Wow, it’s a really windy day here. There are people mowing outside. There are so many noises that I cannot control and it’s just a bummer. So sorry if there’s weird noises coming in. We are going to do a video today that you guys have requested. so I decided on Instagram the other day to have you request videos that you want to see on my channel and this was the most requested one. I was kind of shocked actually because I didn’t think people were into these videos. I just always did them for fun. I didn’t think it was something that I guess people wanted to see but the sketch with me videos were highly requested when I did that That’s what we’re doing today. We’re doing a sketch with me. I kind of want to practice anatomy a little bit. So we’re gonna do that in today’s video and you guys can sketch along. This is going to be a longer video. I kind of feel like doing a longer video today. I don’t know, you guys want to talk and live draw? We haven’t really done that in a while. I kind of like doing that with you guys, you know, Me do my little sketchy things you guys whip out your sketchbook. Do your little sketchy things. It’s a fun time. I am using reference images from Pexels? Yeah, that’s how you say it. That’s not sponsored. By the way. It’s just where I go to get royalty-free reference photos. If I need a model or something. Wow, this is looking really bad. My Anatomy is really rusty right now. So forgive me. We’re gonna struggle through this together though. I really want to improve my anatomy and the flow of my pieces because well, first of all, I took quite a long break from drawing people. I think sometimes the whole use-it-or-lose-it thing is pretty applicable for art. I think I lost some of what I used to be able to do. So we’re just gonna practice things. You know, whoa, whoa [laughs nervously] Good thing we have an eraser! Just gonna redo that hand. I went through this phase with which I didn’t want to draw people for a while but now I’m like, hey guys, Let’s draw people again. [Laughs] Except that some of my skills have waned a little bit and I think it’s good to tell you guys that, you know just because I do YouTube, does not mean my art is perfect. I struggle. Oh, this little hand. I’m happy with the hand though. Her head is like what, what is going on here? We will take care of that later. So the picture I am using is this girl who is holding an umbrella. She kind of actually looks like so craftastic if you’ve ever watched her channel. She is so kind and she’s really pretty. Okay, let’s see. How do I want to draw this part of the body? I think I’m gonna alter this picture a little bit. I just need a little bit of the pose here. So that I know how to do the hands but I think we’re gonna change the face and stuff his hand here, we got to do this hand. I guess I’m gonna make it a little cartoony. I don’t know. I don’t really know what mood I’m in. Just feeling experimental guys. Do you guys ever do that? Open your sketchbook and you just start drawing with zero plan? I think sometimes those are my best sketching times. Very little expectation is on me. So why not? I’m just gonna re-do that whole hand. This is how I struggle guys. I think I’m just gonna alter the hand and do what feels more right to me, because this isn’t looking the greatest. [Laughs] Okay, her head is having some issues so we’ll take care of that. Yeah, let’s get a face on this. I’m actually gonna shock to that there is no face on this. Ah, decapitated. I can make some plants growing out of that. I think if we give her a softer chin, make her head go like this, that’ll be better, right? Right! I don’t know what we’re gonna do for the hair. So let’s just leave that for a second. Maybe make her smile some more, because, in the picture, she just looks curious. I haven’t decided what medium I want to use for this picture either. That’ll be fun deciding. Oh, no, I don’t like those lips. I erase so much in my sketchbook, but that’s okay. You know, I think I might actually do this little pout thing. Let’s see, get this nose going. Oh, we could do a little button nose. Some big eyelashes. We’re gonna cartoonify this now. Start altering some things. Oh yeah, eyebrows! This is really actually therapeutic for me because I’ve been a little stressed over some YouTube videos that I’m trying to coordinate with other people or with things I want to do, but maybe they’re a little bigger. So I have to really plan for them. So it’s been a little rough lately. This is really nice. Okay, I want to give her a bob instead of the reference photo because I just think it looks so cool. Oh my goodness. Look at that wave going. Some big old thing. I don’t know if I’m gonna keep that. Oh, that’s obnoxious. [Laughs] Alright no, we won’t do that. Wave it like that. Oh, I like the movement on that. We could do one of those asymmetric cuts. Oh my word. Look at that and then it can – ooh, yes. Yes. Yes Yes to all that girl. We have that done. The umbrella is going up behind her. It might go off the page just a little bit, but that’s okay. Guys. I didn’t realize how much I just needed this. I have been really, really wanting to just sit down and sketch in my sketchbook. I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately, which no surprise there. I feel like that’s my life. Usually, I sketch a lot when I travel. Surprisingly I have not had a chance to do that the last couple times. It’s just been a lot more things happening. It feels good to get back into it my sketchbook. So I have a question of the day for you guys, since we’re on that topic. How often you guys sketch in your sketchbook or on a napkin or just anything like that? Let’s be realistic here, I know there’s that push that you should get every single day, but even me as a full-time artist, I don’t have time for that. I have to take a couple days a week just to market my artwork and stuff and scan my stuff and ship orders. So it’s a lot harder for me to be able to sketch every single day. So anyway, if you don’t sketch every day, don’t be down on yourself, I think that’s okay. I definitely don’t sketch every day. It’s alright. Should I do a bigger smile? Oh, I think maybe I should. Ooh, I should do like a flowy skirt on her, something flowier. The wind is blowing this way, right? Yes, we should do – Yeah, we could do her skirt is blowing in the wind. Good because I was really proud of that little curve I did on the back of her body. I like longer skirts. So that’s what she’s gonna wear because that’s what I usually wear. So yeah, okay. Let’s see. Her dress. I want it to – Man, I don’t know what I want the top to look like Maybe she can wear a sleeveless dress. Maybe she’s a bridesmaid or something, I don’t know. I was just a bridesmaid in a wedding. Actually, I was the matron of honor. Oh, that’s much better! Okay, what are we – how are we gonna shade this. Alright, I have these fineliners. I have some Posca pens. Dude, these fine liners are really good. I just got them in that Paletteful Packs box. That’s going in my art bag for sure. It would be kind of fun to do this with Posca pens. What do you think guys, should we do it? Should we? Maybe her skin tone in watercolor. [Gasps] Yes! I have some arteza watercolors that we can use. Let’s make a skin tone. This is more olive than I had hoped, but that’s okay. The Posca skin tone is okay, but I want her skin to be a little more muted because the Posca one is so saturated. Hopefully, this gives the effect that I want. By the way, I think I want to do a big coloring page bundle in my shop. So if you guys would like that and you’re interested, I would love to hear, I guess existing pieces that you would like turned into coloring pages or do you want me to surprise you with a bunch of new artwork that’s exclusively for coloring pages? Let me know because I think that’s gonna be launched in June or July. I would really, really love to do that soon. It’s been on my goal list for months, and I’m ready to do it. I just got to thinking about that because I was like, ooh, line art, that’ll be fun. What else should we do? While that’s drying, for her hair I kind of want a really exotic colour scheme. [Gasps] We should do purple guys. I’m down for that. Okay. I am so down for that.. I think dark purple and then we can lighten it up with these two colors. You see that? Eee! My goodness guys, this is gonna be fun. Yes. I think we picked a good shade. Hmm Experimenting with stuff is so fun. Dude. It is so windy here today, It is Thursday by the time you see this it’ll probably be Saturday. Let me know if you guys had a really windy week where you are because, dude! My trees outside are going on bonkers. if you want to know what sketchbook I’m using. I get this question a lot. It’s an illo sketchbook. It’s almost full guys a tour should be coming soon. I think you’ve seen a lot of the stuff in this sketchbook, but there are some gems that I have not shared. I’m excited to show you those ones. It might be half and half of seen versus things you haven’t seen yet. I’m excited to start a new sketchbook after this one. Just for a clean slate. I don’t know. I always look forward to that once I get to a certain point in my current sketchbook. If you’re sketching along with me, I want to know what you’re drawing. So you should tell me or just let me know what you’re doing along with me. Are you doing homework? Are you cleaning your house or are you procrastinating cleaning your house? or are you procrastinating on your homework? Oh, should I do purple eyes too? Uh, yes! I’m gonna block in color. Let’s do that. Okay, this is gonna be a dreary rainy day and she is gonna be this ray of sunshine. So I’m gonna do – Haha I just really wanted to obnoxiously shake that. I’m gonna do a dark blue background. You’ll see why soon, your lady’s got plans! Let’s start this. Oh, look at how saturated this blue is. This is turning into a legit piece up in here. I just wanted to practice anatomy. Ooh, I have another question for you guys. I like to touch on this topic at various points through the year because I know things change, I know the answer changes depending on what type of year. What type of year, on the time of year. I want to know what time frame of videos you like. I guess. Do you enjoy longer videos or do you enjoy shorter ones? I usually do videos that are between 15 to 18 minutes But the last couple videos I was like you know what, summers coming I’m gonna try to
shorten my videos a little bit. So I’ve been shooting for the 10 to 12 minute range It actually did really bad for me. Let me know what you prefer. What do you tend to click on? I mean I’m a binger. I really like the 20 to 30 minute videos personally. But I don’t know if I am that interesting. So that’s why today’s video is a little bit longer because I mean this is the time range that I would watch. I don’t know. I’m just having fun in today’s video though. Guys, I’m left-handed. I should have done this side first. So I wouldn’t – That left-handed struggle yo. Oh, you know, you know what, I’m gonna do a magic trick. You see this, you see this? Alright, it’s gonna be done in – [fingers click] Okay. I just colored in the blue background some more. It is currently drying, so we are going to do some highlights on the hair. See how that goes. Alrighty, we got this lighter purple. Oh girl. Wow. This is very much a different style than what I’m used to. This is fun. We’re gonna do a bright yellow umbrella. This will come together soon. I know it’s looking like a hot mess right now Y’all just gotta be patient Okay. I want this umbrella to be really colorful and maybe floral and bright because it’s gonna be raining around her. Which we will see you soon! Okay, do this. Gonna, it’s got a glowing edge to it. This is nice. Just trying to blend this a little bit, before it all dries. [Laughs] I’ve been really enjoying the whole Posca pen thing lately. It’s been trending on YouTube. I credit Kasey Golden for starting that. This piece is definitely giving me spring vibes because It has been very rainy here lately. Well, the last two days have actually been quite nice, but before that, we had quite a bit of rain. Let’s see. I want to do water droplets falling this way, along with the movement of her skirt. So I’m gonna start down here. We’re just gonna do a bunch of them. These big drops and then I’m gonna go in with another color and do some more. This really made things start to pop. I’m excited now. I like the idea of a pink dress, kind of fits the vibe here. She’s all bright and happy in this dark, gloomy rainstorm. Ooh. This one is running low. This is the one that I use to decorate a lot of my bubble mailers and stuff when people order from my shop. I love to decorate my mail and I love to do it with Posca pens If it’s a bubble mailer. If it’s an envelope or something I’ll just use stamps and doodle fun stuff. Oh my goodness, maybe it’s not running low. It just inked everywhere. Don’t soak through the paper, there’s a good sketch on the other side. Help, this is what I get for not going order in my sketchbook. Please don’t go through. I have not done a traditional video like. this, I guess in quite some time. I have been changing out my channel a little bit, and I’m trying to make it a point to show my face in pretty much every video. I think it’s important to relate with my viewers. Even if I’m just saying hi for a couple seconds, which I’m not doing in this video and it feels weird. I really like to connect with everybody for just even a second. Just talk about my art or what we’re about to do kind of thing. Feels really weird to just be doing this chill kind of thing. It also feels good. Brings back some old days. Memories. except I didn’t really do live videos like this in the old days. This is as close as I will get to a live stream. I don’t think I’m a live stream kind of person. I’m an introvert. YeaYour lady’s an introvert! Okay lip color, what should we do for that? Woo. I’m gonna say this neutrally light pink. I don’t know that might be too light. If it was raining this hard outside, I do not think I’d be standing outside with a dress and an umbrella. This is really fun guys. Thank you for requesting this video.I I think it was like the therapeutic thing that I didn’t know I needed right now. Now I’m just really happy. So we’re good. I should shade the face a little bit. I recently got theCaran D’ache colored pencils. I said in that video that I would keep using my prismacolor ‘s and I am because I still really like them. Give her some like sunkissed shoulders even though it’s raining because that makes sense. Obviously. Just touch something that has not dried yet. I have a cool idea for it. Where it’s a bunch of happy polka dots and stuff. I always like the polka dot, rainbow happy looking umbrellas outside Well, it is a new day, I kind of stopped filming cuz I had to go somewhere yesterday. Let’s start outlining stuff today. It’s all dry now. And then I’m gonna touch up some details. You know what, let’s add some fun colors to this umbrella. I think I want to do teal. Oh, yeah, I was gonna do a light yellow yesterday and here I am doing teal now. We can still do light yellow if we want. so I have actually been kind of struggling with feeling inspired lately. I’ve been pretty strapped for time lately. There’s been a lot of weddings and just other events that my husband and I have had to travel out of town for and every time life gets really busy like this. I’ve had to do smaller projects Because it’s really hard to do big projects when you’re that busy. It really really makes me want to do big projects. It ignites something within me. I really want to do art Lately, I’ve just really been wanting to do a lot of bigger pieces, bigger than this. I haven’t been able to. I am really, really excited for next week because I have set aside three days. Where I have plans, you know, I’m gonna make plans to not make plans and finally delve into some of these larger projects and what I mean by that is I do the creatures of peace acrylic paintings and stff like that. I really really want to delve back into that. Let me know down below how you cope with creating art on a busy schedule. What do you choose to do I guess? How do you manage your time constraints in your creative life? Do you just stop doing art or does it also make you just really want to create? Let me know in the comments. I just love chit chatting when I sketch. If I were to have a friend here right now, we would probably just be going back and forth about this stuff. Sorry, I have so many questions for you guys. That’s just how I roll when I sketch with people. It would probably be at a coffee shop though. I don’t actually know if I like the light yellow on this umbrella at all. Anyway, I’m just gonna keep this one minimal. So this is my game plan. Ooh, you know what? Let’s do some more highlights in the hair before we do what I was gonna mention. Some other dream projects I have. I really want to do some portraiture with my new color pencils that I did a video on recently. I’ve been loving them. By the way. I’ve had a couple comments asking me about them. They’re my dream pencils. It’s amazing. What we’re gonna do next is just outlining everything and bring it to life and then we’re gonna examine it afterwards and see what other things it might need. This is the fun stage to the piece because we’re gonna add a lot of contrast. There we go. Hey, is this teal dry? Yeah! There we go. That looks good. Her brows need some work. We’re gonna work that up Oh my goodness guys. She looks like a pig. I need to fix her nose. Ignore, ignore we gotta let that dry and then come back later to fix it. Oh. Man, this is why you experiment in your sketchbook cuz if things go wrong, It’s okay! I get so much anxiety doing the line art. It’s like kind of ridiculous. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys that before but like line art gives me so much anxiety. So right now. I’m just gonna do basic lines and then I’ll go in and change the thickness of a couple of them, just for funsies. Oh, by the way, guys, I just dispersed my patreon rewards. So, if you’re a patreon. You can go over there and get your digital prints and if you’re a premium patron you can go look on all my recent videos and your shout-out will probably be there in the description. I think it’s on the Instagram controls what I draw a video, I think I did the shoutouts on that one. Just thought I wouldn’t let you know. I recently did that. If you don’t support me on patreon, that is okay too. I do not expect that. I am just happy you support me here It’s something a little fun and extra that I do. It’s really fun doing this fineliner over the Posca pen because it doesn’t reactivate the Posca pen at all. The texture that the Posca pen leaves on the paper is really ideal for these fine liners. What are these called again? Fineliner Graphix by Marabu and I really like these. They’re one of the nicest fineliners I’ve ever used. Okay. As for some other stuff, I want to make her nose really rosy. Alright I decided to fix her face a little bit and give her more of a cheekbone, because I accidentally took it away earlier. It looks more dimensional now. I’m happy with that. She looks happy, too. Yay! Alrighty, thank you for watching my little Posca pen doodle. This sketch with me kind of thing. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you felt like you could sketch along If you do enjoy these longer Sketch with me sorts of videos. Let me know, Most of you on Instagram requested this. This is like what everybody was requesting. I would say over 50% of the requests that I asked about the other day were a sketch with me video. So yeah, it was really fun to just go back to my old roots and do a really simple video. I didn’t even do all my fun little camera angles on this video, because I just wanted to keep it simple and to the point. So hopefully you enjoyed this. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you soon in another video. Bye guys


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    I like that you also admit to though being a YouTube artist you like the rest of us are still learning 😊👍

    Questions of the day answer:
    I'd say I do sketch something most days 😍

    Time frame of videos I prefer long ones like this one of yours cos I like your channel 😍

    Super lovely video 👍 😊

    I'm working on slices of citrus fruits in my Pink Pig Sketchbook at the moment 😊

    P.s yep we had gusts of strong wind this week

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    Also i see someone is using her Princeton brush fron paletteful packs😈

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    It hasn't been windy here but it was raining and snowing all week long.

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  • Fire Lioness says:

    Btw I LOVE seeing you sketch and just developing ideas as they come naturally and beautifully so calming for me too. Btw I sketch when I have any amount of free time left over and make tiny goals for each one

  • Those cookies says:

    I actually sketch every day! Even if I don't have much time, I always manage to sketch even if it's just for 10 mins on some days. But most of the time I sketch a lot throughout the day because it helps me to calm down a bit and be less stressed.


    "Lineart gives me so much anxiety."

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  • Fluff Ball! says:

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  • Share the Love says:

    Hey Mira I have a request….
    Could you do a drawing of a character drawn a lego style if so thanks.

  • Kiera Jo says:

    If I'm not participating in some kind of challenge with daily prompts, I think I sketch about two days a week. When I am doing a challenge (especially if there are prompts for each day), I usually sketch five to seven days a week!

    Glad you played with Posca pens in this video–I have some that I love using in my sketchbook, but I really should use them more. 🙂

    I watch art (and makeup) videos while I am at work. I work in an office, and some of the tasks I work on during the day are repetitive and kind of "auto pilot" type things, so I have YouTube up on my second monitor when I'm doing that kind of stuff. Currently comparing a list of parts to a technical drawing to make sure everything matches up (it's the same type of demand on my attention and mind power as doing a word search), and it's fun to hear your commentary and thoughts in my headphones. Just paused my work for a minute to leave you a comment. 🙂

    I agree that showing your face is important–there are a few artists I follow who I cannot picture because I only ever hear their voice or see their hands! (I also make art/creativity-related videos, and I try to show my face at least once in each video, too.)

  • Deborah Pires says:

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    I'm looking for a sketchbook for alcool marker, do you have a suggestion for me ?

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    I sketch all day. Even at school

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