Testing Sakura Souffle Gel Pens on Premo Polymer Clay

Testing Sakura Souffle Gel Pens on Premo Polymer Clay

Hi guys, it’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor and today in the PcT Test Lab, we are testing Sakura Souffle Pens on polymer clay. Now, a while ago, I picked up these Soufflé Pens at Michaels and I had… I wanted to test them on polymer clay before I bought a whole bunch of colors and they were in a two-pack and you know, on clearance and stuff. So it was quite some time ago, I made up this little sample, let me just see if I can read the date on it. It was three years ago or two years ago. Anyways, I wrote on to the polymer clay and I heat set it, and I wanted to see how it would do over time. This is the little sample here, and I’ll go into a little bit better detail in a second but it has stood the test of time. It is strong on there, still it hasn’t reacted or done anything funky, so we know that it is compatible with Premo clay at least. So this is a sample of Premo clay that I had done some techniques on and was basically just a scrap that I scribbled some little drawings on. Let me show you this pen, how it works, and what you need to do to make it heat-set. Now, this pen is just basically like a jelly roll pen, any of those jelly pens that you’ve seen out there. It works quite well on the… you have to draw onto baked clay. When it’s brand-new, it has this little weird little piece of plastic on the end there to protect it. You just kind of pop that off, I’m going to leave it because it keeps it from drying out over time and I’m not going to need it until I use this other pen up. They come in lots of cool colors, they’re called Soufflé, not to be confused with Soufflé Clay, they’re made by Sakura, they’re a Japanese brand of paint pens or pens that are really popular. There’s all kinds of different types of this Soufflé Pen, it’s basically a three dimensional gel pen. It works on light colors and dark colors, and before this is heat set, it’s quite pastel looking, but if you don’t heat set it, it will scratch off. So we’ll just take this sample here, and I will show you. Now, I’ve drawn onto baked clay. Like I said, you can’t draw onto wet clay or raw clay because it will… it doesn’t work on there, it just kind of gums up the pen. But you can see if I scrape it with my pen, I mean, my fingernail, it will come off if it’s not heat set, but if it’s heat set, it gets a little bit darker so it looks more like actually the color that the ink looks in here once you’ve heat-set it. It gets darker but it’s on there really well. You can heat-set a couple of different ways, what you can do is you can…First, you draw on a piece of clay, this is a baked scrap piece of clay, it happen to have some patterns on it that didn’t work so I can just draw over those. But it’s easy to draw on to the clay, you have to kind of get it running, but then it starts running out. It’s a little bit like drawing with water, it’s pretty runny but it kind of sits up on the surface. That’s easy to do, whatever cool patterns that you want to draw on there. As it dries, it goes this kind of pastel color, and then you can heat set it like I said, two different ways you can either pop it back into the oven and bake it again for about 10 minutes at whatever temperature you bake your polymer clay at. I bake Premo Sculpey at 275 Fahrenheit so I just pop it back into the oven and bake for 10 minutes or so or you can use a heat gun. This is an embossing heat gun, so it doesn’t get super super hot but it works plenty well enough, and you can just… Here, I’ll do this one that’s dry, you want to let it dry first and once it dries, it kind of goes this lighter pastel color. Then you can heat set it. Otherwise, you might get some bubbling from the moisture that’s in the ink. Now, you can tell when it’s starting to heat set when the color starts to change on it. You can see that little section there is already getting darker already, you want to be careful not to hold your heat gun too close to the clay. Otherwise, you might bubble up the clay a bit. You can have a little bit of heat if you’re using one of those large you know, furniture stripper heat guns. Then you’re going to want to be back further so you’re not letting it get too hot. It’s a little bit like embossing, you can kind of see it changing color and getting darker. Now, you have to let that cool but it’ll be just like this other piece here, it’ll stay kind of raised up, quite shiny, The Souffle pens that I’ve seen are… you can get them in a package with a whole bunch of different colors, the white looks awesome. It doesn’t really darken up too much but the other pastel colors will get kind of a little darker, and it’s compatible with the Premo clay. So I hope that was helpful information for you, if you like this video, do let us know. And if you’ve got a pen you would like me to test, a product that you’d like to learn more about, a technique that you don’t understand, and make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and perhaps we can make a video on it. Alright, so we’ll see you next time and bye for now.


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    Thank you!!!! Leila

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    I have been watching your videos for a while now ( I donnow, like 7 months ). anyway I'm a newbee… Your info is always very interresting ( even though you're American 🙂 ). Sorry 4 my spelling, I'm Belgian. I've been locking myself up for over a year now for (very) personal ( read: emotional ) reasons and looking at your tutos sometimes brighten up my day. I just wanted to say: thank you !

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    Thanks for sharing! I would have never thought about using a pen on PC!!

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    Good morning Cindy! You are wonderful! Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with all of us who love to clay! The time and effort that you & Doug put into this is amazing and valued! I always know I can trust what you have tested and have been able to clay better because of YOU! You are a huge blessing!❤❤

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    Oh, great, I have one of those, I have the white pen and it is strange cause it looks like if it doesn't paint till it dries and it looks great. THanks for sharing this idea!

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    Thank – you from a newbie, can't wait to try!

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    I just actually got a pack of these pens yesterday for my journaling! I'm super excited to try them out on my clay! Maybe I'll make a clay journal cover using black clay and color it with decorative designs using the soufflé pens! Thanks so much!

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    Hello Cindy , great video tips really appreciate it. I would like to know is it safe to work with polymerclay and other tools while you are pregnant? Thanks in advance.

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    I was wondering if the Chameleon markers work on polymer clay? Do you have to heat set them?

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    Can't wait to try these pens!  Thanks for the video!

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    Awesome, thanks for the tip! Love it when you're in the test lab! Looks like Amazon has these for a decent price, so I might order a set & try them out. Thanks!!!

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    Great, can't wait to use them, my daughter has few of them so I just need to pull out my polymer clay. Love your long hair

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    Do you know if they're still available at michaels? What does it mean to be heat set? And how long would you recommend leaving it in the oven to set ?? You should do a video on Americana duraclear gloss varnish

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    Hi Cindy! I love your videos! I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into bringing us such great tut's, thank you. I do have a question, is there a pen that can be used on PC that has a fine line? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Have you ever tried any of the other brands of Gel pens? My girls grew-up, left home and left me a box full of all sorts of gel pens. Would love to be able to use some of them.

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    Today I have dedicated my Saturday to watch your videos and I am very new at clay, so before I made a mess I decided to learn something. Lady, your channel truly delivers at tutoring! You are AMAZING at teaching, I had no idea of many of the things you say and I have only watched like 6 videos as I need to go back and forth to make notes. Also, I am a mexican so obviously I am not a native speaker but your English is so correct and neat I have no struggle at all! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and by the way, your new studio is AWESOME! I have seen many tutorials of how to create something but not so many about clay itself, as behaviour, componentes, etc., that is what makes your channel pretty unique! Best regards,

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    You are my go to person for all things polymer clay related. Always helpful. And I love that you are located here in Canada. Because I am too, and when you talk about products and supplies, they are places I can source affordably. I have a question about pasta machines. There are so many options. Before I buy, what do you recommend? Thanks much. 😊

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    Thanks for the info Cindy. I hadn't thought of writing on PC. Once it's heat set, is it okay to apply some type of sealant (i.e. Renaissance Wax or liquid polyclay/varnish)?

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    Hi Cindy. Great info as usual! Do you know of any metallic pens that work well on polymer clay, to give a similar raised opaque look?

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    ‘Sakura’ is pronounced ‘Sah-koo-rah.’

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