Spring Paint Colors | 2016 Spring and Summer Limited Edition Paint Collection | Country Chic Paint

Spring Paint Colors | 2016 Spring and Summer Limited Edition Paint Collection | Country Chic Paint

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint. Today I’d like to introduce you to our new 2016 spring and summer
limited edition colors. I’m very excited to give you a closer look at them, so
stay tuned We know how much you all love neutrals and muted tones for furniture, so we have selected 6 coastal
inspired hues that remind us of a spring vacation at the beach. For this
line we have chosen a much requested soft grayish brown we named it Driftwood.
It’s kind of like a cool taupe color as you can see on this piece. Next up is Sea Storm. It’s a beautiful muted grey blue which might remind you a little of our
ever popular Summer Blueberries, but with a touch more grey. If you love
periwinkle for spring, Mermaid’s Tale is the perfect color for you. We are just in love with
this dusty periwinkle hue that would look stunning in a cottage inspired
home or in any little girl’s room There’s also a new muted green called Dune Grass. It’s a subtle color with a blue undertone giving it a beachy, cottage feel reminding us of a duck egg color For those drawn to neutrals, Coastal Fog is a light, very pleasant warm grey color. We don’t know anybody
who wouldn’t love a good turquoise. This fresh color is called Ocean Breeze and
it’s exactly the pop of color that that special piece needs. It reminds us of
tropical water and white sandy beaches This new color line is available in our All-in-One Decor Paint in 16 ounce pints and 4 ounce sample jar containers. We hope you love
them as much as we do and we can’t wait to see what you create with them. Call
your local retailer for availability You can also click the link on your
screen to find these new colors in our online shop now. Happy painting!


  • Jenn Mer says:

    Love the new Limited edition colours my fave are Mermaids Tail and Ocean Breeze. But I do have to admit I love them all and would love to have them all to paint with lol

  • Amy Reed says:

    I like all of them but really love Driftwood and Coastal Fog.

  • Mary C. says:

    They are all lovely soft tones, but the Dune Grass and Ocean Breeze are my favorites. I have an old plank top farm table I would love to paint in those colors.

  • Amanda Sutton says:

    I love all of the colors! So beautiful! I am thinking about the room in my house I am looking to paint and I think that Sea Storm and Ocean Breeze would look great together in that room. Thank you for doing this!

  • Debbie Stuckey says:

    Love these. But have to say driftwood and ocean breeze are my favs. I have a small side table and some wooden chairs that would be great in these colors to give them a beachy look

  • Brenda Towsley says:

    I would have a hard time picking a favorite, love all the colors. I have a white shabby coffee table that I would love to tone down with the driftwood and a vintage rocking chair I think would look good painted in the sea storm.

  • Dede Bone says:

    I've been waiting for that beautiful blue, Ocean Breeze. I've tried other paints to find this colour but Country Chic paint is definitely my favourite to work with!!!!

  • Melissa Swisher says:

    Mermaid Tail looks amazing! I'd love to try it on my bedside table. Beautiful!

  • Dorette Griffin says:

    I love Sea Storm! I have a night stand that is screaming to be painted that color!

  • Susan Newman says:

    My two favorite are Sea Storm and Dune Grass. I would paint my bathroom Sea storm and my bedroom Dune Grass. Very beautiful colors.

  • Jan Wiles Freeman says:

    Oh my, it's hard to choose as I love them all. Since I have to pick a favorite I'll pick Ocean Breeze. Just saying those 2 works brings inspiration to me immediately. I'm going to use Ocean Breeze to alter Mason Jars and the cheap Single Flower Vases. I can hardly wait. Thank you for sharing these wonderful new colors.

  • Holly Johnson says:

    Mermaid's Tale, Dune Grass and Ocean Breeze. I have a few pieces I want to paint for the garden and patio that I think these colors would look great on. Love your product and your videos. Thanks for doing what you do to make the world a more colorful place.

  • Angie Hayter-Dingwall says:

    I love Ocean Breeze and Dune Grass. I would liven up and revive some worn out furniture pieces around our house. I love all the beach themed colors though!

  • Bonnie Pritchard says:

    I would love to try either the dritftwood or coastal fog! I love the muted taupe/grey color and how it goes so well with anything. There is a hall table that has been sitting in my basement for 2 years I'd love to try this out on!

  • Bonnie flay says:

    I LOVE the new colors, they are perfect for the upcoming summer to-do's which I want to do in the spring to use in the summer. The colors all blend well with one another! time to go find some new toss away finds to update and make new treasures.

  • Amy Agnew says:

    I love Sea Storm & Ocean Breeze! I have an antique buffet and china cabinet that would look great in any of those colors! 🙂

  • Cathy Watts says:

    What beautiful new colors! I would love to try Dune Grass and Ocean Breeze. Either would look great on my nightstand.

  • Sarah Smith says:

    I like all of them but especially ocean breeze! My girls and I are re-doing a dollhouse, so we would love to use this paint!

  • 103Catherine says:

    ocean breeze and sea storm would go great in my bedroom chairs.I have a cottage that have those colors.

  • LORETTA Forsyth says:

    I love the new colours !! Especially Ocean Breeze. It would look great on my family room coffee table. We live on the ocean and always looking for color. !!

  • Toni says:

    Wow it is hard to say what my favorite really is, I love them all. I am thinking the Driftwood would look great on my side tables

  • Alana England says:

    I love the Seastorm, Ocean Breeze and Dune grass. I'd love to use the Seastorm on a small vanity dresser I have 🙂

  • Sandraladeda H says:

    Driftwood and Dune Grass are my two faves! I have an old mirror that would love to paint and some darling little chairs.

  • Morgan Shirley says:

    Love the mermaid tail and sea breeze would love to use the mermaid tail on on a kids rocking chair!

  • Tiffany Valle says:

    I love dune grass and driftwood!! can't wait to see what I can do with these!

  • Susyn Stecchi says:

    the Dune Grass and the Mermaid Tail are my two favorites from the spring color line. I am currently deconstructing pallets and reusing the wood to build storage crates for my friend's teensy tiny studio apartment. These paint colors would turn those crates from rustic to country chic, which she really prefers.

  • Brittany Jantzi says:

    I have a hutch that I would love to try Driftwood or Coastal Fog on!

  • Amber Bustamante says:

    I would LOVE to try Ocean Breeze, Dune Green & Driftwood on a few things! I have lots of spare wood scraps that I'd like to transform into shabby-chic signs for home decor. I also would like to repaint my chest of drawers & coffee table in Ocean Breeze! Heck, while I'm at it, my mint green dining table could use a face lift as well!

  • Judy Stolz says:

    dune grass and ocean breeze would add wonderful colour to my extra room/craft room.

  • Lori Oneto says:

    Coastal Fog and Ocean Breeze I think would go well together. I have curio cabinet that I am ready to repaint and I think these colors would be awesome for it.

  • Linda says:

    Mermaids Tale ,  Ocean Breeze I cant wait to try them!

  • Amanda Klaus says:

    I would love to use all of the colors, but I mostly mermaid tail and Ocean Breeze.

  • Robin H says:

    I am GAGA over the Ocean Breeze and the Dune Grass. I am excited to add these colors to our lake house. I plan on painting and recovering a tired table and chair set that my husband and i had when we bought our first home together. Three houses later and we still have it and she needs some love!

  • Jessica Dubose says:

    I absolutely love Sea Storm and Dune Grass. I grew up along the Gulf, and these colors make me long for a Southern winter, especially being stuck in an Illinois one.

  • Darlene Van Belle-Ogilvie says:

    I would love to try the ocean breeze and sea storm… but they all look so nice!

  • keaghan steffler says:

    Mermaid tail and ocean breeze 🙂

  • Unique Junktique says:

    Sea storm and of course Ocean Breeze would go great in a south Florida home like mine! 😉

  • Deb W says:

    Driftwood and sea storm would be perfect for a table project I'm working on. Love the colors and the names give me a calm feeling.

  • Tina Lehmkuhl says:

    Sea Storm and Dune Grass are my favorite two colors in the line. They are all great colors.

  • Martha Dooley says:

    I love them all, but Sea Storm is my favorite. I have a dresser and mirror that I think would look great painted in that color.

  • miriam smith says:

    I love the Sea Storm! I would so love to paint a buffet with this color!!

  • Hcpoulin says:

    i really like sea storm, coastal fog, mermaids tail and ocean breeze:)

  • Tanya Cattell says:

    Oh my GOODNESS…!!.. These colours are GORGEOUS!  I love all of them, but my favorites are probably Dune Grass, Ocean Breeze and Mermaid's Tale. I would LOVE to paint some antique chairs I have using all these hues… !!!

  • suzie2qute says:

    They're all gorgeous colours, but I'm really drawn to the Dune Green and Ocean Breeze. They're colours I want to use in my bedroom. Spring is so close and I want to brighten and lighten my bedroom and make it more like my sanctuary. Beachy colours with a lazy summer breezy feel to them would be perfect!

  • Lisa Fearis says:

    I have received a sample before and love the color Cheesecake! New colors look fabulous and would love to try the new light grey color, Coastal Fog

  • Ronette Krusa says:

    I'm in love Driftwood and Dune Grass. These colors would go great in any room on any piece of furniture!!! I can't wait to find a treasure to redo in one of these colors.

  • ajjsawat says:

    The Sea Storm looks intriguing as I love blue- grey colors :). The Coastal Fog looks great as well. Looking forward to visiting my local retailer!

  • Raquel Guerrero says:

    I love all of them!!!  I would like to try the Sea Storm on a dresser I am making over for my son's room. 🙂

  • Lee Kuhn says:

    hands down ocean breeze and sea storm but may need the rest to go with these beautiful colors

  • Kelly Foster says:

    loving the driftwood and dune grass!

  • Trinda McDuffee says:

    Driftwood, Coastal fog and Dune Grass are my favorites in this new collection!

  • Donna Raterman says:

    I absolutely LOVE Ocean Breeze, and would use it on an end table I have that needs refinishing in my Bedroom. I also Love Coastal Fog and would use it on a Small Dresser in my Bedroom as well. So you see, I am in need of these wonderful paints!

  • Norman Hoover says:

    I love all of them! I have a vanity and dresser to paint, now to decide which one.

  • Shelly Trushel says:

    I love the Coastal Fog and believe that I may use this on our new kitchen cupboards

  • Michele Fury says:

    All of these colors match my new office, I have some pieces that I finished in Vanilla frosting I would love to add some contrast and I have light green walls. My quilt has various colors that match. Oh the choices! It's a massage office so I want it too look cottage like. Sea storm, and ocean breeze, for signs and accent pieces in my office.
    I would also love Mermaid Tail for a table in my grand daughters bedroom. Driftwood and costal fog would be great for. Couple of old dressers I have at the cottage. I could use all those colors! 🙂

  • Linda Payne says:

    Love the blue….and the grey!

  • Marion A Henke says:

    I love them all, but driftwood and ocean breeze are calling for dressers, end tables, shelves, nightstands, oh wait, any piece I have currently sitting in my garage waiting to be reinvented in a color

  • BabyBumMum says:

    I love these muted tones! Ocean Breeze is my absolute favorite!! It matches my logo and studio perfectly and I would love to repaint some of my infant props this color! Dune Grass would be my next favorite and I would use Coastal Fog on at least one little chair that would be perfect!

  • Sheila Cantwell says:

    I have already painted a dresser for my two nieces with Mermaids Tale. It turned out beautiful and made me the Favorite Auntie

  • carly russell-huntley says:

    I love the sea storm. would use it to paint my book cabinet.

  • Lacey Bean says:

    All of them are my favourite!! I have a hard time choosing just one favourite!

  • Kari Decker says:

    Love them all but think ocean breeze on a bench!!!

  • Peggy Krause says:

    My husband just found my 45 year old school desk out in our barn. I'd love to paint it in Ocean Breeze, once I get rid of all the cobwebs and dirt.

  • Maria Cuenca says:

    I would love all of them but if I have to pick one… The Ocean breeze, love it ! I would love to give it a makeover to my dining table!!!

  • Kate Brown says:

    I really like driftwood and sea storm. Hard to choose! I don't have anything in particular to paint but I'm sure I could find something 😉

  • Traci Lark says:

    I love Sea Storm and Dune Grass. I have a hand me down dresser that would look great in either color!

  • Annie Young says:

    I'm tired of all the greyish colours due to the winter blahs, so I'd love to try the Mermaid's Tail for my granddaughter's room and the muted green Dune Grass. 🙂

  • Sue B says:

    I love them all! Especially the Ocean Breeze and Mermaids Tail! What fabulous colors. They would look great in my beach coast styled living room. I recently found a great coffee table and was just waiting for the right color!

  • heidi setzer says:

    I am thinking that Driftwood would look great on my vintage Necchi Italian sewing machine cabinet and chair and the Dune Grass would be perfect for inside the drawers.

  • Patsy McQuade says:

    Ocean Breeze with Coastal Fog would look great on a stool I am about to paint.

  • Leanne Rische says:

    I love all these new colors. They are perfect for furniture. I can not wait to try driftwood on my bench made from a bed.

  • Mariedream says:

    Ocean breeze!!

  • irma johnson says:

    omg what beautiful new colors. I would love to try ocean breeze, dune grass, mermaids tale and sea storm. Thank you!

  • Brenda Powell says:

    Love them all but drawn to Mermaids Tail, Dune Grass, Coastal Fog and Ocean Breeze these would be so awesome for pieces that I want to refurbish here at home.

  • Jennifer Swan Hopkins says:

    Who can choose??? I am just doing my master in a soft, beachy theme and ALL of these colors would be fabulous on the chair I'm redoing, picture frames, and other pieces (wish I could post a picture). I think the Mermaid's Tale has stolen my heart along with Dune Grass – But then I also love Ocean Breeze, Coastal Fog, and Sea Storm. W.A.N.T.

  • Jessica Sanders says:

    Coastal Fog is my favorite, but I also love green, so the Dune Grass is high on the list. They would both work for pieces in a spare bedroom.

  • Michelle says:

    The colors Ocean Breeze and Mermaids Tail have a very sea-side cottage look. I have some re-purposed wooden lamps that would look fantastic in either of these colors. I also want to compliment the lamps in that room with an antique wooden framed mirror to complete the look.

  • shabbychick2007 says:

    I love this new coastal product line. My master bedroom and bath have a coastal/beach theme so these new colors will be a perfect addition. The dresser we use in our room is my husband's baby dresser. I have been wanting to transform that thing for years now. I would love to try Ocean Breeze for that piece. I also have a wooden mermaid above our door that would look great in Coastal Fog or Driftwood. I think it would be fun to paint various pieces/sizes of driftwood in all of the new colors and make a wind chime…wouldn't that be fun? Very excited for these new colors!!!

  • Nicole Zult says:

    Would love the turquoise colour!!! Well all of them look fabulous actually! I would probably paint one of my chairs for a fresh pop of colour.

  • Jan VandenBos says:

    love the sea sorm and driftwood. I would use on a couple of small table to use at our Lake house. Awesome colors!!

  • Chad & Stacey Dallager says:

    Ocean breeze and sea storm..I like them all:) they would look great on the hutch I'm painting!

  • Anndell Wubben says:

    I really love the ocean breeze tones. I have some chairs that would be beautiful with the abstract watercolor fabric I have. I'm excited to try them all out!

  • Nanette Johnson says:

    My favorite of these new limited edition colors is the Mermaid's Tale! I have a small hutch that I think would be super sweet in this color. Like others commenting, I also love Ocean Breeze. I also would make good use of Coastal Fog to blend with my neutrals & other greys in my home.

  • Carroll Xavier says:

    Dune Grass and Ocean Breeze are wonderful, and would perfectly complement my Sea Grass and English Hollyhock bedrooms 🙂 The new colours are just in time for me to use to repaint a chair, cabinet, and table for these rooms!

  • Jane Billingsley says:

    I'm working on Spring projects, painting vintage picnic baskets in pastel colors. Ocean Breeze would be perfect for one of the baskets! I also like the new Driftwood, to use with a dry brush, to create an aged wood look.

  • Craig Hart says:

    I love the new Driftwood colour. I would try this on my storage cabinet in my back entrance. I also love the Ocean breeze colour
    to use on my dresser.

  • Bing Aling says:

    I really love them all – great job! I would love to do a bedroom set in Sea Storm, Mermaids Tale, and Coastal Fog – I think they would look fabulous together!

  • Sheila Lindemoen says:

    All beautiful, but Mermaid's Tail would be so fun to try! 🙂

  • Jane Hayes says:

    I love all of the new colors. All very subtle and gentle. I want to try the dune grass on a Lowboy I purchased on Craig's list recently. I plan to also add pocket watch metallic cream to highlight the carving on my piece of furniture..I can't wait to try it!

  • Linda White says:

    I understand that chalk paint can be used to paint fabric. With Driftwood on the fabric of my chair, and Coastal Fog on the arms and legs, my chair is going to look fabulous!!

  • Annette G says:

    Driftwood or Coastal Fog for a dresser sadly in need of a new look

  • William Mills says:

    Ocean Breeze, Driftwood & Costal Fog. Perfect colours!

  • EmPhil Cowley says:

    Oh my! I love all the new colours! Driftwood, mermaids tail, and Ocean breeze are definitely my favourite. I have a few large picture frames I would love to redo as well as a "kiddie table" for my son. The table is looking worn and needs a bit of love! Some sanding and some new paint would bring it some new life and look more appealing! 🙂

  • Ginny Ripley says:

    I'd love to try Ocean Breeze and Coastal Fog and create a distressed towel rack for my beachy cottage – inspired bathroom.

  • Monaca Walker says:

    I'm getting ready to do my daughters bedroom furniture and we love the mermaids tail and dune grass. Woud love to use these colours in her room.

  • neeci222 says:

    My favorite colors are Ocean Breeze and Mermaid's Tale. For some accenting Dune Grass and Coastal Fog would be good picks. My daughter just bought a used table. If I won I could use these colors.

  • Olivia M says:

    I love sea storm and mermaids tale and dune grass! they are all great. Id love to some beachy decor in them.

  • Loressa Titley says:

    Ocean breeze and mermaids tale are my favourites. I would love to restore my bedside table & bedroom dresser with both of these colours.

  • miriam smith says:

    Yahoo!! I am so excited:)

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