Timothy Goes To School:  Paint by Numbers / The Sleepover – Ep. 5

Timothy Goes To School: Paint by Numbers / The Sleepover – Ep. 5

>>SINGER: ♪ It’s a brand new day ♪ ♪ So come on and play ♪ ♪ In a world that’s waiting for you ♪ ♪ We’re about to begin ♪ ♪ So come on in ♪ ♪ There’s so much to do at school ♪ ♪ And you can do anything if you try ♪ ♪ With friends like Timothy by your side ♪ ♪ There’s a new adventure ♪ ♪ In everything we do ♪ ♪ We’ll all be together ♪ ♪ And you can come too ♪ ♪ When Timothy goes to school ♪ ♪ Anything can happen when Timothy goes to school ♪ ♪>>Oh my. Quick sticks, children.>>Wow, it’s a mess.>>TIMOTHY: It’s a big mess.>>I guess it’s time to play the place race.>>If it’s a race, we’ll win. Right, Frank?>>Right, Frank.>>What’s the place race?>>It’s a race to put everything in its proper place. Everybody ready?>>ALL: Ready!>>JENKINS: Go!>>Timothy, that book goes on the bookshelf.>>Thanks, Doris.>>Grace, those pencils go in the pencil jar.>>Yes, I know, Doris.>>Frank and Frank, make sure those balls go in the basket.>>FRANK: Two points!>>Four points!>>FRANKS: Go, Franks, go! (Giggling)>>JENKINS: Okay children, the place race is over and you all win.>>ALL: Yay!>>Now, before you go home, I have an announcement. Tonight, I want you to think about something special you’d like to paint. Tomorrow you’re all going to paint a picture.>>ALL: Yay!>>TIMOTHY: I can’t wait to paint. What about you, Doris?>>I don’t know. I don’t paint a lot.>>What? Everybody loves painting.>>Painting is fun.>>Oh. ♪>>Doris!>>DORIS: Yes, mom.>>Oh, tell your brothers to come to the dinner table.>>Okay, mom. Boris! Morris! Horace! Mom says to come to the dinner table!>>BOYS: Ha ha ha ha.>>Whoa!>>I get to sit beside dad.>>No fair. Oh!>>I get to sit beside Boris.>>HORACE: I get to sit across from Boris.>>Huh!>>DORIS’ MOM: Doris, you sit here.>>Okay.>>So, what happened in school today?>>Mrs. Jenkins–>>BORIS: I traded lunch and got two jam sandwiches for one bologna.>>Wow!>>Mrs. Jenkins says–>>I held my breath for two minutes.>>Great!>>Mrs. Jenkins says–>>I hopped on one foot all through recess.>>BOYS: Alright!>>Argh! Mrs. Jenkins–>>We can hear you, Doris.>>Mrs. Jenkins says we’re gonna paint tomorrow. We’re supposed to think of something to paint.>>I painted the house once.>>You did?>>Yup, it used to be green and I painted it blue. (Laughter)>>JENKINS: Now is everyone ready to paint?>>ALL: Yeah!>>First of all, we’re going to make colors. Look at the ones you have in front of you. Who knows what those colors are?>>ALL: Ooh, ooh, ooh.>>Grace.>>That’s red, that’s yellow, and that’s blue.>>JENKINS: Very good. And with these three colors, called “primary colors,” you can make all the other colors.>>But how do you make them?>>By mixing two of the colors together. Let’s all try. ♪>>Hey, I mixed red and yellow and I made orange.>>I mixed yellow and blue and I made green.>>I made purple by mixing blue and red.>>See what happens if you add white or black to a color. Look, Charles mixed red and white and made pink.>>That’s very pretty, Charles.>>FRANK: Oh.>>Look what we made.>>Football brown.>>FRANKS: Go, Franks, go! (Giggling)>>I mixed a bunch of colors and I got this.>>What is that color?>>I don’t know, but I like it.>>It’s weird.>>Yeah, I’ve never seen a football that color.>>I like it.>>Now that you can make colors, it’s time to start painting.>>But what are we supposed to paint?>>Anything you like. You can paint something that makes you feel good, something you like to look at, or something that makes you smile. Whatever you want. ♪>>Huh, oh. ♪>>JENKINS: Alright everyone, now we’re going to have our own art show. Let’s see what you’ve painted.>>I painted a picture of me with my mom and dad outside our house.>>I painted a bird on a cherry blossom branch.>>I painted a flower with four petals and three leaves.>>I painted Mrs. Jenkins because she makes me smile.>>Thank you, Charles. Good work, Lily.>>Thanks, Mrs. Jenkins.>>NORA: (Siren noises)>>JENKINS: Alright, who hasn’t shown their painting?>>DORIS: Ooh, ooh, ooh.>>JENKINS: Doris, what did you paint?>>Um, I painted this.>>FRANKS: That’s weird.>>It’s–it’s–>>What is it?>>I don’t know.>>Then why did you paint it?>>I don’t know, I just liked it.>>CHARLES: Um, I like it too.>>Even if I don’t know what it is?>>Let’s see listening ears, children. I’ve got a surprise for you.>>These are permission slips for you to take home and give to your parents because tomorrow we’re going to a museum to see some famous paintings.>>ALL: Ooh!>>Oh. (Laughter)>>I ate three bowls of spaghetti at lunch.>>I learned how to do this with my tongue.>>I ran backwards all the way through recess.>>And what about you, Doris?>>I painted this.>>What is it?>>Why’d you paint that?>>Why didn’t you paint me?>>It looks like you.>>Yeah, a big blue blob.>>Boris, Horace, Morris, that’s enough.>>Do you like it, mom?>>It’s very…nice, Doris.>>I think you should put it on the fridge, dear.>>Yes, that’s just what I’ll do.>>DORIS: Mom. It’s upside down.>>BOYS: Ha ha ha ha ha.>>Quick sticks, children. Line up and get ready to go to the museum. We’ll just make sure everyone is here. Yes, yes, yes, wait, where’s Doris?>>There she is. Around the corner.>>Doris, don’t you want to come to the museum?>>No.>>But why?>>I’m not a good painter like everyone else. Nobody likes my painting.>>CHARLES: I like it.>>Come along to the museum, Doris. I think you’ll be surprised. ♪ Listening ears, children. This museum is filled with all kinds of paintings. Miss Appleberry will guide you through the museum. As you walk through, you may see something that reminds you of your painting.>>Everyone, pick a buddy and stick with them all the time. Museum buddies everyone.>>CHARLES: Um, will you be my museum buddy?>>Okay, Charles.>>In this room, you’ll see pictures of trees and fields and lakes, these are called “landscapes.”>>YOKO: There’s a tree like mine!>>They aren’t like mine.>>APPLEBERRY: And here we have some “still life” paintings. That’s what you call paintings of flowers or fruits.>>GRACE: Hey, those flowers are like mine.>>And when you paint a picture of someone, it’s called a “portrait.”>>TIMOTHY: I wonder if he painted his mom and dad too.>>DORIS: Oh. Mrs. J, no one paints like me.>>Come into the next room, everyone. Come and see this.>>APPLEBERRY: This kind of painting is called “abstract.” That means the paintings don’t look real like the other paintings we’ve seen. These artists paint this way because they like the way it looks.>>What is that?>>FRANKS: That is weird.>>These aren’t real paintings.>>I think I like the other room better.>>Wow, I like these paintings. They look like mine. What do you think, Charles?>>They’re almost as good as yours.>>Thanks, Charles. We like these paintings, Mrs. J. Can Charles and I stay here?>>Alright, Doris.>>DORIS: How’s that? A little higher on the left?>>That’s perfect. I think that’s my favourite one yet.>>Yeah, me too. (Laughter)>>Mom says you’re supposed to come for dinner.>>What are you doing?>>I’m making a museum of my paintings.>>Who’s gonna see them in here?>>Me and Charles. Whenever he wants, right?>>Right.>>Come on, it’s dinner time, Charles.>>I get to sit beside dad!>>And remember, you’re going to have to speak up. ♪ (Laughter)>>FRANK: Make it go higher!>>FRANKS: Higher, higher! The Franks are on fire! (Laughter)>>Ow!>>Oh no!>>Are you okay, Timothy?>>Yeah.>>FRANK: Not like that. Like this. You see, it’s easier.>>Hey, I don’t feel dizzy.>>FRANK: Come on, higher!>>FRANKS: Higher, higher! The Franks never tire!>>TIMOTHY: And then Frank hit the ball back over to me–>>YOKO: Yes?>>–and I hit it the way he said–>>Yes?>>–and I didn’t even get dizzy.>>Wow!>>TIMOTHY: And then Frank hit the ball high in the air. You should’ve seen it, right Frank and Frank?>>FRANK: Right.>>Yeah, right.>>Ooh, great bike.>>Yeah, that’s a really great bike.>>TIMOTHY: Hey, it doesn’t have training wheels.>>I don’t need training wheels.>>Training wheels are for little kids.>>FRANK: For babies.>>FRANK: Yeah, babies.>>Ha ha ha ha, yeah, babies.>>Goo-goo.>>Ha ha ha ha ha, gaga. (Laughter)>>Bye, guys.>>YOKO: Bye, Timothy.>>See you tomorrow!>>ALL: Bye!>>TIMOTHY: Hi, mom.>>Hello dear, guess what? Frank and Frank are going to sleep over tonight. Big Frank has to use his bulldozer to fix a bridge.>>What? Here, tonight?>>Yes, dear.>>Oh.>>I thought you liked Frank and Frank.>>I do, but–>>What?>>Are they staying for dinner?>>Yes.>>Well, don’t use those. Use the real plates.>>But I thought you liked these plates.>>Well, I don’t want Frank and Frank to think I’m a baby.>>Okay.>>I gotta go clean up my room. ♪ Pengy, I have to hide you or the Franks will laugh at me. Don’t worry, it’s just for tonight. ♪>>BIG FRANK: Let’s hustle, guys.>>FRANKS: Okay.>>Now don’t forget to pack you jammies.>>FRANKS: Okay.>>BIG FRANK: And, uh, don’t forget your manners either, huh?>>We won’t.>>Yeah, we won’t.>>Okay partners, I want “pleases” and “thank yous” from you both.>>FRANKS: Okay.>>It’s okay to ask for seconds, but be polite. You guys understand?>>FRANKS: Yeah.>>That’s my boys.>>Oh, I almost forgot this.>>Hey, what was that?>>Nothing.>>Yeah, it was.>>No.>>What was it?>>Get off, this is my bag.>>Hey!>>FRANK: No fair.>>Ow. (Laughter)>>BIG FRANK: Hey, hey, hey, hey now this isn’t the time for fun and games. You can play at Timothy’s house.>>Yeah.>>Bye, dad.>>Yeah, bye. Hey. (Laughter) Ha ha, now you can’t get me.>>Oh yeah? (Laughter)>>No fair. Hey, what’s under here?>>Huh!>>TIMOTHY’S DAD: Boys, dinner!>>FRANKS: Dinner! Go, Franks, go! Go, Franks, go! Go, Franks, go!>>Phew.>>Great franks and beans.>>Best we ever had.>>Thank you, boys.>>Ha ha ha ha. ♪>>Can I have some more? I mean, can I have some more, please?>>Me before you, me first.>>Me before you, me first! Hey, no fair! (Laughter)>>FRANKS: Okay, we’ll both go first…please.>>Ha ha ha ha ha.>>Here you go.>>Me too, please.>>I’m winning.>>No, I’m winning.>>TIMOTHY’S DAD: Ehem. Uh, why don’t we go outside and shoot some hoops?>>Yeah.>>Great idea.>>Yeah.>>Great dinner, thanks.>>Yeah, thanks. Me before you, me first.>>Hey, me before you, me first.>>You’re welcome, boys.>>I’ll try to wear them out before bed.>>Ha ha ha ha.>>One, two, me against you.>>Three, four, I’m gonna score. Foul!>>Was not!>>Was to!>>You’re just mad ’cause I’m winning.>>Not for long.>>FRANK: Hey! (Laughter)>>Now who’s winning?>>Okay, that’s enough basketball for tonight, I think.>>Ha ha ha, I won. (Laughter)>>FRANK: Boo!>>FRANK & TIMOTHY: Ahh! (Laughter) ♪>>Come on Frank, let’s race.>>Okay. (Laughter)>>Yeah, woo-hoo, I win, I win.>>Yeah, now we have to eat you.>>FRANK: Yeah, gobble you up.>>You can’t eat me.>>FRANK: Can too.>>FRANK: Yeah, can too.>>FRANK: Argh!>>Ahh!>>Oops. (Laughter)>>Good thing you tired them out, dear.>>Ha ha ha. (Laughter)>>Time to get ready for bed, boys.>>FRANKS: Okay.>>TIMOTHY: Okay. ♪>>Huh!>>TIMOTHY’S DAD: Come on, let’s get your teeth brushed.>>Phew!>>Take that!>>No, you take that!>>Hey! Ew! (Laughter)>>Here.>>Thanks. Ha!>>Roar! (Laughter)>>Roar! Huh? Unh…yuck. (Laughter)>>Roar! (Knocking on door) Roar! Opps.>>Ha ha ha ha, come on Timothy, time for bed. Okay, is there anything you need before lights out?>>Nope.>>Yeah, uh, no.>>Good night, boys.>>Night, dad.>>Night.>>Yeah, night. ♪>>Wh–what’s that?>>I–I don’t know.>>I don’t know either. ♪>>Huh? What’s this?>>It’s Bully.>>FRANK: You brought that baby toy? Is that what you were hiding? Now the whole school is going to find out and laugh at us.>>But Bully makes me feel better at night.>>TIMOTHY: I have a favourite bedtime toy too. He’s Pengy.>>We won’t tell if you won’t tell.>>Yeah, I won’t tell.>>FRANK: Promise?>>I promise. ♪ ♪


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