[Tutorial] – How to paint RED (the problem colour)

[Tutorial] – How to paint RED (the problem colour)

nightmare to paint the problem is that when you come to add the
highlights what started off as red can often become either pink, or orange. There’s various ways to get around this issue I’ll be going over one of the easier ways
to tackle the problem. Hopefully you’ll find it useful. To do this you’re going to use a red. A dark brown red like say, Rhinox Hide (GW) A bright green A dark green And some white. Start off with a roughly 50/50 mix of Rhinox
Hide and red. Now you’re going to use this as your base
colour and I recommend laying it on in say 2-3 thin coats. Once you’ve done that to make our highlights
we’re going to start off by adding some of the red into the mix. Build up a few highlight layers adding more
and more red each time. And just keep going until you’re using pure
red. Alright, now for the interesting bit. To push
the highlights further what we’re going to do is take some of this bright green and mix
it into the red. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘highlight
with green?!’ What the **&*! But seriously ‘Trust in me, just in me’ This is actually going to give you a highlight
that’s not quite pink and not quite orange. I recommend building up a couple of layers
adding more and more green each time. But don’t add too much, you don’t actually
want the colour to become green, you just want to lighten the red with the green. For your final highlight, add some white to
the mix. Now for the shadows, we’re going to take some
of our dark green colour and create a glaze You can use all sorts of fancy potions when
you’re making glazes but I prefer just to stick to adding water. The idea is to thin the paint down until it’s
about the consistency of coloured water. So with a small amount on your brush, glaze
the areas you want to darken, using the dark green will create quite a deep shadow without
making the red muddy or boring, the way using black would. So this gives quite a rich red colour and
as I said earlier there’s a lot of approaches to painting red, I’m going to do another video
showing a preshading technique which is a little more advanced, but it gives a great
finish. As always thanks again for watching, if you’ve
enjoyed this like and share the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and if you have any
questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Take it easy. Bye for now.


  • World of MONSTERS says:

    Good topic and work mate

  • DiceyGuy says:

    yey learned stuff

  • Mightypi says:

    your content has been outstanding lately, great work.

  • Adam Duncombe says:

    Love this video, fun and informative thanks mate! Love editing!!

  • Iván CallOfBrush says:

    very interesting, i will try it!

  • Chris Denmark says:

    love this, cant wait to try it.

  • DemonClaw says:

    Thanks a lot for this, really appreciate it, any chance you could do blue (for Tzeentch skin)

  • Brendan Dougherty says:

    Great video. Shading down reds with a green wash is one of my favourite tricks.

  • LCaaroe says:

    Would love to see this in action 🙂

  • Alejandro Lii says:

    Green for highlighting red…. Mind Blowing! Keep that awesome videos and thank you ❤

  • Daniel L says:

    What kind of paper are you using for the top of that wet palette?

    Great video btw! Subbed.

  • EkeiShaosaye says:

    Great vidz bro ! Thanks a lot for sharin . I'd like to see you paint more in closeup shots like you did for the Glazes !

  • Mikey R says:

    Hey up. How does Baal Crimson from Scale 75 compare with P3 Khador Red? I love the tone of the P3 paint, but it doesn't airbrush so well, and I've not found a Vallejo saturated red that I like.

  • Dan H says:

    Some weird science on using green with red. Most people I think know that the colour sensing cones in your eyes detect red, green, and blue light. However what is often then not taught is the colour processing that occurs in bipolar cells within the eye before it goes to the brain. These cells are called bipolar cells because they have 2 inputs, and they are not just detecting the light colours that are there, but the ones that are not. So actually you don't "see" 3 colours you see 6: red, anti-red, green, anti-green, blue, anti-blue (where the anti-colour is the absence of that colour). Then your brain pulls a trick whereby an object that is red will appear more red if it is next to colours that are not red. So a red 'pixel' next to a 'pixel' that is anti-red will be perceived as being more red than it is.

    This can be seen in optical illusions where objects that are the same colour look different based upon their surroundings. For example the dog illusion 2nd on this page shows it perfectly: https://nerdist.com/5-optical-illusions-that-show-you-why-your-brain-messes-with-the-dress/ . The dogs are the same colour but the top one appears blue because it is surrounded by yellow, and the bottom one yellow because it is surrounded by blue. And the reason that works is because anti-blue is yellow.

    And here's the kicker – anti-red is green, and anti-green is red. So when a red object is placed in a green surrounding the red looks more red because your brain sees anti-red and green as the same colour. So a green shade will make the surrounding red more red.

  • Red Rooster says:

    Very nice and short tutorial with all the information needed in it.
    The use of the complementary to lighten up is a great idea.

  • Andy says:

    Would never have thought to use green! Awesome work pal

  • Adam Oakson says:

    Great video, very helpful as always. 🙂 I was wondering if you ever shade red with blue? I've been trying that quite a bit recently and it's made some very nice rich shadows on the models. Made me wonder what your thoughts were on the matter.

  • Pudelino Cacalat says:

    It would have been helpful to see it in action because on your palette it appears darker. I guess I'll have to try it myself

  • Reuben McCallum says:

    What sorcery is this?

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    Damn…wish I saw this before I painted a huge red banner last night…

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