Tips for Sellers – Popular Paint Colors

Tips for Sellers – Popular Paint Colors

It’s Karin Carr with Keller Williams in
Savannah, Georgia. I’m going to do a series of videos for sellers. A lot of
times sellers come to me and say, “We’re thinking of selling our house in the
next few months, we’ve already done all of our honey-do list, we’ve done all
these home improvement projects, and the house is ready for the market.” But where
they spent their time and effort fixing up the house are not necessarily the
things that are going to bring you a really good return on investment and
help the house sell for a higher price. So I thought I would put together a
series of tips where we see the most return on investment. Every
home improvement that project that you do is not going to give you a dollar for
dollar return on investment. In fact most things don’t. If you put in a pool you
are probably not going to be able to sell your house for what you paid for that pool. It
just doesn’t usually work that way. But these tips have shown to increase the
sales price of your house. So tip number one is paint color. Paint is one of the
least expensive and easiest things that you can do to fix up your house before
you sell it. Sherwin Williams says that one of the most popular colors is greige,
which is a combination of grey and beige, and that by painting the exterior of
your house greige – this actually came from CBS News. They did this report –
that your home would sell on average for $1500 more. Your living
room -they’re calling it taupe but to me taupe is greige – they’re saying that a
taupe living room will raise the sales price of your house $1,800.
it does NOT cost $1,800 to paint your living room! That is a killer ROI! So
these are the things that we want to do when you’re selling your house to get it
ready for the market. Here is what the Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige color
looks like in a living room and here is what it looks like on the outside of the
house. If you paint your front door the the CBS report says they found that on
average the gray or blue front door can raise the sales price of your house by
$1500. Again, it does not cost $1500 to
paint your front door. You could replace the whole front door for
probably less than that (depending on what kind of a door you pick) so these
are great things. What I thought was really interesting were the colors that
they said detracted from your value. So a blue living room, and I’m assuming they
need a fairly vivid blue, your house should sell for $800
less! A yellow kitchen, $800 less. A dark brown on the outside
of your house $1900 less. A red dining room, and we all think
that red stimulates your appetite and that’s why fast food places are always
red and orange, right? $2000 less. So don’t paint your dining
room red or it’s not going to bring a good return on investment when you sell
your house! So paint color is huge and makes a big impact for
a very minimal investment. That was tip #1. Stay tuned for more videos in
the series!


  • Georgia Coast Homes by Karin Carr says:

    Thinking of selling your home? Learn which paint colors can ADD value to your home – and which ones DETRACT value.

  • Amy Hayslett Realtor says:

    Great tips. I see a lot of people spending money on the wrong things. I had a client turn the 3rd car garage bay into a room which you could only enter via the garage. They wanted to know how much it would add to value.

  • Mary Kay Ulsamer says:

    Well done!

  • JustSayin says:

    This told me nothing. I want to know what colors I should paint my rooms – taupe, white, cream??? You just say according to Sherwin Williams…….What about basements?

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