Top 5 White Paints: Design Lesson 9

Top 5 White Paints: Design Lesson 9

Hi everyone, welcome to another design
lesson video. In each video I’m going to review some key design principles that
you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating
your space. So if you have a design dilemma and need some answers feel free
to comment in the section below with your questions or you can tweet me your
questions on twitter @designchickee. Your dilemma could become one of these
design lesson videos right here. In the meantime, let’s get to today’s topic! Today I’m giving you my top five
Benjamin Moore white paint colors. So many people ask me what my go-to white
paint color is and I really have to disappoint them because I don’t just
have one. Color is dependent on so many factors like lighting, sheen, room size,
reflection, atmosphere, etc. So one color would never solve all those issues but I
do have some favorites and I’m here to give you just my top 5 picks from
Benjamin Moore. So let’s get to it! Most white paints have an undertone of
another color and my favorite undertone is gray. Decorator’s White is the palest
of pale gray. It’s perfect for kitchen cabinetry when you don’t want stark
white. Imagine white chalk! I also love it on exterior siding like this. Another favorite gray white of mine is
Oxford White. Decorator’s White tends to be on the cooler side.
Oxford White is warm gray, but again just a hint of grey. One key way to determine
the undertone of your white is to put it next to other colors or other whites. You
can see here in this image the white is warm, pale and slightly gray. I love using
Oxford White on moldings because it makes them look like plaster. Another
undertone of white is yellow or cream and in this case there is no better
choice for a creamy white than Simply White. You may remember it as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year in 2016 and I think
it’s still a great choice. Simply White is a beautiful soft white. It has just a
hint of cream so it lends itself to many interiors. Most people I show this white to
agree, it’s just beautiful. I love it on doors and trim especially. All the walls
and trim work are painted in this color here and you can see there’s a light
pretty look to the room. That’s why I love Simply White. Paper White is a
favorite of mine because it has a touch of blue. I love using this on walls when
I want an all-white room look without it being too bright.
I especially love using this color in modern big open spaces like lofts. I also
love using it in bathrooms where Carrara marble is used. The touch of blue really
comes alive next to the blue grey marble. And finally you could even call it my
number one white paint… Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is a true white. It’s what
I use as a backdrop when I’m choosing other colors because it’s just plain
white and you can see all the other white undertones. But there’s nothing
plain about it! It’s a great color for kitchen cabinetry if you’re looking for
a bright white kitchen. I also love it on trims around high contrast colors like
this. so there you have it… my top five
Benjamin Moore white pants. Here they are all together. You can really see their
undertones when they’re next to each other. These are the white paint colors I
use most often but even then I still look at all my color choices at
different times of day and in different lighting situations before I finalize
the color. So don’t forget to get some large samples and try them out yourself.
hTanks for watching my latest design lesson video. If you liked the video
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have some white paints that you love, love, love then add them to the list by
commenting in the section below. I’d love to hear about your favorites and how
you’ve used them. Again thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you
next time.


  • Kay Kay says:

    Hi live in apartment and I have to keep the walls white please help me with a nice white color that would be nice for the whole house. The bedroom I can make it a different color I like pismo dunes color for my bedroom. What is white would be best white color for the walls for a living room kitchen and and spare room and bathroom. I like the simple white or paper white please help me pick a out a white color. Thank u

  • Ty Ty says:

    Hi i need help for my walls i live in 2 bedroom apartment. I have to. Paint the walls white or like a Swiss coffee can you please give me any idea off what color i can use that would look nice. The bedroom i have black furniture so i can paint any color any nice colors for a guy. The kitchen floor i want to do over should i do a lament or a vinyl floor it has yellow tile on the walls i live the Lamont look or should i do the vinyl sheet. Please i need help thank so much

  • Diane F says:

    I have a heritage home (1880)..Ive been experimenting with greige colours. I cant seem to find a wall colour for my foyer which is quite dark, with natural dark trim, and dark wood ceiling and staircase. The other rooms in the house have trim which has been painted white. When I experimented with light grey, greige colours in the foyer I found that they didnt bring out the beauty of the wood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Faria says:

    I’m having decision fatigue over all of these white choices. What white wall colour would you recommend for a home with a lot of white furniture.

  • Pete James says:

    You just helped me make a really hard decision. Thank you! (I've been stressing about this all freakin' day!)

  • Bora klop says:

    What do you think about snowfall white?

  • Nature Lover says:

    Pearl white

  • FREE FREEDOM says:

    Help! I’m so confused. I want an all white kitchen but don’t know how to choose the white color. Do I paint the walls and cabinets the same white or different whites? Please help.

  • BigBlack says:

    I just painted my interior walls Chantilly Lace. It's a cold white with a blue undertone. I love it. Painting the bedroom Cloud White.

  • B C says:

    Is it ok to paint my main living area with Ben Moore Cloud White? Will it be too white? The woodwork is also white.

  • Destine Schwind says:

    Defently could use your advice. I really love the color Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and I’m having a contractor paint our Oak Cabinets in the new house we just bought. No room in budget for new cabinets and I really didn’t want white cabinets. We did order a new counter top and subtitle backsplash we have new light hardwood floors. Now I’m stuck on wall colors, I put on a few paint samples one is agreeable grey (to dark) and alabaster white(Kinda like). It has to be a color I can use also in our dinning room and living room pretty much open. I have a dark gray sectional we just bought a couple of years ago. Help!!! Thank you

  • Laurie Ehrhardt says:

    Thanks for such wonderful informative lesson. We are re-doing our house …My bathroom will be a somewhat retro -black and white. Subway tiles in the bathroom w/dark grout, black framed shower door, black and white tile floor, white pedestal sink, etc …Which Benjamin Moore white would you recommend? We think we are using White Dove for the house but haven't completely decided.

  • Erics Granny says:

    Great video!

  • C. H. says:

    I love Benjamin Moore's Ballet White. I painted my kitchen Ballet White, and now I wish I had used it in the living room and dining room as well.

  • SR0627 says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been trying to find the perfect shade of white for the interior of my house. Right now it’s a soft Griege color (too grey for my taste) but I’m looking for more of a creamy white color that isn’t too yellow. I have dark rustic furniture and would love to brighten up my house since I have a small living room. Any suggestions?

  • char deplate says:

    Have you tried the new Super White. I want to try it but after seeing your video thought I would check with you. Your video answered many of questions because a few were my other choices.

  • Tyler Hanson says:

    Love your videos, I have a question about flooring. I am having my laminate flooring replaced how do you choose a fresh but also durable colour?

  • Bette Gregory says:

    I love their colors but BM paint just isn't durable. I love Valspar Reserve. Sorry BM

  • Lauretta Berger says:

    Greetings from WI! Very informative video. Can I ask…. we are building and I have chosen 2 Benjamin Moore colors….. Bleeker Beige for our family room and hallways and Palladium Blue for our kitchen. I need to select a white for our cabinetry and trim….. which white do you think would go well with these colors? Thanks so much!!💕

  • Jessica Huang says:

    Thank you for the helpful video. I'm wondering if you happen to know where the blue rug in the Simply White photo is from.

  • Lynn Rios-Shaw says:

    I am painting my brick fireplace white, but I would like to know what type of paint and color I should use. Thx

  • maria dalpi says:

    thx a lot,very helpfull! I want to paint the bedroom, the wall behind the bed Hale Navy, the other walls a white with a little-discreet undertone of pink. I'll also paint the bed a soft white-grey.Can you please propose me a very soft pink and another white-grey of Bejamin Moore? Unfortunately,i can't find samples to buy here….thxagain!!

  • Kristy Labruyere says:

    I love antique white. Creamy white on the warm side, goes well with any color.

  • Jodi Bennett says:

    What white would you recommend for your trim/doors if your walls were revere pewter?

  • Keeping Up With My Home says:

    Hi there, thanks for the lesson on white colours. I have a very bright office with lots of sun and windows. I have all white Ikea furniture. Someone suggested I paint with Cloud White. What do you suggest?

  • angangaus says:

    Thsnk you for being a great influence. Now do a feature on window treatments. For every room. Please, nothing from those 20k+ ripp off nyc stores.

  • Juana Cruz Soto says:

    Cual es el color de pared de jillian harris?

  • E S says:


    I really wish BM would have videos like this on their website. Ive just started out using BM Paint about 6-7 months ago and the whites have been an issue. I’ve even seen them pair a few tones that were questionable to me together and having used a suggested color arrangement in my own home, I’m slightly disappointed. Decorators White ONLY works with Grey and Blue Tones.


  • Sameya Qureshi says:

    Hi need help we are redesigning our new house. Need help with colours. We have a large corner sofa which is a colour milk chocolate colour. We have lots of natural light due to the large bay window and another window on the side of the room. Its a old Victorian house. Please help with what colours on the wall would be good? Also the hallway is very big with tall walls.

  • Hershey Lima says:

    I'm doing my kitchen. Wondering about mixing warm & cool colors. I have: Cool, blue, glass backsplash + Natural, light oak cabinets (warm) + beige floor tile (warm- neutral).
    What do do for countertop to bring it together? Warm cream or cool grey? Or more neutral? Stainless steel appliances.
    It's a small space, I don't want too much going on, but I hate too much white and/ or grey.
    All the natural light comes from the other side of the dining room, kitchen has LEDs 2700- 3000 color range

  • mrarch says:

    Lovely video and great choices which I have used. My all time favorite is 'Cloud White' oc-130 hands down!

  • Rev1119 aru says:

    hi, need advice on kitchen wall color, my kitchen cabinet is burgundy and dark gray/black table-top. any recommended color for me to use in medium size kitchen and i would like my kitchen to be active.

  • Martine kallimbu says:

    thanks for your videos madam, I just want to ask you,
    1) One of my bedroom has size of 9ft X 10 ft, has one window 6.5 ft X 4.75 ft,
    2)Another one has same size, but has two same size Windows,
    3)third of my bedroom has size of 10ft X 15 ft, has two windows 6.5 ft X 4.75 ft,
    4) Living room has 13 ft X 10 ft, and two windows with same size as bedroom windows ( 6.5 ft X 4.75 ft)
    outside soil colour is reddish.



  • Bella V says:

    Will you do a top 5 whites from Sherwin Williams? They’re the only paint we will use, and I’d love to get your opinion on the whites they have to offer!

  • Hollow Stream says:

    Hi there! I have design dilemma. The interior of my house is painted in shaker beige bm, all bedrooms have similar rich neutral colors. My daughter now wants to paint her room white, I’m hesitating since it looks so different from the rest of the house. We are looking at dove white bm for the walls and Rosalita blue bm for her ceiling. Should I reconsider the wall color to match the rest of the house? Does it even make a difference since it’s a bedroom.

  • Lisa Browne says:

    Which white paint would you recommend for a north facing room? I definitely want a white but I don't want the room to look cold and sterile.

  • Fatima says:

    Can hou do a houstour yourself please?

  • Xiaohan Zhang says:

    Thanks for the video! I’m repainting my condo (small space) and would like the wall colours to be all white. I cannot decide between simply white & chantilly lace. Which one would u recommend? The hardwood floor has a dark colour btw.

  • KP says:

    white dove by BM is very pretty!

  • Chris Rizzo says:

    Outstanding video. Quick question…. I have a 2 story 2100 square foot townhouse. Just painted it mostly with balboa mist. Very happy with that selection. Getting ready to redo all the trim and the doors. Leaning toward Chantilly lace but I would love your opinion. Also considering painting the ceiling as well. You ok with using Chantilly lace for the trim, doors and ceiling? If so, should I use oil based Chantilly lace for trim and doors and Chantilly flat paint for the ceiling. Thank you so much!

  • lisa olivia says:

    Can you recommend a Benjamin moore white paint, I love chantilly lace but i find it just a hair too stark only just a hair though I still want something like it.

  • SteamPunk5250 says:

    Thank you for your informative and succinct videos. As you know, paint chips are way too small. As a result, my hallway took on the appearance of a giraffe with my extra large paint splotches. At some point the light dawned: use index cards or, my favorite, the inside of letter-sized manilla folders. Here in Texas we have a knock-down texture on our walls, not to be reproduced in a folder, but their size and flexibility more than makes up for that.

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