Swatch with me-Meeden 24 premium water color paints- $10 watercolors!

Swatch with me-Meeden 24 premium water color paints- $10 watercolors!

Hello friends! It’s Kat, from meow meow
Kapow. A couple of weeks ago, Arteza sent me their
24 set of premium tube watercolors and I did a video swatching them out, which I linked
in the I-cards in case you’re curious. In a weird sort of of synchronicity, at basically
the time that Arteza video went live, Meeden, who are largely known for their affordable
metal watercolor tins and empty half pans on amazon, contacted me and asked if I wanted
to try out their set of 24 premium tube watercolors. What’s wonderful about this is that both
companies are within roughly the same price range if you look on Amazon, and are both
well within the student range of supplies, making them ripe for comparison. Will I do
a side-by-side mega video some day? Not entirely likely, though I’ll do my best to give fair
and thorough reviews of each set individually when I’m able to. For now, these meeden paints are just getting
swatched out, and I have to say that I like what I’ve seen so far. Even though they
call themselves “premium” watercolors, which in my head is a way to try and sound
fancy or professional, they are really sort of humble and simple and approachable. None of the tubes have any sort of pigment
information on them, which I appreciate because it helps support that these are supposed to
be more for fun and aren’t trying to pretend to be professional quality. What are they
made of? Who knows! Could be the ground up souls of a thousand space hamsters from the
distant galaxy zero three five five Bongo for all I know, but I appreciate that the
packaging is simple. Maybe it’s weird that I like this about
them as well, but since each color is named, I really enjoy the spelling errors. Like tianium
white and scalet. In using them, I also noticed that their colors
are bright and, more importantly, fairly clear and transparent. Watercolors are known for
their transparency and that’s a feature that a lot of budget brands sort of mess up
by adding a lot of chalky fillers to cut costs. The meeden paints don’t, which I totally
dig. There is a sort of gumminess to their texture,
though, and they seem to take a while to dry so that may be the tradeoff. It’s also incredibly
likely that these aren’t lightfast so please, if you’re planning on using these on work
that’s for sale, scan in your original to preserve an image of its original color. I will say in a point against them, I really
didn’t like that each tube of paint was one of those ones where it’s sealed and
you have to bust open a little metal film with a pointed tip in the cap. This is fine,
most of the time, but the amount of pressure needed to open each tube varied wildly and
if you have child hands, dexterity issues, or finger pain, it may be a big hassle trying
to just crack into whichever tube you’re looking to try. A point in their favor, though, is how they
dry. I’ll get into this later in a follow-up video about the Arteza tube paints, but even
the tiny little blobs of those dried cracked and exploded. These meeden paints dried into
nice little solid dots that stayed on the wax paper I tested them on, and I suspect
they’d dry down well in a palette as a result. On this channel, we’re big fans of pouring
paint from the tube and making our own travel setups and it seems like these meeden paints
might do well in that field! Oh, and I noticed that quite a few of the
colors have a really nice granulation or texture to them, which is something many of us either
look for the presence of, or the absence of. I’ve enjoyed paints from both categories
for different reasons, so it’s just a feature I felt was worth noting! Overall, for a first impression and literally
only just getting the chance to swatch them so far, I’m into these meeden watercolor
paints and am interested to see how they really perform when we get the chance to test them
fully. If you’re interested in getting your own set, all the materials used in this video
are down in the doobly-doo. Personally, before meeden contacted me and
asked if I wanted to try these out I had no idea they even made paints, so I’d be interested
if you’ve seen or heard anything about them before. I’m also wondering what other brands
you’ve seen or used in the low-budget range because that always seems to be something
people are looking for recommendations on. Personally, I recommend the sennelier test
kit or the St. Petersburg white nights set if you’re looking for something affordable
to start with, but you also don’t get nearly as many colors as with the Meeden set. I’ll link my reviews in the i-cards for
the two I mentioned in the under 20 dollars range if you’d like to know more about them. There really is a nice selection of colors
in this kit, and I know I love seeing flyover shots of juicy juicy rainbow paint swatches
so….my wish is also my command! The fact that these didn’t dry with a chalky or dull
finish is seriously making me happy right now because that always makes for the most
beautiful paint rainbow. Anyway, until I see you next time I wish you
peace, love, and Roy-g-Biv. Bye!


  • Violet Connie Art says:

    Nice review, I had wondered about these paints after seeing them on Amazon so many times, thanks for this review 🙂

  • ALRB❤ says:

    Hehe. "Scalet".

  • Ari Weaver says:

    Interesting! I had no idea Meeden made tube paints. I picked up a Meeden branded dried half pan set a while ago on Amazon. Not sure how they compare with the tube set, though. I ended up only swatching them and never actually painting with them, though, since I had other paint options that excited me more. It was then that I learned I'm not a YouTuber, so getting inexpensive paints has extremely minimal value to me, since, apparently, I won't actually use them and I don't have an audience. 😛 I've gotten much more picky in my paint purchases since then, which I think is good. ^^

    I wonder how these paints compare to Eve's economy favorite, the Daler Rowney Aquafines.

    Also, hello, Bubba! I hope you're having a great day today. It's cloudy here, so my cats are working hard on keeping all the blankets firmly on the bed. They might float away or something if they aren't kept in their place!

  • babydoll me says:

    Thank you… love your review.

    You have such a wonderful personality that shines through & I so desperately needed to smile

  • Shawna Riley says:

    I seen meeden had a pan set too… and I always recommend the shinhan paints they’re the closest I’ve seen to pro quality with a budget price you can’t beat. I don’t recommend koi to anyone I would go with cotman before that and you should try the derwent travel set it’s got some unique colors and a surprisingly good price

  • Alison Lucchetti says:

    I love Meeden tins. In Canada on Amazon they have 12 or 48 half half sets. I’ve always been interested in trying them, but reluctant to take the plunge as I’ve become spoiled by Sennelier!

  • Kitarra Chaosweaver says:

    Ground up space hamsters or…you know…mummies! Not that anyone would EVER do that. So what are you going to do with the little paint dots? Make another mini palette?

  • Penholder Art says:

    First I've heard of them! If paints that dont normally granulate have granulation its usually a sign of a chemical extender like dextorin (spelling?). They seem to dry quite well for budget pains and some of colours do look quite nice. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • S M says:

    I had NO idea Meeden made paints!

  • sunshinearts says:

    Wow I had no idea they made anything except tin cases! Thank you for the review 😊

  • Mackenzie Breanne says:

    "What are they made of, who knows!" 😂😂😂

  • LanaGoesArt says:

    The fun alien hamster soul paint looks nice. It would probably be a great set for starters or even crafters. Were there lightfastness informations on the tubes?
    Bubba is gorgeous as always! I love your little fluff ball 🙂

  • S C says:

    I recommend van gogh, imo its pretty good and its the ones i started with

  • M.D. Campbell says:

    I'm actually not going to watch this video, my friend. Because, frankly, it's the same deal on this end with this manufacturer. We must be traveling on the same plane these days, or just targeted by the same companies! lol! I'm in the process of putting together a video, as well, so I don't want to obfuscate my bias by watching other videos until I'm done. But, I'm dying to know what you thought of these paints!! Arghh! lol!! I will check in once I post my thoughts and can compare notes. Funny how these relatively unknown brands are using us relatively new YouTube people as their promoters… this may be the last one I do unless they want to send a check our way and pay us for giving them, essentially, free advertising! Anyhow, very excited to see what you thought. And when Mozart's mother asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, he replied, "I'll be Bach!" (sorry, I made that up. Bad dad humor. lol!) Cheers! 🙂

  • Nancy Palmer says:

    Great review!

  • Crafty Mama says:

    Man thats a really nice prussian blue 😍

  • ALRB❤ says:

    Speaking of cheap watercolor paints that dry well in a pan, the other day, as me and my mom was looking around a department store for black shoes (because my school likes uniforms), I happened to end up in the aisle of school supplies. Now, that department store sells a lot of cheap art supplies but they can be good. Their set of 3 synthetic fan brushes for if I remember correctly, is only under $2 and are pretty good. Note, these are rough conversions from my currency to USD.

    As I was looking around, I noticed that they had new products on the shelves. I was looking around the shelf with boxed products. I was looking at their scientific calculators when I noticed just below them are cutely designed boxes. I thought maybe they were color pencils or markers but when I took a closer look, one of them said "Gouache" and one said "Watercolor".

    I grabbed one of each and looked at it. Each was for $1.20. The same price as the box of 12×6ml gouache I also buy from this store. Except this set has 12 colors for 5ml. I took a look inside and saw that it had a flat brush, 11 colors were 5ml, and a 6ml white paint tube. That was a good thing to do for the gouache since white is so quick to run out but not for watercolor.

    I decided to buy them and test them out. When we got home, I made swatches. They might've not been accurate since the binder and pigment separated but so far, most of them were pretty transparent. A little chalky but relatively transparent. (The watercolor.) They also layered well. Not much flow which is kinda expected since the brand, I suppose, says BeiQi, which I'm going to assume is Chinese. Also most of the writing was in kanji soo…

    I then took the white paint and squeezed a little into a mixing palette. And it dried pretty good!

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