Hello there! So today I am officially making my first video of 2019, which is insane. I took a couple of weeks off. So happy new year to everyone, I hope this year is filled with lots of health and happiness for you all. Today I am gonna be doing something called acrylic pouring. Now, acrylic pouring is something that went somewhat viral recently, or at least I saw it a lot online recently in videos. It’s this thing where you have a cup that you just throw loads of paint into, just go *pbblt* on the canvas and BOOM. It’s beautiful! So I got my first butane torch the other day, as you can see, it’s very shiny. So I’m gonna be playing with fire today. Now I got this supply list from an excellent class that I took over on Skillshare who are kindly sponsoring this video today. They had several classes on paint pouring and I watched them all just so I could get a good idea of what I was actually doing. As you probably know, I’m a huge advocate for Skillshare, I absolutely love them. I’ve worked with them in the past. I used them before I even worked with them. I- I just love what they do. They have 25,000 classes in business, art, design, development, photography, paint pouring. They just have so many classes in so many different things and I just recommended them to no end. 2019 is gonna be the year that I officially work on my art and improving my art and trying to just get more knowledge with certain things. It’s also gonna be the year that I teach more as well, a couple or three classes on Skillshare and I want to teach more because I know that people do find them helpful. So I definitely want to do more on there. Skillshare is incredibly affordable, it’s only $10 a month for their Premium Membership for all of their classes, but if you check out the link in the description they’ve provided me with, you can get two months worth of unlimited classes for free for the first 500 people only. So make sure you check it out. So let’s get started. *Crash* It’s a good start. So I’ve got a set of cups, I wanted some smaller ones but they didn’t seem to have any because it was like, the day before New Year’s. Some wooden stick, lollipop sticks because apparently that’s good to mix the cups with. A bunch of Apple Barrel paint. So I got this really cool blue one as you can see, it’s like a color shift one. I got a pouring medium which apparently you need to use in your cups. Now some people said you can use like, Elmer’s glue or this cheap dollar store glue with water but I’m just gonna use this today, because I spent enough money on it! They also said you can get silicon and I read that this was a good one. It’s a hair product clearly. Um, but it’s- apparently it works just as well as regular silicon. So… that’s nice and greasy! I got some white and black paint as well because I read that you’re gonna need a lot of that. Some spatulas to smoosh stuff with, and of course the most important part: This pack of value canvases. So we’ve got a lot to mess up with. I also read that you should have gloves as well and I don’t have gloves because I forgot to buy them. So – oh, and did I mention this? This is a sealer by the way, I’m gonna seal all the canvases with when they’re dry. Okay, apparently mixing the pouring medium to make it thinner really depends on the thickness of the paint, so I don’t really know how much I’m gonna need of any of this. So it’s gonna be very experimental at the moment. Why do they childproof everything so I can’t get into them? Okay, so I’m going to put some pouring medium into this and kind of just see if that’s enough. It needs to be like really runny. I don’t know what I’m doing. Is that a good consistency? I think so from what I’ve seen – that should be good. *Piano music* Okay, now I’m going to put in a little bit of this, this coconut oil serum. So apparently what this does is it helps to create cells which are like, really cool little circle things, but apparently you can also use a blowtorch for that. So I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to put in of this. So we’re just gonna… be a bit… Great, that’s messy. Okay, so now I need to fill my blowtorch, somehow. I’m not sure how. That doesn’t appear to be any instructions for this except on the back ,which aren’t very helpful. I’m gonna get my granddad to help me with this because I don’t know what I’m doing. Okay bad news, the canister of butane that I bought for my torch is too big. It won’t fit in the bottom of the- so I’m gonna have to do it without it. I’m not going to be set myself alight today unfortunately, so, oh well! Okay. So now comes the fun part that we’re going to attempt to do… So I’m going to start probably mainly with blue add quite a bit of- ooh look at that! Oh, it’s blended already. I’m so excited! Okay, so we’re gonna put a little bit of white… put a little bit of white in now. *Gasps* Oh my God that looks so cool! That looks even more cool, right? Okay. Are you ready? Are you ready? One, two, three! OOH Okay, Okay, *excited noise* I’m so- I’m so excited. Ready, ready? Ohh… OHHHHH!!! *Gasps* WHAT, oh I didn’t even show you. OH MY GOSH LOOK HOW COOL THAT LOOKS! This is so messy and yet so cool at the same time. *laughs* How do you get the corners because the corners don’t want to know? Look how awesome that looks like, I feel like I, I mean look, look how cool that looks! It’s like spirals. How epic is that? That is so neat. EHEEHEEHEEHEE!!! I love this so much! Okay, I think I’ve got just enough to make one more. Probably not but we’ll see anyway. Are you ready? Are you- are you ready? Ready? Maybe if I move it around… ready? If that isn’t ASMR, I don’t know what is. It’s so messy. OHHHHHHH Okay, that was very close. That was very close. That was very close. But look at that one. That one looks really cool too. It looks like a weird… thing. Very weird thing. It’s all over my arm. I’m gonna go wash my hands because I think that makes the most sense. I can’t open the door because they’re closed and I’ve got a handle and I can’t open… *Door creaks* Going to use some purple for this next one… I’m glad cause I think I got the ratio somewhat decently on those two pieces. What is that? That is a really ugly color. Why would I pick that up? Why’d I pick that up? It’s the ugliest color ever. I’m probably gonna run out of my pouring medium, so um, yeah, I’ve run out. So I’m gonna have to use glue now. I think this actually, this consistency isn’t too bad. So the glue kind of thickens it up and then the water thins it down a little bit. I I think I’m gonna put them for sale because they’re not going to match anything in my room and I don’t want them just sat around waiting so if you want to grab one of my, probably three or four pouring canvases, I will put them on my website down below. I kind of want the main color to be purple, I think. So I’m gonna put a bit of purple, a small amount of yellow in there, I’m gonna put a bit of red… bit more red, I think a bit more red. Yes, and then I’m gonna put in quite a bit of pink. This looks like it’s gonna be a really ugly color, but we’re gonna try anyway and then I’m gonna put in lots of white. Okay, there we go. You can see it forming, might look like a sunset! With any luck, it’ll look like a sunset. So if- you are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? OHHHH That wasn’t yeah, okay. *laughs unsurely* I mean, okay. That was- that one’s a lot more runny than the other one I did. That’s too runny, I think. Or maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Ohh, that’s- kinda looks like a valentine’s piece. I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna put a bit of… I’m gonna pour a bit… like this. Oh, okay. That -aw that was too much! That was too much. That was too much. Let’s not- let’s not ruin it Chloe. That’s more abstract, that one. I quite like that, do you like that? It’s different, it’s a bit- I prefer the blue ones for sure. It looks quite cool. I think it’s definitely trial and error though with figuring out how much of a consistency you need with stuff, like this one has none of those like, cells and it keeps like, showing some of the canvas for some reason so I’m gonna paint that in later, but that’s how that looks. Maybe I’ll try one more but with different like… stuff. Okay. Are we ready? Where’s the white, I’ve got white here somewhere. White paint! Here’s the white paint. Okay. Three… two… one. Ooohhh, that’s nice. Okay, I definitely prefer- this is way too runny I think. This is very Valentines-y, isn’t it? Ooh, this is so messy. This is the messiest thing I think I’ve ever done. It IS the messiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Neat. It looks neat. That was fun. I enjoyed that very much. It was a lot of- it was a lot of mess But I would do a 10 out of 10 recommend doing this. Don’t get the- don’t get the flame thing. Don’t bother. But uh, yes, thank you so incredibly much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. I found the class I took on Skillshare very, very helpful because without the tips and advice with, like, the hair oil, I would not have probably made the cool like textures, that I did with like, the cells. So yeah, if you would like to buy any of these pieces, by the way, because I have nowhere to put them and I might as well let have- let someone else have them, I will put them really cheap over on my website so you can check them out there. And yes, this is it for today! Thank you so incredibly much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed the video. Make sure you check out Skillshare again, link in the description for free classes. Stop looking at my hand, I know you are! And yeah, thank you so very much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see in the next video. *Music*


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