Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Okami HD

>>[XBOX SOUND] For those who played
the original Okami, you already know how
great this game is. Now with the release
of Okami HD, fans, new and old, can enjoy this
beautiful story in high-def. Okami is Japanese for wolf, but the kanji characters
used in this game title are pronounced differently
and mean Great Deity. It’s a play on words, so
you play as, you guessed it, a God reincarnate as
a white wolf named Amaterasu. An evil you vanquished
100 years ago has returned, so you’ve been brought
back to deal with it. Armed with a magical paintbrush, it’s your duty to save the world and return color to the land. So here are
five tips to help you get started in Okami HD. Tip number one,
“Know Your Gear”. You will spend the first part of the game with just one weapon,
Divine Retribution. This weapon is classified
as a reflector, and it looks like a shield. It also acts like one when
it’s equipped as a sub-weapon. There are three types
of weapons in this game: reflectors, rosaries
and glaives. And you’ll be able to equip
two weapons at the same time, one as your main weapon,
and one as your sub. When you equip a reflector
as your main weapon, you get a balanced
mid-range attack. Rosaries are strings of
beads that act like a whip when you set them
as your main weapon, or bullets when
equipped as your sub. They are the weakest of
the three classes but are great for
long-range attacks. Glaives are your melee weapons. And while glaives may be slower, they are the most powerful
of the weapon types. Throughout the game,
you’ll have the chance to find five weapons
of each weapon type, so experiment with different main and sub-weapon combinations to find which works best
with your play style. Tip number two, “Think Ink”. There are 13 Brush
Gods in Okami, and each one will teach you a different celestial
brush technique that can be used in
or out of battle. Besides these
techniques, you can also use your brush to
blind enemies with ink. You can even change the
thickness of your brush stroke. Use X for a thin stroke, which is useful for
the trickier techniques, or use Y for a thick stroke, which is great for
techniques like rejuvenation. Tip number three,
“Get that Glow”. You may occasionally notice
glowing spots on the ground. This indicates that
something’s buried below, so, to dig it up
tap Y repeatedly. If the spot is green,
this will release a clover in desperate need
of some help. Use the bloom brush
technique to revive it. If the spot is white, there’s
likely an item hiding there. Any items you dig up or collect can be found in your Fan menu. Consumables are stored in the first tab of
the menu under “Tools”. Items like vases, statues, or jewelry can be found in the Fan menu under
“Treasure Tome”, and can be sold to merchants
for a nice chunk of change. Tip number four, “Devil Gates”. These creepy little shacks transport you to a monster lair, and initiate a battle. Once you defeat the monsters here, you’ll earn some money, but you’ll also purify the area, allowing for plants, animals, and other good things
to return to the land. Those floating scrolls will
initiate a battle, too, so if you’re not ready to fight, be careful when passing them, because they’ll chase you down. If you’re accidentally
pulled into battle, don’t worry. There’s a way out. Look for a glowing crack
in the barrier, attack it, then jump through
it to make your escape. And for tip number five, we’ve got some
”Rapid-Fire Tips”. The default “Camera Controls”
are technically inversed, which can feel funny
to some people. So if it’s not your thing, be sure to change it
in the camera settings. When running, Amaterasu’s speed
will increase over time, but if you want to jump
start your speed, do a dash. Visit the dojos, and
fork up the money to learn new techniques
as often as you can. These are incredibly useful, and will no doubt
help you in battle. Praise is earned when you
restore Nature or feed animals. You can then use
praise to increase the power of
your Divine Attributes. And lastly, this game
does not auto-save, so save at the reflection
mirrors every chance you get. Okami’s familiarity,
comforting story, and dreamy adventure will
lull you to another world. While the character
voices haven’t gotten any easier
to sit through, which you can mute in
the sound setting screen, the lovable bits of Okami
have endured and improved. When it was originally released, Okami’s art style
was ground-breaking, and now seeing it in HD only enhances
the beauty of this game. So relive this classic tale
the way it deserves, with Okami HD. [XBOX SOUND]

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