The Art Sherpa Cloud Set Beginning Acrylic Paint Brush Silver Brush Limited

The Art Sherpa Cloud Set Beginning Acrylic Paint Brush Silver Brush Limited

hey today I’m coming to tell you about
my new set of cloud brushes these are Brushes that I designed to make it fun
and easy to do a dry brush scumble cloud let me show you what they are over here
you can see the package this is my set of scumble clouds this is the art Sherpa
and it shows my partner which is silver brush limited they’re really good brush
maker I picked them because of their history
in making brushes and because they have made my favorite brushes in the past so
it was really exciting for me to be able to work with them
you’ll notice that they’re set here there’s a nice cloud project behind
there’s my happy goofy face on the back you’ll see that everything is in several
languages and there’s information to find the website for silver brush if you
ever have a question you ever need to know something and it mentions that hey
I’m on YouTube that’s very cool let’s open these up and
check out what’s inside oh wait what an important thing I’d like to point out
women owned just saying pretty cool alright let’s open this up so this has
this nice little opening in the back I’m going to pull this out in a not elegant
way because there’s just no oh alright so I have these out now I’m going to
open this up this talks about you know that there are links to lessons and
projects if you go to our website or you look in the description below there’s
more information about where you can get these and projects that you can do with
them alright so there’s three in the set I wanted you to have a variety of sizes
because these actually do more than just clouds even though they are actually
called the Art Sherpa cloud and it is of the Art Sherpa cloud and they come in
a four six and an eight there’s a little sticky tab here I’m going to pull that
off and put that aside so the first thing that I want to say about these and
I’m going to bring this over to my black canvas over here if you guys have asked
a bunch is this a foam tip because it seemed like that in some of the videos
that you’ve seen but not this is the Sherpa white filament
and so when I got with a silver brush we talked about what I needed in acrylic
brushes and I was like I need a brush that has a very stiff Authoritative
filament that will really push heavy body paint around and so we looked at a
bunch of stuff and this is this is where we came I’m so happy with it this has a
domed edge this is a very soft domed edge and it has a short length out on
the filament we have a double crimped Ferrule and this is this gorgeous red
handle I just wanted something that you guys felt would be pretty to hold pretty
to use so when you looked at it it was a lot of fun and when you painted with it
it was a lot of fun I’m going to put out some white paint and show you some of
the strokes and things that you can do with this brush so this brush I would
call this an impasto and scumbling brush and what I’m going to mean by that is
now look I can get this wet but unlike a bristle brush even like fully soak this
is never going to just soften this is always going to retain its stiffness
it’s always going to be resilient I’m going to get some paint some heavy body
paint boat it on and then come and show you if I go with a very light brush
strokes you’re going to notice that I can very easily scumble with this brush
the less water I have in it the drier the scumble is going to get see how I’m
just circling that around and getting the nice Gumbel yes of course this is
fantastic for clouds but this is fantastic for any place that you need to
be able to get some controlled dry brush rustic stroke
you can move almost really any direction that you want you can go on the tip you
can press very hard right you can go back and forth these are stiff bristles
you can see the bristles they’re pushing pulling up even the gesso if you put
super super super hard so a very fortified brush I like the Sherpa white
because you’re going to see what paint you have in the Filaments and what you
don’t though of course I’d like to point out if you’re using a very staining
pigment it is going to eventually stain these Filaments right but I still like
the lighter bristle because I can tell if I have paint feeding into my brush
which is going to be the quickest thing that’s going to hurt or destroy it
alright the other thing I’m going to show you about this is the fact that
this brush does a very awesome impasto you see that I can almost use this brush
like a palette knife you can also get a nice stroke it’s very responsive I
really like to paint the brush on the seat right which is this part of the
curve and they come in several sizes it’s real easy to rinse out these
brushes clean real easy so I’m going to show you the smallest size here let’s
get this will load this up they’re easy to load you can see this is just again a
nice detail bit look how small of a little scum bleah bit I can get can you
imagine how much easier the tops of waves are because of the way that they
push the paint out and so the paint is pushed hardest to the outer edge of the
bristle and I actually for this type of brush have such crazy control over
what’s happening great like you can do stones you can do so many effects and
techniques and again very easy to do extraordinary impasto thank you for
letting me show you my cloud brush I am really excited to bring such a
completely unique product to market there isn’t another brush like this out
there it’s a really fun fun they’re authoritative they push paint
around they’re resilient they’re going to hold up and they’re going to get the
job fun in a way but I haven’t really personally seen a brush like this ever
do before so I’m so excited to be sharing them if you want to know more
about this breast projects that you can do with it or any information about
acrylic paint and generally always check the description below be good to
yourself it’d be good to each other and remember and this is the most important
thing I’m proud of my brush but the magic of painting is not in a brush it’s
any of you so never worry about using what you have and definitely never stop
parting I want to see you at the easel really soon goodbye


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