Trying the WEIRDEST MARKERS?! WAY Different than Copic Markers!

Trying the WEIRDEST MARKERS?! WAY Different than Copic Markers!

Okay! I just… I thought I would make a
video with all these markers… Hey guys! These are Windsor Newton Pigment Parkers
that we were trying. They are these weird markers that they released, and I don’t
think they ever really became a thing… but they sent me a lot of these about
two years ago, because I won this art contest, and they let me pick out a
bunch of really cool stuff. Anyway, I’m gonna test these, and then I’m gonna make
some art with them! These were like a huge deal, because they’re apparently
supposed to have light fastness that lasts for a hundred years. I don’t know.. I
mean I’m not gonna be alive that — mm…. (awk) There’s also a white blender somewhere!
Is this it? Colorless blender. Is this it? I don’t
know… I thought I had a white blender? Alright, these markers are supposed to be
compatible for black paper… it will allegedly show up. You can use them on
canvas. Their website says you can use it on a lot of things, so I don’t know. I will
swatch a couple things today, and see… You’re supposed to be able to use them
like paint, and mix them, which I’m really excited about, guys. Their website
also says if you use these on normal “conventional paper,” like Bristol and
stuff, it will not work like paint. Tt will work more like a marker. So yeah, I
have some marker paper that we’re just gonna do a couple swatches on. I have
this canvas that we’re gonna do some art on, because they said use something primed…
and then I have some black paper… because the website also said it’s supposed to
work on that! Let’s find out! Whoa! Look at the reveal! Ha! Let’s just do some art! Do
a little swatch party! I’m not gonna swatch every color, guys… Because that would
be obnoxious! I hope the colors aren’t dark. Also because, I don’t have the white
blending option… I do have this light gray, so we can use that. And I have a
colorless blender, so yeah. Here’s the beautiful bullet nib, and here is a
chisel nib! You would think with a paint marker —
they smell like… they smell like paint! They smell like paint! Okay.. It’s a shame
they don’t have a brush nib. Okay! Question of the day! On double-ended
markers what – nibs would you prefer? I would prefer a brush nib on one end, and
a bullet nib on the other. I’m not a fan of chisel nibs, but I know a lot of
people like them… so let me know! Are you a chisel nib fan? Let me know, let me know!
What would your ideal combination of marker nibs
be? Comment below! Let’s swatch! Here’s pink! Ooh that’s pretty!
A little darker than I thought it would be – very pigmented!! No wonder they call
these ~PiGmEnT mArKeRs~ They’re not very streaky, which is cool. Okay, black paper…
WHAT?! Ya’ll said this was compatible with black paper! Threw me for a loop! Got
SCAMMED! Ooh portrait pink… everybody loves
portraits! Let’s try it! Portrait pink… oh these are nice skin
tones! Y’all.. don’t even work on that… Okay, Warm gray. Let’s try this!
I wanna know if this shows up on black. I’m pretty sure to do stuff on black you
need that white blender that I do not have. Alright, you know what?
You’re out of the game. We’re done with you! The black paper has been exiled.
By the way, I’m just swatching colors that I think would be really pretty. Alright, blue!! Like a teal. Oh my! This is beautiful! Should we try to blend
something on here? Okay, okay, okay! Let’s take dark purple, and we’re gonna blend
it into a light purple like this! Let’s see… I
don’t know if it’ll work very well on paper, because as I said, it’ll work like
a regular marker. I want that paint effect! The paper I’m using is actually
pretty coated (I think). it’s that Copic blending paper. Oh, that’s not too bad, but I’m sure…
I don’t know… it’s making the paper peel a little bit, so I think canvas is a
better option. Yellow. Woo, yeah! What other colors should I do?
Let’s see how pigmented red is… I haven’t done any bright colors yet. Hmm, I like
that. I like it. What about this really bright yellow? Whoa. What is this
colorless blender? Wicked! I bet this works better on actual canvas.
What should we draw, guys? Oh boy.. Okay, I have this canvas and I guess we’ll
paint. I’m a little nervous, because the blending stuff… alrighty I have my
primed canvas, and I’m testing a corner with the light gray and a colorless
blender just to get a feel for how the colorless blender works.
Indeed lifts color, and just kind of smears everything around. It’s really
nice. It just it mostly acts kind of like how
I would experience terpenoid working with oil paint. That is a great
comparison, which is kind of funny because these markers absolutely remind
me of oil paint without all the texture. So it’s kind of like a very thinned down
oil paint that dries super fast coming out of the marker. It is very nice. I like
it. The texture of the canvas kind of makes the experience a little weird,
because it feels so strange to use marker on a canvas. I think that was the
weirdest thing for me. I decided to do a very gestural
drawing, but I keep calling it a painting, because it feels like I’m painting! I
really am not exaggerating! It feels like I’m painting, even though there is no
brush nib on these markers. This chisel nib feels kind of soft-ish.. like, I mean,
it’s not super bendy… but just the way everything feels, guys. Just trust me. I
am blocking in a lot of color, and this is kind of how I do still life paintings.
I block in color, and then I build details. I work the painting as a whole,
so I’m just trying that with these. because I don’t want to get in over my
head. I just have to do what feels familiar to me when I construct a painting,
and it felt very easy to layer and blend. The only thing that was very weird to me
is — okay it felt like oil paint right? But the whole no texture thing freaked me
out, so I kept feeling like I needed to layer more and more. But it was so cool,
because this would dry in minutes. I mean, not even minutes, probably… Probably
shorter than that. And what was so nice about this is like… if I were to take a
darker or lighter color and go over top of a dry color, it would activate the dry
color again so you pretty much could just blend whenever you wanted. And then
it would go back to being dry… and then I could activate it again later and blend
it! I really liked that…. and you know these things… these markers were like a
thing for awhile, and I never tried them even though they sent me some. I just
kind of forgot about them when I moved, and they were tucked away in a box. But I
found them… and I just kind of assumed I wouldn’t like them, because
they kind of were in a lot of Clarence bins, and people stopped talking about
them very suddenly. But you know what? These things are really cool, and I
judged them a little harshly because they’re pretty awesome in my opinion. And
yeah, this isn’t even sponsored – this is just like, hey I found these in a box in
my studio! Let’s play with them! Do you guys like when I test different
art supplies? Let me know! I want to know that, because I’ve been doing that a lot
lately! I mean the feedback seems good…
I really love experimenting, so hope we both like it! Also, if you guys have tried
these markers – they’re the Windsor & Newton Pigment Markers – let me know down below!
Let me know how you felt about them, because I hear so many mixed reviews.
Maybe a lot of people do like them, and I just don’t hear the good stories or what.
I don’t know! But let me know! I like these, and if you have tried them what
did you use as your surface? I hear a lot of people using this certain watercolor
brand (Yupo Paper) as like plasticy paper because they advise you not to use Bristol,
unless you want like the marker effect. I wanted the painting effect. You can
draw on plastics with these, and just a lot of primed surfaces is what the
website said. I did a lot of reading up on these before I actually used them,
because I didn’t want to delve into this and not know what to expect, really.
In a second you’re gonna see me begin using gouache paint for the background,
and that is because I did not have that white blender.
I had no white to brighten anything up, and I kind of needed it for the
background for what I wanted… so why not use white gouache?! It worked perfectly! I
mixed it in with a little bit of grey, and I am very impressed with how gouache
interacts with this! So… A+ to that. I think I’m gonna do
a lot of loose florals for a while, because I have spring fever really bad,
and I I need some flowers in my life! Who else has spring fever?! Comment below!
Let me know, unless you live in a warm place… then I’m really just… jealous. Yay!
We’re done, guys! Okay, I hope you liked this video! I will link everything I used
down below, if you’re interested! I did not think I would enjoy using these
markers this much, but this looks like a straight-up oil painting! Seriously! And
all I did was layer a bunch of marker, and then I went over the background with
gouache… and I lightened up some areas in the bouquet with gouache, like the white
flowers. Okay, we’re done! Thank you so much for watching! I hope
you have a good day! Bye!


  • Mira Byler says:

    BTW, for the curious folk out there – these ARE alcohol based markers, but they use pigments instead of dyes. That's what gives them lightfastness. Also, the white blender DOES show up on black, tan tone, and gray tone papers. These markers are quite finicky if you're not using the right paper. Winsor & Newton's website suggests using primed surfaces if you want these markers to behave like paint. If you use regular paper, it will behave like a marker… but it may cause your paper to peel/fray due to the pigment base rather than the dye base. I wanted to clear those things up. 🙂

    Also, after using these, I found a very thorough review. I will include the link here, because I found a lot of what she said to be quite accurate after having used them myself:

  • Coloring With D says:

    Hi Myra, another cute video. So, I don’t use markers but have been looking at them. I know I definitely want a brush nib. As far as chisel or bullet I think I’d take chisel since it will cover more area.

    I definitely like watching you test products then create art with it.

    I don’t have spring fever.

    That’s all I can remember. Have a nice day 💐

  • Jenna Gets Creative says:

    I always hated the chisel nib and figured I would also prefer a combination of brush and bullet nibs. When I tried out putting Copic brush nibs into cheaper markers (Touch New), I replaced the chisel with the brush and was so impressed with myself that I made that combination happen. Then a SketchBox sent out 3 Copic Original markers. Bullet and chisel. In that case, you kinda have to use the chisel, so I did. And I loved it. Now I'll use the chisel often even on my Sketch & Ciao markers. I actually now don't really like the bullet nib.

    PS. Not sure if you're aware of Lachri Fine Art's channel, but she has tried these and has done full pieces with them. She was super skeptical when she first tried them because she doesn't like markers in general, but she loved them when W&N sent some for her to try and went out to buy the rest of the colours.

  • Mike Sevilla says:

    Brush and bullet nibs

  • Mike Sevilla says:

    Sim glad to tried them I’ve wanted to try them out but ppl haven’t had good luck with them but they used them different just like they would if they were copics

  • Amber Gaming says:

    Bullet nib and fine tip I don't really like the brush nib

  • Sandhya V says:

    Brush nib and microtip

  • Sandhya V says:

    Brush nib and fineliner

  • Linda Ursin says:

    I'd prefer brush and bullet. I have no real use for a chisel nib

  • ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________ says:

    I get bored with swatching.

    I find black paper difficult to be honest 😊

    For me I feel copic markers perform better………..

  • Terrelli 9 says:

    I’ve only used Ohuhu’s, which have bullet and chisel tips, and dollar store brush markers. I like the flow of the brush markers but obviously not the level of control because they’re cheap and they suck. With the Ohuhu’s I wish the chisel tip were more level. It’s hard to get an even line on the first go. So, I guess my ideal marker would be a smooth chisel tip and a really stable brush tip, like a hybrid of bullet and brush. And it would cost no more than $1.50 a marker. Copic ain’t happenin’ with my budget. But do you know if you can get colorless blenders on there own?

  • Azzab says:

    I mean I don’t have a canvas or primer surfaces I don’t think. The markers haven’t been used to their full ability I guess but from what I’ve used of them, they’re really easy to blend and the colours are great

  • Kendra Lock Art & Home says:

    Love it when you review product. Your videos are a real treat. Adore the painting. Probably will not go out and get the pigment markers but would purchase them if I found them in clearance. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amber J says:

    I definitely have spring fever, because it is my favorite season. I know a lot of people love fall as a season change but spring brings flowers and baby animals!!! 😍 also yes I love reviews and actually I like seeing reactions when they learn how to use it and how to make it work for them.

  • Niamh-Creates says:

    I use these with Yupo paper.

  • Cassie Ledar says:

    i like it when you review things. you make it fun with your personality & imagination!!! xx

  • Gillina Cook says:

    I don't like the streaks they leave on the surface.


    Chisel nib and brush nib

  • N R says:

    VIDEO IDEA: Will you please do a challenge where you paint on a coin? I just read a news article about Bry Marie, who lives in Arizona, and she's the penny artist. I immediately thought of you, and I really, REALLY want you to do it. I love you Mira!! Btw: i also hate chisel nibs

  • BeHiina ! says:

    My 2 ideal nibs would be:
    – bullet nib
    – brush nib
    and i would like to try bulletBrush nib ( same as in winsor & newton metallic marker nib, its like big bullet nib, never used but looked amazing)

  • Kaleigh Jefferies says:

    I would prefer brush nib and chisel since the chisel can be used for fine details on its tip

  • It's Marionique says:

    My ideal marker would have a small brush and a large brush! 😩💗💗

  • Megan And Kacie says:

    I would prefer a bullet nib and brush nib too because chisel nibs can’t do details, they can’t blend properly, and I think they are just chunky

  • Carryl Sorene says:

    I think they do a special coated/primed paper for them, good that canvas works too. I haven’t tried them, I’ve bought so much already, but it’s good to have options.

  • Oswin Altava says:

    I was given some of these by a friend a few months ago but I haven't had a clue how they work, thanks for trying them out for us!

  • Anonim zwany mua10 says:

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  • Lisa Janine says:

    Lachri Fine Art has tons of videos about these markers. she loves them.

  • Sister Hipster Art, Vlogs, & Pop Culture says:

    I like them personally. I usually use them on marker paper with other brands. I was told they could be used like paint on their own brand of marker paper.

  • Ifairycat Starymoon says:

    I think it's interesting to know what art supplies are like without paying for them. Lol

  • naly202 says:

    How do these W&N markers smell?
    I bought some markers which had "oil" written on them (had retractable nib), but they smelled like nail polish and they dried up after only a few uses.
    I wonder if these are similar

  • Marcia D says:

    I gotta say, I don't care for them, I dislike all the marker lines. If you could get a smoother gradient then maybe I'd like them better. The color is really nice though.

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  • Haily Miller says:

    Brush and Bullet are my favorite

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    This turned out so very beautiful, thank you for re-finding them in your studio and giving such a positive review with your results. What a fascinating art supply! Really enjoying your videos this year, now that you have decided to simply do “your own thing” again. You’re such a talented artist using a wide variety of supplies. Thanks again! X

  • Colette Bella says:

    brush nibs both sides just 2 different sizes would be my favorite.

  • Taylor Biehn says:

    I like the bullet and brush nibs the best….love your videos.

  • Rio Illustrates says:

    Would love to see what these do on Yupo paper!

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    I love a brush tip and chisel tip., just because its great for large areas. Love your channel!

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    What crazy markers. You did a great job with them.

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    I live in northern Utah, and we have so much snow everywhere from about November to Mid-April–I'm with you on the Spring Fever! These markers look pretty. 🙂 And yes, I do like when you test out different types of art supplies, especially things like this that I have never heard of or used. It's fun to see how they work and how you use them.

  • Alex Santiago says:

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    Big Love From Norway 🇳🇴 ❤️

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  • Zoomerella Zoomerella says:

    I think they work best on Yupo paper.

  • Eve S says:


  • Lauren Whitaker says:

    I don’t really care what nibs I have on a marker as long as there’s a brush nib

  • go crazy ahHhHhhH go stupid says:

    tbh i love copics because of the brush and chisel nibs.

  • iZz Ay says:

    ((are you related to will?))

  • Julia Dabrowska says:

    Chisel nibs are not bad actually I don't prefer them but I think that the standard fine tip and chisel tip is my ideal at the moment I bought Windsor and Newton brush markers but the blender brush broke from it sooo yeah I literally just drew with it plus brush nib in my opinion is hard to control so I guess I prefer fine tip although brush does cover larger areas

  • YamiKazeSora says:

    I would use the brush and chisel nib. I tend to do larger drawings and illustrations so I need to cover a lot of space and the chisel is a lot wetter than the brush. Also I find that I can get pretty detailed marks and the chisel does better than the brush at getting at corners. The brush I use for blending colors and when I want a softer look, like with skin tones. I use the chisel for covering a larger area and when I need to put down a lot of ink before switching to the brush to blend.

  • Löwenherz Storys says:

    I would prefer a pen that has on the one side a fineliner and on the other side a brush tip

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  • Both PlayZ says:

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    Love your drawing and what you did with them. I simply stopped using them because of the nib problem.
    I used their own paper and yupo paper which is the plastic paoer.
    The results are good. But the nibs don't hold and it's horrible, it was hard to put the nibs back in the cap… Didn't happened with all of them, but with a lot.

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