Using A Dip Pen

Using A Dip Pen

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
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One Drawing at a time brought to you by Sketchbook Skool A dip pen is a superfun tool for drawing. The nib has a split center and the little
hole is the well that holds the ink after dipping your pen in. Dip your pen just above the well to pick up
enough ink. The flexible nib gives you variety in line
width, by applying more or less pressure on it. That gives you a natural, organic line that
you have quite some control over. Try applying light pressure, firm pressure,
and alternate the two. Hatching is great wit a dip pen. With the lines closer to each other you’re
creating more density. And if you cross hatch, you can create even
more shades/ The more layers, the denser and darker. Stippling also is a fun way to create many
shades. Although you will need a bit more patience
for it. That actually makes it kind of meditative
too. You can use your dip pen like they did in
the old days, and try a bit of calligraphy hand lettering. or go wild and use a juicy
amount of ink, be courageous and use some firmer pressure. And of course: draw! Clean your pen with a little bit of water
and a cloth. Can be a paper towel but make sure there are
now fibers left in the split center Have fun! And if you’d like more art ideas, sign up
for a klass or the newsletter at!


  • Holly Kurmis says:

    Love your writing in this video, Koosje! Thank you for this week's tips!

  • Unais says:

    wow great video

  • Arlene Addiego says:

    Fun – thanks, Koosje! What kind of nib are you using, please? I like the flexibility of it.

  • Andrew Dorman says:

    What sketchbook/paper you using? Im struggling with finding paper that doesn't feather horribly when I apply pressure. I'm using fairly expensive smooth heavy paper that marketed asbeing for pen and ink. The Cottonwood sketchbook I bought is particularly awful. My fountain pens feather with little or no pressure. Moleskine sketchbooks which don't have great paper do okay with fountain pens but feather really badly with a dip pen nib. I certainly don't trust paper manufacturers for recommendations.

  • shiki queen says:

    Hey how do you prevent bleeding :/

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