Unarmed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense against theft on Sailboats (Patrick Childress Sailing 42)

Unarmed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense against theft on Sailboats (Patrick Childress Sailing 42)

hello we are Patrick and Rebecca
Childress on the sailboat Brick House. Rebecca and I both know five
people who have been captured and held hostage for ransom in the southeastern
Philippines on the island of Jolo. two of those people did not make it out
alive of course this happens elsewhere in the
world like off of Somalia and other places but in this video we aren’t
talking about these heavily armed pirates that when they approach your
boat you’re shit out of luck you don’t have a chance the world of escaping them
and if you think you want to pop off a few rounds from your 308 or ar-15 go
right ahead because it’ll be the last thing that you do before you become
Obliberated so in this video we aren’t talking about heavily armed pirates we
are talking about the guys who come on your boat with machetes or intruders in
the middle of the night that are there to steal your outboard we are talking
about non-lethal defense to send a very clear message to these guys that they
made the wrong decision to come upon your boat and we know other
people that have been out on the ocean in the middle of the night two o’clock
in the morning accosted by a fishing boat trying to pull up alongside and our
friends are calling Mayday Mayday on channel 16 and nobody’s responding if
they had some pepper spray or something to lob onto that fishing boat they
would have been in great shape but they were able to pull ahead motor wise and
then throw a big wad of polypropylene line over the side and then that caught
the property of these approaching fishermen and that stopped them in the
water but you know the last thing I want to do is if a fisherman is approaching
the boat or somebody’s approaching the boat we’re not quite sure what their
intentions are but it doesn’t seem so it doesn’t seem so good the last thing I
want to do is you know shoot off a gun and kill one of them I mean that’s just
gonna land me in a rotten prison wherever I am but since it’s at a distance I’d
like to be able to lob something at him too so that they definitely know that
we’re not the boat to pick so that’s the idea we were in a mall in Richards Bay
South Africa we saw all these arms in the window we
could not believe what they had but it turns out they weren’t real
they were co2 powered so there’s a lot of good ideas in there but what the most
amazing thing was a simple paintball gun a lot of people in the world play
paintball and where they shoot each other with die marked balls but now you
change the projectile in those guns they become very impressive and so let’s go
to the mall we’ll take a look at a lot of these things and then you decide what
you think might work best yeah and let us know in the comments down below which
ones you think you’d have on your boat if some other ideas that you have for
the same kind of thing we’re always looking for more ideas nice simple ideas
things that don’t cost a lot of money but what would you have on your boat let
us know in the comments down below of course you have to be careful where you
bring these things they’re perfectly legal in South Africa but in Australia
I wonder if even a slingshot is legal there you can get a lot of trouble for
bringing even these toys into foreign countries so you have to research the
customs and other laws in these foreign countries before you go cruising in with
them yeah a good place to do that just go on new noonsite.com and they’ll they’ll have
it pretty much in the description what you can and can’t bring you gets not the
gospel but it’s a pretty good place to start yeah there’s another technical
problem in a mall you know all the incredible reverb in the sound in the
air in the mall and we had that same problem in this store so the sound is
not that great to start with yeah we had the manager was able to close one door
entry door he couldn’t close both of them and look like these shut up but the
one door did help quite a bit then I put the video through audio scrubbing
cleaning and that helped quite a bit so it gets better the audio gets better as
we go along and also his accent there’s so many different accents in South
Africa and his is Durban accent well Durban Indian Afrikaans a little bit of
everything He is a good representation of accents in South
Africa so effect I went through a lot of trouble to put in the closed captions
and making sure that that’s accurate so just click on the CC button down there
on the bottom if maybe you’re having trouble understanding or hearing any
of the spoken words, and there are lots of languages too – okay let’s go to the mall… okay Security Hyper Store…kay holy moly look at these guys
submachine gun? yeah it looks pretty serious look on the box
the co2 air power. Let’s go in and get a picture… okay well hello there Chevron how are you
doing this morning this is Chevron we’ve talked to her I
don’t know 20 times I’m sure she’s been educating us along with Zain, and all the
defense’s yeah this is amazing because we were just walking down the mall one
day and saw all of these guns wow that’s pretty serious stuff but as
it turns out none of it shoots gunpowder, none of them whatsoever. and we actually try to concentrate on
anything that does not require a license and yet be able to defend
yourself okay so all of these toys the co2 powered paintball guns all of that
in South Africa is there an age limit for buying any of these? Our company
actually doesn’t allow us to sell it to under 18. They would have to be
older than 18 and present your ID as well for safety purposes. So for somebody living
on a sailboat like us that’s nothing but one big headache to have some kind of a gun powdered firearm onboard, but yeah we saw the co2 pistols and rifles so what I
actually wanted to start off with one of these ones.. actually one of our
customers favorites. It’s a BB gun so shooting these metal balls here
operating with co2 gas which is a non-lethal gas it won’t be able to affect you whatsoever as well and can you buy these all over the world
um most places that do actually have it like we said in America and stuff, they do
actually have different sizes. in South Africa we are standard
size which is a 12 gram gas canister that’s 12 grams 12 grams. So our
customers favorite because of the realistic feature of this gun itself. As you can see it’s just like a real gun. So it’s very simple. Very easy, very simple…With this gun you can have the options of semi-automatic and fully automatic so
Let’s just say you need to shoot just one bullet. And then you can always switch it to full automatic mode…Holey Tamoley! That can shoot 19 bullets in 5 seconds!
bullets in five seconds that’s That’s Impressive! That IS impressive! Now that’s pellets? BBs..BBs. Our
customers really do love this gun, the reason being it’s an excellent deterrent. if
you pull this out you just have to Cock it, and you are gonna think that I do have
a real gun in my hand. It’s very realistic, the cock feature. So guys, its actually It’s actually an excellent deterrent, to actually deter your guys away.. our number one baby for our customers. Now, and it operates off if this…CO2 cartridge… and where does the CO2 cartridge go? Slip the CO2 canister here. So you take your Allen key, and open up a notch. This part comes out. Your gas canister, you just drop it inside, you tighten it up, and you are ready for use. And how long can you use that cartridge for. It will give you approximately 35 shots. 35 shots. Oh. So you went through almost a complete. almost through a complete canister. With automatic mode, it’s very easy to finish up your gas because of the rapid fire. Wow! okay now with the BB like that say like
12 meters away what is it going to feel like. Well with BBs, we give you up
to 10 meters we can be looking at a piercing so it will be into your skin. at
10 meter up to 10 meters , where you just have to kinda pop them out. Most of the time, our guys know they don’t even shoot
the gun you just put it out, (cock it) and they go away
and it goes away…it works like a charm! yeah okay and once you put the cartridge
in there can you pull it out six months later and expect it to work? No you can not. How long? Because it’s a gas, at
the end of the day we give it to you to keep your gun secure at the same time
you’ll say within 5 days you should use up your gas when you’re not using your
gun over a longer duration, do not leave an open gas inside it’s just wastes and wears out the seals of your gun. So look
after the gun so your gun can last a long time. Okay next thing I’d like to show the hand pistols would actually be the
paintball gun specifically this one
it’s our latest range for self-defense especially. It’s a six-shot you just load
your… this here is actually going to be loaded with solids and peppers. so the solids
whatever you hit you literally just break. I will get you a sample to show
you the solids and the peppers. Okay, but starting with though, this is just a regular paint ball gun that a lot of people use when they play paintball yes
and hit each other with the ball that explodes with ink. I will show
you the paintball as well so that you do have a good idea of what we actually are looking at here. At the end of the day, remember, it is just a toy. But a toy that can actually defend you at the same time so that’s regular paint ball if you
just want to mess around, take a few shots have some fun that’s your normal
paint…and they really don’t hurt when you get hit. No…its a small sting nothing too bad. Thats why those guys
wear the masks when they play? Yeah have to protect their face…don’t want it in the eye! it ’s very important to have your mask in to protect your eyes and protect your face. Yeah safety equipment… Ok, so our defense range…these are solid balls. solid balls. solid balls, how they work is… whatever you hit…you practically break..glass – straight through these ones here. BONES…you are looking at damage wise with these guys where you can break a bone or two. It’s a
non-lethal item so it will not pierce the skin it’s meant to just defend yourself
to put the person down so it gives you the upper hand in the situation for you to
actually move away from the surrounding areas. Pepper balls are my very favorite
reason being, one or two pepper balls are excellent. The guy cannot actually see
you. Also if there are multiple guys, one two pepper balls are effective on all
of them. The moment it passes in the air they all breathing at the end they can not
attack you They are just trying to breathe themselves. I mean if I wore a lot of shirts or a
jacket will it still explode? If it’s hits on a surface…you see it’s gonna
pop so even next to them if you can fire It because the moment it goes in the
air they also taking it in, if you find they are wearing too much clothing yeah so you don’t have to hit
the person just hit next to them and you can hard-surfaced next to them. yeah hit a hard
surface next to them. I do, personally prefer the chest reason being the moment
it hits , they breathe it in, and are out on the ground. They cannot attack you and what percentage
pepper is this? That’s a seven percent so you also do have ten percent peppers it’s ten percent that’s our bigger
paintball guns which is more stronger as well. this specific one does pack a punch
though so what I like about this gun is you load your bullets you load your gas
inside the moment you load your gas it does NOT activate so you can keep this
for a year for example in your gun.. There is no issue. The time comes when you need to use your gas, you press down here Here only it activates the gas and there
after you can.. Thats good. Thats good…reason being it’s always going to be ready for
self-defense you don’t have to think is there gas in my gun…do I have to worry. In
a self-defense situation you don’t have time to be worrying about is there gas in my pocket?
You want to be able to defend yourself and that works like a charm… And it uses still that
same cartridge co2? Yes, co2 cartridge. which are sold nationwide.
and you still get about 25 shots out of it…or 20 if glass because it takes more power. That should be enough, hah? More than enough… 1 mag is 6 shots, and you get 3. Pretty decent… you get 3 magazines CDs and so you now okay that
uses the smaller caliber but can you get 10% pepper spray in the smaller caliber
the smaller ones this is our latest Ninja King gun
because most of our paintball guns, and if you do see the size of it pretty big guns, so our
guys required actually required something more compact to keep on them and also non
Lethal at the same time which are smaller ones are here, as for the
bigger rifles is a variety you can pick from there as well we shoot the bigger pellets, and in the range on on this for hitting a something an
exploding uh bear in mind, wind really makes a big difference because these Pellets are light as well so indoors, you are gonna get a
longer distance easy on them will be on 40 meters, 30 meters. 40 meters. 40.
I’ll give you about forty now without wind. Indoors. Damage-wise even twenty meters you are breaking a bone…so you are doing some good damage with those as well. Bear in mind you do upgrade your gun though. We know people who have been harassed
people on foreign boats and if they And if they could have launched something like this
onto their boat gas it would have been a great deterrent more powerful bigger
thing would be the rifle you think there’s larger diameter paint then we
just take this one for example so the advantage on these ones here is you got
a hopper feed this hopper feed can hold up to 200 bullets we have a choice
between 45 or 200 so it gives you a lot of shots you know that even if you’re
not the best person to shoot you will still be able to Hit your target in the end.With this here, it takes the bigger canisters this is easier you will be getting more
shots as well approximately 150 or so it depends on your pressure gauge at the
end of today the extendable stop to make it more
comfortable to hold. You do racks on the end of your gun as well to add a laser sight or
torch so at night as well you will be secured you will be able to
use it. Very simple you just cock, and…you fire…Very easy to use.. ladies at home, so very easy to use
as you can see there’s just a safety catch so the kids can’t play wit it…and it uses quite a
different canister of gas canister with the advantage of being able to get it in
multiple sizes: 4 all the way up to 24 ounces so it depends on the size if you
go the more shots again yeah approximately on a 20 ounce you get
about 1400 shots but then again this is just a standard paintball gun canister
of gas which you can buy wherever they play paintball with a living and you can
fill it up with it as well okay so these are all toys really but ichange
the projectile and it becomes quite a different piece of machinery.
exactly. Now the the diameter of the projectile…is it the smaller or the bigger? No more smaller these are the glass
breakers. These are the proper ones for self-defense whatever these hit, it breaks
for example, glass, like I said, RIBS, LEGS, You can do some major damage with these here.
Rubber balls they actually use in riot control they give a hell of a
sting the guys kind of use this actually to turn the person to go away. And your next combo the best thing you will be getting is Pepperballs. Pepper balls are my very
favorite, reason being, these ones are ten percent when you do hit this it’s
very effective in the store, we have to pop it we have to evacuate the store
And won’t be able to open. Even next Sore we would have to evacuate because it’s gonna go
through the AIr con vents. Its quite powerful. now there is there are there
any guns that really don’t look so militaristic like a gun more like a toy
you know a real toy Something that doesn’t look so offensive
yeah the coloration is more benign no pink ones yeah I think what it would be
much better. On our BBs, we did have a pink one no lie. yeah you also
have this like double-barrel shotgun another unit that just came in recently
on the self defense range so the best thing about this is they actually
concentrated on having a proper shotgun feature on this way it’s a double
shot so how you gonna load this again you use a solid and a pepper you can
eitherchoose between left right or twin shot with this gun here as
well you can add a laser sight so at night You won’t have issues trying to
find your target look at your laser light and attack with this gun here as well, you also have the same features that it has a laser light on it too so that the people
can see the laser. All these guns whichever Gun has a bracket, it does allow
you to see. Thats the mounting bracket for the laser. Now with this here, it also has a safety feature of keeping your gas and keeping
your bullets in then laying your gun idle. …a scary situation comes through you press down here, and it’s ready to activate and then you ready to fire okay okay so
you need to have your you know some in your pocket ready yeah with this gun you
you do have to have ammo on you cuz it’s a proper shotgun feature so the only
concentration I’m actually having two shots inside yes they wanted to keep the
original feature of the shotgun and the gas can just drop it down here so with
the allen key you just put it inside of ear twist it down yeah he’s gonna do check this moron as I
see because okay so that cartridge, the co2
cartridge goes right in there oh crap it in on the stock and then when you do
need it yeah then exactly then you’re just gonna put our ties amid put your
gun down have it loaded leave it down time call you need to use it you know
it’s there yes stop activates and you need to find okay good you’re not
letting gas leak out from you yes because you’re not gonna have that in
the back of your mind thank you is there gas in my gun
because the last thing you need is to use your gun there’s no gas over there
and then you pull the chicken mechanics internet yeah and then of course these
this takes a little more time to arm because it’s a it’s a larger your
canister you have to screw it on the advantages of this is we do sell things
like a valve, so how a valve works it actually sits on to your gas, on to your
bottle and it’s an on and off tap. so you can have your bottle
attached to your gun always if you close the tap which means there’s no gas leak,
so the moment you need to use it, all you gotta do is turn your tap and you ready to
fire so we can make it easy on you. This comes as well like we say time is very
important assault fair situation you need to be able to act very fast without
panicking without warning. emotion yeah I understand that these are used say like
on the farms the guys use it on farms also you know open areas our guys use
this a lot recently first of all guys don’t want to use they
can is the first line of defense sadly you cannot just use your gun
openly because there are also consequences to you you would be able to defend yourself without having the consequences of using
A real gun. not to break a bone like these are it’s just it’s just a sting
yes to get the message across like I have seen some YouTube videos where
some people wanted themselves to be shot with the gas and they do it at like only
about three meters and with no shirt on it’s my Hoy jeez and so what
happens is they get a terrible big bloody hickey yeah it doesn’t really
look like a hickey that constantly changes color. the pressure on these
guns if you feel them on your bare skin it
does but because the pressure is so high remember co2 is compressed air – it really
does push up with a lot of pressure coming you can tear a piece of plastic
easy to you with gas, yeah so even without without the bullet in it…. without a bullet inside of it…good for dusting around the house okay sadly I do not
have the laser that I really would like to show you… it’s what’s used in the
states a lot it’s the taser gun which is the only
taser they can attack a person at 4 Meters away. it sends out to wires that hook on to you and every time you press the button in that thing sends a pulse out
there so yeah so how it is you get the device itself and you get cartridges
that you put inside now that cartridge shoots out 2 wires at a 4 meter distance it hooks onto you
if you time you press the buttons the person gets zapped. In our country it’s legal because it’s not attacking it’s not killing the person who just puts a
person down for you to have the advantage in the situation for you even move away or call the police. Now, bear spray actually do you call a bear spray well I know in the
states that use it for bears but we call it Pepper Gel. Pepper gel is actually one of our newer things On the market. it’s much more effective
than pepper spray. also in a windy
situation I personally prefer the Pepper gel because it will not come back
and hit you in the face… oh that’s the most remember something guys even if you’re
Out on the ocean and stuff, you all have lots of wind constantly… if you spray
that pepper spray it can’t hit you back in your face and the last thing you need
is to spray yourself when you try to Defend yourself.. with a gel, you know
it’s making direct contact anywhere on their face whatever it touches it’s
gonna burn okay so it’ll stick to the person. Aim
for the face – I suggest you aim for the face because that’s where you
doing the damage yeah this is what the gel sticks to the person, so it’s more concentrated on the person. that’s why all guys don’t like sprays
anymore because there’s too many people get affected in the situation of trying
to defend yourself you cannot control Wind at the end of the day so with that wind it will come back. With the gel It will not come back at you. yeah it even says
on the front safe to use indoors does not affect bystanders reduces wind blow
back exactly on the pepper spray whether you’re using the paintball gun or even
the in the canister up here that you actually pull a trigger on what would be
an antidote to that if somebody got it in their eyes or you or I got it in our
eyes how do we get rid of it quickly MILK. Water is a no no cuz it’s
a base that actually sticks on to your skin so water actually makes it
worse… it so the best thing you should actually use is milk. that’ll neutralize it yeah you know say like somebody leaving South Africa
or it’s they want to play paintball in another country how difficult is it to
carry a paintball gun in their check legged luggage depending
on the customer the country you’re going to attend today for example if you go to
Australia they don’t care what kind it is they will not allow it him because
thier policies do not allow it there at the end of the day you’re not looking at
our South African within South Africa there’s no issues with all guns
whatsoever moving it you can see it’s a paintball Gun,l you push it through
declared as a paintball gun the guys don’t have a problem with it. the
countries it depends on the customs also the guys will not even allow it in most
of the guys it looks so realistic for example our
and customs the guys will never allow that in them because of how do you stick
it is you got that Patrick that’s important
look at the tip okay this indicates that it’s a toy or a regular paintball toy
gun yeah it’s to show that that’s not a Real gun because the thing about airsoft
is the look and the way it’s identical to the real one yeah something she’s
actually sure that it is even something like this I mean this is small it it
looks kind of like a toy in a way certainly not so intimidating like
imitation this shoots the same ammunition same ammunition you can put a
hopper here and dump a lot of idents any kind of ammunition you want
exactly and the big tank comes off the back so it depends on you and your
choice of Guns, you actually get up what I see or what you really want you
can choose video thank you see this here does not look like a real firearm so by
looking at this you can say it’s not a real fire okay then crossbows I mean
this is a hundred and twenty pound bull crossbow I mean that’s powerful that’s
really powerful when we were kids we had 45 pound and that was powerful enough
with my target we actually stopped about 50 we got between 50 80 120 going all
the way up to 140 so with the hundred 2150 the guys actually use it for
hunting the rocks yeah damage it will definitely you looking at around
plus/minus around four hundred fifty nine four pack of six now the good thing
is as you can feel it is three point eight yeah what the top can be changed
yes so if you want it to be a bit much area
for example in the guys are using it for hunting etc we do use raise the head
plates so this is that cuts right through
anything okay and what is the cost of one arrow oh you said let me pack off
six is fifty four hundred and fifty was about thirty dollars a chevron we’ve got
to get you in here too but thank you you covered it pretty well all of our
questions and more they will take you Chevron for helping us out thanks a lot
and Rebecca wants to go play paintball now see you guys later there’s some very
impressive non-lethal self defenses here I especially like the paintball gun
would be pepper spray and glass breaker balls all to let those bad guys know if
they should come aboard they should go find a safer career thanks a lot for
watching I hope this video has been worthwhile for you if it has please give
it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already click on the subscribe button
also in the video description there’s a link to the tip jar if you don’t mind
helping out to perpetuate these videos thanks a lot and we’ll see you next time trying to scare us away yeah backup


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  • Gerald Thomas says:

    I must admit that I do love all the bravado in the comment section here. It's a sucker bet that not one of those individuals have ever fired a weapon in anger. Point of fact, WWII Germany used gas chambers to murder the Jews because it was more humane, for the murders. Killing someone isn't a natural act in any circumstance.

    That said, have you explored sonics? The militaries of the world are employing them now because they are effective, at hundreds of yards, in making opposing forces nasuous, inducing extreme pain as well as various other effects, depending on the frequency. The "muzzel" of this weapon is simply a speaker and it's capable of continuous use as long as you have electricity. The best part is that sonics are all directional. This means that you can stand down range of the "muzzel" outside the trajectory and not feel anything.

    Near as I can tell, having a speaker on your vessel isn't a violation in any country and isn't likely to raise a single eyebrow. At the end of the day, what's your goal? Bravado that will get you incarcerated in some third world prison or killed, or to continue to cruise safely in most waters.

  • Ron Sam says:

    Won't the pirates shoot back with real bullets if you're shooting them with a paintball gun or rifle?

  • John Bolongo says:

    Super cool toys…but can kick ass if need be. Great subject and vid.

  • Robert Durney says:

    In Australia it's illegal to have even a home made slingshot, actually I can't think of any tools for self defense that are legal, the lawless rule here, it's illegal to defend yourself this criminal run police state, don't come here. Sadly theres no justice more rights for the criminally minded.

  • Walter Shumate says:

    Drain dye marker fluid from paintballs. Refill with anhydrous Amonia.
    Aim for face, chest, and air intakes on the pirate craft.
    For Puss countries, bee killer shoots up to 25 feet.
    A bic lighter shoots an inch long flame… you add it up!
    Bear spray propellant may also be flammable. I'll have to try that one!

  • Fred Smith says:

    How about multi-shot flare guns? Probably be okay with customs. And you don't have to shoot people directly. Near misses. In another sailing video a girl ran off some pirates with a flare gun after they shot her father on their sail boat. It was off the coast of Honduras. Here's the story from the daughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-90JYZAFfI

  • Travis Tennies says:

    AR-15 and a pistol for me… nobody's business what you have in your home!

  • Michael Rutledge says:

    I don’t cruise around the world. I stay, primarily, in U.S. waters, Bahamas, Caribbean. I’m CCP in U.S., and defender of my vessel in international waters. I won’t divulge my defenses, just don’t board my vessel uninvited. Patrick (and Rebecca), you are either naive or stupid. One of these days, we’ll be reading about your untimely demise, because your pirate repellant didn’t work. Safe travels!!

  • Samual Whittemore says:

    A flame thrower!
    it would be easily dismantled, thus not a flame thrower. All you need is diesel or gasoline pressurized by propane. Use a traditional air hose with special fittings for the gun. I made one out of a 10 gallon portable air tank, air hose, a ball valve for safety, and a pistol grip handle from a high pressure sprayer. Also had to drill out the tip to make it larger.
    1. Purge tank of all air(oxygen) with propane.
    2.fill 1/2 of tank with fuel
    3. Pressurize to 100 psi with propane. (Do not use air, you will create a very unstable potential bomb. In fact it could explode without any detonation if it was over 180 psi and hot)
    4. Open ball valve
    5.Purge air from hose with gun trigger
    6. Now all you need is a way to ignite the fuel.
    7. And never shoot Into the wind. 😁
    Happy pirate roasting!

    Note: Even Elon Musk likes flame throwers.

  • steve roth says:

    Wouldn’t sail anywhere that wouldn’t allow me to defend myself up to and including lethal

  • Aqua Vita Sailing says:

    Seems to me that someone should decide whether they are prepared, equipped and trained, to use deadly force or not. I’m not supporting one argument or the other… however, if you’ve decided NOT to equip and escalate to deadly force, then you should NOT have replicas on board either. If someone doesn’t want to risk having firearms on board, then neither should they wield a non-lethal lookalike- that will just risk them being shot by someone who IS carrying a real gun. Like you said in the intro, if the bad guys are well armed, you’re tough out of luck… no point in escalating a bad situation by threatening someone with a weapon that can’t actually follow through…

  • Antech says:

    I’ll take my chances with my AR15

  • david Orr says:

    This is horriible advice! Pull a bb gun that looks like a real gun and you get killed.

  • ronald m says:

    So you pull out your bb gun…….except they have a real gun……..kiss your ass goodby

  • Robert Bairt says:

    Just hang a sign 🤔Gun Free Zone🤐 All CO2 guns do is leak down. If I knew which the bad guys do, you are only armed with gas guns, I would dawn a face riot shield and heavy clothing or 2 pairs of pants, leather jacket. Then the Lib Lady can get with a misunderstood lost, drunk, addicted Somalia pirate☠️ Liberals 🙉Hear no evil🙊Speak no evil🙈See no evil🤠

  • k 1 says:

    Get a bag of those party poppers with the streamers in take a quarter of the streamers out and replace with straight cayenne pepper and put the carboard lid back on.
    Be sure they are down wind point at eyes and pull string.

  • 2Moza says:

    If You Have a Dive Compressor make up a fitting to fill the Large Cylinder with a gauge and a on off Valve so you don't overfill it ,there should be a pressure stamped on the cylinder . I say this so when your out at sea your not looking for spares to fire it off. the small cylinders are just soda cylinders that have been used for the hand guns.

  • Sean Yeahright says:

    make your own emp weapon its cheap easy and quiet.. fake guns really really dumb!!! paint ball even dumber …Rigging stunn guns in various ways its easy and fun there are new salt guns wich are rubber bullet and pepper spray . ther is always homemade rocket launcher made out of pvc and a liion bat. shoots esteys rockets use your imagination

  • Eric haskell says:

    The salesman is an ace, really knows his products.

  • friarfox says:

    Being that it is for boat defense you pretty much are dead if they insist on taking it or holding you hostage because as with most criminal elements, they don't care if their weapons are legal. For the amateurs you have options. Think grizzly perimeter with engaging your battery bank to work with stanchion wires etc. Next the flare gun should be robust even for safely signals but there is a lot of play there so think about it. A shark "bang stick" is as effective as a shotgun up close and is a good excuse to carry shotgun shells. Finally Wasp spray is the most effective to the eyes. It blinds and cannot be washed out with water. Perfectly legal. No solution is perfect but ideas never hurt. Stay safe.

  • HagenSteele says:

    You're telling people that trying to defend themselves with a real weapon is wrong…..but doing it with a fake weapon is right. This is the dumbest advice anyone can possibly get, and I request you take this trash down immediately, please.

  • Amaury d'Otreppe says:

    Dear all, there is a book written by Joshua Slocum and he was using some sort of upholstery tack spread on the deck at night. No one can walk on that without swearing a lot and jumping back in the water !!! I found the idea very good as it is not leathal. The moment you take a gun out, no mater if faulst or true, you are committed as well as your attacker.

  • SoloSailor says:

    Simple, DON'T have a big expensive boat. Small boats get left in peace. Even the t-shirt sellers give me a pass!

  • Captain Donald Quackenbush says:

    Patrick, this is terrible advice. Once you pull a gun, everything changes. Bad guys will not realize it is a fake gun and you now be holding a toy in a situation you just escalated into a gunfight. If you plan on defending yourself, then do it properly as everything on a sailboat needs to be done. Get proper defense weapons and train yourself sufficiently in their use. Lastly, be certain that the time to defend yourself is correct. Just because you have a gun aboard, doesn't mean that you have to use it. It is merely one of your options and probably the last resort. This video is incredibly dangerous.

    As a caveat, your videos are (usually) one of the best sources on the web. As such, people will take your advice to heart. This leaves you with a serious responsibility to live up to.

  • Armando Garcia says:

    Omg just buy a few real guns lmao BB gun will get u killed better to have a real one 50cal rifle

  • peter Engel says:

    There is a rule about guns. Don not pull it out unless you are going to use it. If you use it, shoot to kill. A wounded man can kill you. There is more than one dead policeman because of that.
    I read most of the comments. The one thing I did not hear was using a air horn. At close range they are effective. A important rule in self defense is loud and surprise it put you on the offense and the intruder on defense. One of man's greatest fears is the unknown never give the intruder the chance to think. If one needs a weapon a gun would be the last one on a list. At close range there are better weapons that are perfectly legal in any country. Your best defense is your mind.

  • ZENA, Incorporated says:

    Worst possible advice Nothing here will stop a truly aggressive adversary. These devices will only insure more aggressive,, if not lethal behavior If you want to stop someone stop them. If not equipped to do so – or if unwilling to do so , stay FAR offshore trouble areas — and plan to bypass them altogether.

  • Jim Alexander says:

    I am not a sail boater,but I have been to many hostile places your advise is very dangerous, if you can carry a real firearm do so! It's better to be judged by 12, than carried by six!

  • malchugan says:

    Patrick, it is not a very good idea, but a good idea does not exist in such situation. It is very easy criticizing, not giving anything instead, and not considering “if’. If you do not have such gun and 16-years old drunk is slapping your wife's face… I think such a gun could help to show serious of your intentions, and in 80% cases (like drunk bullies) should help. Anyway, you must have a brain, not just a gun.

    On my boat I have 3000 lum flashlight big and heavy like a bat. At night your opponent would lose vision for minutes. You can use a laser. Also, I have a boat hook, which I can convert into a spear with a special knife (you can find such on the internet) in seconds – looks very impressive.
    Flaregun could work.

    The most stupid idea having a real gun on board: any casual Coast Guard check – you are in jail.

  • Ian Mackintosh says:

    Very well done video and commentary, I still think a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher backed up with a small speargun with 2 or 3 spare spears kept in each sleeping berth are the easiest for IN Cabin protection (A small speargun like a "Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun", 42cm, is a fishing item so I believe legal most parts of the world over). An ability to sound off your ships horn while in your cabin thereby telling others around you you have unwanted visitors also scaring off the opportunists.
    For repeal borders, above deck, I like an ability to activation the ships horn on a repeating short blast, backed up by a flare gun to shoot at their boat (handheld fare if above deck to repeal borders) and normal speargun for above deck use manly on their outboard motor (line not connected).

  • Gary Baker says:

    You can use the large pepper balls in a blow gun

  • VonBluesman says:

    You said if you use a AR 15 or other guns you are _____t out of luck, and then you go and recommend some Mickey Mouse Matell Toy. I say forget that, get the real thing and if they come looking for trouble, the more and bigger fire power you have the better off you are. Look at how some of the American boaters have dealt with them. Remember these guys came looking for trouble knowing they can die and knowing they can kill you and there are no witnesses. Unload on those low life’s and if enough people start defending themselves the pirates just might revert to farming or fishing for a honest living for survival. Stay safe and good luck.

  • Lars Pardo says:

    love to hear any advice you may have for protecting your skiff when she is beached on the shore or tied up to a pier. Too many stories of getting the outboard ripped off or getting ones Avon punctured. Tacks on deck (like Slocum) & my dogs are my first warning of night intruders at anchor.

  • uglyduckling81 says:

    Definitely can't bring any of that stuff into Australia.

  • SV ZigZag says:

    Who are you saying is so heavily armed that armed resistance is futile?
    Where are they?

  • SV ZigZag says:

    Anyone from the armed services, trained with arms, security service, competitive shooting or very familiar with weapons will know instantaneously that those are not powered with nitro cellulose. I don’t think they will fool many people. My reasoning follows. My competition benchrest rifle if shot without hearing protection causes ACCUTE PAIN in the ears with one shot. Two shots will double a strong person over with ear pain. TWO SHOTS IS ALL ANYONE CAN STAND. The clerk sales person is firing multiple shots of the simulated weapons with no discomfort at all. It does not matter how big or how strong a human is the sound level of actual weapons causes physical discomfort. A LARGE DIFFERENCE. Those simulations may impress you, but persons trained or familiar with weapons are going to laugh.

  • SV ZigZag says:

    INTELLIGENCE – Intruder most likely a local that is looking for an easy score, or a local that is starving. Usually not armed or armed with club, stick or blade. Usually not world class criminal, opportunist, not Albert Einstein. Usually small stature less than 140 pounds.
    BEST DETERRENCE- Discourage entry by being well lighted. Hang a bright light from the spreader. Alarms rigged to motion sensor. LOCKS, HANG DINGY UP,

    EAST AFRICA — Somali


    Utila Island, Honduras – locals resorting to piracy usually on boats while at anchor.

  • David C says:

    I liked the pepper spray paint balls. What a great deterrent. Add a laser pointer to the front and I could see that as an effective deterrent as well. My son owned a few Air-Soft guns which are quite impressive. These type of guns are different from the CO2 power guns you featured and are quite effective. He had a MP5 look alike air soft machine gun which could fires hundreds of pellets a minute. The amount of shots you can dish out is crazy and will definitely confuse and panic the petty criminal. If fired at someone's head it could cause serious to fatal injury. As mentioned by many, the well armed gang type thugs will likely not be deterred to them and only escalate the situation. Great topic for conversation. Fair winds PCS.

  • freestylesystemsTV says:

    Did I understand you correctly, you're suggesting the use of non-lethal weapons instead of live ammunition if being attacked? I'm not too sure I understand that reasoning.

  • Sharon EL says:

    Read a book called "sailing alone around the world" by a guy called Cpt Joshua Slocum, describing his trip sailing solo in a 25' boat he'd built in the late 1890's. 
    When he was trying to get west along the Beagle Passage he had been advised by a mate in Argentina to sprinkle carpet tacks on his deck when moored at night to discourage nocturnal visitors. It worked for him in keeping the Terra Del Fuego indians away.
    He also resorted to a gun for a another encounter, but this was a hundred + years ago, so he did outgun the indians.

    Sharon's other 1/2

  • Mwariama Sankara says:

    The problem you have with people not understanding the video is it's hard to tell people who have a natural inclination to kill and who actually believes in the survival of the fittest that a deterrent is an actual option. It's mind-boggling that people can understand exactly a simple video that shows different gadgets available and to think these people claim to be in the Sailing Community which is about different ways of doing things. But I always find it amazing that people from Western countries go to other countries and worried about crime when they come from the most crime-ridden places in history or in the present. it's it's selective amnesia that historical criminals worried about places they have raped and murdered and worry about the effects of past Behavior on their Leisure Time. A big difference between people who are struggling to survive than people who historically are just greedy and fat from gluttony.

  • spinnaker5514 says:

    Please understand that I do not take lightly the taking of human life however, if I am going to aim a weapon at someone I intend to kill them. Otherwise you should not point a weapon at anyone. Even if you do not shoot, someone on the opposing force may interpret you response as a hostile deadly action and respond in kind.  I personally think the best weapon to keep on a boat is a Benelli M4 automatic shotgun. Loaded with buck shot and having slugs at the ready. This presents a great deal of firepower and slso the capability of sinking a fiberglass or wood hulled boat with a few shots below the water line. I have found that most pirates usually come to within a very close range before letting their true intentions to be know. In these close quarters a 308 rifle although effect is probably not as effective as a 12 gauge shotgun. I also keep a 45 auto as a last line of defense and for extreme close in battle. Thank goodness I have never had to use either but it's comforting knowing they are available. Of course there are lots of potential problems entering some countries with firearms. This should not be approached lightly. I have some ingenius hidden compartment that have never been found during any Coast Guard inspection. They were professional built by a company that does this professionally for a living. Cheap peace of mind! With all that being said, to each his own you have to follow your own heart. Being independent means there are no police that are going to respond to your calls of help and even if they did, they'd never get there in time! So when it comes to me or them….it's them!

  • B. M says:

    paintballs are generally biodegradable and absorb water and swell, i would not use normal PAINT BALLS on a boat, use hard or firm "bullet" airsoft-6mm and BB are two very common sizes and 12g co2 is available all around the world if you really need you can even use selsor bottle chargers, lol, stay with something you can get around the world, AIRSOFT (or hard/reusable projectiles for paintball) or BBs

  • hplfd1 says:

    @ sea it's windy – CO2 guns have a huge problem with wind. …. and pepper comes back by wind. May not the best defense for sailers – just toys for good weather. Even for home defense this choice isn't the best.
    Keep in mind – an angry pirate (because you hurt him lightly) is a real problem.

  • Mauricio Moreno says:

    23:05 Salesperson: "remember, compressed CO2 is compressed AIR…" WTF… No! … Compressed CO2 is compressed CO2… not AIR… lol… this kid needs to do a bit more research on his product… like 80% of his stuff are guns powered by compressed CO2 – Carbon Dioxide – not AIR… Although… you could refill some paintball canisters with compressed air from a SCUBA tank, providing you have the correct adapter and the correct canister and gun capable to receive compressed air… Aside of that, good info, thank you.

  • Max Ellison says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Childress, you have a naive approach to a very dangerous problem. Advocating the use of a TOY that can cause pain to intimidate someone intent on inflicting harm, will get you killed just as quickly as a true firearm. Nothing will get you killed more quickly than pissing off a thug(s). At least with the aforementioned AR15 .556 calibre, you can make your stand and at the very least take some of the intruder(s) that are prepared to steal, rape, murder or ransom. Perhaps even deter the remainder of thugs to think twice about boarding your vessel if their lives are at risk. Irrespective of your choice, if someone is intent on doing you mortal harm, be assured they are going to accomplish their goal if you are not properly trained and prepared to protect yourself, your loved one or your property. Good luck with your travels, but I feel you are doing your viewers and yourselves a huge disservice by not being realistic about preparing for your own safety.

  • Anthony Buckets says:

    Just buy a laser 8 w 🙂

  • David says:

    Like you said, don't even think of having ANY of that equipment in Australian waters, it will get you jail time, or at least held pending a court appearance. Yes, we have thieves who steal from boats if no-one is on board, but at least we don't have every petty crook carrying a gun thanks to our tighter gun laws that some in the world like to ridicule.

  • Grace Malley says:

    This is confusing because if a Pirate "Fishing" boat is approaching your ship in the dark of night (like this sailing vessel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TLlMcRdGig (3:10 on the video)), you think the Pirates will not stop when bullets are being shot at them, but they will for tear gas or paint balls? Does not make sense. I think I would rather take down 1, 2, or all of the Pirates with a gun than be taken ashore and held, beaten, and raped until death.

  • the eye says:

    wear a face mask and hang up a sign in various different languages stating theres some deadly contagious disease aboard

  • jumpleadsx2 says:

    The best deterrent to pirates might be flying an American flag, and having some big pictures of AR15s on your hull.

  • Michael Williams says:

    Very bad idea. Just stay out of those areas

  • Chilly says:

    I answer is a .45 cal

  • Atreyu Principalh says:

    horse fence electric equipment in the guard rails using removable gator clips.

  • Ed Wiser says:

    Very interesting video and highly opinionated responders. This is why I stopped commenting on this site. A lot of viewers have very contrary ideas and are not shy about trying to shove them on others. I got into a bit of a spat a few weeks ago on here about lithium batteries. I am an ABYC certified marine electrician and corrosion technician and commented that you need to be cautious with these installations. Some yahoo in northern Canada insisted not only on saying I was "clueless" but cast out a few other insults as well. Alas, there is a lot of bs on the internet and a lot of ignorant zealots who have read a bit and think they are the source of all nautical knowledge. It is not worth the effort. Maybe these guys don't have a life but I have boats to fix.

  • Ed Wiser says:

    I should add that you both handle the negativism from viewers very graciously. Far better than I would. Some of these people are outright insulting and offensive. I would just shut them down.

  • Ed Wiser says:

    Pirates are only a problem if they are led by Eric Cartman. He can be bought off with a bag of Cheetos. Arrggh.

  • Lusty Wench says:

    Never pull a fake gun on someone.
    If you fear for your life enough to pull a firearm, then it better be a real gun with real bullets and you better know how to use it.
    This is from an Australian who was a gun owner prior to, and post 1996. Our gun laws are retarded. We are not an argument for gun control.

  • Dave M says:

    An person with a knife looking to steal is not a thief. It is an armed robber.

    If they are not detered, they will do to you as they please. That may include repeatedly raping the women. Then tieing you and her to an anchor and dropping you overboard and scuttling your. Then sailing off and no one will ever know.

  • Shane says:

    Holy s**t…some of these comments are ridiculous. Bet you can't wait to go back to dropping content about boat repairs.

  • kris t says:

    I trust my ar 15 and I just won’t go where I can’t take it .

  • kris t says:

    In my humble opinion it defies logic to prohibit people from carrying what ever they want to protect themselves cause I assure you law breakers don’t care about laws and will always be ale to get a gun

  • kris t says:

    The most basic of human rights is the right of self preservation. However I guess that’s just a revolutionary American idea apparently.

  • kris t says:

    If the choice is him or me . I’d like to try and make it him !

  • Lusty Wench says:

    The final solution. Fore and aft, 2 on each hull.
    Problem solved.

  • Thomas Aldridge says:

    My Oh My! All this has only one solution, Situational Awareness and using the ole Noggin. STAY AWAY from these known risky waters. The Best self-defense is using your Brain. Pirates are almost assuredly armed with anything you would have. Plus, there is a matter of dealing with foreign authorties when entering ports. Good Luck when the shooting starts. Air Guns?! Sheesh!

  • JAFO says:

    Yep.. every one of those toys would get you in severe trouble here in Australia.. even, as you mentioned, a slingshot, (if it had a wrist-brace). Technically, on an Australian registered yacht, it would be illegal to carry any of those things, anywhere in the world. I'm even considering registering the boat I want to build in some other country, to at least partially get around some of our more obnoxious laws.

  • woody ahh says:

    Flare guns to start spear guns
    Secret compartments holding your shotguns and what ever you prefer
    All else fales break out the mini gatling

  • GUNNER67akaKelt says:

    For those thinking of using a paintball gun on a boat, keep in mind those paintballs do not mix well with humidity. They would have to be kept in a very dry container, and probably a cooled container, depending on your climate. If they get damp they will start melting and will gum up your guns workings and barrel, making it inoperable in short order.

  • Pete Polyakov says:

    I head a story about a guy who pulled his fake gun at another guy around casino in Moscow. So. that another guy, pulled a real gun and shot him right between eyes. In the court, he got released from the custody because he said, i didn't know is it fake or not.
    My point is, if you decided to use some sort of protection. Don't use fake gun, because it's a good way to get a bullet in your head.

  • Sailing With Vampires says:

    I like the Red Ryder BB Gun 👍🏼

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