“Ultramarine Lilies” Part 1 LIVE Oil Colors Painting Demonstration with Dena Tollefson

“Ultramarine Lilies” Part 1 LIVE Oil Colors Painting Demonstration with Dena Tollefson

Hi! This is Dena Tollefson- Hey welcome
to my studio! I’m so glad to have you here today.
I’m gonna move this whoopsy I’m gonna move the camera a little bit there we go.
All right. Well I want to welcome you and I’m so glad to have you here today.
Today’s topic I’m gonna just adjust this guy a little bit- there we go Okay. So
today’s topic is going to be how to and I’m going to slip over here alright so
my my topic today is gonna be a fun one we’re going to talk about how to paint
this lily pond painting or how to do a lily pond
painting in oil color. So let’s get started. I want to thank everyone
who’s joining by the way – thank you so much I appreciate you
being here. What you can do is you can join me
on the channel I’d love to hear from you and I appreciate everybody that’s here
and you know join them the chat to me I’d love to interact with you. If you’d
like to just be quiet that’s okay – that’s all good. Hello Chrissy! I see
that you’re here thank you so much everyone for joining so what I want to
talk about today is so I’ve got a little bit of a start if you
happen to watch the last live stream that I did I talked about different kind
of compositions so in the c-shaped composition that’s gonna be an – Hi Miranda! Great to see you and thank you for joining and hey Grae! So this is an
inverted “C” so that the demonstration that I did before was a c-shape which
was darks all along here and this is just the reverse of that so this is
gonna be we’re gonna have dark colors in here I’m gonna have some light color in
here and the focal point is going to be the c-shaped composition of lily flowers
and so let me show you all of the supplies that we have so up here I’m
gonna just hold this up here and hopefully all this stuff doesn’t
crashing down all these little clumps of oil paint. Maybe kind of angle it a little
bit I don’t want to have your things land in my lap but but what we have here
and these are and I’ll just grab grab one of them so all of them are these
Winsor & Newton water mixable or water miscible paints this is the ivory
black for example except for one the bird tweets yes and you know what Groche and Romeo are so excited to hear to everybody and so so they of course
have to have to contribute alright so okay so everything except for
this yellow so this is a permanent yellow light from Cobra but all the
other colors that we have here from Winsor & Newton so titanium white
permanent alizarin crimson and so I’ll thank you Tiffany you’re so nice thank
you for saying that I’m this one what is this look at this
guy here yeah cad yellow hue love that one that was a man this is a red this is
a cadmium red and cad orange french french ultramarine blue yellow ochre
Mars black dioxazane purple they are all water miscible yeah water mixable
water miscible absolutely Crissy. Phthalo blue red shade and the reason why I like
to use the water mixable is because they are super easy for cleanup and so Thank
You Becky I’m glad to thank you so much for sitting at Becky and welcome to
everyone so these water mixable paints are super wonderful because they
are just as archival as the other oil paints that you might be familiar with
so many artists that I know so many artist friends I now have switched over
completely to these are completely archival meaning that they will last
just as many centuries as that as the old type of oil color but what they do
is this allows it so I don’t have I’ve got a there I’ve got a like a thing with my I
guess breathing my allergies that kind of thing I don’t like to have turpentine
turpentine in the turpentine turpentine in the studio and paint thinner that
kind of thing when I just keep those fumes in a course those fumes would
bother Groche and Romeo so what’s great is these are just clean up with soap and
water so those are our colors and that if you can kind of see over here I have
my trove my big trove of brushes I’m treating I’m going to be working with a
combination of bristle brushes and so a bristle brush so these bristle brushes
these are from Grumbacher this one is from Blick this is another
Blick one these are made with I want to say hog hair that poor hog and I thank
you hog for what what you’ve done but these are hog hair bristles and and
so they’re in natural bristle and I also use these like this is a golden taklon.
These are American Painters this is a softer one so when you use a bristle
brush I’ll just kind of rubbing on it leaves a really thick streaky mark. Chrissy- you don’t use chemical with your oils use walnut running on clean brushes
with baby oil yes Chrissy- exactly and you know that
is the way to do it absolutely a lot of people will do baby
oil or even just linseed oil to clean the brushes when they do oil absolutely
that’s a great way to do it and avoid having any of those nasty thinners so so
I’m gonna use a variety different brushes here and if it’s interested I’m
just gonna grab my little trove. If anybody is interested to get any of the
supplies that I use I have curated thing out on Amazon I’m an Amazon
Influencer so I do receive compensation but it’s no additional cost
to you so if you go to amazon.com slash shop slash Dena underscore Tollefson
son and you have to type the whole thing in you can’t just search for my name you
have to type all the way in I do receive compensation from Amazon but it’s no
additional cost to you so because I want to show you why I’ve got out there I’ve
got some other things you might see you don’t got the greyscale, we’ve got the
color wheels out there ,paints brushes, knives, the new wave palette, these tube wringers that we use to squeeze out the paint, these are all out there. So if you
are interested, I would appreciate getting a little love and I thank you also for all
the likes that you give so now let’s talk about what we’re gonna do here with
the painting so I’m gonna be striving to get a variety of values yes Thank You
Chrissy I’m gonna be striving to get a variety of values so everything from a
one or close to a one and I’m also gonna try and get darks in here in the
painting to make as dynamic as possible so if you look at this painting now so
hey Madonna hey good to see you thank you for joining us and thank you
everyone for who’s watching if you look at this painting now it’s like okay I’ve
got you know a couple Lily and a little bit of a bud going here and some moly
cuts but it really doesn’t look like much yet and the way that we can fix
that is we can put a variety different values in there something dark and then
also lights and connecting them in a pattern that makes sense and when we do
that it makes a dynamic painting so that’s really just the trick and then
the color you know how that comes into play it is you can plan if you want like
a kind of a bold shocking color combination what you do is you try to
put color opposites together in here or have a dynamic or you can do like a
triad or that kind of a thing and so here you have the color I’m in its pure
form and then you have over here what we call a shade so you’ve got tints tones
and shades and shade means you added black and
tint when you add in white and then tone means you added a gray color into it so
it’s just an alternate I’m going to do a tutorial at some point on on the color
wheel and how that all works but yeah so the tint is a color plus white. Tone is
the color plus gray. Shade is any color plus black so okay
and don’t forget you know we’d like to see Muffin sometime oh yes okay Muffin
is actually she’s over in her cat bed right now she sleeps in a cat bed and
the color that’s a must for sure yeah so Muffy is in her she’s at her cat bed and
we’ll see if she comes over or not. Muffin come let’s just see if she’ll
come over here or if she’s just gonna rest okay all right I’m gonna pick you
up in one okay so here is Muffin and Muffin oh I will hold you. Oh muffin says
hello I’m noting you’re feeling a little nervous up there aren’t you are
you feeling nervous my darling okay I’m gonna stand up so you don’t drive it so
this is muffin and muffin says hello and she’s I’m gonna have you wave Muffie-
hello everyone thank you for joining and I’m really glad that you’re here do you
see that Muffin wears her pant you can see she wears a little pant here and she
wears a pant because this way she can have success in all situations. So
when she goes outside she can have success and her pant comes off to go
when she goes outside but then indoors at me she doesn’t she doesn’t get
any trouble with with our carpets because since she’s so tiny
she’s got a little bladder thing wish her bladder doesn’t hold really well so
so that’s Muffin. Well anyway let’s get started here now I’m gonna go ahead and
put in some dark colors and so in order to mix up a dark color that we can use
on the edge of our painting I’m gonna take some yellow and some of this Mars
black and you see that I in order to make a dark color the proportion it’s
actually a lot more yellow than black let’s go ahead and get that mixed up that’s making a really nice green color
and it’s a nice warm green color so in order to make it even darker I can add
more black all right there we go now that’s the kind of shade that I’m
looking for so if I don’t get our color wheel back aren’t get our green scale
back out and let me show you I’m just gonna wipe off on this paper towel so
when I get the gray scale back out then you can see that it’s a very gray scale there we go okay so you can see that
this color is really close to either a 1 or a 2 it’s not a 1 because one is black
here’s black over here and then when is a is a 10 but we’ve got a nice dark
color here this other color was pretty but it’s too late to use as our darkest
color we won’t have as dynamic of a painting so I’m gonna just grab a brush
here so this one is a Blick what is that a blick number 8 bristle filbert just a
little dip in the water and let’s just get something
going here with color and you should see pretty quickly that the painting already
look more dramatic by just adding some darks and so if you’ve ever had that
happen where you paint a painting on say white paper and then you go and you look
at it later and you want to add a background and then it’s disappointing
because not all of a sudden it’s not as exciting and dynamic as it was before
and that’s because the values need to get the values between light and dark on
there. Whoops. I added a little too much water so if you put too much water in
your brush you just dab it back off there we go and I’m just indicating some
foliage down here I’m going to come all the way down here and we’re making that
C shape with the dark color we’re emphasizing our C shaped composition
we’ll just let this color wrap along here and I’m also thinking about oh and
hey pencil pencil hey thank you and I enjoy watching your live stream by the
way yesterday it was really nice and you have a very charming voice if anybody
wants to hear a nice voice you have to go listen to pencil so and Chrissy is
asking how is the drying time with water mixable else compared to regular oils
okay so that’s a great question some people will say that it that they dry
faster and I have in my opinion that’s been you know pretty similar as far as
drying time I haven’t noticed you know one one much faster or much slower than
another okay let’s get this dark just right under here you’ll also see with
the bristle brushes that they make the marks that they make are kind of
sketchy and dark they’re not super smooth and I actually like that because
I think that adds a little bit of interest on we can always go in later
with a smooth brush okay so already the painting is yeah yeah you
bet and um yeah you should definitely catch
pencil um definitely I need to catch you again
on another live stream because I really enjoyed what you’re doing these pencil
was drawing in a new that’s like I guess a superhero character in in pencils the
cartoon he’s got a cartoon character that he’s developed and he’s just
showing him in different poses but the one that he had had actually like abs
which I thought was kind of funny because if you think of the pencil like
this is the pencil body and then the pencil has got these edges like these
ribs on there but it was funny because he had shown a couple of ribs in for a
time just which I thought was kind of a neat touch okay
all right so it’s already more dramatic by just having now the darks and then we
have kind of just no lights and so if we do yeah if we do now add in our latest
marks and you might wonder why do I have this color on my canvas so I’ve toned
the canvas with yellow ochre a fluid yellow ochre and I’ve gone in and I’ve
done that because I was trying to establish yet again on the grayscale oh
and Tiffany’s asking when you first start painting you’re so good all thank
you how do I get clean lines okay so clean
lines to me it’s a matter of having enough water or medium on mixed in with
the paint and and so so what I mean by that is this paint for example as it
comes right on the tube Tiffany it comes out super thick it’s so thick that I can
hold it up like this and what I when I just dip my brush in the water and and
smooth it I’m actually making it smoother and easier to work with with
the brush the what happens is the more water up to a point but it’s just a
little bit more water or you can put linseed oil in or you could cut feel
like I’ve got a water mixable linseed oil this is a Duo linseed oil waters
soluble. That’s intended sure if it’s from Holbein just for water soluble oil
I want to do my signature Tiffany I’m gonna be using this linseed oil because
I don’t want to over I don’t want to add too much water in with the paint because
if I do that then it kind of ruins the integrity of the paint so you can add
instead linseed oil and then it will flow you want the paint to then flow if
you were trying to get straight lines or smooth lines if you use it just as it
comes on over here it will be more thick and chunky and not as easy to control
but hopefully did that make sense Tiffany hopefully that makes sense so
and then write back if that does not make sense all right so now let’s go in
and now that we have our dark established okay so now it’s time to
think about the lilies themselves and also think about the lily pads and then
also thinking about the the water so one of the things that I can do first is I
have this do you see this kind of raggedy edge what I’ll do what’s that
another brush let’s grab another brush this guy is a little number four and
also thank you for all your likes that you’re giving to I appreciate it
so I’m just gonna go in and I can use this to blend out blending here and I’m
gonna get a little of this green that we mixed up let’s just get a little bit of
him going at the bottom and what we can now do is we also should
think about okay good good yeah using it straight out of the tube and oh and
Chrissy yeah taping off lines using a ruler that’s also a great thing
sometimes people will draw stuff in pencil first no that can always be a
good help if you for example did that in pencil and then went back over but yeah
rulers any of things I have a straight edge that I’ll use what for example if I
really need to get a super straight edge I’ll use an actual like a architect’s
straight edge and the reason I use that if that’ll hurt me or just a ruler then
if I’m doing for example you know dark lines that I need to really get that straight horizon that kind of thing okay
so let’s just get a little line out here indicating and I’ll get one on the
bottom of the lily as well and and then let’s put another let’s put a bud for
example let’s just get a little bit going out here get a little something
for a bed alright so now that you have this other darker line I can go in and I
want the line on this edge I want the line against the that’s against the lily
pad I want that to be softened slightly because we don’t want to just have a big
thick dark line so after I put my line in I can go in and just finesse these
edges like so go and then can also get these edges and
what you can do is you can just keep adding a darker color in the middle and
I’ll show you how to do that here in a minute okay I’m gonna just get these and
just now that I got them on I want to get right on them right away before they
stick dries onto the canvas okay all right now it’s a little softer
edge here on this guy and we can do is I can I can make it very thin dark line
let me order to do that I’m gonna use a softer softer edge so yeah it is
absolutely Chrissy what I love about YouTube is that such a giving community in
everybody is so friendly and nice and I love that it’s wonderful and so and so
Tiffany now to answer your question about making an edge let me show you a
little trick here so this is a chisel blender this is an American painter of
4450 and what I can do with that is I can go in I’m wanting to have an even
darker line than this so I’ve got kind of a soft edge right now but in order to
make an even bucker edge I can just dip my get my brush wet and then I can go in
I’m gonna do this in this dioxazane purple so-oh pencil it’s so nice thank you now I like to have a lot of different
colors on my painting and so I’m going to show you what I’ve
got here a metal ruler okay yeah yeah yeah
hey actually that’s right Chrissy a metal ruler what’s nice is that’s not
gonna cause a thing in the other trick is to always be sure to wipe your ruler
off after you’re done so you don’t get paint clogged up on it so I’m just gonna
go and what I’m doing here so what’s called grounding
I’m grounding this so that it belongs to the earth when you have a shadow and you
are any kind of an object you always want to ground it if you look if you
look at somebody on a sunny day and you look underneath their shoe and hopefully
they don’t have anything yucky under their shoe but if you look you will find
a very dark line, super dark in the darkest shadow underneath anything look
under a tree there’s always an area where it connects with the ground and if
we ground something immediately it makes it part of part of the earth so I’m just
grounding these here like so there we go ground underneath this lily we haven’t
developed him yet but I can just kind of indicate a little ground um okay and
Madonna let’s see oh thank you Tiffany okay so Madonna if
you put tape on your on your shirt or cloth oh yeah hey that’s a good idea
Madonna see everybody’s got these ideas I love I have not thought of that one
that’s that’s excellent Madonna yeah yeah yeah absolutely
okay so now know that we have our dart going here or dark started and what I
want to do now is let’s get started on the lilies so I’m gonna mix up a color
that’s gonna be the color so we’re gonna have a light color in here I’m gonna mix
up a pink color so let’s just take our titanium white and in order to make a
really pretty warm pink you can add orange to that a lot of people will you
could do red plus a little yellow but if you just go right to orange you can make
it really soft pretty pink we can maybe add a little red if we need
to but that makes kind of us not a pretty kind of a light pink color kind
of a warm white pink like guess what would you call that a salmon yeah that
kind of a salmon color all right and I’m mixing up these lighter colors
because again our aim is that honor painting and I get my value scale back
up here on our painting I’m looking for some colors that are gonna be you know
in this range on our painting cuz right now what we have if we squint the
lightest color that we have is really something over in these in this range
I’m squinting at it you know it’s somewhere maybe in here and I want to
get some other colors in this lighter thing so on purpose I’m mixing up this
color and it’s about I’d say it’s about 1/8 all right so let’s I can we can
leave that or we could make it a little lighter let’s try this color first
because I don’t want to go this is certainly too light but I’m gonna use
I’m gonna use on this one a smooth brush Oh to message Jo well yeah let Jo know
I’d love to look at it interact with Jo too if she’s available
okay so this is a 3/4 inch brush I mean I was trying to use as large a brush as
possible in working because I feel like it gives a better stroke on the so let’s
just I’m gonna add just a little bit more water and let’s just get some paint
going up on there here we go that’s good and I just kind of followed
the lines that I had already established in and then just kind of
made a new shape just looking to get indication of the backside of the lily all right let’s get and let’s get a
little something starting with this guy – with this little bud it’s actually
making little bigger okay so so in following the idea that’s so good it
seems weird when you say oh when you say water yeah okay so um you can that’s
what’s nice is you can you can add water to the water mixable paint and that’s
what’s so nice is that as long as you don’t put too much you just use a little
bit but you don’t have to use oil or anything in it it’s just kind of nice
one other thing is following the idea of diminution. So actually a couple
principles- so there’s diminution which means that see see that the pads in the
front and the lilies in the front are larger and as we go back in space in the
pond they’re getting smaller and smaller and that is an idea in landscape so like
for example to give a sense of depth and when if I made them all the same size
then it would feel like they’re all in the same picture plane but in order to
make it feel like there’s some depth in the painting by having the objects in
the front larger so let’s say these were trees I’d have the trees in the front
larger and in the middle ground middle size and then in the far ground they
would be smaller as they move back and then the other principle that we’re
following here today is the idea of wabi-sabi which is a Japanese principle
embracing the idea of all that all parts of life are valued and so we have a bud
which is the beginning of life and then we have another lily that in mid bloom
and then another that’s even fuller in bloom we wanted to show something at the
end of life – and really be truly following wabi-sabi so
all right so those are those two principles let me add another thing here
on the on the edges in order to make this feel like it’s a cupped form I’m
gonna have to darken these edges so the edges over here need to be the lightest
and so in order to darken that let’s add just a little touch of our dark the dark
green that we’re using let’s add because that was the black plus yellow and let’s
make up a color that could be put on the edges that’s not dark enough yet so let
me add a little more of that color maybe not got too much here let’s see
I’m looking to create I know I’ve got a little too much now I’ve got just a gray
all right let me let’s try again here let’s mix a third little batch this is
why it’s nice to mix with a knife if I was doing that with my paintbrush then
I’d have kind of just a mess everywhere I might have like a clunk big clunks in
my brush Oh Thank You Chrissy thank you for saying
that okay so see this color so I’m going to use this color here to show that
outside of the petals let me wipe my knife off here and I’m just wiping these
my knifes and brushes on paper towel then I’ll fold the paper towel over to
use the other side like so okay so now I’m going to just wipe let’s take the
excess paint off of the pink brush that we were using and let’s get a little bit
of this new color that we mixed up where we added a little bit of the green from
the dark and let’s go in and make this color a little darker just so that when
we think about the side they Lily then it will feel like the
forum is turning somewhat alright we can do that here as well we can do that on
the outer edge okay there now inside the lily I’m gonna go in and let’s put in
actually you know what before we do that let’s go in and put the edges of the
lily so let’s start with the front the enough edges let’s start with the front
part of the lily so in order to do that I’m gonna take my – just use the same
brush have it rinsed off and let’s get a little bit of the CAD Orange
you know in order to do that I’m gonna just make a shape and then we’re gonna
go in later and fill in the gap yes with yellow that’ll be the center of the
flowers so let me just get a little of that started here okay and up here on
this guy just using the same brush get a little of that started okay and maybe
just a little touch in there alright so that’s good and now with the
idea of the lily the sides of the lily I can go into the CAD red which is next
it’s a little darker than the orange darker or a darker it’s over on the
rainbow it’s it’s a warmer color so let’s just put the red here touch up
water make the paint flow a little more smoothly so Thank You Chrissy Chrissy
are so sweet and I always love your own on streams
Chrissy I always get a kick out of what you have to say there’s anybody who’s
not already watching you should be watching Chrissy’s livestreams if you
are if you aren’t already all right so now let’s get a little just a little
color down here in the reflection a little bit down here we want the
reflection to be darker than physically darker than the than the area above on
the water the reason for guys because the water will always make something
look darker okay we’ve got that now we can go in with some of this permanent
alizarin crimson again just dipping my paintbrush in there and I’m just gonna
wipe off so I’m controlling how much liquid is on the brush and they are
blast oh well yes thank you sir thank you Medina for singing that ink yeah i
love Chrissy, she is so great and thank you for saying that pencil alright so
now let’s go in and define the edges so we’re going dark or darker darker we can
make these edges sites you can go down here and indicate down here the
reflection and that’s permanent alizarin crimson is
oh just a really nice wonderful color I’m gonna go all the way underneath
again to get this idea of then it’s a cupped form you have you laughs and
paint and drink to that yeah now I don’t have I don’t have specifically tea here
I’m gonna have my tea later but I’ll show you what I do have is I’ve got I do
have a glass of water so I’ve got my I’ll take a little drink now I’ll be
I’ll be I’m gonna pull a Chrissy and um I’m gonna have a drink. There we go
that’s good yeah crimson is such a beautiful color that permanent alizarin
crimson and so purple the other thing the other quality about permanent alizarin
crimson is it is very transparent so when we say transparent we mean that we
can look through it or if you put it for example over white or any other light
color and you’re doing glazing you can get these really neat transparent
effects all right so so now it’s a matter of
also just kind of blending so I’m gonna turn that to over blend but I’m gonna do
a little blend here so I’m just gonna just do a couple of marks to blend just
kind of finish that a little bit okay so now I can see that I want to I want to
make the edges here even a little bit more dramatic so I can mix up a color
using my oxy dye accessing purple get a little bit of that guy and let’s grab
some of the alizarin crimson and a tiny little touch of white just a little dab
of this white and let’s mix up the color that we can put let’s mix up this
purple color I want to even add maybe a little bit more of the alizarin crimson
and a little bit more of the white what I’m looking to get is kind of a red
purple kind of a moody red purple if that stuff that makes sense
and I still feel like I don’t quite have it so I want to add and dramatic yes
that’s all it’s all about the drama is and that we have to have drama a good
drama not as scary not a bad people drama we don’t want
people drama unless it’s a TV show we like right alright so I’m adding and you
can see also the value if I had done this all again with my paintbrush trying
to mix the color that I wanted then the problem with that is I be then just you
know getting paint all over my brushes which is not good so I have this other
color here this kind of plum color and I like this a lot so I’m gonna use this
plum also in our painting here so I’m gonna grab another brush I’m gonna grab
this is a American painter 5400 filbert size 12 can you imagine a drama about
painting oh you know okay pencil there was a show and it didn’t last for very
long if I need to sometimes people we use what’s kind of
mall stick so let’s get oh hey Davey great to see you and yeah I
think they’re um some people are saying they were having a buffering problem you
know the crazy internet right so so I’m just adding a grounding element to the
bottom and thank you also for everyone who’s who’s here and has joined so
Madonna you had to go and come back in and we’re back yay
oh my gosh isn’t I just annoying one the internet does that I think if somebody
can make a foolproof internet that would just be that’s maybe what we all need
right it’s a foolproof internet all right so now let’s just go I’m just
gonna go in and soften this edge here with the black and so how I did that is
I just grabbed and thank you for everyone who’s joined and I appreciate
your likes and I appreciate you being here all right so we’re just gonna I’m
going to take that color that I just put in I just know I wiped it off
inadvertently let me put another color a little bit there but I I want to try to
do now is get rid of this I have the black which I wanted for the grounding
line but I’m trying not to make it look like just a line of black so I’m just
kind of putting a shape in with another color there we go okay that’s good now
the center now I’m gonna work on the center of the lilies so we know we’re
gonna do the center I’m gonna come into our yellow and just go in and let the
yellow kind of play and dance up in there with
the with the inside of the look like that there we go and if we wanted to
make him even lighter which we can we can add white on the inside as well yes
water mixable oil so hey Joe great to see you yeah so Jim I’m using
water mix of oils these are all rather clean up and no fumes that kind of thing
and I’ll say I was saying earlier that most artists I know have switched over
to the water mixable style they’re just so much easier cleanup and also just
nice for health reasons that kind of thing you need to fish yours out yeah
yeah yeah absolutely Joe alright so I’m gonna now make them even a lighter color
by mixing titanium white with a little bit of our yellow there we go get this paper towel over here so
there’s a clean edge here that little swishing sound and there we go we’ll get
a little of this color so I’m looking for again
contrast on drama and by adding the white in the inside and we can really
have a nice contrast between the light and the dark do I also use water to
blend the colors Joe oh and thank you Davey for saying that yeah absolutely I
use I’ll just drip my paint brush into the water what I’m being really mindful
or careful to do is I’m being super careful that I don’t add too much water
and because I don’t want to ruin the integrity of the oil paint I want it to
be fully archival and that kind of thing so so in order to do that if I need to
add a lot of water to something or like for example my signature then when I do, Jo is I put this linseed oil and this is a Duo Aqua Oil from Holbein
and this is made specifically for water soluble oil and what’s great about this
is that you just add this the way you normally would any kind of a linseed oil
Winsor & Newton also makes a wonderful version of that but this
stuff’s really nice and I’ll be using that a little bit when we did the
signature I’ll show you how I do that to get you know a really super fluid line I
know Madonna was asking about that before so now up on our lily pads
I want to gone in and make some kind of a little bit of an
so let’s take some of the green that we had made I’m going to add that to the
super lightweight color that we have that’s add a little more yellow to warm
it up and we’ll add a little bit more white but I’m looking to create some
variety on the lily pads on the surface of the lily pads so I’m gonna grab a new
bristle brush okay let’s get this guy so this guy is a hey Valkyrie oh thank you
so much Valkyrie for saying that doctor I love your skit that
you did- your Darkwing Duck that was pretty good I love the skit and I love
your drawing that’s a Valkyries finish right isn’t
that your favorite character Disney character you said was Darkwing Duck is
that right so okay so this is a six bristle Masterstroke bristle filbert
from but a nice long handle that kind of thing let me just get a little bit of
edge going here and you know what I put this color on here and those are my
Birds yes who is speaking in the background so um
yeah okay thank you very you did okay alright these are my birds and my births
Groche and Romeo and I’ll just say that when I put this color on you see that
I’ve got the wrong color temperature I need to make that more gold or more
yellow so I’m gonna rather than put it all the way on I’m actually gonna mix up
a new color because my color temperature is
important too this was too grey do you see that so I need to go in and start
again let me go and add yellow and green and I’m not white I’m looking to make a
highlight color and what was happening is that was to to grade down if it’s
possible to ever have something to gray okay just dripping on my brush in the
paint or in the water and then now there we go I’m just gonna put a couple of
highlights now the highlight is way too light right now so no I can see that I
need to modify that we don’t want to have our highlight be too light you’re doing with your hands I love that
pencil as an ode to a pencil right all right so let’s get some of the green go
here I’m gonna add a little of that green to the gray that was the wrong
color let’s just see if we can get some kind of shapes going I’m lily pads cuz
right now they’re just flat with no color and again you know I’m not happy
with that lake color it’s too bright there that’s better
it was looking a little bit like whoopsie oh you know what I did is I one
of my paintbrushes went in the garbage let me get that back off oh
you have a day off? I love that so we’ll be able to see a new video this
afternoon we’ll be looking for that Valkyrie alright so thank you Thank You
Chrissy so I’m just gonna get this color up on here in a couple of places and
let’s put a little dark back here kind of a cooler darker color than the lily
pad in the light and then that since he’s sitting behind the lily pad let’s
get get that dark going back in there like that there we go and again I’m just
gonna cut that color down a little bit and I think I got the brush into the
purple and since that happened I’ll just wipe him away all right and then down here just to add
so thank you for saying the perspective I’m Jo the perspective when is shooting
for is two things compositionally a c-shape an inverted salute composition
using diminution meaning that the objects in the back are gonna be smaller
than the objects in the front so lily pads in the front are huge and they’re
medium-sized and as they get further back they become smaller same thing with
the flowers and then also an I’m using the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi
it’s a curving perspective and Jo is digging her paints out oh yeah yeah go
Jo go! Love it Jo okay so now next and I’m liking this element here this you
love that we’re yeah yeah exactly okay let’s get a little bit more I’m
just liking this kind of this form this tall vertical form and I’m gonna
actually let’s put this let’s make this will make the lift lily pad smaller and
then let’s have just some reeds or some cattails maybe can be up here in this
area there we go alright so I also just want to give a update for any of you
that are concerned or worried about Featherston Turkey so Featherston
Turkey lives in in our backyard in the area in our backyard and there’s a a
Forest Preserve that’s connected to our house there’s a 40 acre Forest Preserve
and so Featherstone is the male turkey who is bless his heart he is at the end
of his age and he knows he’s having some problem
his head is totally white and and he has no beard and and he kind of is bullied
which is sad and some of the other turkeys in the flock are being poor
Featherstone which is very sad and makes me very sad but the good news is is
there was a coyote and we were worried his Featherston going to have
another Featherstone yes the concern was is Featherston going to
be okay with the coyote that was out and about and here’s the great news is that
yes we spotted Featherston several days ago so he is just fine and anybody
that’s been asking he’s gonna be ok so I’m mixing up now a color so now we have
our basic composition and I want to add the water in and I need to be careful
when I put these colors in that we again we keep our contrast so in the c-shaped
composition the lightest colors are gonna be in here and I’m actually going
to make a line of a light color coming through here and the rhythm are darker
colors coming in here as well and then the darkest color is gonna meet up just
a darker foliage so and and then here’s some of the French ultramarine blue so
I’m gonna take that and add some weight to that and we can make a color in that
as well you know you could watch that on Animal
Planet yes pencil I tell you Featherston
Featherstone’s always something else oh and then also I’ll tell you guys
yesterday what happened is I’m just adding French ultramarine blue and some
white yesterday when I was a day before yesterday I think that actually was
yesterday I spotted the river otter so here and I
we have river otters and there’s a pond in the backyard and the pond and yeah I
think that Featherstone is gonna be okay um so my husband puts out bird food and
he puts cracked corn and peanuts out and Featherston it’s very funny although
Featherston is very old he’s actually a rather clever turkey because all the
other turkeys in the flock they’re all posturing with each other and fussing
around doing that maybe because he’s an older turkey or that’s just his
personality is that and you have an otter so oh my gosh I’d love otters yeah and
so so Featherston though he the thing about him is that he will go and go for
the bird food before everybody else so it’s like that early bird gets the worm
kind of thing and it’s totally Featherston so he is out there and he’s on top
of it he will go out and and he’ll try them and get out early for the bird food
I’m gonna add a little bit more white here to our blue so I’m thinking that’s
a little dark so the river otter I saw the river otter in our that’s right
there’s a two acre pond and I saw him there’s a hole in there right now it’s
SuperDuper cold and there’s a hole in the ice where the irrigation is going
and so the neighbor does aeration on the pond for us which is nice and that way
we don’t have a fish channel and all the turtles and the other animals they have
enough oxygen in the water to survive in the winter and then in case there’s a
lot of freezing and thawing they don’t have a fish kill or a fish problem so so
anyway I was looking out the window and I saw that the river otter was out there
and he was kind of rolling around on the backside just rolling around on the
backside of the ice and then he was over by the hole of the ice which was really
kind of neat and then and then what he did was he went and paint over here he
went and he got a fish in like when in is like like ice fishing since there’s
this hole normally he shouldn’t be able to get at it because the water is frozen
and then the fish should all be kind of protected in there the fish in the pond
but he went in there and he was he wasn’t had a fish dinner and I could see
he had it I thought it was a blue girl what he had caught and yes Davy aren’t
otters oh my gosh do you guys remember the show PB&J Otter you guys remember
that or did you ever see that PB and J Otter? I want to say it was the 90s or
maybe the early 2000s yeah maybe but my boys watched PB&J Otter and we
loved that show that was so cute oh my gosh we got to look after the wildlife when
we can yes absolutely you’re right now just kind of getting
this blue worked in so this is the blue that we made phthalo blue red shade and
some of the white and some of the yellow ochre but does anybody remember PB and J
Otter? If you do let me know.All right so in our c-shaped composition we’ve got
our dark and then we’ve got these lights watching here and what I can do now is
I’ve got the I’ve got on my brush I have this color so if I want to transition
the color and I can use just put the same color here and use the same brush
and kind of blend it as I’m applying it so that’s what I’ll do here and
the key is to use this big of a brushes you can feel comfortable with and the
reason for that because it just gives then you don’t see individual fussy
little marks that’s not good you don’t recall it in Australia Jo, I
wonder if I I wonder if it’s one of those things that a person could go back
and watch I want to say it was Cartoon Network or something back in the day I’m
not really sure maybe it’s one of those things you can see now you know there’s
so many things that are available to watch on the internet like old retro
stuff PB&J when pencil said um
you know it sounds weird but you love crabs not as a food but as a creature
yeah I agree yeah yeah yeah yeah and Madonna you’re
in Missouri but you don’t remember PB&J otter after this is over I’m gonna go
and look it up and see if I can find an old episode because then I really want
to see but this otter was absolutely adorable
now crabs that’s an interesting thing are you thinking about a pencil are you
thinking about was it pencil was it Davey who said that
they liked crabs chat just went fine I couldn’t see you it was somebody one of
you guys said that you liked it one gets on your tone when you’re on the beach oh
yeah but the thing about crabs wasn’t that quick krusty-krab
so what is that spongebob right Simon like Romeo said yep that was a little
trip from Romeo okay so let’s get our blue this is just our French ultramarine
blue and when I’m done with this painting
this is going to be it was you okay pencil with the crab yeah yeah yeah
so this speaking what I could do with this painting is I could continue this
as I’m going once I get all the colors going the basic colors I could go in and
add all kinds of detail and do that type thing and keep it a smooth painting or I
could go in and add texture on the top of my taoism technique which is what
I’ll be doing with this one so these colors some of the colors will show on
the final and then get a little bit of color here so some colors on the final
painting are going to show through and sometimes I’ll be using other colors on
top and a mixture of different colors so what type of birds do we have Joe we
have got the Australian cockatiel ours are from America but originally
cockatiels so we have grossy and Romeo and Romeo or Romeo is the gray one and
he’s the noisy one and Groche and Romeo live just right over there in their home
and they have nothing I think they’re quiet now I know we’re talking about
them and and if you whistle then or sing then Romeo tries to sing along which is
really kind of nice and then when Muffin barks at the
delivery person who comes then what’s kind of funny is that is that Romeo has
this song and he’s trying to sing a song that sounds like Muffin’s barking and it
sounds like a little mechanical Oh like a little mechanical dog but um but if I
did let me try and do a whistle and see if we can get Romeo de to do it yeah birds are smart just a little
simple one let’s see if we can oh yeah do you guys hear it
do you love Boyd’s yeah boys that sounds like that yeah
Boyd’s that sounds like Humphrey Bogart saying it
I love boys d here Romeo is activated Romeo is responding all right and what
i’m doing here is now i’m letting some of this color just kind of softly going
and I’m just teasing the brush over the edges to try and have the idea that this
foliage this darker color integrating these colors and getting some neat
grades now Romeo can’t be stopped right Romeo now the Romeo is really thrilled now he
did it yes yeah now he’s quite pleased Romeo’s now romeo
currently stopped actually i can’t be stopped with my whistle I can do
something he’s probably a little disgusted that my whistle isn’t
something more sophisticated well there he’d like that okay now we can’t that’s
right Jo we would have to give him a new song or he’ll just have to on
his own and he’ll just have to have to do his thing exactly okay so let’s I’m gonna grab a
little of this blue I’m gonna change the shape of this just paint him painting
around him okay so I like to add a couple of dark lines just gonna go in
with the dioxide in purple and you like to eat that watch them eating out of the
bird go fight for you have enough suet cakes and the yeah and you
Madonna you said that you live in Missouri right so that’s not too far for
me yes Iowa Missouri we were practically we’re your neighbors in the state so let’s get just a little bit more dark on
the sky for a little bit more drama there we go there we go okay so now your dogs are howling oh my
gosh they’re answering Romeo oh I love that that reminds me my husband and I
are trying to hook on the show it’s a law enforcement show called live PD I
don’t know if you guys have heard of that but it’s they do this live show and
then they have you they follow police officers around and all the little high
jinks that they have in the problems and all of that and on this show live PD
they sometimes will show the sirens are those shows somebody saying release come
to me now where I will release the dog and then the so that will scare the
criminal into coming out and what’s funny is the get my gloves on here
what’s funny is this sometimes the commercials they’ll show that someone’s
dog is responding to the either the siren or the police officer and their
leg howling that’s very fun to watch all right so what I’m doing now is I got out
my Lindsay don’t want I’m gonna to put the gloves on just because I don’t like
to get any of the oil and such all over once you get it on your hands it’s kind
of messy it’s hard so I’m and I’m not gonna tip it completely but I’ll just
show you I’ve got the oil right here I’m gonna add a little bit of the black that
we have and I’m going to show you how to mix up a color or any color basically
you just add the linseed oil and then you tease it up with your knife and just
whip it into shape and now Christy you’re gonna give me a little ribbing you’re gonna yeah we are neighbors yes
Madonna it’s wonderful Christy’s gonna give me a little a little ribbing now
because I’m whipping up the paint oh alright so what I’m doing is you see
the quality of this paint is just very soft and I can just move this all over
on my canvas whereas these other ones are very thick and viscous so this is
the kind of quality of the paint that you want if you’re going to be signing
it so now we had a question earlier how do you get lines or how do you you know
control and make something smoother so I’m just using a liner brush here this
is my American painter number actually this is the number one yeah no it’s a
liner a liner number one and then I’m just gonna get the paint on to I’m not
gonna put it all the way up on that you can see that it’s just peachy yeah
that’s right Chrissy oh dear all right so we’re just gonna get this and then
I’ll just practice and see if I can make a line okay
so then I’ll just sign I’m gonna sign it right here if you need to go back and add a little
bit on top you can okay
there we go all right you guys this has been a lot of fun this thing now has to
dry and then it can have another I’ll I’ll be hunting the texture on top but
but this concludes this under painting and I want to thank everyone for joining
me you guys are awesome I appreciate that you all the support that you give
to me into my channel and I want to say thank you and thank you so much you guys
and I’ll say hugs and kisses to you and until next time this is Dena Tollefson
and bye bye


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