SR Design Life Q+A: Interior vs. exterior paint colours

SR Design Life Q+A: Interior vs. exterior paint colours

Hey, I’m Sarah, and this is Ask Me
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Susan Ford has a question: “My question is should you put in a white kitchen when
you don’t have a stitch of white on the outside of the house? Will it detract
from the appeal of the home?” That’s such an interesting question about whether
you can put in a white kitchen if you don’t have any white on the outside of
the house and the reason I think that’s interesting is because I have never
considered that ever. I don’t have any white on the exterior of any of my homes
and I have a white kitchen at home and I absolutely love it. So for me it’s
important to always think there is the exterior architecture and then there is
the interior architecture and these are different things and they tell different
stories. The exterior is about how the home fits within its natural setting,
within its geographical setting, within the neighbourhood where you live and the
colour palette ties to the style of the architecture. Whereas, the interior of a
home is really about you being able to express your own preferences about
interior architecture and how you want to live and what your taste and style is.
So I would say a white kitchen is really defined by how you like to feel when
you’re in the kitchen. So for me a white kitchen is crisp and it’s fresh and it’s
bright and it feels like a lab you know it’s that idea of everything is just
pure and then you’re using your kitchen as the backdrop as the stage for what
you’re gonna cook for all those gourmet meals you’re gonna prepare and so that’s
the big question do you want a kitchen that feels bright and fresh and airy and
eye opening every time you walk into it? If so, that’s why you should put in a white
kitchen. If you want something that feels more moody, you want something that feels
richer and darker and might give off more of an evening/nighttime vibe or ambience then I would say steer away from white. Really, this is
about personal preference, the number one thing I want you to remember is that
kitchens are probably the most expensive investment you’re gonna make in your
home, other than the home itself, and so it’s so important to get it right.
Whatever colour you choose, whether it’s white, grey, blue, green, black, brown I want
you to choose a color that you know you’re gonna love for the long haul
because you’re gonna have this kitchen for the long haul. So think about it, think
about it, sleep on it, dream about it, think about it some more
and then choose the color that suits you best


  • Paula Carr says:

    I'm not a fan of white kitchens. They can look nice, sure, but they're TOO bright for me. 🙂 Also, thepainted cabinets can look like they're made of molded plastic which I find off-putting. I'll always love a stained wood kitchen. That's what's homey for me. Currently Ihave a dark cinnamon stained quartersawn oak Shaker style kitchen, and that suits me! I think I have design fatigue with all white kitchens, too, because that's about all you see in magazines and on TV. They're boring me.

  • K3r0411 says:

    White is my first choice for kitchens too. Second choice is light gray paint. And while I could appreciate a painted black kitchen aesthetically I would not want it for myself. But I definitely tie in the outside of my house with the inside, even if it is just the paint color of the shutters and entry door. The door is open all the time (storm door is closed) and if it clashed with my indoor color scheme it would bother me to no end.

  • Alison Shanahan says:

    What has the outside of the house got to do with the inside colours? Unless it's visually open from one side right through to the other, then I'd say it's whatever you're comfortable with. If it's totally open I'd go for something that blends into the background as you're obviously putting the outdoors on display.

  • Wendy Eskelin says:

    I like how they did the backsplash in the darker kitchen a mix of subway tiles with the smaller ones creating stripes. It looks so pretty and custom. I would have never thought to do that.

  • Tony BellCanyon says:

    I hate a white kitchen!
    I'm dark Dramatic moody sexy cocktails and dinner parties

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