Tippmann TiPX Giveaway –  Magfed Paintball Gun

Tippmann TiPX Giveaway – Magfed Paintball Gun

– Man, I have the single
greatest YouTube community a guy could ever ask for,
how can I thank them? I want to give them something, but what could I give away? Wait a second, I’ve got an idea. (quiet dramatic music) (sharp finger snap rings out) (quiet dramatic music) (pistol thuds) What’s up guys, it’s Nightmare and today I am giving
away a Paintball pistol. Better known as the Tippmann TiPX. Before we even get into that make sure ya slam that
like button if you really enjoy seeing these giveaways
here on this channel. You might be asking
yourself well Nightmare why are you giving away
a Paintball pistol? That is simple, because I can. Actually the real reason
I’m giving this away is because of all of you out there, who have used my promo code NightmarePB at mcsus.com, I have
accumulated enough store credit that I can actually
give away some product. The link to enter the giveaway is down in the description below so
make sure you check that out. It’s also the pinned
comment on this video, so it’s gonna be very, very easy to find. So today marks day one, of the Tippmann TiPX
Paintball Pistol Giveaway. It starts with one subscription and that is to my channel, that is the only mandatory requirement is to be a subscriber
of this YouTube Channel. But the most important
one that will get you the most entries into this
contest for this badass pistol is to refer a friend, it is
worth the most amount of points. The more friends that
you refer to my channel and that become subscribers
will get you 30 entries every, single, time. I’m gonna hit the draw
button on the 31st of May and Gleam will automatically
go through the list and randomly pick one winner. Once the winner is chosen
I will contact them myself. It will also be on Gleam,
if I don’t hear back from the winner within 72 hours, I will hit the draw again button and the previous winner
will be null and void and we will go with our second round pick, and that will continue to happen every 72 hours until a winner is drawn. This contest is open to
everybody all around the world so just make sure you pay attention to your import laws because you may end up getting screwed at the
boarder if something like this shows up in your country, and
your country doesn’t allow it. Just throwing that out
there, think about that. But if that is the case and your country doesn’t allow Paintball guns, I’m sure we can work something out. I can get ya some MCS
store credit or something. We’ll worry about those
details at a later time. This contest us gonna run for a month, so during that time period
make sure you come back to this video and gloat about exactly how many entries you have. I would love to see the
different numbers over time. It would be great to
just see some friendly competition going back and forth. Again make sure you refer those friends, that’s gonna get you the
most amount of entries. I want to wish good luck to everybody who enters this contest
make sure you leave a like, subscribe to my channel if you are new, and I will catch you next time. But until then, Nightmare, out!


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