The Car That Could Only Go 47mph

The Car That Could Only Go 47mph

Alright let me bring you up to speed. Yesterday I dropped Val off at the airport, which is an hour and a half away through the desert, I mean through the desert, like, it is barren! Just as we were pulling into the airport I hear the engine in my car rattling like crazy. So I start driving back and it gets worse and worse, gets louder and louder, to the point where I’m genuinely worried that my car’s about to break down. And when I get above 50 miles an hour the rattle just gets so loud it sounds like a tank! And… Can you hear that? What am I doing right now? I’m driving to the airport again to pick Val up. So I’m taking my chances, I’m driving there slowly. Honestly, I feel nervous about this… It’s red hot, it’s the middle of the day. It’s just the worst time that I could be breaking down so I gotta make sure that I don’t break down. If I do break down then I’m gonna have to go hunting in the desert I guess… It’s all I can do. I think we’re gonna make it. I think we’re gonna be alright. I’m coming for you baby! We’re gonna make it! Oh, I’m going too fast again, slow down a bit, there we go. I bet you Val is on the plane right now stressing out that I’ve broken down in the middle of the desert somewhere. Sit-rep: I’m currently rolling downhill, still in the desert. It’s been about an hour and ten minutes now. I think I’ve found a sweet spot. I think if I just stay at, like, 47 miles an hour… If I stay at 47 miles an hour that’s the key. Either something’s fixed or something’s broke. Something has changed, something has just changed, the car is feeling more normal again. Let’s see how the engine sounds… It’s very rattly. It’s still very rattly. Oh no! What is this? No! I’m stuck! I’m stuck behind this dump truck! And he’s not going at 47, he’s going at 44 miles an hour. And listen to the engine, it’s hating it! Don’t you know I can’t go fast enough to overtake you? I can’t overtake, what do you want me to do? I can’t overtake. Look at this car coming up behind me, he’s overtaking on a corner… What a mad bastard. I hope that sound is the sound of the tyres of the dump truck in front of me. What is that sound? I’m getting some new sounds, and I don’t like them. Yeah, that’s definitely coming from my car, what is that? Oh, man! Ok, I’m getting nervous now. It’s gone. The sound is gone. Are you gonna go or what? Oh, you idiot. Now I don’t have a chance. Now I’m never gonna make it. Ooh you risk taker! I’m almost there. I’m almost there. Cruising again at 47mph. Oh no not the police again… Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me police! Please don’t stop me police, please don’t stop me police, please don’t… Woah, woah, woah. What the… Oh dear, I’m almost there. I’ve almost made it, I can see the city in the distance. The airport is right there, I’ve almost made it. Oh god, I’m tense! Hahaa… Yes! We made it! Good work Suzuki! Good work.


  • Yannick Michel says:

    Hahaha hahaha this was hilarious! The new sound moment i felt you! 🤣😂 Suzuki hahaha

  • zombeemom says:

    One Christmas Eve while driving on the expressway my car engine made a loud TINK sound and the car died rolling to a stop on the shoulder. I then heard a really loud POP and WHOOSH. I jumped out and ran into the field next to the road. As I looked back I saw the engine explode into a ball of fire which then engulfed the whole car. Three fire engines shut down all lanes of traffic. I had topped off the fuel day before and the fireman said if it were an empty tank full of fumes I would've been vaporized in the explosion instead having 3 sec head start. I was late to the Christmas party but at least I made a grand entrance via police car 😂 moral of the story- plz get your engine checked 😉

  • Robert Paulson says:

    Shit man I was on the edge of my seat this whole video.

  • Carmen Silva says:

    Strangely enough, I own a vintage car repair shop. apparently in the video you have tappets crashing into the engine. In these engines this is often the case, especially if the car is stoped for a few days or weeks, or if people have "forgotten" to make oil changes or use proper oil. Sometimes you can recover. It is a matter of disassembling, unloading them completely, cleaning everything thoroughly and trying again if they do not have severe wear. It can be solved and is cheaper. if you use the car watch out for engine temperature you can burn the engin collar.I subscribed to your channel to get away from cars and here I am talking about engines and tappets hahaha

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