Three Color Vaseline Distress Chalk Paint Chippy New Technique DIY Chalkpaint

Three Layer Vaseline Distress I’m Wendi with Nashville Restoration and I’m going to show you how to
to distreess a dresser with Vaseline. I think we’re going to do
this dresser in red and we will let some of this dark wood show through. I’m
going to sand some of this off because even though you don’t need to prep and sand
much for chalk paint, it’s just too much stuff to leave on there.
I make my own chalk paint for cost and for colors. For this I’m
going to use Valspar paints I got from Lowe’s. These are about $3 per container.
I’m going to use “Oh So Red” and “Ripe Pomegranate” I wanted to do kind of a
sunset feel and these are the colors that I felt that suited that. You will
need plaster of Paris to make your chalk paint, Vaseline and clear wax. I make my own Clear wax along with making
my own chalk paint and both of those recipe links are at the end of this
video if you want to save some money and make your own. Let’s get started.
I’m going to put vaseline everywhere that I want this dresser to be distressed so
I’m going to do it on the edges and then in areas where paint would
naturally be chipped off or chippy. Do a little bit around the handles, maybe a
little thicker up here, a little wider here and there. I want to just do some
little dots and splotches, just distribute those a little bit. I like
using the paintbrush but I also use my hands a lot when I paint. I’ve got the Vaseline everywhere I
wanted on the dresser. I have mixed up my Ripe Pomegranate into chalk paint so
I’m gonna just put this base color on here. We will probably have to do the base
color in two coats just because this wood is so dark. I’ll probably come back
and add a little more. I’m just going to kind of haphazardly
paint, not trying to be neat but definitely not trying to have any drips.
I don’t want to work the paint too much as to not disturb the Vaseline too
much. When I come back on the second coat I can kind of get it more how I want it.
Right now I just want this on here without disturbing the vaseline too much. I’m back in the first coat is pretty
much dry. I’m going to paint a second coat on some places and what this will
do is it will actually appear to put different shades of orange under this.
When we distressed this and take the Vaseline off it will be layered with
seemingly more colors than it actually is. So that’s it, just sort of
sporadically put some here and there and let this dry. I should have said to let the
first coat of paint dry for at least two hours the second coat of paint, there’s
not much paint so we can probably go an hour and be okay before we come back for the next
step. Before I add the red I want to take off some of this orange and see what I
have. I have a feeling I’m gonna love this
dresser. This paint rubs right off of course where
the Vaseline was. Now I’m going to take the Vaseline again and I’m going to put it here and there. I
want some of this orange to show through so
I’m doing the little dabs. I will not actually try to put this red paint all
over this dresser. The spots that I like along here I might put very little,
if any there. I’m not going to come back and try to do everything. I’m gonna
come back and try to make it look chippy. Here’s my red chalk paint that I mixed
up. I mixed this up pretty thick or thicker than the last because I want it to cover better. This I also want to intentionally leave
darker in some spots than others to add to the distressed look. This coat I’m going to let dry for at
least four hours or in my case overnight because it’s already midnight. Alright, we will be back after this dries for the next segment. Like I said four hours to dry or
overnight and then we will do the next step. This does look like it has more
orange that I want so I’m going to add the third color on here. This is a very
red so I’m going to kind of put it where I put the second color and this
will take a lot of this orange out of here. Stuff I like this I am NOT going to
go over again I’m just going to kind of paint around it so this will end up
being a three colors with tons of layers. Okay I will finish the rest of this
off-camera and then we will come back for the next step. Alright it’s time to
see what we got, I’m just going to sand this a little bit. I want it to
look distressed and like this has been painted over and over again for the last
50 years. We’re gonna take off some of this. I’m using a 180 grit sandpaper and
I’ve just got it wrapped on a sanding sponge but really any kind of sandpaper will do. it will get very gunked-up from leftover Vaseline so be ready to go through some sandpaper.
This is also another way to make sure that the all the Vaseline is off. Alright, we are at the final step for this
dresser. We’re gonna put some clear wax on it. I like to put my clear wax on
with the rag. This is clear wax that I make here. There is a recipe link at the
end of this video for it. It cost 1/3 of pre-made wax so I save a lot of
money like this. I also came back and painted these knobs all the way red and I
put a little bit of red right in these cracks right here. I thought that would
look cool and a little bit of red along the edges right here but would just be a
kind of a nice accent. I probably don’t have to show you how clear wax so
I will finish this up and then come back and show you the finished product. The Results! I lined the drawers with fabric! Video link at the end.

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