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HELLO EVERYBODY! today I have the
November Scrawlrbox, let’s open it up and see what’s inside! ♪ looks a little beat up, hehe – let’s see – oh that’s cute so they’ve started making their stickers a little bit more exclusive this looks
like it’s a bunch of like ballpoint pen scribbles – actually have – this is
what they usually look like, looks like this one is uh November exclusive – here
we have the menu of items at the top we have some – oh!these feels so funny – what is this? they feel kind of rubbery, these are the Staedtler ergo soft 157 pencils –
what is going on near the lead?
they look like candy…hehe we have a purple turquoise and a pink! – purple turquoise and pink oh they’re triangle-shaped I just
noticed oh there you go you can see this way a little triangle so you don’t roll
away that’s kind of nifty. next in the box there’s some ballpoint pens – in the same colors
look at that, we have purple, this one’s more of a blue, and a pink – these are the
Bic crystal 1.6 millimeter pen yeah that’s way bluer than the pencil
yeah it’s a pretty pink pen, so far it’s just like a bunch of doodle supplies
there’s a pen lid with the double clippy’s…? let’s keep looking… see
we have the pen tool hybrid white gel pen, it’s got a little rubber grip, I can draw over top of this – can you see? – that’s how well it works on each of these colors when it comes to white
gel pens I think the best trick is to just be very soft and to go over the
spot a bunch of times and you can usually get a pretty opaque line you see
that and it even works on the pencil works a little bit better on the pen
though – click – oh jeez! oh it’s so cool what is the Koh-i-Noor graphite stick in 6b it’s
10.5 millimeters, it’s super cold – let’s see what it does – iso it’s just like a
giant fat pencil – ooh look at that. I bet you can use the side of it – and the back look at that –
that’s kind of cool not sure when I would use this, but it’s interesting – there’s no
wood and no eraser, luckily it has this little plastic wrapper so that you don’t
get the lead all for your hand that’s different I’ve
never seen something like that – I’ve seen woodless pencils but this has a little
bit more novelty to it – so this must be where the cap goes – bloop – how weird looking is that?
one millimeter helix oxford ballpoint pen in the color black okay? yeah…
basic ballpoint pen, not sure why they included that I feel like everybody
owns something like – that last couple things in here this is the Koh-I-Noor… it’s
just a graphite pencil without an eraser yeah
basically it’s just a pencil I don’t know if it’s in the color gray or not
but it just looks like a basic pencil let’s see, this is the Koh-I-Noor eraser so
this is actually a pencil that looks like an eraser nifty! you can erase detailed
points that’s kind of cool, it gets dirty real quick – and lastly it looks like a
blending stump yeah paper stump blender so you can blend stuff out
that works really well with that 6b pencil – what if we do that and then we use
the eraser that actually is really cool look at that! can you see? you can use
the blending stump and then the eraser almost like drawing in white that’s kind
of cool! – looks a little bit better than trying to go straight on to the heavy
pencil, good to know! the art print for this month – wow! that’s pretty crazy, it looks
very real but those are drawings geez who did this?
Taylor Brooker, illustrator and graphic designer from the UK oh if you like
their art you can check them out – boop! on Instagram, YouTube, and on Twitter
I really like this mouth, and that Nose I’ll keep it over here for inspiration –
the candy is a melody pop – oh! does it have a whistle in it? we used to have these
in the US but they like stopped making them and I couldn’t find them
anywhere but when I was a kid and they had like a little slider and you’re like *whistle sounds *
oh yep! see there’s a slider in here I bet it’s the same So this is the Leuchtturm 1917
Jottbook, I’ve actually looked at their bullet journals and they were kind
of on the pricey side ,I feel like it’s like 20 bucks for one, this is a bit
slimmer – oh look at those yellow pages mmm yummy – oh! they’re numbered!? I can
see why they’re expensive then, look at that! each page – this obviously isn’t a bullet
journal, it’s blank, but look at that each page is numbered!
There is a section for your name, this page feels really thin table of contents and you can put
your page number, the paper feels pretty thin like you can see text
through there so I definitely wouldn’t use markers I can see why they included
pencils and pens so hopefully won’t bleed through it – it’s pretty nifty for
the November challenge it says try and use one art supply and create something
using just the one art supply kind of like what Taylor did over here but that
feels like…. I don’t know…. I’m neglecting all the other art supplies so part two
of the challenge is to try and create something using every single one of
these art supplies and that seems a little bit more my speed – so why don’t we
give that a try! open up to this page make some room on my desk okay now
there’s a lot of like pastel and like ‘feminine colors’ here and it makes me
think of like a princess so I think what would be cool is if I didn’t draw
a princess you know? you know what I’m saying? I
think I know what I want to do I might have to bring out my kneaded eraser for
this but I’m going to start with the pencil pencil, the plain old pencil, I feel
like all the supplies in here kind of like doodle supplies I don’t know if I would
classify them as art supplies I mean…I guess this thing people can probably
make some pretty fancy-schmancy stuff with this, but as someone who likes
paints and markers this box definitely wasn’t my thing
but I do love drawing in ballpoint pen so it’s not all bad – So we need a head, up at the top, we
got a body that goes underneath the head some my legs – like that – I forgot the line
of action…. my bad nice big shoes – I love drawing big tree
trunk shoes hmm some arms, this way, not bad okay… now that we’ve laid them out on
the page I need to start making some decisions about like which way I want
his head to be looking and things like that and do I want him to hold something
like I wanted him to hold a skateboard I’ve been practicing drawing like
skateboards and roller skates lately for other reasons so might as well take
advantage of that I’m gonna have them look of that way, that would be cool – where would the eyes be? – maybe around there – the jaw line, nose would be there, mouth would be
there, some fat eyebrows ooh that’s fun maybe a hat? maybe the hat is backwards?
he’s so original – I think I’ll put him in a sweatshirt – an oversized sweatshirt
maybe rolled up to the elbows – a long shirt and some skater boy pants – I might put
this hand in this sweatshirt pocket that might make the pose a little bit more
interesting *sketchbook sqeaks loudly* what squeakin?!…. try again on the next page
and if I like that one better I’ll go back to that one – little man spreading
action – skateboards across his legs like that – hands up top Im kind of liking
this one better what do you think? A or B? A or B? I’m
going with B so doesn’t really matter *hehe but Id still like to know your opinion?
let’s work on that face add some detail – there’s a nice big
eyebrows that sounds like something fun to draw – it’s kind just my thing – maybe some
hair sticking through there hmm actually kind of looks like dude! Wow! I can’t
complain about that can you tell I’ve been practicing? kind of forgotten about the
sweatshirt – do I still want the sweatshirt? maybe? I’ll just do a rolled-up long sleeve
instead of the sweatshirt I could just just draw a bunch of wrinkles like this
yes oh man I love to run rolled up sleeves it’s kind of a problem
let’s draw some boxers, he wears his pants at his hips – there we go – how’s that?
I hate when guys do that but not everyone’s out in the world to please me these hands, let’s give him a big thick
bracelet, those hands are little weird we’ll come back to that oh I forgot the
skateboard where’d the skateboard go? see it was…
going from knee to knee so it would be like that’s all going bye-bye I think this elbow needs to move out here to make sense… does that? yeah let’s
try it – this paper is pretty thins I got to be careful about a erasing – I think I could
really make a mess – so is that better or worse? better, worse? all right now we just need to
add the wheels in – I need a reference for that because that’s what I keep having
trouble with I’ve been drawing a lot of skateboards lately and I feel like I
always mess up on the wheels let’s check out a reference – looks like the wheels are actually quite
small and kind of right here – and move his arm a bit just erased a smidge and draw some
wheels – little tiny ones and then they have like a long shaft, like that, something like this… – I don’t think thats too bad! 😀 let’s put another one over here and the angle of this this, the wheels would be like here I
think we can’t really see as much as the other one huh okay – I’m going to thicken up this skateboard a bit, give it some depth interesting shoes, I just sort of made
them up in my head – some detailing on the pants – this leg is a little short …I was trying to make it look like it was in the distance but I really really love the way the shoes are drawn and
I don’t want to mess that up so next step colors!- actually wait…I
should probably ballpoint pen this with the ballpoint pen let’s just lightly erase so I can hopefully still see what the heck’s going on eybrows I feel like Lineart is the most boring part of art because all you’re doing is tracing what
you’re already drew and hoping you don’t mess it up – I think I’m gonna go ahead
and color in his hair with the ballpoint pen yeah I think that was a good
decision kind of messed up on the wheel but no one will notice ♪ all right I think what I’m gonna do is
go in and color I kind of want this turquoise-y color for the pants –
I’m just feeling that so I might as well go in to do it – the light color first the last
time I used colored pencils it was almost like super textured paper and I
really didn’t like the way that turned out but this is much smoother paper and
I’m getting a much smoother even coat with this and I’m liking that a lot
better – bet I can even get a darker yeah there you go, for shading
mmm-hmm it’s look like jeans… that really wasn’t my intention oh well – it was supposed to
be more green than blue, now I either want maybe a light coat over the knees maybe
maybe – let me erase that a little make it even lighter, for the boxers I think I want to
use all these pens makes some plaid I’m gonna color that in with the pink a little – not too shabby
I think a pink hat would be kind of cute I’ll do the shading with the pen and
then color in the rest with the pencil ♪ I’m thinking graphite and I’m going to try and shade his face, let’s see what happens luckily I can erase if I hate it alright,
blending stump, blending stump – Wow a little bit of lead [graphtie] goes a long way – now I’m gonna use the eraser just a little white one and tone it down a bit
maybe even tone it down a little bit more with the kneaded eraser, – oh no! where’d that
come from?! Curse you… well then I can go over this
again and it makes a lighter tone okay okay color in the nose and then use the
eraser for a little bit of shine – oh yeah Oh actually what I need is the pen
that’s the pink one, the black pen, and make these eyebrows little darker
now I just have to do the same for his arms – where’s my smudger? there is my smudger! one of these’s sides is softer than the other and I feel like it smudges better – then use the eraser to had
highlight use the blue pen for the necklace – I guess so and then pencil for
the little beads it would be cool if it was like a color-block shirt and like
this part was purple like that I remember I used the chameleon coloured
pencils and they were like very similar colors to this, I drew a princess so I’m
really glad that I’m drawing something different and out of my comfort zone
because these colors are kind of all in my comfort zone so I’m drawing something
out of my comfort zone but it still feels a little bit more safe- I think this was a
good idea I’m shading I could do a little bit more of that with the purple ♪ is there a pen I didn’t use? I’m kind of digging the
white sneakers, I don’t know – add some mountains – maybe it’s a little more
purple all right now last thing I think is this skateboard I’m thinking I want
to do this design on the skateboard let me practice over here – does that kind of look like that? I think so let’s do that to the Skateboard then – I’ll do an even coat of
scribbles – tada! all right – pink is done try fill in the white space it’s basically
I’m scribbling and aiming for any part that doesn’t have pen already kind of
thing – lastly purple purple purple yeah it doesn’t really stand out… but we have the
white gel pen boop boop and hopefully we can like outline it make it pop a little
more throw some highlights in his eyeballs
and his nose I’ll use the 6b pencil thing and darken up down here
because that like the gray toness up there are just really bold I want
to kind of even it out by adding some gray tones down here like the hands you
think would help but I did a icky job with the hand so I just want to pull
some of that down here – we can actually take our eraser and draw like a little
little edge – maybe maybe some cracks in it? – yeah – you know, just some detail – some kind – I feel like I see bleachers back here or something do I remember what bleachers look like? not
really… there you go ! Let’s sign it! Okay! sign over here I really like this purple
pen it’s like soft and like jelly like a ballpoint pen BIC makes pretty good pens
I gotta say anyway I think I completed the challenge I used every single art
supplies is there something I missed? I used that, I used that, I used that, I used that, I used that, I used that, I used that, I used this barely but I did, I used this, this and I use
that – PERFECT! there we go there we have it there’s my little skater boy I think
my favorite part is his face I don’t know if the gray tones really go well
with the pastels but other than that I’m kind of happy with this and had a lot of
fun I really just enjoyed drawing the sneakers oh! – thank you guys for watching
if you’re interested in getting your own Scrawlrbox subscription I’ll have a
link in the description Scrawlrbox was nice enough to send me this one for free
to try out and to share with you so thank you Scrawlrbox for that – anyway
I hope you all have a delicious evening full of WAFFLES! ♪ BYE! ♪ *whistle sliding sounds ♪ * fork clatter

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