The Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts – Step 1: Priming

The Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts – Step 1: Priming

Painting can breathe life and color into your
3D prints A flawless paint job starts with priming Support material around your part can be cut
off with flush cutters or peeled off by hand We’ll use a rotary tool and hand files to
sand down the support marks Using fine grit sand paper gives the surface
a smooth finish To keep dust down, try wetting the sand paper We’re mounting our part on a dowel to keep
it free from fingerprints You can see I’m using short, rapid strokes
starting and ending the spray off of the part For even coverage it helps to rotate the part
slowly while painting After adding the first coat we’ll do a close
inspection to see if any touch up is needed When the second coat of primer is dry it’s
ready for painting We’ll post a link to our detailed guide in
the comments In our next video, we’ll continue on to spray
painting to finish our paint job


  • Clarence Noring says:

    In the video there was a promise to place a link inside the video description about the next step. This video only talks about the primer. I did click the one link in the video description. Which took me to a page with the same video on it. Disappointing. I would of liked to see the second video.

  • Angel Rivera says:

    Where can I buy the tool you use in 0:23?

  • Dylan Lennox says:

    what is the type of primer used

  • A Box says:

    wtf is a Primer? PS: the link to the website is gone

  • Bryce Ault says:

    it's a 3d Filament printed object and you're painting it like a new Rari…
    Ain't nobody got time to paint that shit with industrial equipment.

  • Mathias says:

    i like what u do Formlabs.

  • Rocket Pig Games says:

    Thank you for the great painting video! I've been following about 30 different channels and pulling info from everyone regarding painting my 3D printable miniatures! I'm trying to learn simple techniques to do the best I can (quickly!) while my Kickstarter is going on but I don't think anything I can do is quite good enough to show off…it's OK though! I'll be ready for the next one. I should have planned ahead and gathered some skills earlier. We just launched the first FULL LINE of 3D printable fantasy miniatures on Kickstarter. It's called "Stout Hearted Heroes DUNGEONEERS". Thank you for being one of the awesome painters on YouTube that helps people like me…who are JUST learning!

  • Jimmy Salgado says:

    Great series of videos, what slicer are you using to get those supports?

  • CornBreadCuban says:

    not a guide more of a slideshow .

  • Daniel Mamaghani says:

    Thanks very much

  • KiR-3d says:

    Hi! Why the rotation of the turtle was choosen like that? Is it to test tree supports only or it gives some benefits? Is it PLA BTW?

  • Samtagri says:

    Okay, it is great to edit YouTube videos short, but really this is too short. Like what kind of paint? What kind of printing material? There is no info here.

  • Oli Re says:

    which type of filament ?

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