Tombow Marker Watercoloring

Tombow Marker Watercoloring

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone. Kristina Werner here. Welcome to another video
for Today I’m going to be using the
Party Like a Panda Stamp Set that’s included in the
August 2019 Card Kit. It’s a really cute stamp set and I’ve seen a lot of card
examples using the pandas. So today I thought I would make a card using only the balloons that
are included in the stamp set. I’m going to start out by
stamping the balloon cluster that says “happy”, these really cute, they kind of remind of Mylar balloons. I’m gonna stamp them in
Versafine Onyx Black Ink. And the paper I’m using today is Strathmore Bristol Paper. Now I’m using this paper in particular because I am going to be using
some Tombow markers later to do some watercoloring. And this paper works really
well with Tombow markers. I also have a piece of masking paper here from Simon Says Stamp. And I’m going to create some masks for not only this first
balloon bouquet that says happy but also all of the other balloons included in the stamp set. I’m going to be stamping these
using that same black ink and then using my scissors to trim them out very
closely on the stamp line so that I can then use these masks as I start stamping my
whole grouping of balloons. So the reason why you wanna use masking paper is because at first I thought I wouldn’t
have to do any masking. I thought, “Oh, the balloons can overlap.” They kinda look like they’re
in front of each other and they’re a little more translucent. However, I noticed on the
happy bouquet balloons that there are no intersecting lines which makes sense if they’re Mylar, that’s what they would be. They would be opaque. They would not be translucent. So I decided I would go with that and make sure that none
of my other balloons were intersecting or
overlapping obviously like that. So after I stamped a balloon, I would put that mask right over the top and then I can stamp
another balloon next to it and it wouldn’t even show. So I just stamped this heart
balloon right next to it. And I don’t think I mentioned this but I’m using Versafine Onyx Black Ink because it is a waterproof ink. So like I mentioned earlier I’m gonna be doing some
watercoloring with markers. And so having a waterproof
ink is perfect for this. And as I remove each one of these masks I just put it on the back of the stamp set and then I can use them later for any other projects
that I might create. I’ve taken my stamped piece and put it onto a hard board and I’m taping it down specifically because I’m gonna be doing a lot of watercoloring all
over the surface of this and I wanna prevent any warping. Using the Galaxy Set of
Dual Brush Pens from Tombow, I’m mostly using a palette
from Art Impressions. It’s just a piece of plastic and I’m scribbling some of
the markers onto that palette. And then using a water brush from Altenew to pick those colors up. Started out by doing some color at the very top of this piece, just some blue. And then I brought in
some of the black color. And then doing this up at the top. I realized I wasn’t
getting quite enough water coming out of my brush. It was such a large area
that I was painting. But I did bring in a cup of water so that I could just get
a little bit more water coming with the brush. So I had that blue and black and then I dried it and then I’m going to start putting some more intense
color over the top because I want the top area
of this entire piece here to almost look like a starry sky. So I’m gonna bring in some purples and bring in some more
intense black shades, things like that. I want it to look more
like a nighttime sky so that I can later do some
white paint over the top, in a paint splatter pattern so that it looks like stars. So I’ve added that black on top, more intense color by coloring directly onto that paper and then spreading it
out with a wet brush. So Bristol paper, if you’ve never used it when it comes to watercoloring
with your markers it just tends to let the color move a little bit more freely, especially if you color directly onto the paper with your marker and then use a wet brush
to spread that color out. I find that watercolor
markers really work best on Bristol paper. I think they behave there a little better, they’re a little more forgiving. So for each one of these balloons, I’m using one color at first. I’m doing a little bit of purple, on these two balloons here. Then I’m gonna switch colors and I’m going to more
of this turquoise shade. And I’m also going to add another balloon with that same turquoise
shade over on the side. I don’t wanna put any of the
same colors side by side. I don’t want any two balloons
that are the same color to be next to each other. So right there, looks like that marker’s
drying out a little bit but not a problem since
I’m using a water brush to spread that around. I am going to leave the alphabet balloons free of any color because I’m planning to do something gold with special on those in a bit. So after I painted each one of these balloons
a different color, I then dried everything and I’m going to come in
with an additional color on most of these balloons ’cause I wanted to have a
little variation in color. So I’m gonna bring some pink
onto the purple balloon, both purple balloons actually. And then I’m going to grab a green marker and I’m gonna put the green marker over that turquoise shade and that’s just going to
add a little more interest, a little more teal, give a little more green
on that bottom area. I didn’t use the green from the Galaxy set of
markers anywhere else, so I thought that would be nice. Also added some purple to
those blue star balloons. Okay, so I’m gonna add
a little more purple to the bottom area. You saw me add some pink earlier, just gonna add a little more
purple to that bottom area. And then I used my heat tool
to speed up the drying process. So now I’m gonna take the liquid
chrome marker from Molotow and I’m going to go over
these alphabet balloons. Like I said earlier, I thought they really look like those Mylar alphabet balloons
or numbers like this too. And I like them when
they’re super shiny silver and I immediately thought
of this chrome marker, liquid chrome marker from Molotow. So I’m going over these areas. Notice that it completely goes
over any of the black lines that are already on the balloons. So I was very very careful
going over those areas. So to add a white splatter I’m using some white gouache. It’s an opaque white paint and I’m covering up those balloons with some just random paper that’s just going to protect those while I add the paint splatter. So I’m adding quite a bit
of water to this gouache. When you’re doing paint splatter you wanna have a consistency
of like a heavy cream. That’s about the consistency you want. And then I just run it off
the edge of my acrylic block and that gives me a
little bit more control when it comes to the paint splatter. So I’m adding a little bit more, getting more of those
splatters and dots everywhere. I’m making sure I get
enough over the entire area. Then I removed that paper and to keep it a little more
controlled to the bottom and so I wouldn’t accidentally
get dots on the balloons, I just used that same brush and just dropped in some dots on my own. I then took a number 10 Gelly Roll pen. This is the gold version of
their white Gelly Roll pen and I went over each one
of these highlight areas on the balloons. So everywhere there were those black lines indicating highlights, I just put over those
with the white gel pen. You can see that liquid chrome looks really really cool over the top of those balloons. It really makes them look
like those Mylar balloons. So I removed it from my hardboard and I then decided to cut like a cloud line up at the top. And I did this for a few reasons. I did it because well I wanted
a little bit more interest up at the top and then also I thought it would let the card base color show. I’m gonna put this on a white card base and it’ll just let it show a little bit. Used my guillotine trimmer
from Tim Holtz and Tonic and just trimmed this down, so it’s a little bit smaller than a five and a half inch wide card. And then I created the card base itself using some Neenah
Classic Crest Solar White 110 pound card stock. I just squared that at five and a half. Put some foam squares
behind this watercolor piece and then press that
down onto the card base. The last thing to do is to add a greeting. I use the small little
happy birthday stamp from the Tiny Words Birthday
Stamp Set from Simon. Just put that on some black card stock, heat embossed it with some
white embossing powder, and then trimmed that out. And I adhered that with
some foam tape as well. And that’s the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed a fun
way to use that Panda Stamp Set that’s included in the
2019 August Card Kit from Simon Says Stamp. If you wanna check out any of the supplies I used in today’s video, you can see that listed down below in the video description. And I appreciate you guys tuning in. Onscreen I’ve got three more card videos for you to check out. These are all cards made using previous card
kits from I really love using their card kits and I hope you guys will check those out. Thank you so much for watching once again. I will be back on Friday
with another card video.


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