Testing Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint on Polymer Clay

Testing Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint on Polymer Clay

Hi guys, it’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor and today in the PcT Test Lab, we are testing Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint on polymer clay. Now some time ago, I made up a little test swatch of the Scribbles Paint in black and white on a baked piece of Premo polymer clay, and I set it aside. And then I forgot about it. And it turns out, this little sample here is pretty much exactly four years old. So what we’re going to do today is check to see how it does over time, obviously on polymer clay, and if it’s durable. We’re going to scratch it and do a few things, so let’s check this out. Now first of all, the paint, let me talk about the paint just a little bit. The samples I tested on were these two here, the Scribbles Shiny Black and Shiny White, and they’re 3D Fabric Paints. They’re flexible, they’re permanent on fabric if you let them dry for 72 hours, they don’t have to be heat set or anything, and they’re really an interesting product. You can use it on fabric and clothing, and wash your clothes after it’s been dried for 72 hours. So I always was curious if that would work on polymer clay or not. And then as I’ve been sorting my studio, I came across this huge box of different Scribbles Paints so it comes in loads and loads of colors. My mom gave me a bunch of her stuff and this was in there. And it comes in all kinds of colors as you can see, it also comes in glitters and metallics and iridescent and glow-in-the-dark even, so you can get this in all kinds of colors and finishes. And so I’m really hoping that it’s compatible. Now my first impression of it, I can see it’s a little bit dinged up here, as far as… OK, so it goes on to the product or onto your surface in a 3D form but I had it in a bag with a bunch of other samples so it kind of got dinged up. I can see a little bit of color transfer onto the white. The black looks really good but it looks like the paint got a little bit flattened out. I did let it dry for the full three days before I threw it into the bag but… so there’s that. Now when I touch it, it feels a little sticky, but not the kind of sticky that you would feel when you touch something super shiny, so I don’t think it’s actually sticky, I don’t think anything will stick to it. I think it just feels that way because it’s shiny, let’s poke at it and peel it up, and see what happens. First of all, I’m looking at the back of the clay, the clay seems fine so it didn’t eat into it, or react, or do anything weird to it. And after four years, I think we know for sure that that’s not a problem compatibility-wise but let’s see if it’s durable. I can kind of pick at it. will it come up? Yeah, it will peel up, and it looks like… yeah, it will kind of scratch off. So although it is compatible as far as reactions go, it’s not going to be that durable on a piece of jewelry or something like that. You can pick it off, it’s not really going to be your best bet. So what I’m thinking was something like this. If you want to use the Scribbles Paint on polymer clay, what you’re going to have to do is only use it for something like a sculpture or something like that, that is not going to get any wear. Don’t put it on jewelry. By the looks of it, if you put it on a bracelet or something, it’s just going to chip off but on a sculpture, it’s fine, it’s on there, it could… you can get your fingernail in it so it’s kind of stay soft, it is flexible. It could work in limited situations but not anywhere where it’s going to be a high wear, that’s my opinion, anyways. So that is interesting, I don’t think they’ll be using it on beads but you know, who knows, maybe a sculpture needs some new eyeballs or something like that and you would wanna use the paint on there on some dimension I think it would work for that. Alright, so I hope that was helpful for you. If it was, do let us know if you like this video. And if you have suggestions for products you’d like me to test, techniques that you would like to learn more about, do leave those suggestions in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, we have so many cool videos coming in all the time and you don’t want to miss them. And make sure to click that little bell sign beside the subscribe button that will make sure that you get notified when the new stuff comes out. Alright, so we’ll see you next time and bye for now.


  • Sushi PlushieTM says:


  • Nothing At all says:

    You are amazing. My all time helper. Please 2 questions: 1.Does the permanent marker work if i paint small things before baking? 2. I use fimo effect, it comes with a lot of bubbles , ive watched your videos how to avoid and solution even though not working, please advice (fimo effect). Thank you a lot❤️

  • Hannah Mitchell says:

    A tutorial on the holo nail powders would be great

  • Kim Huff says:

    I've used this kind of "puffy paint" on clothes and it will come off if you try to peel at it and scratch at it, but it held up in washings and to toddlers. I used to cut out designs from fabric and heat seal them on to shorts and white t-shirts. I'd then go back and accent the design with the puffy paints. we got a great deal of wear from these outfits and some were even handed down. If you picked at the paint it would come up but for the most part, it stayed put.

  • Michelle Muhammad says:

    Do you think it will stay if the jewelry is sealed? For example, Triple Thick.

  • Missi R says:

    I like those glasses in your pocket!

  • beauxminis fatima says:

    Hi…are those containers where you have the polymer clay …plastic? I have a really hard time keeping my clay (I do miniture clay food). Whenever I need to use one, it's hard and needs to have a lot of conditioning.— help help…

  • Peg Carter says:

    Maybe it will work better if added before baking the clay? Also, couldn't you just add resin or some kind of sealer to seal the paint?

  • Shammy Garrett says:

    i wonder if you do a light coat of resin it would glaze the pieces and make the puff paint permanent and leave the texture.

  • Anastasia's Hole in the Holler Creations says:

    I would like to know if Aunt Martha's Embroidery Paint would work on polymer clay. https://www.amazon.com/Aunt-Marthas-Ballpoint-Embroidery-Primary/dp/B000YQETZM Thank you for doing these types of videos, they are an awesome help.

  • BlackCat2 says:

    Fabric paint can be peeled off fabric too. I know because I did that a lot with my clothes in high school when I became bored. 😛 For something high wear just coat it with a layer or two of resin and that would solve the problem.

     Very cool test video. I would have never thought of using fabric paint on PC but now I may have to try that out. 😀 – Heidi

  • judit toth says:

    Hi Cindy, I love your videos and seen many of them. I'm new to PC, I don't have a pasta machine yet and I have a question :is it possible to overwork the clay when practicing and rolling it out with the roller pin? I'm asking because although I follow the instructions and bake the clay for an hour at the right temperature, I'll let them cool but the pieces keep breaking.
    Could you please advise? Thank you and thanks for your great videos 😀😀

  • lilithmarleen says:

    I've made pendants which were frame-like and in the center there was a design (3D or not) which I would cover with UV resin. I can see these paints being used for that. Also to draw 3D rocks and leaves on the bottom of a pond or aquarium which would also be covered in resin and there would be no wear at all on the paints.

    This is one of my pieces:


  • Roxanne Parsons says:

    Nice experiment! I was curious about that myself. Love the new glasses, Cindy! The blue sunglasses in the pocket are a great touch too. Thanks.

  • Karen D Noll Bechtel says:

    what if you put a sealant over it?

  • Melissa in Maine says:

    What if you sealed it under liquid polymer clay or a. Very thin piece of translucent clay? Just trying to think outside the box.

  • Tracey Lowe - nee Menzies says:

    thank you! That has saved us some time……4years! MAN! that's patience.

  • Kat Milford says:

    thanks Cindy x i wonder if these can also..i have loaded thanks in advance x

  • ArtByKarenEHaley says:

    I have used these paints to "frost" polymer clay cookie ornaments, and I found that giving the clay surface a texture with a rough paintbrush or toothbrush helps the paint stay put. The main issue I have with this product is that if two pieces painted with the puff paint are touching, a bit of the color from one will sometimes transfer to the other. I store them wrapped in wax paper to prevent this.

  • zamis21 says:

    Did you cook it ?

  • Vladimir Eternal says:

    here guys watch me hold piece of paper and talk about nothing

  • Megan Ren says:

    This is the first video of yours I've watched, and I've got to say that I love the background storage setup!

  • Melissa Diotte says:

    I wonder if it had a coat of polyurethane, would it be more durable?

  • Tina McDonald says:

    Have you tried colored acrylic caulk?

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