Spring / Summer 2017 Limited Edition Paint Colors {Country Chic Paint}

Spring / Summer 2017 Limited Edition Paint Colors {Country Chic Paint}

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint I’m delighted to introduce the 2017 spring and summer limited-edition collection to you. Stay tuned to see all six of these beautiful new paint colors This season’s carefully designed collection of limited edition colours takes you back in times with a retro yet modern feel. Jitterbug is a lively deep green-based teal that we hope will get you to bust out some dance moves It’s a beautiful deep shade of Teal with grey and blue undertones. Happy Hour is a tasty and subdued shade between a powder blue and a mint green. Whether used on an entire piece or used as an accent this stunning color will revive your senses and leave you feeling refreshed A celebration isn’t complete until there’s confetti. This charming take on a peachy seashell inspired shade has subtle hints of pink and orange that is a very neutral color Hula Hoop is a warm, neutral shade of greige that flows fabulously with the rest of this limited-edition color line This versatile color will add sophistication to larger projects leaving an aura of cheerfulness. Feel the sunshine on your skin and smell the summer air. Bee’s Knees is a soft, golden yellow that was influenced by a classic retro style. Bee’s Knees will brighten up any room. Crinoline is a stunning white that will add elegance to any of your projects. It is a gorgeous offwhite shade just a hint creamier than a pure white Crinoline can transform your furniture into fresh vintage-inspired statement pieces. This new color line is perfect for all your spring and summer projects Call your local retailer today to order any of these beautiful new colors or shop online right on our website if you have no retailer near you We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with these beautiful new colors so make sure you share your images with us I hope you enjoyed this video! Make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or click the like button I also encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss any of our new upcoming tutorial videos To find out more about our products and where you can purchase them please visit our website, countrychicpaint.com Thank you so much for watching and happy painting!


  • Inspire Me says:

    Looking forward to trying all the colours especially crinoline. I have the perfect project piece in mind!

  • Nancy Stokaluk says:

    I love the jitterbug color

  • Ramage Family says:

    Lovely new colours. Especially looking forward to trying Crinoline.

  • Chris Shauntz says:

    OH… you make this so difficult.. I am working on a re-purpose project and the colour that jumps at me is Woodland, so I guess I will be heading to my local supplier and picking some up for this project. Thank you for all the lovely ideas.

  • shabbychick2007 says:

    I just recently moved and my new street is Woodland so I am choosing that color as my favorite. I love the richness of the olive color. I am looking forward to experimenting with all the new Fall colors!

  • Joe Frohlick says:

    Like the glass Slipper colro

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