Two Minute Tip – Make Amazing Backgrounds With Markers in a Way You Never Dreamed Of!

Two Minute Tip – Make Amazing Backgrounds With Markers in a Way You Never Dreamed Of!

today’s crafting with arteza is
another two minutes or thereabouts tip for you
and I’ve jam-packed you it some extra sub tips and I think you’ll really like
this one because I’ll be showing you a new way to
approach alcohol markers and not for coloring actually we’re gonna be using
them to create some really fun backgrounds and then you could use your
alcohol lift ink afterwards and we’ll be covering that in a separate video but if
they’re just gonna be creating a background for you and I think you’re
really gonna be loving these tips because you’re gonna stretch your
supplies in a totally new way and I’m all about stretching supplies and
creating new techniques with them so want to grab yourself some yupo paper if
you’ve never used you poets an acrylic paper its non-porous so it’s perfect for
this technique and it comes in a few different weight so you can buy it in
packets like this you can buy pads lots of options it comes in a heavy weight
which is like this so it feels very much like cardstock but you can’t tear it or
anything like that you have to cut it with your paper trimmer or scissors it
could I was coming like a regular paper type weight you can use that too or you
can use this one here this is translucent so it’s like vellum you can
see my fingers underneath it really really fun to work with loads of
different things you can do with that and I think you don’t love today’s
techniques so grab whichever one you want to work with I’m using my art Kizer
markers that come in this really cool carry case too and you can get the carry
case empty as well so if you have other our teaser markers I’ll link it in the
description for you empty it fits your kopecks your new vows and things really
really love this case and if you get the our teaser markers they’re also great
price point too and you can see you get a really nice spectrum of markers in
here I have lots of videos on it check out that out he’s a playlist I’ll
just link it in the top right hand corner may or may not pop up it depends
on your device but if it does go check out the playlist I’ve used them in tons
of things lots of reviews tips techniques all of those fun things but
grab yourself a few different colors you can choose your favorites and I’m going
to show you a few different ways that you can use this technique in particular
now the first one I’m going to do is I’m going to use an
metal ruler metal does work better for this technique rather than plastic and
then you want either a paper towel or something like an alcohol wipe to hand
just like this and then these have a chisel or a bullet nib the chisel works
really well for this technique but what I do is just lay down a piece of color
like this and then you can just give it a wipe because you’ll get some of that
ink on the edge what I don’t want to do is contaminate my pens or contaminate
colors as I go along so what I want to do is add stripes of color and what it
does is it creates a really cool background as you go along so you just
build up colors and you can create your own custom stripe your background so you
could do ombre colors you could do multi colors as I’m doing like this you could
alternate you could create patterns you could do random all sorts of different
things but you see that there’s color on there if you didn’t change or if you
didn’t wipe rather in between you would contaminate so one thing you do want to
do is just make sure you wipe it off as I say use isopropyl alcohol in between
on a kitchen towel use an alcohol wipe like that you can get them in the
first-aid section or I just buy a big box of them on Amazon I’ll link those up
for you again use them all the time in the craft room
they’re super super handy and you can just keep going so you see this builds
up really quickly you could also do it really fine you could do it with your
fine tip as well if you wanted to I just really like how that’s thick chisel tip
works out so that’s option number one for you another way you can do it is a
little bit more random is you can just start putting down patches of color and
I’m going to show you a really cool way that we can then blend all of these
together so you create a more bakker effect background like this again just
whatever colors you want to work with the think of it like alcoholics if
you’ve never played with alcohol inks but maybe you have alcohol markers or
you’ve thought about buying alcohol markers this is a really great set to
start with because you have skin tones you’ve got flower colors in
you have grays in here so you can do shadows and toning you really do have a
nice selection of markers in here to work with so just pop down some
different colors you I like to leave a little bit of a gap in there you might
want to make them touch but as you play with this technique you’ll kind of work
out different things you can do with them
as you go along but you can just kind of lay down color and play around with it
so this what you want to do is build up your background once you’ve done that
I’m going to show you some fun things we can do I’m also gonna do a little bit on
the translucent because I’m going to show you two different things and how
they wrap the translucent as I say is also fun because it’s more like a
valance you’re going to get a different effect
yopo is also heat stable so you can emboss on it just be a little bit
careful because it is acrylic so eventually it will melt I like to just
kind of do short sharp bursts with my heat gun and then work after that
so we’ll just pop down some color like this and then I’m going to show you some
fun things you can do with them so once you’ve laid down your color I’m going to
do two things today so you can keep your stripe it’s very nice and even or you
can then add some effects to them so I have two things one I have a mist bottle
filled with isopropyl alcohol just the one that you go and buy at the drugstore
this one is an alcohol blending solution this you will buy at your craft store so
you can use both of these they do different things this is gonna blend
your alcohol it’s not going to affect your colors we’re gonna try that one but
you can’t spray it they do so do not spray I personally have sprayed it I
can’t recommend you spray it I use a mask well-ventilated area all those
things but you do so at your own risk I cannot advocate doing that but isopropyl
alcohol you can spray you can buy in spray bottles on Amazon and things but
isopropyl alcohol will remove color as it blends so we’re going to try the two
and you can see the different effects it gives so if I spray my oats purple
alcohol you can see my bakit background get some really cool effects on it you
see how those two colors are starting to blend together so you can see you might
want to have colors a little bit closer together but
now I have these really cool kind of barcode backgrounds together look how
cool that is and you can kind of move it around now you can then heat dry it or
just allow the alcohol to evaporate and you’ll have a really cool pocket
background as I take blending solution it’s going to actually move those colors
around a little bit more you can see you get a different reaction you see how
those colors actually start to pick up move it gives you a different reaction
so that’s the difference between blending solution and the isopropyl
alcohol get completely different again I could do something different on
here I can add spritzing I could add just some really fun techniques you see
how I get some watermarks in my stripes just by adding that little bit on there
if I spritz at this end I’m gonna get a different
effect again let me find my little spray and doing it just at different and so
you can see how they start to Marble together or of course you can keep those
really uniformed stripes but you can have some real fun
playing with these different backgrounds creating different techniques I already
like the bakker background and doing things like that you could do triangles
put it through a stencil and do some fun techniques I’ve got some really fun
things coming up with these alcohol markers I want you to be able to
stretched and just outside of being able to color into your stamped images once
you invest in a product I really think you want to be able to make more than
just one thing with it so stay tuned for some more tips with alcohol markers
we’ve got tons and tons of things coming up and coming your way I think you’re
gonna love one of those of course don’t forget to hit subscribe ring the bell
for all of our tips and tricks here at headshot hollow give us a thumbs up if
you enjoyed today’s 2-minute ish tip and I will see you again tomorrow for
another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit different and of
course hit joined me part of a hedgehog Hollow community I have also added a 10%
off coupon in the description below for you on all our teaser products so go and
take advantage of that as well and grab yourself some of these alcohol markers
and some of their amazing storage solutions and I will see you again very
soon happy crafting everyone bye


  • Paul Morgan says:

    Always love the video, could you focus your overhead camera so we could see what happens with the inks you were using just a little closer to your table. Thanks for sharing regards Paul from London UK

  • Dyane Downs says:

    Thank you! I'm really enjoying your tips:)

  • Nancy Lynn says:

    These techniques are really cool, Alexandra! I've always loved the bokeh effect and I think it's becoming trendy again. Looking forward to giving this a go…TFS!

  • Janice Mapleston says:

    May i say you are looking really well x

  • JoAnn Higginbotham says:

    Thanks for sharing. That is a great idea to make backgrounds for cards.

  • Maria Nyce says:

    Thanks for sharing, hugs!

  • Tania Dalberto says:

    Great ideas but the camera is too far away as we can’t see them close up.

  • Ninjamom 4 says:


  • Debbie van Dijk says:

    Great idea!! Love playing with alcohol inks! Thank you soo much!!

  • Linda Gorman says:

    Love all of your great tips!!!! Thank you!

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    Great tips and tricks. Wishing you a super week. Hugs Susan

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    Love your videos, but lately I can't see details as you are filming too far away.😢

  • Jen Edge says:

    The same thing that makes isopropyl alcohol poison to drink also makes it poison the spray. You can spray vodka or grain alcohol and it will act the same way but not risk your health.

  • Susan Tipton says:

    Finally some one I can ask that might know the answer. I love the looks of the Arteza Marker Storage Case but I need to know if the Stampin Up , Stampin Write Markers would fit in the case ? I also have the Stampin Blends which I believe would fit because they are close in size to the Copic and Arteza Markers but the Stampin Write Markers are a little longer in size but more narrow. I emailed Arteza but they had no idea what case I was referring to they said they didnt carry it on their site but I found it on their site. So to summarize do you know if the Stampin Up Markers would fit in the case? Thank you

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    I love you guys but CAN’T SEE ☹️☹️☹️

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  • Kellie KLupfel says:

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  • Liliana says:

    I find it very difficult to resist pen and marker storage cases! I am such a novice with alcohol inks, with your tips I will practice more! Smart to use the bright colors here.

  • Janet Shaffer says:

    Are my eyes going bad or is this out of focus? Great tip Also!

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