The Division  ► Paintball Tático |  Cenário | Milsim | Attack

The Division ► Paintball Tático | Cenário | Milsim | Attack

Alright agents. Listen up! We have Rioters. You have to go in and take back some cargo on the field INstructions further ahead. You have entry the High town retrieve everything you find You will also disarm enemy’s checkpoints (flags) When you hear the fireworks you will hold it until we extract you guys. Good luck. We found the briefcase. Watch out in front of us. It’s their base. Go go go! Let’s reinforce them to grab another objective These guys can hold their own There’s only two of them. We’ll reinforce them until the extraction arrive Contact! Up there! Too far “Hit” Did you hit him?: Dont know I think I hit him good work! Con!firmed! Got him! They are Rikers. Watch out. Let them go. Do not engage Let’s flank them and go around Alright agents. There’s a battle going on between Rikers and Rioters. You’ll go around them. Disarm their checkpoints without engaging them. We’ll extract you soon as you reach the “Eagle’s Nest” We have to go there We lost anyone? Don’t know Contact in front if us One more We have all the flags. Extraction is over there. I’m here Are you Tureta? Yep! I watch your videos! That’s it for this week. Next week there’s the part 2 Subscribe. Videos every week! If you are already, leave it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys next week!


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