The Marvel Symphonic Universe

The Marvel Symphonic Universe

So I have a question for you. Off the top of your head could
you sing any music from Star Wars ? How about James Bond ? Harry Potter ? My last question : can you sing
anything from a Marvel movie ? I’m like the biggest Marvel fan
that I know and I just… I can’t think of any of the songs. – No.
– No… I should know this, but I don’t. Shit. I didn’t know they have, like, theme songs. Why is this ? Because the Marvel cinematic universe is now the
highest-grossing franchise in film history. More than Star Wars,
more than James Bond, more than Harry Potter, so what is missing from their music ? The first problem is that most of the music
doesn’t evoke an emotional response. Take a look at this scene from
the first Ironman :Day 11. Test 37. Configuration 2.0For lack of a better option
Dummy is still on fire safety.
If you douse me again and I’m not on fire,
I’m donating you to a city college.
All right, nice and easy.It’s kind of hard to hear it.
So let’s try that one more time, But this time with just the music isolated. Did you have an emotional
reaction to that music ? So what happens to the scene
if we just take it out ?Day 11. Test 37. Configuration 2.0For lack of a better option
Dummy is still on fire safety.
If you douse me again and I’m not on fire,
I’m donating you to a city college.
All right, nice and easy.The scene works just fine
and it doesn’t need any other sound. And that’s partially why you forget the music. it’s like the air conditioner in the
background, after awhile you tune it out. Another problem is that the music is
used very predictably. So that what you see is what you get. If you see something funny
you hear funny music. If you see something sad,
you hear a high note on the strings. This is a really safe way to score a film,
because all of the emotions are expected. The music just tells you the same thing
as the picture. If someone looks scared, then you hear : And this is the second reason
the music is forgettable. It never challenges your expectations. But sometimes the Marvel films
do have memorable music, except the filmmakers don’t let
us listen to it. Instead they cover it up with other
sounds like this :Denied enlistment due
to poor health,
Steven Rogers was chosen for a program
unique in the annals of American warfare,
one that would transform him into the
world’s first super soldier.
That narrator is just telling us things
we already know, And he distracts us from
the emotion of the scene. So how does this moment play
without that distraction ? Did you feel the difference ? Film music is incredibly subjective
and it goes through trends. And over the last 20 years
there has been a cultural shift. Nowadays a lot of filmmakers feel that
music should not be noticed,That’s a contemporary thing that I’ve
heard very frequently,
“not supposed to be noticed”Right but, why is it not supposed
to be noticed ?
I grew up on Alfred Hitchcock’s films,
Bernard Herrmann, and i noticed every note.
And I find it a little bit baffling
why that seems to be the consciousness
of music and film.But there is one thing we haven’t
mentioned yet and it’s very important. Today blockbuster movie scores
are composed to a particular process, And that process starts with one
controversial element :Danny you groaned earlier when someone mentioned
temp music, the pros and cons ?
For me temp music is the bane
of my existence
it’s my job to make the director forget
everything he’s heard in the temp,
I won’t listen to it but once,
I’ll never listened to it twice,
and if they’re addicted to it it’s just
going to make my job harder.
Let’s back up a second : temp music is
when you’re editing a film, and you take music from another movie
and use it temporarily in your cut like this : Tenp music is always supposed to be
replaced by composers’ original score. But sometimes directors or producers will
tell their composer to imitate the temp. To our knowledge, this is the only time a
studio has publicly apologized for imitating temp music. The far more pervasive effect
is that now most blockbusters are temped with
each other’s scores. So they kind of sound like each other,
but just within legal limits. And as the Marvel franchise has become
more popular, now other films sound like they were tempt with Marvel music. We want to emphasize : we’re not
blaming the composers. Things don’t get this way
unless its systemic. Before temp music became popular,
directors would often reference other music as a way to talk to the composer.
But what changed everything was modern nonlinear editing which allowed
a director to put their favorite music in the movie and have the editor cut to it. Now, director points to the temp and says :
“Make it like that”. And it’s not because the music
is the right choice, but because they’ve listened to it.Again and again and again
for hours and hours
making a DVD that match and they
go back with another idea another version the
next day with the same music, and at some
point of the music stick to the picture.
– They can spend a year before you arrive.By the way when you take that music
out often the cut isn’t right
because they’re cutting to something that…
It’s very frustrating.
Part of the frustration is that
filmmakers just reuse things that worked in every other movie,
so you end up with the lowest common denominator. Remember this ? Let’s try something different. So earlier in the film,
Thor convinced his friends to do something illegal and he was banished. Now they’re doing something illegal
to find him. He’s not asking for their help,
they’re giving it willingly. What if we heard this feeling in the music ? We’re not saying this is the right choice
here, but it’s worth trying out. Because it makes the scene emotionally richer. And all of the choices you see in Marvel films : the background noise, hearing what
you see, adding a narrator, temp music. All of these stem from the same desire :
to keep things safe. This is not bad music, it’s just bland
and inoffensive. And because Marvel sacrifices emotional
richness for these safe choices, the end result is this :Oh… Marvel ?
Na – oh…
So what is missing from Marvel music ?
Risk. The kind of risk that creates an
emotional connection with the audience. So that they carry the music with them.
People do not remember safe choices. Only bold original music, and do this : But that being said, we did find one
Marvel theme that still got this reaction :Spiderman ! Spiderman ! Friendly
neighborhood Spiderman !
Spins web any size, catch thieves, just like flies.
Look out ! Here comes Spider-man!
Is he strong?
Listen bud, he’s got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread
Take a look overhead.
Hey there
There goes the Spiderman.
In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.
Spiderman, Spiderman, Friendly neighborhood Spiderman,
Wealth and fame, He’s ignored, Action is his reward.
To him, life is a great big bang up.
Wherever there’s a hang up, You’ll find the Spider man.
-That was incredible ! Thank you so much !Subtitles by the community


  • Cre8tion Inc. says:

    Personally I always loved the GOTG score, could recite the main theme if you asked me lol

  • cineural says:

    I remember watching this in 2016 and it was completely right, That's why when I saw infinity war and End Game i was even more mindblowed, because all the other movies where only chapters, every movie has a tone but Avengers have the melody.

  • Jim Humphries says:

    The last time Disney put effort into music was Tron Legacy. Then Marvel took off and they bought Lucasfilm. They halted Tron 3 at the very last minute because they realized that the could make millions with Tron but billions with star wars and Marvel. Also this is exactly why Kubrick tended to use existing music with a composer filling in a few gaps.

  • Rafael Jamas says:

    About that Captain America scene
    I'm not sure if it happens at the beginning or ending of the movie.
    But if it happens at the beginning, it's a very clever way of doing exposition. The movie doesn't stop to tell you Captain's history. Instead, the exposition complements the scene, and it works very well and naturally. You said that "it's telling the audience something they already know", but what if that's not the case? I think it's perfectly fine to have some amount of exposition on this movie, specially since it's the sequel of a movie that wasn't that great/popular.

  • Sherwin Muega says:

    I love this.

  • Mrenderkid Productions says:

    ‘’Can you sing any marvel songs’’



  • Cesar Alejandro Avellaneda Caseres says:

    I guess now that doesnt applies after infinity war

  • Dave Gentleman says:

    The one soundtrack from Marvel movies that I remember is from X-Men : First Class. Wait, that's not Marvel.

  • Aref Eshghi says:

    Let's call it by its real name, plagiarism! :))
    BTW, I remembered that Led Zeppelin song in the Thor Ragnarok.

  • Frank Smith says:

    FUCK YOU. I love marvel and I worship Disney. upvote if you agree.

  • kwisatzHaderash says:

    I would really like you to do a music analysis for the movie Watchmen !!

  • Joseph Park says:

    What about I am Ironman duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

  • Leo says:

    I like Avenger's suit theme and Guardians of the Galaxy one

  • FungZhi says:

    Love ur video but why did u stop making videos?

  • Christopher Crawford says:

    I like how all these butthurt fanboys are on here like "WELL, YOU KNOW, um, this is TOTALLY WRONG now because derp the Avengers music and EVERYONE knows that now" when the subtext of his argument is that you can take this logic of safety, cliche, repetition, and a lack of depth and apply it to every other facet of the films. He made that point in his video on Kurosawa. And that is because what you're attached to as a Marvel fanboy is a corporate brand–a commodity–that is produced for the sole purpose of separating you from your money, and that is all. When the bottom line is cash, you reduce risk at all costs, and that capitalist logic is exactly what you get in the film's form and content as well, whether you recognize it or not.

  • vva1705 says:

    I'm a huge fan of the MCU franchise, and also just film scores in general, but watching this makes me sad

  • Magnus Skallagrimsson says:

    Yes, this from 2016. No, I still could not hum the Avenger's theme, or even hear it in my head. It isn't that the scores are bad, but they aren't memorable. Let composers do their job – compose.

  • Jackson Nagle says:

    Suns of Beaches

  • Evan Wedsworth says:

    Come on back, Tony. More videos please!

  • Ruben Garcia says:

    The Captain America civil war theme stuck in my head after hearing it in the theater and loved it. But no one else seems to remember it.
    None of the superheros ever have their theme song.
    Superman (Reeve's) and Batman/Dark Knight both have memorable iconic themes, but the other heroes apart from Black Panther, don't have music that is memorable and stands out.

    I'm glad Marvel listened to this video and made the Avengers theme somehow iconic when the Infinity War trailers came out and that stuck out as a memorable theme 😁

  • Bernabe Arias says:

    Black Panther has a kick-ass score though.

  • TheBadAsh says:

    Oh I totally agree. Also, Thanos should have been motivated by the nonsensical reasoning he had in the comic books. If you really want, you can find all sorts of reasons not to like the MCU, DC fan…Too bad your little goldfish died while you were sleeping. In other news, the MCU changed movie history.

  • TheBadAsh says:

    1.6m subs. This world is on fire.

  • Justin Schultz says:

  • Marek Bartovic says:

    I know this is an old video, but I have to disagree almost completely:

    1) How can you compare a 60 year old franchise (Bond) with the same repeating theme in all 30 movies? Also comparing with Star Wars – 40 years – repeating the same theme all over again, and Harry Potter (20 years) with 9 movies and the main theme repeated about 40 times in every movie. That is such a nonsense…

    Iron Man – – noticable theme from 30s
    Captain America – – from 2:00

    Avengers – – string triolas!!!!

    They had 10 years of making the movies; how many times since Star Wars/Bond/HP came out have you seen out? And how many times have you seen Iron Man?
    Also remember how the brain works – as a child you remember stuff better than as an adult.
    Plus you get 2 marvel movies a year, not 1 star wars movie in 5 years (as it used to be).

    2) All the Marvel movies set up the base for Endgame – when a particular superhero theme arrives, you get all emotional and recognize who will come on to the screen. They prepare the viewer, teach him, subtly, what kind of music to expect.

    3) Complaining about "music shouldn't be noticable" by all those composers is a big "boohooo". The sound department has to hear it for 100 years. "Sound is only good when you can't notice it." So stop b1tch1n around and deal with it; times have changed.
    We do not need audiovisual convergence all the time, this isn't the 80s anymore!

  • Kosh Naranek says:

    I literally started to play the Avengers theme in my head. Fault: if you start by telling people how to feel then you're leading them to your forgone conclusion.

  • Kosh Naranek says:

    I also own the soundtrack to Winter Soldier. I wonder if the use of music there is one of the reasons that film stood out so much more?

  • DMS says:

    If music isn't supposed to be noticed why is Ramin Djawadi so widely hailed by GoT fans? Heck, people were shitting on the entire Season 8 but Djawadi's work is still highly praised.

  • Tago says:

    The newer films have much more memorable music. Take Michael Giacchino's work for Spiderman Homecoming and Doctor Strange alone. Very memorable. The Avengers Theme as well, very memorable, especially now that Marvel has put it in every trailer and promotional material since. It's not really temp music that's the problem, its exposure. The Pirates of the Caribbean theme was temped with music from Gladiator, but you remember Pirates better because it's in every film and trailer and Disney ride. Sometimes temp is obvious and can contribute to the problem, but most of the time it's because Marvel doesn't hire the same composer for the movies in a franchise. Iron Man had 3 different composers for the 3 movies. 3 different themes means nobody's gonna remember it because it isn't consistent.

  • bigpopa kap says:

    Really awesome breakdown!

  • jbroti 004 says:

    As of writing this, it’s August 2019. While one could be upset no one knew the theme to Captain America’s or Thor’s movies…now with the conclusion of Infinity War and Endgame, the Avengers theme has become cemented in people’s heads and become just as iconic. I’m glad I hadn’t seen this video till now.

  • Rodrigo Acevedo says:

    I'm agree with the video but…Cap…. On your left…. (The portals opens) The Marvel Symphonic

  • François Desnoyers says:

    Remember "Once upon a time in the west" ?? ennio morricone

  • Brett Caton says:

    Whereas the theme of X-Men had a huge emotional impact.

  • Mike Murakami says:

    I hope this guy knows that this video changed the way Marvel scored its movies. Composers saw this video. And all of a sudden the Thor theme from way back in the first movie was in Ragnarok. The Avengers theme was in Infinity War after being omitted from Age of Ultron (BTW, did anyone else notice that the "age" of Ultron only lasted about 3 hours?). And the Avengers and Captain America themes were in Endgame, in part because they re-enlisted Alan Silvestri. Music was not hidden, but front and center. These were decisions that made these movies 100x more emotional than they would have been otherwise. This guy needs to work for a movie studio somewhere, making millions to make movies better.

  • Xylene says:

    "Safe choices" is disney's entire mantra with the MCU

  • Kevin Jia Ling Zhou says:

    "By August 2016, Mark Mothersbaugh was hired to score the film.[2][3] Mothersbaugh was influenced by a video essay from the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting, which criticized the scores from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films for their lack of memorability, to make the score for Thor: Ragnarok as distinctive as possible.[4]" – Music Director for Thor Ragnarok

  • Fran Gorno says:

    I finished the entire Winter Soldier score a few days ago and I gotta say… I never once thought about Mad Max while listening to 'Captain America'.

  • Toms Markovs says:

    How could you forget X-men animated series?!

  • Video Game and Movie Talk with Edward T. says:

    Great ending!

  • Doctor straing Strange says:

    The Avengers theme?
    One of Iron Man's themes?
    Guardians of the galaxy?
    Captain America's most patriotic theme?

  • braveyetti 117 says:

    why is this channel dead?

  • Sugary Heaven says:

    Not even the Avengers theme can beat the OST of The Dark Knight and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

  • Jacob E.P. Sellmann says:

    After Watching Endgame, I'm sure someone at Marvel (Kevin Feige?) saw the video and made it in Infinity War 😀

  • Jim Parkin says:

    I’m still not sure what the Avengers theme is.

  • Thot Destroyer says:


  • Lemon Boy says:

    4k dislikes marvel sucks hoes mad

  • Jakenbakery says:

    Temp music sounds like a miserable idea. Composers who hear temp music I'm guessing will always either imitate it or try too hard to stray from it and create something distinctly different. Both will result in a product without subtlety and, often, without context/relation

  • Wall-e says:

    Heey, Heey, whats the matter with you, get some la la, so divine yeah

  • Genevieve Barnes says:

    wow marvel really does suck at almost ever element of movie making huh

  • Billy Lewis says:

    I remember disliking this video when it came out because I disagreed with it when it first came out and it has aged horribly. You can't dis Silvestri and expect everyone to be on board. He forgot caps theme, iron man, hulk theme, thor's theme, just because it doesnt click with him doesn't mean it doesn't click. BAAAAAA BA BA BA BAAAAAAAA. you know you knew it was the avengers bums. Stop cherry picking dude.

  • tiny mushroom says:

    kind of ironic how John William's Star Wars score used temp music and the similarities are really obvious.

  • Ved EROL says:

    Look at that Spider-Singer!

  • CaiusCassiusLonginus says:

    Meanwhile, LotR/Hobbit has an epic, complex score full of recognizable leitmotifs, and you can whistle most Morricone scores after hearing them once… so yeah Marvel "music" is garbage.

  • El Rincón del NOOB says:

    This vídeo deos not stand today

  • Alan Saty says:

    I think infinity war and endgame fixed this problem

  • S R says:

    Kinda funny seeing Danny Elfman be so critical when all his shit sounds the same. Although, it really isn’t a Tim Burton film without Elfman.

  • C Hamilton says:

    These are all excellent points. I agree with some of the other comments that Marvel music has gotten better and more consistent since this video was made. Check out Captain America's first appearance in Avengers: Infinity War for a great example.

  • Waluigi says:

    I just remember the raimi spider-man theme, because it's fantastic ! But it's not the MCU

  • Compscript says:

    I do not watch many modern movies because the music and noise is overpowering. I get tired of turning the volumn up and down.

  • rabbitfishtv says:

    Most of your videos are inspirational. This was just depressing! But important.

  • Viktor Stravinsky says:

    Is it just me or do have a feeling that Tony Zhou might’ve (lowkey) disliked the mcu?

  • BUCHANAN says:

    Wow, without the narrator I feel a huge difference, hahahaha I'm crying,good job

  • fuckjoya says:

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  • Matthew Mazzetti says:

    How am I the only person who has the avengers theme stuck in their head

  • that one guy juan says:

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  • Ga Wa says:

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  • Compendium Guy says:

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  • jo Sue says:

    4:50 Why does it look like Toy Story ? Haha

  • Henry Gucci says:

    My prediction, in 2 years, The Avengers theme will be more iconic than the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Batman, Jaws, and Superman theme songs. I’m from the Future bye

  • Emanuel Gug says:

    Wikipedia says that based on this exact video, the guy hired to do the soundtrack for Thor Ragnarok tried really hard to make the soundtrack memorable.

  • Death says:

    Ask them the Question now in 2019.

  • Collin Shaw says:

    The people you interviewed suck. The tracks of several of these movies are some of the best. They're just kept really, really quiet.

  • Edd AntoniS says:

    Hans Zimmer would never let a director control its music.

  • Ya_AimGod_Jesus says:

    The thing about marvel is that they try to make “relatable” characters and their villains are so impersonal.
    If u look at Nolan’s Batman trilogy, you see a masterpiece in which the music has meaning and inflicts emotion on the audience, the characters are developed through fire and pain instead of happiness and friendship, and most of all, the villains are attacking the protagonist’s character and try their dehumanize them to the point of desperation. Marvel is more focused on making a movie that is funny and okay for kids to watch, but it’s not what they should be doing, if they just simply change the way that they tell their stories they would create movies that would aim to not only entertain, but to have deeper meanings laid within them.

    (Btw this is not marvel vs dc [I personally like DC better] I just really like Christopher Nolan and I think that Nolan’s Batman trilogy was probably one of the best sets of movies to exist)

  • Justin Cruz says:

    The dude asked about Marvel and this woman just said Superman… I’m done.

  • imani jimbah says:

    1:20 the
    avengers theme
    The avengers theme

  • imani jimbah says:

    Here after “portals”
    Here after “The real hero”
    Here after “Even for you”
    Here after “Main on End”

  • J-Roc says:

    A little bit too much cherry picking here for my liking.

  • SMFFL100 says:

    The first Thor film has a score that is truly awesome but the film never got the attention it deserved.

  • Anomalina says:

    That dude at the end who sang out the entire Spiderman song… Cheers to you man!

  • Boogietron 2000 says:

    This video has great points. I think marvel finally did when it started with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. All the way to Spider-Man FFH. Sidenote I was really mad a bit that no one remembers the main themes to the MCU flicks. I literally can hum every single main theme to all 23 movies. Even marvel flicks not in the mcu. I think the additional point of this video is that it lack a bit of consistency.

  • Donnie Montoya says:

    The main score for Avengers has become a meme. While it is well known, it's bland swelling orchestra that evokes feelings of grandiose action and heroism.

  • Liam Caramello says:

    Bruh nobody knew the avengers theme 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Nicolas Pratt says:

    One memorable soundtrack I remember from newer films:


  • César Noran says:

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  • Wonderlust King says:

    Its pretty good in guardians and endgame but yeah that’s about it

  • Mecha Hitler says:

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  • Soknimith Chheng says:

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  • fed4ykin says:

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  • Camila Albuquerque says:

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  • Jake Scott says:

    I was wondering why other people are recommended instead of other videos from this creator, but it’s because there’s only 1 vid per 1-2 years. Unfortunately the new algorithm likes only one thing – quantity.

  • tony ton says:

    This is not fair since you picked scenes focused on dilalogued. I get your idea tho. Take the "Avengers assemble" scene or the "Avengers summoned" scene, it still has its own signature melody, just not as melodic or memorable.

  • Fangsabre says:

    Captain America has the best music in the MCU, aside from the main avengers theme. It makes him feel like am oldschool hero. It's very nostalgic sounding and fits him just right

  • M Rojas says:

    People saying the avengers theme is iconic and recognizable now really need to face reality cause it's literally forgettable bland music

  • antonzap says:

    I just don't think it's a fair comparison. The Star Wars theme has been around since 1977, the Bond theme even longer. And there isn't just one theme for the entire Marvel Universe.

  • Jonathan Schmidt says:

    You sure that it's not just a result of them not focussing as much on title music and themes as Star wars does for example? I can hum the theme for the avengers and captain America the same as I can hum the theme for the force, twin suns, yoda, leia, etc. It's not bold new ideas needed, just more themes. And the you can use these to build your action ques and replace the boring temp based stuff. How to train your dragon is the perfect example of that.

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