bronze statue of Hercules and it’s very rare to
see a statute that big made of bronze from that long ago, because bronze was such a useful metal that they would often melt down statues to make other tools. When a statue got hit by a lighting it was given a proper
burial, like a human. And that’s that they did
with this Hercules back here, they found it and now it still exists. – This is the Hall of Maps,
it’s quite incredible. There are very detailed maps
showing regions in Italy and showing where the chapels are in each of those regions, and this was all painted around 1580. So this Hall is over
four hundred years old. Fresco painting is done
with the plaster of the wall as the wall is being finished and built. That final layer of plaster
takes one day to dry and you can only paint
in it during that period, because once it dries
you can’t do it anymore. But the reason that the
vibrancy of these paintings lasts for centuries, is
because of this fresco process. – So we’re in the cafe right now learning about the Sistine
Chapel before we go in there, and once we go in there
we can’t film anymore, so I’m gonna put the camera away. But the kids are learning all about it before we go in there, which which I think it’s
a pretty smart idea. – These are marble frame, which
looks like three dimensional but it is just painted. – You ready to see the Sistine Chapel? You ready to see it? No? Yes? Okay. – Hi this is Bailey from the future and today I am going to show you the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, because you weren’t able to come with us, and this is my dad’s journal, it shows… It’s got like tickets, maps
of all the places we went to like London. The Sistine Chapel is
just this amazing church. This, is the most famous part of it, but the whole ceiling is amazing, because, see this is a closer picture. It was extraordinary
when I went into the room it was amazing. I just loved it all so much. And this is the last
judgment day, right here. And this is actually a self portrait, if you look very closely
that guy is holding a cloak that’s actually a self
portrait of Michelangelo. He stuck himself into the painting. That’s not really what he looks like. Anyway, I just wanted to
show you what it looks like now back to the blog. – It’s really hard to get a
scope of how big this place is for example, you see that strip of gold that has letter right over
Parker’s head? Right there? That strip of gold is nine feet tall, so it’s so far away from us
that it looks teeny tiny. It’s nine feet tall. – That’s The Pieta. It’s a girl holding
Jesus when he was dying. – The Pieta was
Michelangelo’s first statue. He made it when he was 24 years old, and he spent six months
figuring out the slab of marble that he would make it out of. Because many marble slabs would
look perfect on the outside but then when you got in
there would be like cracks or some issue (laughs). So he spent six months really finding the perfect one for that
statue, and it’s beautiful. – [Dad] What did you think about it? – It was awesome. – [Dad] Did you like the Sistine Chapel? – Yeah it was amazing. – [Dad] You sat with
Duncan for a lot of it, in the Sistine Chapel you guys sat there and stared at the ceiling it was so cute. (giggles) did you like it? You guys got treasure, right Jake? You found all the clues and at the end she gave you a treasure,
which was this puzzle. Yeah let’s get some gelato. It’s better than ice cream? Is that what you just said? – yeah – Amazing. – It’s really good, I
got chocolate caramel and a, what it was called but it was like Nutella on top of…
– cremino. – Cremino
– cremino. – It’s better than California and gelato. – [Jessica] It is gelato. (upbeat music) – We’re having dinner at a place called Il Vero Alfredo, sorry
if I mispronounce that but it’s a famous restaurant that invented the fettuccine Alfredo. I got the fixed, special menu which included my appetizer, bag of fried. looks like a bag of fried things. Eggplant, maybe mushrooms and mystery. Getting the water off the
side of the ice bucket and putting it on his hair (laughs) looks good. Oh that’s beautiful. (Italian music) birth place, of his dish. Very good. Is it yummy? Yummy? What are you doing? – [Jessica] That’s what he does when he’s all done every time Duncan is an eater, he is
almost like a bottomless pitt but there is one way that we
can always tell when he is done this is his signal. (laughs) [child] Oh beautiful hairdo! – [Dad] It’s not fettuccine al-forehead. (kids laughing) – Hey blonde baby, give
me five, give me five. Hello. Where do you come from? – [Jessica and Dad Together] California. ♪I left my heart ♪ ♪ in San Giovanni, San Francisco. ♪ You sing with me, okay?
Do it. Are you ready? (“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin) (clapping) – Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today we learned hoe to make art, if you make any art like this
please tag me on Instagram and I’ll like it. We learned how to play
Jessica’s favorite game Find the Uncovered Knees, and finally we learned how
to dance at the dinner table. Thanks for watching everybody.
We’ll see you next time. (baby giggles) – One great thing about this place is that they have
gluten-free pizza and pasta. You’re about to have
your first Italian pizza wow Bailey. – I’m trying to get the
stuff out of the shells.

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