Hi Guys. I’m illustrator ETAMA. I’ll do a doodle with Photoshop today. First, create a new layer and then select the Lasso tool to draw Morrigan’s pose, costume, and hair. It’s boring to paint the same way every time, so sometimes it’s good to paint in different ways. As I said in the last video, I usually draw things that I like when I do doodle. And I have loved Morrigan character for a long time. If you like Capcom’s fighting game series, you’ll agree. Later releases include characters from Marvel’s original film. Among them, Juggernaut was very attractive. Draw Juggernaut next to Morrigan. Do you like Juggernaut? You know he’s the half-brother of Processor X by setup. If it were my brother, I would be afraid of him. Use the ‘Lock Transparent Pixel’ option where the Lasso tool has been colored. If you have locked the area and colored it, you can proceed with it more easily. This is different from the normal lock function in the form of a lock. If you didn’t know, I recommend you check it. I drew Juggernaut in the lower layer and Morrigan in the upper layer. Also, I tried to make a three dimensionality with simple colors when I drew Morrigan’s face. I imagined Morrigan’s pose. Adjust the position here and there until it gets closer to the feeling I want. Unlike the original costume, I drew a white costume. I tried to paint various tones of skin so that the picture was not too monotonous. Her white clothes make up the bright and dark areas. I wanted to draw friends around Morrigan. They have big eyes and yellow eyes. So I painted my eyes faithfully. Think of the pose you imagined in your head and trim it a little bit. In fact, the original Morrigan character’s wings don’t feel like this. I just drew it as I wanted. I’ve been writing this caption for a while. Thank you if you are reading this caption. Anyway, I’ll write it down. It may help your creative work, though.And I hope so. If you’ve seen the subtitles in the Jinx video, you know that.I sometimes draw shadows like this first. Of course, it will be easier if you use Photoshop’s Layer feature. When I drew the skin, I drew it by imagining the structure of the muscles and the volume of the muscles Supporting roles are as important as main characters. I draw my friends because I care enough. When I set up the lights, I’m installing them in a momentary sense. Install the lights as planned as possible. Then the results will be even better. Draw the ribbon to fit the shadow you’ve drawn beforehand. I used about two types of brushes during this painting (the total number of brushes is four). One is the smooth-feeling normal type of brush. It is mainly useful for expressing large areas and soft parts. The other kind of brush is hard type brush. The hard type brush does not apply to the pressure.So I’m mostly using it when I’m working on the boundary, or when I have to trim something. I made the design of the outfit as simple as possible. Because sometimes complex design is too difficult for me. Please trim the border. Please gradually determine its shape. You’re watching why the habit of sketching and drawing is important. Use hard type brush to draw the boundary line. My habit is to draw from top to bottom. Establishing the order of drawing may help you with your work. It’s okay even if the setup is not followed correctly. We recommend that you set the order of progress according to your preference. If I could just turn back the clock, I’d work hard on sketching this work. You can also use the properties of the layer to draw a boundary line. If you draw the boundaries of the picture, it will help you find the parts that aren’t finished. Even if the outfit is tight, wrinkles will always occur. Consider the three-dimensional structure of the costume.It’s a really good way to do it. I thought of Morrigan’s bat concept and wanted to make a bat-shaped design on her thigh. Maybe because the thighs have a large area? Actually, I don’t know about that either. I drew dark shadows on the area where the object was in close to the skin. Please add a boundary line to the missing area.And then we trimmed the shape. Her two big wings are stuck somewhere on her back. I imagined Morrigan would actually fly around.So I wanted to paint it a little thick. I think Morrigan is almost done. I worked hard to draw the rest of the line. The scene where I draw the boundary line again makes me feel new. Her opposite wing is also drawn in consideration of the thickness. A friend who is hiding is no exception. I didn’t have a plan here, but I thought while I was designing in the shape of a bat. Suddenly I thought I wanted to draw Batman. Let’s draw a familiar bat shape on our thighs. I naturally drew Batman. Batman’s mask was drawn in the upper layer and the skin in the lower layer. I don’t know what Batman thinks of Morrigan. First of all, this is Batman’s idea of camaraderie. Everyone said something. I’m sorry if Juggernaut doesn’t say anything. Let’s get him to say anything. Now it’s time to draw Juggernaut for the last time. He looks different every time he appears in different movies.I imagined as much of his impression as I liked and painted his face in the pitch. Juggernaut is always angry. So I distorted his face as much as I could. Maybe his teeth are healthy. After drawing a fixed screw, my painting was completed. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.

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