The MOST POPULAR PENS On Youtube?! POSCA Worth the HYPE?

The MOST POPULAR PENS On Youtube?! POSCA Worth the HYPE?

Hello there! So today I thought I would do more of a vlog style video. I personally prefer watching these types of videos, but let me know the comments if you kind of just like it the way it normally is and I’ll go back to that. Today, and when I say today, I mean I’ve had these for many months now, I am finally the proud owner of some Posh-gah… Posca pens, I think it’s Posca. I’m not smart enough to read what the back says. But what I do know is these are Japanese paint pens that can be used on glass, wood, paper, canvas, etc, etc. I’m guessing it can be used to- FOCUS THE CAMERA!! Every single artist on YouTube and their dog seems to love these things, so these are way hyped up for me, like ridiculously hyped up. So I hope they do live up to the hype. I’ve got a nice set of colors here as you can see, a few colors. I also have some pastel colors too, which is fun. So yeah, I thought I’d try them today to see what the hype is and also, before we start I’m going to be actually uploading quite an important video next week so if your notifications for me aren’t on, make sure you press the little bell icon next to the subscribe button. Wish me luck with the Posh-ca pens and let’s get started. Okay. So here we have the Posca markers as you can see, very attractive-looking brightly colored packaging. Based on the Amazon description, these were the thin stroked ones, so that’s good. It also came with these ones which look – ohhhh, pastels. Okay, here’s our sketchbook. Let’s move everything out of the way. So um, this is what it looks like. They do come in like, a bunch of different sizes. As I said, I just got the really thin ones because I felt I had more control. Okay, so I think this is where the shaking part comes in. *Shaking loudly* This is gonna be very tedious. Ooh, the colors coming out, I can see the color! Can you see the color? That looks EXCITING! Really pretty, oh this is such a nice color! Oh my gosh these are amazing. Purple, okay! *More shaking* I’m gonna multitask. *Double the shaking, double the fun!* That’s nice too! You know what’s really exciting, is when you look at the nib and then you can see like the color starting to escape. ITS ESCAPING!! I’m actually half tempted to go and get a picture frame, take the glass out of it and draw on that. *laughs* This one does not seem to be alive. WHOA, that is a nice color. So I’m really loving the new Mickey design at the moment, I really like how they’ve redesigned him to be more simplistic. I don’t know. I’m gonna- I’m gonna do some really quick cartoony characters because I’m going away on holiday tomorrow and if you don’t follow my adventures on Instagram… *Guys talking, faint* then you’ve probably not seen me hiding in a cupboard and panicking because I’ve not been able to get my video up. I’ve just moved into our new house and it’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but unpacking boxes whilst people come out to the house is very very painful and stressful because I can’t film what I would like to film. I’ve been just ridiculously busy so again, I do apologize if this artwork today is a little bit quicker. Let me try and see if I can fix this eye. *Music* These work really well on a canvas, I mean because they’re textured it maybe is a little bit more difficult. I’d really like to try doing a proper like, acrylic painting on a canvas and then do like a, like a little illustration with these Posca markers, cause I think that will look really fun. Let’s see how the white marker does. Oh, look at that! The white marker will cover up all of my red lines. That’s good, cover up all of my mistakes. Be nice to have a white marker for your life really wouldn’t it? And would like to be, what it- WHY IS THAT RED? I would like to say though, that when I’m on holiday, I’m gonna make a very serious video that I would really appreciate if you watch when it comes out, it should be out hopefully next week but it’s gonna be quite an important video. So if you could sit and watch that or keep an eye out for it that would be awesome. *Tropical music* This is actually the most fun I’ve had with an art supply in a really long time. They’re like markers but better because they’re basically paint so they just cover everything really really well. Like with markers, if you go too dark with something, like you couldn’t then go over it and do that, you know which is what I think people really love about these. I’m taking a chocolate break because I’m low on energy and I hate coffee. So chocolate from Easter it is! I’m curious (while I eat my chocolate like a pig) um, if you saw this, if you- if you follow me on Instagram did you see this piece? I’m very curious. I think I showed it in my last video, but this was made with acrylics. This is the type of thing I really enjoy making, like above all else is more like scenery stuff like this, but you know, I still love to make characters and things like that too. Like Mickey Mouse. He’s just nice and simple. And I’m gonna talk about this in my next video, I actually never meant to become an artist. That was not something I meant to do, I never really went out of my way to practice it because I literally did not mean to do this as a job and then obviously when it became my job, I was like, oh gosh I need to learn things. I need to get better at what I’m doing and I’m very excited to do it, I’m gonna do a proper sit-down video next week. I’m gonna sit on the beach and I am gonna talk and talk and talk to you guys about lots of different things that I, I hope that you will enjoy that because I’m actually looking forward to filming it. So I think now I’m gonna add… I’m gonna add in his sorcerer’s hat. *Trumpet music* I’m gonna do like a little star, very bad star that’s very uneven, but that’s okay. Anyone else have trouble drawing stars, or is it just me? These colors are just beautiful. What is that STAR? What is that? That looks so bad. Another very dodgy looking star. Gosh, I love these markers. I absolutely love them. I a- like, I LOVE them. I honestly love them. OOOHHHHH, LOOK AT THAT! I can do highlights. I’m gonna buy the entirety of the Posca marker collection, um, and then I’m gonna buy even more just in case something ever happens to the brand and they don’t make them anymore. Umm, let’s see, what if I do like a broom now? *Jazz music* So just so people know, I’m not actually going to be drawing Mickey Mouse or Disney related stuff every single week. I know this probably seems like it at the moment and especially if you’re not like, the biggest Disney fan in the world it’s probably not overly interesting to you, but don’t worry. It’s not going to be every single week. It’s just at the moment. It’s a little bit more because I’m just, I don’t know. It makes me quite happy at the moment and keeps me distracted. *Music continues* These stars are just progressively getting worse! *Upbeat music* The blue one doesn’t seem to like me very much because it keeps doing this weird thing in the corners. Yeah blue really does hate me actually cause it’s all over my top now. Damn it! I’m gonna give him a little highlight… There we go, now he’s Mickey! Give his shorts a little bit of highlight… Okay, so as for a rating of these, I would honestly give them a nine out of ten. The only reason I’m giving them a nine is because of this blue color not working too great, and also the fact that you haven’t got a lot of control with this particular nib size but if you did get obviously a bunch of different sizes, then I suppose that would be a ten. So maybe that’s more fair. Yeah, I had a lot of fun. I think they work beautifully. I’m definitely going to be using these again, so thank you so incredibly much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed it, I had so much fun today, if you enjoyed it please give this video a thumbs up or if you didn’t you can give it a thumbs down, whatever you feel is best. Um, but yes, this is what it looks like. I’m very happy with it, make sure that you check by the way that your bell notification is on, it’s next to the little subscribe button so that will notify you or it should notify every time that I upload, especially my video for next week. It’s a very important video so make sure you check that out. And yes, thank you so much for watching this video, I hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*


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