Understand Iris Color – Color Pigments in the Iris

Understand Iris Color – Color Pigments in the Iris

hi I’m Beth Hovis and I’m with Trinity
school of natural health, have you ever noticed colors in your iris besides the
natural color that your irises are sometimes we have pigments in our iris
that appear different than our eye color when we have these pigments
these are signs and markings in our iris telling us that there’s something going
on in our body depending on the color of the pigment when we see brown in the iris we want to
look to the liver when we see orange in the iris we know something’s going on
with the pancreas and maybe the liver too the liver and the pancreas work hand
in hand to help the digestion in the body sometimes we’ll see a fluorescent
orange in the iris and this is an indication to look at the gallbladder
and see if the person is having any issues there also another color that we
may see would be the color yellow there are different color yellows that we
can see in the iris but usually anytime we see yellow we know to look to the
kidneys depending on where these colors show up
in the iris may also indicate that there’s another organ or gland that’s
being affected as well so if we see a pigment like brown in the lung area of
the body we know that both the liver and the lungs are being affected if we see
orange in the sinus area of the body we know that the pancreas is affecting the
sinus area the respiratory system these different colors in the iris are clues
to look to the different parts of the body and how we can help support our
bodies to be healthier

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  • Pink Ocean Flower says:

    I’m a biliary type with hazel eyes, and have liver and gallbladder congestion with gallstones. Where can I find remedies to heal my liver and gallbladder issues?

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